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In The Chasing Truth Podcast, hosts Grace and Presly discuss their gen-z perspective on social, political, and theological issues from a biblical worldview.

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In The Chasing Truth Podcast, hosts Grace and Presly discuss their gen-z perspective on social, political, and theological issues from a biblical worldview.

    Ep. 18 | Pro-Choice Lies: Autumn Lindsey

    Ep. 18 | Pro-Choice Lies: Autumn Lindsey

    Today we talk with Students for Life activist, Autumn Lindsey. Autumn has been an incredibly prominent voice in the pro-life movement. She provides useful insight on how to respond to pro-choice claims and encourages young adults to stand for life. Some of the pro-choice lies we discuss with Autumn include. . .

    "Either way women will get abortions, so we have to have safe abortion options."
    "I would never get an abortion myself, but I don’t want to take the right away from other women."
    "We shouldn’t be imposing our religious views on political matters."
    "Abortion is necessary if the mom's life is in danger."

    Wanting to get more involved in the pro-life movement? Autumn provides wonderful advice towards the end of the episode on how to do so!

    Autumn's Instagram- @autumnlindsey.life



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    Ep. 17 | Am I Saved?

    Ep. 17 | Am I Saved?

    In this episode, we answer the following popular questions...

    What is predestination?
    Can you know if you are saved?
    Is it okay to question if you are truly saved?
    Can you lose your salvation?

    "Because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." 

     - Romans 10:9

    More questions, comments or concerns?? We'd love to answer them!

    Email- chasingtruthpodcast@gmail.com

    Instagram- @chasingtruth.podcast

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    Ep. 16 | God Is Sovereign

    Ep. 16 | God Is Sovereign

    Today we discuss the peace and freedom that comes from understanding the sovereignty of God at all times. In discussing God's complete, authoritative control over His creation, we also consider how God's transcendent wisdom allows us to trust His will.

    Let's praise God & give Him the glory this week! 

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    Ep. 15 | The Solution to Injustice: Samuel Sey

    Ep. 15 | The Solution to Injustice: Samuel Sey

    In today's episode, we talk with Ghanaian-Canadian blogger and pro-life advocate, Samuel Sey. Samuel blogs on political, social, and theological issues from a Biblical worldview. He focuses primarily on social justice, the BLM movement, and abortion. 

    Today, we discuss justice. What is true Biblical justice? Does the social justice movement achieve justice? Do socialist policies achieve justice? Does abortion achieve justice for women??

    Towards the end of the episode, we get into discussing the upcoming election. In this discussion, Samuel shares encouragement for individuals passionate about justice, life inside the womb, and Biblical truth. The encouragement and reminder of both our citizenship in heaven and King Jesus as the one who is sovereign over all brought incredible peace to our hearts and minds. We pray wisdom is gained and peace is felt from this episode. To God be the glory.

    Samuel's Blog: 


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    Ep. 14 | Faith & Politics: Perry Gauthier

    Ep. 14 | Faith & Politics: Perry Gauthier

    Should Christians be involved in politics? What about separation of church and state? 

    Today we talk with Reverend Perry Gauthier, founder and president of Capitol Studies International and host of the Capitol Minute podcast. We discuss the separation of church and state, legislating morality, and the role of faith in government. Perry shares the goals of his ministry and his responses to the questions above through reminding us of man's chief goal and purpose in life--to glorify God. What a blessing that is! 

    Listen to more of Perry speak or read about his ministry here: 



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    Ep. 13 | The New Age, Part 2: Marcia Montenegro

    Ep. 13 | The New Age, Part 2: Marcia Montenegro

    We are back for the second part of our conversation with Marcia Montenegro! In today's episode, Marcia shares her testimony of coming out of the New Age and turning to Christianity. Marcia provides wonderful advice for helping others wrapped up in the New Age and gives testimony to the grace and sovereignty of God. 

    Marcia's Website:


    Marcia's Books:



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4.3 out of 5
76 Ratings

76 Ratings

oliviaspring ,


This is the content
We need. Many young girls are pushed to not share their opinions but you change that

steadfasthope1 ,

So refreshing!

Thank y’all so much for standing on God’s Word alone! It is so refreshing to finally have a podcast from godly women from my own generation who have a high view of Christ, and exhibit that through this podcast.

LaceRab ,

Young women sharing Truth

Refreshing to listen to young women love God and His word so much. Enjoying every episode. Can’t wait to hear more.

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