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Stories, Conversations and interviews inspired by music, film & real life events with your host, Christie Gee!

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Stories, Conversations and interviews inspired by music, film & real life events with your host, Christie Gee!

    My chat with bassist Josh Moreau

    My chat with bassist Josh Moreau

    In this episode I chat with my wonderful friend Josh Moreau! Josh is a friggin' talented guy who has traveled the world playing bass for artists such as Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey, AWOLNATION and that's just the beginning!
    I met Josh almost 14 years ago at a wedding. Since then we have been friends and I am so honored and blessed by his friendship.
    In this episode we talk about music, the backstories of how he got connected to these acts, his life during quarantine and much more!
    For the record, Josh is one of my favorite people. His laugh is contagious and his long hair is the envy of people.... Especially me. HA!
    I hope you enjoy this chat!!
    You can follow Josh on Instagram at:
    I added a few of his favorite songs that he gets to play live to the podcast soundtrack!
    Chained To The Rhythm by Katy PerryNothing Breaks Like A Heart  by Miley CyrusOff To The Races by Lana Del ReyBattered Black And Blue- AWOLNATIONYou can follow me for updates, links to the soundtrack and lots more over at my instagram, www.instagram.com/christiegee AND my website www.christiegee.com!
    Thank you so so much for your support!
    XO, Christie Gee

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    My chat with Phil of HE Creative

    My chat with Phil of HE Creative

    In this episode I chat with my friend Phil of the U.K. company HE Creative! I have been a fan of their artwork from the moment I discovered it! 
    As an aspiring artist myself, I look up to them so much! They have so much dang talent!!! 
    The combine their art with their love of music and I think that is so friggin awesome! They feature bands like: H2O, Alkaline Trio, Saves The Day, Bayside, Descendents, Rancid, The Misfits, NOFX, etc! 
    We chat about art, music, being true to who you are and so much more! 
    Please give them a follow on:
    Instagram www.instagram.com/hecreative.
    If you love them be sure and support them by sharing their artwork and purchasing some for yourselves as well if you can! 
    We added THREE new songs to the podcast soundtrack!
    Black-  DaveRodeo- Bad Cop/ Bad CopHere's To Lookin' At You, Kid- The Gaslight AnthemYou can find links to the soundtrack (via iTunes & Spotify), news for upcoming episodes and more by following me over at: 
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/christiegee
    XO, Christie Gee

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    Ep. 021: My Chat With Kevin Devine

    Ep. 021: My Chat With Kevin Devine

    I am excited to share this episode with y’all! I have been a fan of Kevin for some time now. I was lucky to catch him at a live show before Covid when he opened for The Get Up Kids here in Los Angeles. Not only is he so dang talented, but is also such a kind person! I had a lot of fun talking with him!
    We talk about:
    Our thoughts on the BLM protest & the community coming together to be on the right side of history!His life during the lockdown and his work with Patreon.His first memory of knowing he loved music.How creativity inspires others to be creative themselves.His song writing process.AND SO MUCH MORE!!!
    **This episode was recorded a few weeks ago!! It was shelved to make room for some important episodes about the Black Lives Matter movement that is so so important! Both Kevin and I support this movement! Please be sure to check out episodes 18 & 19!!
    I added some music to the podcast soundtrack!
    Freddie Gray Blues.Smells Like Teen Spirit.Cotton Crush.I could Be With Anyone.Between The Concrete & Clouds.I Was Alive Back Then.I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Help Me, Thank You.You can find the playlist soundtrack and more by following me!
    You can follow Kevin at:
    Bad Books Music!
    Thank you all so much for listening!
    Share with your pals!
    Subscribe, rate & review! It’s super fun! ;)
    XO, Christie Gee

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    Ep.020: Chris Conley of Saves The Day returns!

    Ep.020: Chris Conley of Saves The Day returns!

    ✨🐞✨ I am excited to have my amazing pal Chris Conley of Saves The Day back on the show for the 2nd time! I’m just so lucky to call this magical human my friend! ✨ Recorded a few weeks back, this episode was originally scheduled be released on Wednesday The Third aka ‘Saves The Day’ Day! 😉 Chris and I agreed to shelf this episode for a little bit and take time to speak on something that is so important which is the Black Lives Matter movement. Both Chris and I believe in the movement so much! Be sure to check out episodes 18 & 19 if you haven’t heard them yet! 🖤 Fun little fact about this episode....Chris and I had some difficulties with our phones so we ended up recorded via Skype video, which we are totally not used to! We are just a couple of kiddos born in 80 & 81 trying to figure it all out! 😝 But we had so much fun! His dog Jo also made an appearance. 😍 We talk about his collab with Lloyd Vines, new Bug Sessions, our love for Aerosmith & Tom Petty, A Path With Heart, an amazing company called HE CREATIVE that designed this rad Saves The Day poster, etc!!! We also answer some questions y’all had for Chris ranging from Claudio being back in the band, Stay What You Are anniversary tour, In Reverie on vinyl, Can’t Slow Down b-sides, Lisa’s birthday tape, a rumor about his first TV appearance on Conan, his love for Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday, Geoff Rickly of Thursday and soo much more!!! You will also hear a sneak peak of the ‘Remember/Verona/Ring pop’ song he and Lloyd recently released!! All in all, it just a fun chat between two friends, high fives via skype and of course doggo nose boops! I hope y’all enjoy listening to this episode as much as I did talking to my amazing friend!!
    Please be sure to follow Chris & Saves The Day via:
    You can hear the Saves The Day feat. Lloyd Vines song here:
    See that amazing Saves The Day art piece by HE Creative here:
    Support Black Lives Matter:
    Thank you all so much for listening and supporting the show!
    You can follow me for future episodes, the podcast soundtrack  & more at:
    Xo, Christie Gee

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    Ep. 019: A conversation about equality with Keldine Hull and Orlando Deral

    Ep. 019: A conversation about equality with Keldine Hull and Orlando Deral

    In this episode I talk to two amazing pals Keldine Hull and Orlando Deral about the very important movement known as Black Lives Matter! I want to use this podcast as a platform for voices to be heard and information to be put out into the world about equality! I know as a white gal I don't have the words or understanding to best address this topic the way is should. I have these amazing friends we can hear from and I am so happy to have those talks with them. 
     In the last episode (018)  I talked with my friend Lloyd Vines about this as well. Be sure and check that great conversation out!
    I met Keldine aka Kelly Bean  when I worked in high end retail. She and I would spend many days, just the two of us at the store on Sunset blvd talking and listening to Muse and brainstorming our writing projects!  Kelly is the author of a children’s book called 'The Lonely Old Record Store.' So dang awesome! I would love to have her back on the show to talk about that soon!
    I met Orlando at my gym, Equinox! Orlando is an instructor there and I LOVE taking his classes. Before covid-19 I would do “double class Tuesdays” where I took back to back classes of his. Even though they were so tough I always left feeling great and encouraged. Orlando is a dang ball of sunshine!
    In this episode I am sharing back to back conversations I had with both Kelly and Orlando about BLM. We discuss topics such as:
    The history of African Americans in America.Their own personal stories.Their hope and optimism for the future and more!Disclaimer: some of the stories are a little graphic, but they are true and need to be heard!
    We hope that through these discussions we can help share information and hope.
    Here are some links for you guys to check out! 
    This link here has so so many goodies! Thanks to Lloyd Vines for sharing it with me! 
    Black Lives Matter!
    Color Of Change!
    Know Your Rights!
    Keldine's book, 'The Lonely Old Record Store.'
    Keldine's Instagram!
    Keldine's website!
    Orlando's Instagram!
    Orlando's website!
    Thank you all so much for your support for Black Lives Matter and this podcast! You can follow me on Instagram too for updates on upcoming episodes! 
    XO, Christie

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    Ep. 018: A conversation about equality with Lloyd Vines

    Ep. 018: A conversation about equality with Lloyd Vines

    In this episode (018) I chat about the Black Lives Matter movement with my friend Lloyd Vines! BLM is something that is so so very SO important! I understand that as a white woman in America I do not have the voice or understanding to speak fully about these issues. I want to use this podcast as a platform for voices to be heard on these issues from friends who can speak on them. We hope that with this conversation we can help spread awareness about the BLM movement.  
    Here are some great links you should check out!
    This link here has so much goodness! Links galore that support BLM!
    Black Lives Matter.
    The conversation Lloyd had with Chris Conley about the realities of being black in America.
    Lloyd’s Instagram! Follow Him!
    Llyod’s music! 
    Gabe Niles, Lloyd’s friend he chats about in the conversation!
    Thank you all so much for your support! Please share with your friends!
    You can follow me on Instagram as well for updates on future episodes! 

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18 Ratings

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Bubbly and Alive!

Loving the energy and enthusiasm the Christie puts out, its pure love. She has had some pretty unique guests so far, looking forward to whats to come!

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Very entertaining!

I just recently came across this podcast and I’m loving it so far! Great interviews!

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With a listen.

Love this girl so fun to listen to!

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