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Each week, one of The Circle of Experts talks about critical aspects of growing your podcast. We focus on marketing, social media, monetization, and website design, and the implementation of all of these.
The Circle of Experts includes
*Yasmine Robles from Robles Designs;
*Tonnisha English-Amamoo of TJE Communications;
*Don The Idea Guy; and
*Brett Johnson, My Podcast Guy from Circle270Media Podcast Consultants.

The Circle Sessions Brett Johnson, My Podcast Guy

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Each week, one of The Circle of Experts talks about critical aspects of growing your podcast. We focus on marketing, social media, monetization, and website design, and the implementation of all of these.
The Circle of Experts includes
*Yasmine Robles from Robles Designs;
*Tonnisha English-Amamoo of TJE Communications;
*Don The Idea Guy; and
*Brett Johnson, My Podcast Guy from Circle270Media Podcast Consultants.

    Trends in Web Design: Security, Accessibility, and Personalization with AI

    Trends in Web Design: Security, Accessibility, and Personalization with AI

    We’re diving into the dynamic world of website design trends with Yasmine Robles.
    In this episode, we explore the critical importance of data privacy and robust security measures for small business websites. We'll discuss why an SSL certificate is a must-have for ensuring user trust and preventing browser warnings.
    Yasmine sheds light on how AI is revolutionizing website design by offering personalized recommendations, chatbots, and advanced analytics to create engaging user experiences.
    We also dive into the significance of readability and accessibility, with tips on high contrast and color choices to enhance user experience. From e-commerce essentials like one-click checkouts to personalized product recommendations, Yasmine shares her insights on optimizing online stores for podcasters and small businesses.
    Lastly, we touch on the growing importance of mobile optimization, minimalistic design, and speedy load times to cater to today’s on-the-go consumers.
    We mention a previous episode about AI as your unpaid intern.
    We mention a previous episode about website accessibility.
    Top Takeaways
    1. **Data Privacy & Security**: - Emphasizes the critical need for robust security measures and encryption on websites, especially for small businesses, to build trust with customers.
    2. **Importance of SSL Certificates**: - SSL certificates are vital for securing websites. Lack of SSL may result in warnings or blocks from browsers, impacting user trust and accessibility.
    3. **AI in Website Design**: - AI significantly impacts web design and user experience by offering personalized recommendations, chatbots, advanced analytics, and predictive modeling.
    4. **AI-Powered Personalization**: - AI analyzes user behavior in real-time to deliver customized content and product recommendations, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.
    5. **Readability & Accessibility**: - High contrast between text and background colors is crucial for readability and accessibility, especially for users with impaired vision or color blindness.
    6. **E-commerce Optimization**: - Optimizing e-commerce websites for smooth user experiences attracts and retains customers.
    7. **Seamless Online Store Integration**: - Podcasters can integrate merchandise and content seamlessly on their websites to offer easy shopping experiences for listeners, enhancing engagement and sales.
    8. **Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness**: - With the increasing use of mobile devices, mobile optimization and responsive design are essential to ensure a seamless user experience across all devices.
    9. **User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI)**: - Prioritizing UX and UI in website design creates engaging journeys for users, leading to better customer satisfaction and retention.
    10. **Optimizing Load Times**: - Reducing website load times is critical, especially for users with slow internet speeds or data restrictions.
    Memorable Moments
    00:00 Increasing mobile website access crucial for all businesses.
    06:33 Photographers can optimize images for faster loading.
    07:40 Ensure live text on the website and email.
    13:12 One-click checkout makes purchasing faster and easier.
    16:54 Data privacy and security are crucial priorities. SSL certificates are essential for basic protection.
    19:51 Leverage chatbots and AI for business growth.
    23:36 Automates data gathering and personalized customer engagement.
    26:58 Spotify uses data to recommend personalized content.
    28:37 AI's limitless potential for website design innovation.

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    Email Marketing Tips for 2024: The Do's and The Don'ts

    Email Marketing Tips for 2024: The Do's and The Don'ts

    In this episode of The Circle Sessions, Tonnisha English-Amamoo of TJE Communications joins host Brett Johnson to share valuable insights on email marketing for 2024.
    Tonnisha provides do's and don'ts for effectively reaching and engaging your audience through email. From providing incentives for subscriptions and utilizing targeted advertising to creating and managing email newsletters, she offers practical tips for successful email marketing.
    Top Takeaways
    1. Email marketing remains a powerful tool for reaching and engaging with your audience, regardless of the type of business, whether it's a podcast, videocast, or other endeavors.
    2. Incentives play a crucial role in encouraging people to subscribe to your email list, and they don't necessarily have to be discounted; offering freebies, bonus episodes, or exclusive content can also be effective.
    3. Avoid buying email lists, as it can lead to negative consequences, such as being marked as spam, potentially damaging your sender's reputation, and impacting your ability to use email marketing platforms.
    4. Utilize email marketing advertising to reach new audiences, working with companies that can help target specific demographics, industries, or locations to ensure your email campaigns reach interested and relevant recipients.
    5. Tailor your email marketing to specific audience segments rather than sending generic messages to a broad audience. Understanding your target listener or subscriber's preferences and creating customer profiles is crucial for effective email marketing.
    6. Implementing an email newsletter, whether on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, provides an opportunity to stay connected with your audience, share helpful content, promote events, and maintain brand awareness.
    7. Be mindful of not overwhelming subscribers by flooding their inboxes with excessive emails. Use analytics to understand your audience's preferences regarding email frequency, and provide options for subscribers to choose their preferred frequency.
    8. Email marketing offers direct contact with your audience and provides valuable analytics to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Use this data to make informed decisions and continually refine and improve your email marketing strategy.
    9. Politeness and respect are essential in email marketing. Treat your subscribers' email addresses with the same level of respect as you would treat their phone numbers, and seek their permission and preferences regarding email frequency and content.
    10. Make use of available resources and expertise in email marketing to optimize your strategy, whether through consulting with experts, leveraging social media, or seeking assistance with analytics and audience segmentation.
    Memorable Moments
    00:00 Offer incentives for email marketing subscriptions, despite saturation.
    05:53 Being marked as spam has consequences.
    08:18 Company helps reach local lawyers with emails.
    12:28 Analyze podcast analytics to target the audience.
    14:18 Newsletter setup, content, engagement, and freebies overview.
    18:22 Be polite in email communication, considerate.
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    Each week, one of The Circle of Experts talks about critical aspects of growing your podcast. We focus on marketing, social media, monetization,...

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    What Is A Podcast Consultant?

    What Is A Podcast Consultant?

    The Benefits of Hiring a Podcast Consultant for Your Business
    Brett Johnson, My Podcast Guy™ takes an in-depth look into the essential role of a podcast consultant, focusing on how they can amplify your podcast's impact as part of your broader marketing strategy. Brett, a seasoned podcast consultant from Circle270Media™ Podcast Consultants, explains the multifaceted approach his team uses to elevate a podcast's presence and effectiveness.
    The episode begins with Brett introducing the concept of a podcast consultant, detailing the key services such as strategy development, content creation, and marketing assistance they provide to help podcasts reach their full potential. He emphasizes three main benefits of hiring a podcast consultant: access to industry expertise, a tailored strategic approach aligned with specific business goals, and increased time and cost efficiency due to expert guidance.
    Further, Brett discusses how a podcast consultant can enhance a business's content marketing strategies, thereby boosting brand awareness, driving audience engagement, and opening up new revenue opportunities through diverse monetization strategies.
    He also covers practical elements of working with a consultant—from identifying clear podcasting goals and developing engaging content to implementing effective promotional tactics and optimizing the podcast for search engines to improve discoverability and audience reach.
    Metrics and analytics are highlighted as crucial tools a consultant uses to track performance and refine strategies, ensuring the podcast not only reaches but resonates with its intended audience, thereby fostering a loyal listener base.
    We know you will find this episode invaluable when you are ready to elevate your podcast's impact and integrate it effectively into your marketing strategy.
    Top Takeaways
    Role of a Podcast Consultant - A podcast consultant, like Circle270Media™, acts as a strategic partner aiding in podcast creation, production, and marketing to maximize the podcast’s potential.
    Industry Expertise and Insights - Consultants possess extensive knowledge about the evolving landscape of podcasting, providing valuable advice for navigating challenges and leveraging opportunities in the industry.
    Tailored Strategy Development - Consultants work closely with clients to develop strategies that align with specific business goals, ensuring the content resonates with the intended audience and fits the overarching business objectives.
    Time and Cost Efficiency - By utilizing a consultant’s expertise, clients can avoid common pitfalls, streamline production processes, and optimize resources, which saves time and reduces costs.
    Brand Positioning and Awareness - Consultants help position brands as authority figures in their respective fields through compelling podcast content, thus elevating brand visibility and awareness.
    Audience Engagement and Community Building - Strategic planning by consultants aids in increasing listener engagement and fostering a loyal community around the brand, enhancing the overall podcast experience for audiences.
    Monetization Strategies - Consultants guide clients in exploring various revenue streams such as sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and listener donations to effectively monetize the podcast without compromising content quality or audience engagement.
    SEO and Discoverability Optimization - Consultants assist in employing SEO strategies for optimizing podcast titles, descriptions, and metadata to boost discoverability and attract more organic...

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    Using Analytics to Optimize Your Website and Marketing

    Using Analytics to Optimize Your Website and Marketing

    In this episode of The Circle Sessions, host Brett Johnson sits down with Yasmine Robles, a member of The Circle Of Experts from Robles Designs.
    Yasmine brings her expertise in website strategy and marketing to discuss the crucial role of analytics in optimizing websites and marketing strategies for small businesses and podcasters.
    They explore the benefits of using analytics to track website performance, choosing the right tools, interpreting data strategically, and continuously improving digital presence.
    Yasmine shares practical tips and takeaways for leveraging analytics to drive data-driven decision-making, and how it can save time and money in the long run.
    The Power of Web Analytics: "So analytics really provide an invaluable insight into how your website and your marketing is being run... Basically, you can track you wanna understand the user behavior, track those conversions, and really identify what's working and what needs some improvement. Essentially, they really empower you empower the data driven decision making." — Yasmine RoblesTop Takeaways
    1. Analytics provide invaluable insights into website performance and marketing efforts, enabling data-driven decision-making.
    2. Small business owners and podcasters should align analytics tools with their specific goals and marketing channels, such as using Google Analytics and social media platform insights.
    3. Bing should not be overlooked for analytics, especially if a significant portion of website traffic comes from different platforms or operating systems.
    4. Interpreting data should start with identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals that can be measured, and then looking for trends, anomalies, and patterns.
    5. A/B testing involves testing variations, such as different landing pages or email subject lines, to see which performs better in terms of user responses and conversions.
    6. Regularly reviewing analytics and setting benchmarks, experimenting with changes, and continuously iterating based on insights obtained are key strategies for continuous optimization of online presence.
    7. Don't be afraid to regularly check and interpret the numbers, as analytics can be a powerful tool for making strategic decisions in marketing, podcast promotion, and online business.
    8. Embracing analytics and setting clear goals while choosing the right tools can help small business owners and podcasters interpret data strategically and consistently over time.
    9. Even if time is limited, tracking and recording analytics data is essential for future reference and historical analysis, especially as the podcast and business grow.
    10. Yasmine Robles of Robles Designs can provide expertise in running A/B tests, explaining jargon, offering freebies, and providing overall design and marketing support for podcasters and small business owners.
    Memorable Moments
    00:00 Align tools with goals for effective marketing.
    04:09 Explore different platforms, track stats, and know goals.
    09:07 AB testing involves comparing and testing items.
    11:03 Experiment with A/B testing in email marketing.
    Yasmine works alongside clients to design a website that's driven by strategy, looks amazing, and that you can actually use to grow your podcast, and your business.
    Her website.
    Her Instagram.
    Click here for the checklist!
    Each week, one of The Circle of Experts talks about critical aspects of growing your podcast. We focus on marketing, social media, monetization, website design, and implementation of all of...

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    Keywords to Content: Lee Launches' Innovative Tools for Indie Makers on The Circle Sessions

    Keywords to Content: Lee Launches' Innovative Tools for Indie Makers on The Circle Sessions

    It's that time again to plug in, perk up your ears, and dive into the latest insights from the podcasting universe with The Circle Sessions. In our newest episode, "Ripped From the Podcast Headlines," we sit down with the incredibly innovative Lee Launches alongside co-hosts, Don The Idea Guy and Brett Johnson.
    - **Keynote Discussion**: Discover the need for simpler, more accessible keyword tools. Lee and Don explore how popular methodologies like "Getting Things Done" can be integrated seamlessly into our digital toolkits.
    - **Cutting-edge Software**: The conversation turns to ingenious software capable of summarizing articles and generating new insights, tailored for business pitches.
    - **Launchcasts Unveiled**: Lee introduces Launchcasts, the all-in-one tool for content creators, from script to audio to artwork. Don shares his beta-testing experience and potential applications for the tool, including turning newsletters into captivating audio content. Also, check out Build The Keyword, which was #1 Product Of The Day on Product Hunt.
    Innovative Content Creation Tool: "what if you could go from idea to script to audio to artwork all in one flow, and that that was really where the idea (Launchasts) came from"— Lee HillsMemorable Moments
    00:00 Struggling with ideas, met Don, launches Lee Launches.
    05:17 Struggling with too many projects, seeking focus.
    07:50 Idea for Launchcasts came from conversations with Don.
    12:31 Using AI for podcast editing can help.
    19:31 Build The Keyword tool to identify low-competition search opportunities.
    23:05 Simplified successful product launch through automated popular methodology.
    27:03 Write it down, simmer, share, collaborate, build.
    29:03 Release ideas to see passion and feedback.
    32:21 Document ideas to free up the brain for creation.
    Each week, one of The Circle of Experts talks about critical aspects of growing your podcast. We focus on marketing, social media, monetization, website design, and implementation of all of these to help you make the best podcast possible.
    Have a question or an idea for one of our episodes? Send us an email at podcasts@circle270media.com.
    The Circle of Experts are:
    Yasmine Robles from Robles Designs
    Tonnisha English-Amamoo of TJE Communications
    Don The Idea Guy
    Brett Johnson, My Podcast Guy, from Circle270Media Podcast Consultants
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    Unlocking New IG Marketing Strategies for 2024

    Unlocking New IG Marketing Strategies for 2024

    Welcome to The Circle Sessions, with insights on digital marketing and podcast growth. Host, Brett Johnson, is joined by Tonnisha English-Amamoo, a digital marketing guru, who's here to help small businesses level the playing field.
    We're diving deep into the future of Instagram. We'll explore the latest strategies for maximizing engagement and leveraging the potential of video content, which is the new top trend for the year ahead. Discover the art of collaboration on Instagram reels, and learn why family recipes and user-generated content are the latest buzzwords in the food lover's community.
    Tonnisha discusses the ins and outs of enhancing your Instagram SEO and adhering to platform guidelines to keep your content visible. They also touch on the potential of Instagram's new broadcast channels for creating exclusive content and maintaining close-knit relationships with your followers.
    From the power of faceless videos and AI enhancements to the subtleties of paid promotions, this session is jam-packed with actionable insights.
    Authenticity in Social Media: "I think the one of the good things about social media today is that people are kind of combing through, like what feels real and what feels curated, what feels, you know, like this person is acting and not actually doing these things." — Tonnisha English-AmamooTop Takeaways
    1. **Embrace Collaborative Content:** The growing trend of collaborative posts and reels on Instagram offers an effective way to reach new audiences and refresh content strategies by partnering with other creators or brands.
    2. **Trend Spotting in Food Content:** The podcast highlights the importance of staying on top of trending topics, such as food content that relates to family traditions, economic savvy, and the need for cooking skills – aiming to stay relevant and relatable to the audience.
    3. **Leverage User-Generated Content:** Utilizing content generated by users can not only enhance authenticity but also support small businesses and foster community engagement, which is essential for growing a presence on social media platforms.
    4. **Podcast-Inspired Content:** Exploring the potential for podcasts that stem from user experiences, like fixing websites or offering a more personal voice in content, can lead to increased direct engagement with the audience.
    5. **Harness SEO Techniques on Instagram:** With the shift in how younger generations search for information, optimizing Instagram content through thoughtful subtitles, captions, and interaction with similar accounts is critical for visibility.
    6. **Understand Instagram's Evolution:** Recognizing the shift from Instagram takeovers to collaborative posting and brand partnerships helps to adapt strategies to the platform's latest features for maintaining user interest and platform engagement.
    7. **Subscription Content Consideration:** Creating exclusive content through subscription models needs a solid game plan and commitment to ensure value for paid subscribers, avoiding content fatigue and subscriber attrition.
    8. **Multi-Link Bios for Flexibility:** The podcast discusses the strategic use of the bio section on Instagram profiles, with the capability to include multiple links to manage time-sensitive content as well as permanent resources through services like Linktree.
    9. **Video Content Priority:** The shift towards prioritizing video content, including creative, faceless videos or AI-enhanced storytelling, is identified as a dominant trend for Instagram, stressing the need for adaptability in content creation strategies.
    10. **Smart Use of Paid Promotions:** Paid promotions represent a necessary component of a social media strategy, but they require careful evaluation and realignment with smart goals to ensure they are cost-effective and impactful.
    Memorable Moments
    00:00 Create...

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