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Each week, one of The Circle of Experts talks about critical aspects of growing your podcast. We focus on marketing, social media, monetization, and website design, and the implementation of all of these.
The Circle of Experts includes
*Yasmine Robles from Robles Designs;
*Tonnisha English-Amamoo of TJE Communications;
*Don The Idea Guy; and
*Brett Johnson, My Podcast Guy from Circle270Media Podcast Consultants.

The Circle Sessions Brett Johnson, My Podcast Guy

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Each week, one of The Circle of Experts talks about critical aspects of growing your podcast. We focus on marketing, social media, monetization, and website design, and the implementation of all of these.
The Circle of Experts includes
*Yasmine Robles from Robles Designs;
*Tonnisha English-Amamoo of TJE Communications;
*Don The Idea Guy; and
*Brett Johnson, My Podcast Guy from Circle270Media Podcast Consultants.

    Unlocking New IG Marketing Strategies for 2024

    Unlocking New IG Marketing Strategies for 2024

    Welcome to The Circle Sessions, with insights on digital marketing and podcast growth. Host, Brett Johnson, is joined by Tonnisha English-Amamoo, a digital marketing guru, who's here to help small businesses level the playing field.
    We're diving deep into the future of Instagram. We'll explore the latest strategies for maximizing engagement and leveraging the potential of video content, which is the new top trend for the year ahead. Discover the art of collaboration on Instagram reels, and learn why family recipes and user-generated content are the latest buzzwords in the food lover's community.
    Tonnisha discusses the ins and outs of enhancing your Instagram SEO and adhering to platform guidelines to keep your content visible. They also touch on the potential of Instagram's new broadcast channels for creating exclusive content and maintaining close-knit relationships with your followers.
    From the power of faceless videos and AI enhancements to the subtleties of paid promotions, this session is jam-packed with actionable insights.
    Authenticity in Social Media: "I think the one of the good things about social media today is that people are kind of combing through, like what feels real and what feels curated, what feels, you know, like this person is acting and not actually doing these things." — Tonnisha English-AmamooTop Takeaways
    1. **Embrace Collaborative Content:** The growing trend of collaborative posts and reels on Instagram offers an effective way to reach new audiences and refresh content strategies by partnering with other creators or brands.
    2. **Trend Spotting in Food Content:** The podcast highlights the importance of staying on top of trending topics, such as food content that relates to family traditions, economic savvy, and the need for cooking skills – aiming to stay relevant and relatable to the audience.
    3. **Leverage User-Generated Content:** Utilizing content generated by users can not only enhance authenticity but also support small businesses and foster community engagement, which is essential for growing a presence on social media platforms.
    4. **Podcast-Inspired Content:** Exploring the potential for podcasts that stem from user experiences, like fixing websites or offering a more personal voice in content, can lead to increased direct engagement with the audience.
    5. **Harness SEO Techniques on Instagram:** With the shift in how younger generations search for information, optimizing Instagram content through thoughtful subtitles, captions, and interaction with similar accounts is critical for visibility.
    6. **Understand Instagram's Evolution:** Recognizing the shift from Instagram takeovers to collaborative posting and brand partnerships helps to adapt strategies to the platform's latest features for maintaining user interest and platform engagement.
    7. **Subscription Content Consideration:** Creating exclusive content through subscription models needs a solid game plan and commitment to ensure value for paid subscribers, avoiding content fatigue and subscriber attrition.
    8. **Multi-Link Bios for Flexibility:** The podcast discusses the strategic use of the bio section on Instagram profiles, with the capability to include multiple links to manage time-sensitive content as well as permanent resources through services like Linktree.
    9. **Video Content Priority:** The shift towards prioritizing video content, including creative, faceless videos or AI-enhanced storytelling, is identified as a dominant trend for Instagram, stressing the need for adaptability in content creation strategies.
    10. **Smart Use of Paid Promotions:** Paid promotions represent a necessary component of a social media strategy, but they require careful evaluation and realignment with smart goals to ensure they are cost-effective and impactful.
    Memorable Moments
    00:00 Create...

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    Designing Timeless Websites in a Fast-Evolving Landscape

    Designing Timeless Websites in a Fast-Evolving Landscape

    In this episode of The Circle Sessions, host Brett Johnson is joined by Yasmine Robles from Robles Designs, a member of The Circle Of Experts.
    As they discuss the critical aspects of website design, Yasmine shares her insights on the challenges small businesses face in keeping up with design trends, the importance of incorporating design elements that are both trendy and timeless, and practical tips for navigating design trends while ensuring a timeless website look.
    She also provides valuable insights on implementing conversion-focused designs effectively and shares upcoming trends in website design.
    Top Takeaways
    1. Businesses need to strike a balance between modern and timeless website design to stand out and endure in the fast-evolving web design landscape.
    2. When considering design trends, the amount of website traffic plays into the decision-making process. Larger sites with more traffic can conduct audits and AB tests to adapt to trends, while smaller sites may rely more on the client's needs and preferences.
    3. Blindly chasing design trends without considering long-term effects can risk businesses losing their brand identity. It's crucial to strategically make design changes that align with the company's core values.
    4. To incorporate both trendy and timeless design elements, businesses need to identify their brand's core values and weave them into the design. Modernizing aspects like color schemes, typography, and user experience while maintaining timeless essence can be achieved through strategic design choices.
    5. Businesses should invest time in understanding their brand identity, customer expectations, and goals before incorporating design trends to ensure that the visual elements align with the brand essence.
    6. For effective conversion-focused designs, it's important to know the purpose of the changes and conduct tests to understand what works best for conversions. Using tools like AB testing, surveys, and customer analysis can inform design decisions that drive conversions.
    7. Trends in conversion-focused design involve a focus on typography, utilization of white space, larger text, and strategic placement of elements to guide user attention and enhance accessibility.
    8. To ensure a timeless and conversion-focused website look, businesses should regularly update and refresh design elements while maintaining a clear understanding of their audience and brand identity.
    9. Website audits are crucial for both new and existing websites to gain insights on SEO, traffic, social media interactions, and backlinks. The audit results can inform strategic content planning and provide a roadmap for website improvements.
    10. Businesses and podcasters can engage with website designers and consultants to conduct audits, seek strategic design advice, and align their websites with their branding and marketing goals to achieve better results.
    Memorable Moments
    00:00 Larger sites need trend-based traffic analysis. Smaller clients' needs differ based on audience.
    05:32 Integrating brand values into the design for success.
    08:08 Analyzed business goals, and updated logo with tweaks.
    13:20 Understand the goal, test, gather feedback, and then implement.
    15:27 Focus on timeless fonts for website success.
    19:24 Small business owners should assess marketing and design.
    21:00 Seeking website audit for potential changes.
    Yasmine works alongside clients to design a website that's driven by strategy, looks amazing, and that you can actually use to grow your podcast, and your business.
    Her website.
    Her Instagram.
    a href="https://www.roblesdesigns.com/checklist"...

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    Ripped From The Podcast Headlines - Spotify's AI Behemoth vs. Apple's Approach

    Ripped From The Podcast Headlines - Spotify's AI Behemoth vs. Apple's Approach

    In the March 2024 episode of "The Circle Sessions" titled "Ripped From The Podcast Headlines," host Brett Johnson and special guest Don The Idea Guy discuss a range of trending topics in the podcast industry, focusing on feedback mechanisms, SEO tactics, AI in podcast promotion, and novel tools for podcast creation and marketing.
    Top Takeaways
    **AI in Podcast Promotion**: Spotify’s innovative use of AI for behavioral targeting represents a new frontier in podcast marketing, helping podcasters reach more tailored audiences and promote their back catalogs more effectively.
    **Evolving Ad Insertion Techniques**: AI is changing the podcast advertising landscape by enabling smarter, contextually relevant ad placements. Still, there's a concern over maintaining the balance between content quality and ad revenues.
    **Importance of Planning Content for Ads**: The sophistication of AI tools for ad placement makes it increasingly important for podcasters to mindfully plan their content to seamlessly incorporate advertisements without detracting from listener experience.
    **Apple and AI Promotion Tools**: The episode notes that while Spotify has spearheaded the use of AI for podcast promotion, Apple is seen as lagging but has plans to support Google's Gemini AI tool, highlighting the trend towards AI adoption in podcasting platforms.
    **Podcasting Tools and AI Integration**: With platforms like Launchcasts providing AI-generated scripts, voice options, and artwork, podcast creation is becoming more accessible. However, the quality and creativity of content generated through AI might still require human oversight and finesse.
    **The Roast Format for Feedback**: Brett Johnson and Don The Idea Guy discussed the potential for entertaining and insightful podcast reviews through a "roast" format. This could create an engaging way for podcasters to learn from each other’s successes and mistakes. Send us an email with your request to have your podcast, podcast website, or podcast social media analyzed.
    Key Moments
    00:00 Spotify uses AI for targeted podcast promotion.
    05:51 Podcasters prefer Spotify over Apple for tools.
    08:12 Audacy introduces AI tool for podcast advertising.
    09:42 AI transcript contextual; avoiding accidental ad placement.
    15:53 AI platform launches podcasts with script and art.
    19:23 Ausha study unlocks questionable tactics for Apple Podcasts.
    20:10 SEO study reveals outdated penalized practices. Avoid.
    26:08 Feedback sessions on various industry content.
    27:53 Podcast roast videos promote feedback and discussion.
    30:22 Comparing podcast episodes and promotional strategies.
    MEET DON THE IDEA GUY!Possessing creative powers beyond those of mere mortals, DON THE IDEA GUY rescues those in need of innovative ideas through his brainstorming sessions, articles, and websites.
    DTIG (DEE-tigg) has been featured in Small Business News, interviewed by the New York Times, quoted in Fast Company magazine, and served as the first president of the International Idea Trade Association.
    Don is a proud member of the BzzAgent community, and is featured in

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    Pros and Cons Of Creating a Political Podcast

    Pros and Cons Of Creating a Political Podcast

    In this episode of The Circle Sessions, host Brett Johnson discusses the current landscape of political podcasts, focusing on the pros and cons of creating content in this genre.
    Brett delves into a recent survey highlighting the popularity of political podcasts among different generations and shares insights on the engagement and sharing of political news and media. He explores the potential challenges of creating and sustaining a political podcast amidst the dynamic nature of election cycles and offers valuable considerations for content creators looking to navigate the ever-changing political landscape.
    Whether you're already entrenched in political podcasting or considering entering the space, this episode provides valuable insights into the unique opportunities and potential pitfalls of this genre.
    Top Takeaways
    1. The popularity of political podcasts during an election year can be significant, with a surge in content creation around election cycles.
    2. The analysis identifies NPR News Now as the most favored news and political podcast in the US for this election cycle, with different age groups showing preference for specific political podcasts.
    3. Despite the surge in political podcast content, engagement levels may not necessarily match the increase in content creation, with a noticeable decline in interest for some segments of the population.
    4. Generational differences exist in how various age groups perceive and engage with political content on social media, with some feeling the need to share their political views and others refraining from doing so due to election-related stress.
    5. While there was a significant increase in podcast listenership from 2004 to 2023, the impact of political podcasts and their sustainability beyond the election cycle is a consideration for podcast creators.
    6. Political podcast creators may need to explore alternative show formats and consider the potential challenges posed by the lack of campaign ad spending in political podcasts.
    7. There are considerations around the sustainability of political content, its ability to stay relevant beyond the election cycle, and the potential need for creators to pivot their content to retain their audience's interest.
    8. Creators are encouraged to evaluate how their political content can survive beyond the election cycle and consider seeking guidance from podcast consultants to navigate the changing landscape of political podcasting.
    9. The influence of culture and the potential political backlash may affect advertiser caution in associating with political content, prompting creators to consider the intersection of their content with cultural elements.
    10. Understanding the long-term game plan for political podcast content, including its ability to adapt and stay relevant beyond the election cycle, is essential for creators venturing into this niche.
    Each week, one of The Circle of Experts talks about critical aspects of growing your podcast. We focus on marketing, social media, monetization, website design, and implementation of all of these to help you make the best podcast possible.
    Have a question or an idea for one of our episodes? Send us an email at podcasts@circle270media.com.
    The Circle of Experts are:
    Yasmine Robles from Robles Designs
    Tonnisha English-Amamoo of TJE Communications
    Don The Idea Guy
    Brett Johnson, My...

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    Social Media Tool Refresh: Canva, Grammarly, and More

    Social Media Tool Refresh: Canva, Grammarly, and More

    Welcome to a new episode of The Circle Sessions with your host Brett Johnson and our special guest Tonnisha English-Amamoo from TJE Communications.
    In this episode titled "Social Media Tools Refresh," Brett and Tonnisha dive into the ever-changing landscape of social media tools, discussing how the tools are evolving with the implementation of AI and the new features they offer.
    Tonnisha shares her expertise on various tools such as Canva, Grammarly, Airtable, and email marketing platforms, shedding light on their functionalities and benefits.
    From discussing scheduling tools to the importance of email marketing, this episode provides valuable insights for small businesses and podcasters to level up their social media game.
    The Power of Email Marketing: "The beauty of email is that you get to directly connect with people. And when people see your name and your email come up they're they can, you know, connect with it versus I love social media, but it's so congested with so much content." — Tonnisha English-AmamooTop Takeaways
    1. Social media tools are constantly evolving and incorporating AI to improve user experience and content creation.
    2. Canva is a beloved tool for creating graphics and has integrated AI features to assist with writing and design selection.
    3. Grammarly is a valuable tool for ensuring the accuracy and quality of written content, particularly in catching errors and improving consistency.
    4. Tracking time spent on tasks, such as content creation and design, is crucial for efficient work management, and tools like Toggl can help with this.
    5. Airtable can be utilized for content calendar planning, collaborating with clients to approve content, and organizing podcast episodes.
    6. Implementing a shared calendar with your team is essential for keeping track of important dates and coordinating promotional activity for events and guests.
    7. Scheduling tools like Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Buffer, and others help manage and automate social media content, but it's beneficial to consider their partnership with platforms like Meta for optimal engagement.
    8. Email marketing remains highly effective for maintaining direct contact with an audience, as it offers a consistent way to connect with individuals, even when social media platforms experience downtime.
    9. Leveraging website-built email marketing capabilities for selling products, merch, or exclusive content can enable seamless communication and engagement with your audience.
    10. Engaging with tools and platforms for professional development, such as attending conferences or workshops, is crucial for enhancing skills and staying informed about industry trends and best practices.
    Memorable Moments
    00:00 Grammarly improves writing with helpful suggestions.
    05:53 When should you seek professional design help?
    07:29 "Dissect and reassemble Canva designs, saving time."
    13:23 Airtable simplifies content planning, earns rewards.
    15:49 Grandparents don't understand but technology works well.
    17:30 Some social media scheduling tools may impact engagement.
    21:24 Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Shopify, Squarespace offer email marketing.
    26:05 Emails: direct connection, bypasses social media congestion.
    Subscribe to Tonnisha's Tip of The Month
    TJE Communication’s mission is to empower and educate small women-owned businesses and equip them with digital solutions to level the playing field.
    IG - @tjecomm
    TW - @tjecomm
    LI - https://www.linkedin.com/in/tonnishaenglish/
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    Designing Timeless Websites in a Fast-Evolving Landscape

    Designing Timeless Websites in a Fast-Evolving Landscape

    In this episode of The Circle Sessions, our host Brett Johnson sits down with Yasmine Robles, a member of The Circle Of Experts from Robles Designs.
    Yasmine brings her expertise in website strategy and marketing to discuss the crucial role of analytics in optimizing websites and marketing strategies for small businesses and podcasters.
    They explore the benefits of using analytics to track website performance, choosing the right tools, interpreting data strategically, and continuously improving digital presence.
    Yasmine shares practical tips and takeaways for leveraging analytics to drive data-driven decision-making, and how it can save time and money in the long run.
    Embracing Data Analytics: "Don't be afraid of the numbers just because they look, You might think that your competitor has better numbers, but don't be afraid to regularly go in and check them. Just like you should be checking your financials for a business, you should be checking your numbers for analytics."— Yasmine RoblesTop Takeaways
    1. Analytics provide invaluable insights into website performance and marketing efforts, enabling data-driven decision-making.
    2. Small business owners and podcasters should align analytics tools with their specific goals and marketing channels, such as using Google Analytics and social media platform insights.
    3. Bing should not be overlooked for analytics, especially if a significant portion of website traffic comes from different platforms or operating systems.
    4. Interpreting data should start with identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals that can be measured, and then looking for trends, anomalies, and patterns.
    5. A/B testing involves testing variations, such as different landing pages or email subject lines, to see which performs better in terms of user responses and conversions.
    6. Regularly reviewing analytics and setting benchmarks, experimenting with changes, and continuously iterating based on insights obtained are key strategies for continuous optimization of online presence.
    7. Don't be afraid to regularly check and interpret the numbers, as analytics can be a powerful tool for making strategic decisions in marketing, podcast promotion, and online business.
    8. Embracing analytics and setting clear goals while choosing the right tools can help small business owners and podcasters interpret data strategically and consistently over time.
    9. Even if time is limited, tracking and recording analytics data is essential for future reference and historical analysis, especially as the podcast and business grow.
    10. Yasmine Robles of Robles Designs can provide expertise in running A/B tests, explaining jargon, offering freebies, and providing overall design and marketing support for podcasters and small business owners.
    Memorable Moments
    00:00 Align tools with goals for effective marketing.
    04:09 Explore different platforms, track stats, and know goals.
    09:07 AB testing involves comparing and testing items.
    11:03 Experiment with A/B testing in email marketing.
    Yasmine works alongside clients to design a website that's driven by strategy, looks amazing, and that you can actually use to grow your podcast, and your business.
    Her website.
    Her Instagram.
    Click here for the checklist!
    Each week, one of The Circle of Experts talks about critical aspects of growing your podcast. We focus on marketing, social media, monetization, website design, and implementation of all of these to help you make the...

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