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Interviews with successful career women from a variety of industries. We hope to empower women in their career aspirations, whether that's climbing a corporate ladder or becoming an entrepreneur.

The Empowering Women Podcast Empowering Women in Industry

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Interviews with successful career women from a variety of industries. We hope to empower women in their career aspirations, whether that's climbing a corporate ladder or becoming an entrepreneur.

    Empowering Women Podcast S3: Patti Perez, Ditch the Drama in your Workplace

    Empowering Women Podcast S3: Patti Perez, Ditch the Drama in your Workplace

    Episode 6 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast
    GUEST:  Patti Perez, CEO at PersuasionPoint
    BIO:  Chief Drama Slayer that combines her experience as a licensed California attorney and a professionally-certified HR executive to specialize in the prevention and resolution of workplace drama.  Patti is the author of the best-selling, award winning book, The Drama-Free Workplace:  How You Can Prevent Unconscious Bias, Sexual Harassment, Ethics Lapses, and Inspire a Healthy Culture. As an entrepreneur, she is creating a revolutionary shift  in the way we communicate and connect at work. 

    LinkedIn PersuasionPoint Website
    April as Celebrate Diversity Month
    Six C’s of Inclusive Leadership
    The Drama-Free Workplace Book
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    “I think it’s important for men to understand, if they are fathers, the powerful influence that they have. My dad always believed in me.”
    “Instead of allyship I use the term radical kinship.  You walk with me. You are side-by-side on this journey with me.”
    “Who you think you are may not end up being who you actually are.”
    “If I had to give a single piece of advice to the ‘young Patti’, identify your unique strengths and unique value that you bring as early as possible and learn to communicate that.”
    “If you have to make yourself smaller or change the unique strengths that you have to somehow ‘fit in’ to the current culture you’re in, you’re doing yourself and the organization a disservice.”
    “Become better versed and understand why the legally-charged terms often (a) are imprecise and (b) end up raising the temperature instead of lowering it and what you can do instead. I advocate a 3-step process: (1) Talk about the words and behavior – don’t put that ‘label’ on it.  (2) How did it effect you.  (3) What we can do to fix it.”
    Three F’s of a Healthy Workplace Culture:  (1) Fearlessness (2) Fairness and (3) Freedom
    “Why employees do bring claims is because they do not have a perception of fairness.”
    “What I’ve long dreamed of doing is addressing that ‘middle tier’ that often goes ignored.  What I call a rising diverse leader. From an attrition perspective, it’s the most dangerous years”
    “We seem to give this message to women that you have to turn yourself into a pretzel in order to ‘fit in. “
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    Empowering Women Podcast S3: Cynthia Orduña, The Power of Allyship in Shaping Women’s History

    Empowering Women Podcast S3: Cynthia Orduña, The Power of Allyship in Shaping Women’s History

    Episode 5 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast
    GUEST:  Cynthia Orduña, Career Coach and DEI Consultant
    BIO:  Career coach and talent development advisor with a background in recruiting, career development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. She has helped over 50 startup companies in L.A., S.F., N.Y., and Chicago recruit and retain talent, and has coached over 300 people in all stages of their career from entry to senior levels. She specializes in helping people enter the technology industry, build their business and create their personal brand. Her life mission is to amplify as many voices, cultures and backgrounds as she can by helping people develop themselves personally and professionally.
    LinkedIn Instagram (@cynnluu) Youtube
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    Women's History Month
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    “After having filled out the EEOC report for the company, I realized that I was the only Latina working in the organization in a non-janitorial capacity and 80% of their employees were white males.” 
    “I soon realized, that once again, the industry I found myself in (technical recruiting) didn’t look like me… I wanted to meet people who understood what I was going through and not feel so alone in the process.” 
    “I fought and I advocated to create more of a diverse pipeline. Get them to see people were qualified for these jobs even if they didn’t look like the perfect candidate.”
    “Allyship is about doing what you can to support and uplift voices from people in underrepresented groups 
    “Allyship can be very simple.  Taking the time to educate yourself on your privilege or the lack of opportunities other people have because of their identity. Making sure you are listening and accepting the perspectives of the people you’re trying to support versus playing devil’s advocate, acting like we’re in a debate club, or believing that you may have the solution.” 
    “Allyship isn’t necessarily about being praised or even being noticed for the work that you’re doing.” 
    “Allyship is about being comfortable being a supporting actor.  Oftentimes it is a more personal journey more than anything else.” 
    ‘Are we actively listening and seeing our unconscious biases during these dynamics while they’re happening?
    “Even as women we can end up judging each other and being detrimental to others’ careers.” 
    “Microaggressions are often very subtle, indirect or unintentional comments that can negatively target or affect other person.  It is a form of bias and discrimination.”
    “Create an environment where people feel comfortable questioning them (hiring manager on hiring biases).”
    “Tons of ways women can be at a disadvantage because of these unconscious biases. Another thing that happens to women in meetings is getting cut off very frequently.”
    “Similarity bias is where we tend to like and accept people who look like us, think like us, and remind us of ourselves.”
    “Taking the initiative to getting to know everyone on your team equally.”
    “Empowering who you mentor to show up as their authentic self”
    “Allyship is not an easy journey."

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    Empowering Women Podcast S3: Pattie Grimm, Power Talk: Making Your Own History

    Empowering Women Podcast S3: Pattie Grimm, Power Talk: Making Your Own History

    Episode 4 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast
    GUEST:  Pattie Grimm, President and CEO – Advantage Training
    BIO:  With over 25 years of experience, Pattie is an empowerment expert for organizations, leaders, and women. Pattie served as a senior leader for several Global Fortune 100 companies.  
     Pattie was recognized by Executive Women’s Association, Who’s Who in Women’s Leadership. Women of Influence and the State of California. She is the author of Quiet Women Never Changed History – Be Strong, Stand Up and Stand Out – “Let’s Go Kick Some Glass.”
    LinkedIn  Twitter (@pattie_grimm) Instagram (@pattie_grimm) Facebook
    Email:  pattiegrimm@live.com
    Book offer https://www.womenkickingglass.com/book for only $10.00 including over $200.00 in free bonuses and free S & H. (Free S & H only available in the US). Book is available outside the US on Kindle @ https://www.amazon.com/Quiet-Women-Changed-History-Strong/dp/0692742417 
    Email Pattie for a PDF guide on writing your personal vision statement.
    Women's History Month
    The Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins
    Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts
    Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis
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    “I literally went from rock star, on the corporate track for success,… from that fast track to hitting rock bottom so hard that I was lying on that bathroom floor trying to get the energy to get up.”
    “I lost everything. I lost sense of myself and who I was.  I had to find my way back.”  “It wasn’t the company that did it.  I gave up on me.  I started playing the role everyone else wanted me to play.  Who I was.  Who I stood for and what was important to me.”
    “Be strong and play to your strengths. Find those roles and opportunities that fit your strengths.”
    “In order to stand up, you need something to stand on. You need a foundation. That foundation for you should be a personal  vision statement.”
    “Use that vision statement to make your career and life decisions.”
    “Be valuable. Be visible.  Be vocal”
    “We need to support other women and not sabotage.  We need to collaborate, not compete. Help lift other women up so we all rise.”
    “Put yourself as number one on your to do list.  You cannot give away what you don’t own.”

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    Empowering Women Podcast S3: Titi Sule, STEM Superstar: Technical Leader Living Her Purpose

    Empowering Women Podcast S3: Titi Sule, STEM Superstar: Technical Leader Living Her Purpose

    Episode 3 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast
    GUEST:  Titi Sule, Portfolio Leader – Controls and Technology at Ingersoll Rand
    BIO:  As a Portfolio Leader at Ingersoll Rand, Titi is responsible for strategic direction for Controls Technology including hardware and software. Her portfolio includes onboard controllers, system controls, and IoT integration. Titi has had diverse 13 years of experience in manufacturing companies including control system engineering, application engineering, aftermarket service offerings, and technology strategy including three patents. Titi is also a writer of educational children’s books and serves on the board of director for Access2Success, a NC based nonprofit supporting over 250 kids in Nigeria. 
    LinkedIn  Twitter (@titi_sule) Instagram (@tzsonline)
    Amazon Author Page:  Titi Sule
    Engineers Week
    SWE Women in Engineering by the Numbers
    Women of Color in the Engineering Workplace Study
    Access2Success Website
    Empowering Women Website
    Empowering Women 2021 Event Information
    “My first exposure to engineering was through my dad.”
    “What I do remember, very early in my childhood, is when we were constructing our house I wanted to build something.”
    “My father wanted his girls to be in places that allowed women to advance their careers and be in leadership positions.”
    “To be able to see my name on a patent was something beyond anything my mind would have imagined… Deal with imposter syndrome a little bit on the first one, maybe this was just luck. By the third one, I really could say I did a good amount of work and I feel proud of my work and I feel proud of the patent.”
    “To share knowledge is part of who I am. To share my experiences… I would not be where I am today without other people who have poured into me.”
    “I had the mindset of ‘do the work’ and people will notice. It’s not true. The organization is huge and people might not notice. Other than your job, you also have to do the work to let people know who you are, what your interests are, and how you want to develop.  It matters just as much as you doing your work”.
    “I still have that voice in my head of ‘How do you want to show up?’”
    “There’s power in you actively writing or stating what you wanted to do. It helped me believe in myself that if I wanted to do something I could actually do it.”
    “You feel that imposter syndrome right away when you’re the only person in the room that looks like you.  It can really affect someone’s confidence.”
    “I really cannot overstate how much mentoring matters.”
    “Even going outside the workplace, into the schools, we have to meet people where they are.”
    “There’s nothing like someone whose walked in those shoes to show you how to do it.”

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    Empowering Women Podcast S3: Angela Hosking, Have a Heart: Even Superwoman Needs a Break

    Empowering Women Podcast S3: Angela Hosking, Have a Heart: Even Superwoman Needs a Break

    Episode 2 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast
    GUEST:  Angela Hosking, Founder and Owner of Her One Tribe
    BIO:  Angela is a women’s empowerment and leadership speaker, author, workshop facilitator, coach and the owner of Her One Tribe, LLC.  She combines her 10+ years of healthcare executive leadership experience with her expertise as a women’s empowerment writer to deliver impactful workshops and motivational speeches.  Using her self-developed Personal Empowerment Framework as her cornerstone content, Angela educates and inspires national and international female audiences to unlock their confidence barriers and diminish their Imposter Syndrome thinking. Angela is the author of Woman on Top: Lead Like a Lady Boss and hosts an online community at HerOneTribe.com for aspiring women to find education, inspiration and support with their fellow sisters.
    LinkedIn  Facebook (@heronetribe) Instagram (@heronetribe)
    Her One Tribe
    Woman on Top:  Lead Like a Lady Boss
    The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
    Imposter Syndrome:  Pauline Rose Clance
    Brave Bold Beyond Virtual Summit
    Empowering Women Website
    American Heart Association
    Angela’s motto “Empowering Women to Empower Women”
    “Never discount your early goals and passions.  I have found they come back later in your life and you’re able to fulfill them then.”
    “I’d been told and raised that in order to be successful in leadership I’ve got to be like the guys…. What I really wanted to bring to the table, to the team, was a different type of leadership.  One that was more authentic, more inclusive and got to the root of motivating and inspiring people to be their very best selves.”
    “What kept coming up again and again was the confidence issue.”
    The Good Girl Paradox:  “We were born into a society that when the doctor said, ‘It’s a girl!’, there were already preconceived notions about what type life we would live, how we would be in this world…. It is still very much engrained in our society that little girls are born into a world where they should follow the rules and not question them.”
    Imposter syndrome linked to:  (1) loss of confidence and (2) lack of "risky play".
    “We think playing by the rules will keep us safe and we do not necessarily take risks.  Risks are what create confidence”
    “It’s not that I don’t have it anymore (imposter syndrome); I now know how to manage it. I now know how to recognize it and I know how to quiet the inner ‘mean girl’ voice so I can keep moving forward’.”
    Insanely Brave Moments (IBMs):  “50% exciting and 50% super scary”.  Schedule them in you life!
    In Angela’s surveys:  87% of women felt responsible for doing it all.  82% of women felt constantly exhausted and depleted.
    “It’s not about being more productive.  It truly is not. It is about balancing and recognizing what you put on your ‘to do’ list is 10 days worth of ‘to dos’. ”
    “Build relationships across the white spaces.”

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    Empowering Women Podcast S3 Ep.1 : Stacy Cassio, Thinking Big and a New Mentorship Model

    Empowering Women Podcast S3 Ep.1 : Stacy Cassio, Thinking Big and a New Mentorship Model

    Episode 1 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast
    GUEST:  Stacy Cassio, Founder and CEO of the Pink Mentor Network
    BIO:  In 2017, Stacy Cassio founded the Pink Mentor Network, Charlotte NC’s first female mentorship community.  Followed by the creation of Pop-Up Mentor, a brand new model for mentorship in 2018.  Today, that model is being used by organizations of all sizes & industries to build transparent, scalable, measurable employee resource programs. Stacy is dedicating her life to reshaping how individuals seek & obtain mentorship, and helping organizations build cultures of mentorship
    LinkedIn  Twitter (@StacyCassio)   Facebook  Instagram (@pinkmentornetwork)
    Pink Mentor Network
    Pop Up Mentor:  Categories – Start, Lead, Expert, Innovate, Grow, Survive
    Empowering Women Website
    “I’ve never met a woman I couldn’t learn from”
    “When you hear your intro, I’m getting better at soaking it all in because I think it’s really the grit, the dirt , the stuff that isn’t in that intro that really made me the woman I am.”
    Number 1 piece of advice on finding your purpose:  “Find that thing that you just feel hasn’t really been solved.”
    “At that moment, I was solving my own need.”
    On her mentor model journey:  “Create something different that would change it from that traditional pairing system and instead make it a community about the times in our lives when mentorship is super important.”
    “I think we put ourselves into boxes and we just forget that’s where we’re living.”
    “Challenge it all in 2021.  2021 will be the year of the experiment.”
    “Show up with the vision of your career – not your baggage”.
    “What we lived through doesn’t become valuable until it’s shared.”
    “Challenges you face should not be faced alone.”

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4.9 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

Littlecutiebooty ,


I love this podcast and how motivating it is! As a woman, I appreciate this!

Cwamne ,

Great podcast

I really enjoyed listening to the interview with Aneesa Muthana; it really opened my eyes to something new, was engaging, and I found it to be uplifting. These are the conversations that need to had and heard.

Mona Gocan ,

Thank you!

The interview with Tish Berge almost brought tears to my eyes. Her sharing her experiences of being a female in a male dominated role made me feel that I’m not the only one going trough it. There are still so many challenges female engineers experience on daily basis that it gets to a point where we think….why should we continue?!? What’s the benefit of doing this daily…just to prove that we can do it?!? Is it worth it?!? That’s what I went through in my construction days and did choose to leave that position just because I’ve felt it wasn’t worth the sacrifice.

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