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“If it’s not fun, you are not doing it right” - Fran Tarkenton (QB NFL Hall of Fame). They don’t exactly teach that at business school. The goal here is to debunk the idea that business and life have to be serious. Martin Dara, a recovering procrastinator and transformational coach, interviews entrepreneurs, coaches, artists, and friends to discover how they bring fun and excitement into their business. In this show, he wants to explore the idea that we are all just playing a game. This is a place where guests are invited to play. Let’s see what exciting things come up.

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“If it’s not fun, you are not doing it right” - Fran Tarkenton (QB NFL Hall of Fame). They don’t exactly teach that at business school. The goal here is to debunk the idea that business and life have to be serious. Martin Dara, a recovering procrastinator and transformational coach, interviews entrepreneurs, coaches, artists, and friends to discover how they bring fun and excitement into their business. In this show, he wants to explore the idea that we are all just playing a game. This is a place where guests are invited to play. Let’s see what exciting things come up.

    #25 Rudi and Jules Kennard

    #25 Rudi and Jules Kennard

    This is a DO NOT MISS episode!! Rudi and Jules are two highly respected coaches in the coaching world. They have a facilitator training, a six figure coaching business, and have written a book together titled, Wholality. Rudi and Jules explain throughout this conversation how they recognize when it's time to change. Even with a successful business it was time to change their course and to follow the inspiration that has come from their heart. They are both so beautifully articulate in this conversation you will just fall in love with them both. I have learned so much from these two individuals and am so grateful for their wisdom and knowledge. 

    Top Topics:

    We shouldn't really live to work, we should work to live. Work should be secondary to the being playful in life. Life isn't an existence it's about actually being alive. 

    It's important that people just know it is possible to unshackle yourself from the chains of conditioned working. It may take a while, but anyone has the capacity if they follow their intuitive urge within themselves not to be put off with your head. You head will always go for the safe bet. Sometimes you have to go for the unsafe bet.

    You have to be able to cope with the insecurity and "not knowingness" until that gets birthed into a form that supports you financially. If you can't handle that you will always keep doing what you have always done and get what you've always got. You have to take a risk! 

    Do you want to risk being dead while being alive or do you want to risk the aliveness of being alive? You have to go within. 

    What did the inaction cost you? What did it cost you to not do something? 

    Your business should expand you not contract you. Think of what inspires you what you are passionate about. Get quiet within yourself. How could I turn this into money? How could I turn this into business? Unless you monetize your joy you're likely going to be doing something that doesn't bring you joy to make money. 

    There is work to be done. If you are working on your joy it isn't really work it is something you love doing. 

    What is the funnest thing I could do to make money? 

    Knowing without knowing how you know

    What we found really helpful for people isn't to give them spiritual/psychological concepts of what to do and how to do. It is pointing them bak within to that which is already known. Going back to that innate gift that everyone has. It is more of the question of reduction of mental noise "unconditioning" the mind. 

    Freedom isn't in escaping the conditions. It is just seeing we are unconditionally free within our own perceived shackles. 

    Anyone listening I know you have this spark. I know you do. This inspiration inside of it. If you want to ignite it commune with it. Speak to it in the silence. Know that every time you open your eyes in the morning you never know what's going to happen. You never know moment to moment what's going to happen. That spark is your always known. You hold on to that spark and you move forward. You have it inside of you. Don't let anyone talk it out of you. Especially you. You're your own worst critic. 

    There's this deeper knowing. There's a cost of inaction. If you trust. This trust turns into confidence. 

    Rudi shares a beautiful analogy of the difference between motivation and inspiration. 

    There is a bigger power behind life living through you. 

    Everyone single of one you have every single thing you need within you. The greatest treasure you can unbury is the treasure of yourself.

    Find Rudi and Jules book, Wholality 


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    #24 The Banana Warrior

    #24 The Banana Warrior

    Today's episode is an incredible story about a powerful woman who does not let anything get in her way. Julia Panchkowry is the Banana Warrior. She is the CEO of the Banana Warrior Cafe, which is a vegan cafe located in Bangkok, Thailand. She shares her story throughout the episode of how she started a cafe in an international country during the pandemic. She also has begun her business coaching journey and is working clients through this. She has such an incredible presence and you will love to her what she has to say. 

    We go deep into emotions, falling in love with business, and sharing about stories we have told ourselves. Some of these revolve around avoiding blaming outside circumstances, money mindset, authenticity, and play. 

    Top Topics : 

    "Take emotions out of it. Emotions are great to acknowledge that they are there, but also don't let them be part of your business decision making. They are not always a valid indicator of what is actually going on." 

    "I truly believe that everything I have done before this point was preparing me for my business." 

    "That's why my outfits are really important to me. It actually gives me energy. It makes me want to do business. I feel more professional. It's like power dressing. The way I feel when I wake up isn't the way I feel when I get ready to work." 

    "You never blamed the outside circumstances. You never blamed COVID or stress to pack it in." 

    "When you blame external sources it takes you away from taking responsibility. It's this type of victim mentality. Complete acceptance of the way things are. The knowledge of knowing what you can change and what you cannot." 

    "We all have our own thought process. Some people use a breakup as an excuse to eat a tub of ice cream. Some people use a breakup as an excuse to start a business. We all have our mindset and thoughts." Where Julia put her focus is really what is so amazing about this conversation.

    "Life is just a series of choices." We are so blessed and so lucky to have the freedom of choice." 

    "Once you start taking radical responsibility for your life exactly where it is right now that means you can make some massive changes if you want to. If you can see what you created you can also see you can create something different too." 

    "We are taught how to feel about ourselves. It's just from things that were said to us or things we learned from what our parents said to us or things we learned in school. I was told I wasn't good at math. It was ingrained into my head and that makes me not want to do it now. It's still a block and you have to work really hard towards unlearning." 

    Something I learned from my experience in school was that I was not creative. I was not good at art or music growing up so I was worried that I was not a creative person, but I was able to unlearn those ideas and find my voice and use it to create my podcasts. 

    "Telling yourself something different towards that past believe. First of all is knowing that it's there and knowing it doesn't have to be." 

    I see so many clients and students saying, "I'm shy", "I'm scared", "I don't like doing this." These are stories that are made up.  

    Julia and I share multiple different ideas around money mindset. We each share some our own personal experiences and stories we've learned about money. 

    "Play is anything that is high vibration. Anything that makes my soul feel alive."

    "Fun is almost more important than time at that time. You don't even know what time it is. You are caught up in the moment. That's magic." 

    "Fun doesn't have to be overindulging in anything." 

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    #23 Choosing Joy : Allie and Cissa

    #23 Choosing Joy : Allie and Cissa

    Today I have an amazing friend and her friend joining me. Allie is probably the guest I've known the longest that has ever been on this show. The introductions on this episode start us off in the most beautiful of ways and brings so much energy right to the start of the episode. I love having the guests introduce the other because it's so different than reading the typical bios you see on LinkedIn or a resume. There are so many beautiful ways these ladies connect with each other and get out of their heads and into their bodies. They use nature and love to help live life in such a gorgeous way. It's a contagious conversation that will make you leave feeling alive and looking at life in a new beautiful way. 

    Top Topics : 

    I have guides in life. "Life is good." Even when we are working we need to life good. 

    Why can't we start a business meeting dancing? Why can't we start a business meeting creating a beautiful environment? 

    "We are just one person." 

    It's a blessing to be surrounded by people who choose joy. 

    When we hold onto these negative belief systems we get stuck energetically. 

    A great way to get out of our head and into our bodies. When we get burnt out we are usually in our heads thinking I have to do. I have to do. I have to do. Sometimes we have to just be. Allow yourself to be in the feeling of feeling good. 

    Self nourishment for your mind and body. You don't need to go on vacation to do this. We need to talk more about this. 

    Find ways to be in your physical body instead of stuck in your mind. 

    What activities bring you to a meditative state? This does not have to include meditation.

    Stale thoughts. We don't hold onto to stale food when it goes bad, but sometimes we hold on to some stale thoughts. 

    We have so much information at our fingertips at every moment between social media, books, courses, and podcasts.

    The wisdom inside of us is so much greater than anything any one else can give us. 

    I didn't know I could go this far into feeling this way and be okay. Allie shares about her healing work and personal journey to get through trauma. Love is there for you no matter how sad you are or how happy you are. 

    Moments of truth happen inside all of us and that is more valuable than anything we can get from a course or a podcast.

    Allow to share! 

     "Be Curious. Not Judgmental." - Walt Whitman  Not just others, but of yourselves. 

    Also we discuss a personal favorite song "The Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston.  

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    #22 Bringing More You with CFJ and Amber Krzys

    #22 Bringing More You with CFJ and Amber Krzys

    Today I'm joined by two incredible women Amber Krzys and Carloyn Freyer Jones. These two introduce the other in such a beautiful way by sharing some incredible stories about the other. Once you hear these introductions you are going to want to hear the entire episode. Carolyn is introduce as such an amazing friend and how she brings that to her business. Amber is a professional and someone who is always willing to have her voice heard. 

    Top Topics :

    Including fun in business isn't like an ingredient you add. It's like water. That's just a part of it.

    What does a professional look like to us? 

    Why be an entrepreneur if you it's not about bringing more you to what you are passionate about or your mission? The more you, you are the more fun you will have and likely the more success you will have. 

    Amber says she can be creative in ways with her coaching she wasn't able to be in acting. "I couldn't just create an audition, but I can create a client." 

    The only thing that gets in my way are my own fears and concerns. 

    We make a distinction between the word serious and sincere. I'm sincere in my business and to my dedication to the people I serve in my coaching and school. I am not serious though. There's a lot that can hard and not fun, but it can all be funny. 

    We discuss the difference between showing up in a suit and showing up in a hoodie. Carolyn shares a story from Trevor Noah. Changing the narrative that my professionalism doesn't show up when I wear this. 

    Even though we consider actors and actresses as creative people they really are limited by the roles they are in. As an entrepreneur you get to be as creative as possible.  

    "Seems to work for me." Entrepreneurs get to say "what works for me." 

    "People pay us for the quality of our listening." - Nancy Klein 

    If someone is in pain I'm not going to try to knock them out of their pain. I don't want to diminish that especially when we are first meeting. I'm going to meet them where they are. It depends on how well I know them or if I get to know them. 

    Pain is part of the human experience, but suffering is optional. 

    I don't want to be someone that is trying to help them get out of pain. They need to be ready for that. 

    Every conversation is play. I don't have anything predetermined. It's not scripted. It's a co-creation and exploration. Each conversation is a playground. Where is the person and where will we go based on where they are. 

    "It doesn't have to be fun to be fun." It could even be fun for me to be with someone in the fullness of their human experience. Why can't that be a version of fun? 

    The entire life experience is a playground. 

    Sometimes we want to bring people up to where we are as opposed to meeting someone where they are. 

    No one wants to be dragged up to the top of the slide. The nature of being human is we are going to forget or lose sight of the beautiful life we have, the wins and the progress that we've made. How cool is it that someone can slide down the slide and be with you here? I'll be here with you as long as you want. I'm going to continue to see all those things for you while you're forgetting. Then we will go up the slide together. 

    The reason other human's exist is we need each other. 

    Life was giving me clear feedback that this wasn't my path. It was finally when I surrendered and was willing to do something different.

    Learn what "effort shock" is. 

    We create timelines and get frustrated when it doesn't happen within that timeline.

    Here is the article we discussed: 





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    #21 Brisket Flavored Ice Cream

    #21 Brisket Flavored Ice Cream

    Today I am joined by Kim Kaase and her husband Steve Marques. Kim and Steve own an ice cream shop in Houston, Texas called Craft Creamery. Steve is world renowned chef that has cooked all over the world. Kim also is a business coach. She helps increase revenue while also increasing their brilliance through a number of effective strategies. We discuss choices you make when it comes to your response to Covid and the world today. Steve shares many different stories and ideas to share how chefs from all over the world bring the creative process into the kitchen. 

    Top Topics : 

    Hear how Steve was able to switch jobs and built his business in the middle of the pandemic. 

    Being creative with food is a lot like playing jazz for musicians. Once you have the structure and you know how to make things work and there is some technical rules that you can't break because then you will make something no one wants to eat. Inside those rules there are no rules. 

    Not that I think outside the box, but I don't believe in the box.

    Why doesn't someone else make a brisket ice cream? Maybe they didn't think it was possible. 

    Make smart mistakes. 

    I've made some things that don't work. You haven't tasted them because they didn't work. 

    I don't want to please everyone. I want to actually displease some people, because that means you're pushing the edge of the boundaries. 

    I don't want to make what everyone expects. 

    Sometimes if you change the conversation a little bit puts people off balance they think differently about the same conversation. 

    We're going to have our own business, but we don't know how we are going to get there. 

    Being open to what shows up. Not judging the outcome. When we create a new flavor I try to not have a preconceived idea of what it's going to turn out to what it's going to be because through the creative process it changes. 

    Kim is the Chief Tasting Officer and something she won't say is "I know I won't like that." 

    People start talking about how their day is going to go in the morning. You're creating your day before you even step foot in it. Not that you need to say anything positive, but just don't say anything about it. 

    Go experience your day. If you tell yourself I'm going to have a horrible day you're going to make that happen. 

    You have to play like a child to think like a child. When you're sick of the way things are going it can't possibly hurt to try something new. 

    When inspiration shows up don't just go, "that's a bad idea." Follow the inspiration. 

    Steve had a high school teacher that said, "most of the school system says red jelly bean and want you to say red jelly bean. I want you to say green jelly bean and here's why." 

    You will never figure out in your head if the entrepreneurial path is for you. The only way to know if it's for you is to go out and try it. 

    Even the greatest coaches in the world have coaches. Find people that your trust. People that I trust will tell me if something is horrible and actually tell me the truth. I would actually be offended if they didn't tell me the truth. 

    “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein (Here's the quote I butchered during the episode.) 

    We answer the questions:
    How do you get over the fear of being visible? 

    How do you come up with these flavors? 

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    #20 Shit Talking with Laura Martin

    #20 Shit Talking with Laura Martin

    This week I am joined by the founder of Healing to Happy, Laura Martin. Healing to Happy is an online gut and brain focused company that helps women suffering from IBS and anxiety to get back to eating normally without use of elimination diets. Laura is a Certified IBS Nutrition Consultant that truly brings incredible energy everywhere she goes. She brings to her clients an excitement about what you can bring to your diet as opposed to cutting things out. I appreciate her so much. She is so vulnerable and so open to sharing her own journey of how she got to the place she is today. It's very encouraging to see that type of courage in the conversation. 

    Top Topics : 

    When it comes to food we are always on a diet, limiting ourselves, and taking things away. It takes away the whole concept of food as pleasure. It's community, it's relationship it's culture, it's experience. When you live in a state of fear and restriction how the hell is that fun? 

    When you actually truly how this whole mechanism works you're able to explore the rest of your life. 

    You can actually play with food have fun. The food isn't the whole thing about this BBQ. It's the people here and the fun you are supposed to have. That's the point of it. 

    Become your own experimental game. Sometimes you are going to get bloated. That doesn't mean the end of the world is upon us. You just learn something new about your body. 

    You might have a flare-up so what are the backup tools you have for that. How can you grant yourself permission to say that sucked, but my body can handle it and I will bounce back. You can take it as I'm learning something new. You don't see a kid get mad they don't like broccoli. 

    We love putting ourselves inside boxes. I can't have that because I'm paleo or I'm keto. Does your body actually enjoy doing that? If the answer is yes keep doing you. 

    I could not be. I didn't trust my body. I didn't trust my brain or the world around me. I controlled food and exercise. I stopped being that victim in my life. I decided I was ready to take responsibility of how I'm choosing to respond. I had to put new routines and systems in place, because I was ready to feel banging in my body and ready to have fun. 

    Identifying in life as a curious student. When you can be passionately curious whether it comes to food or a new career or a new relationship. Something you're like I'm okay with this area of my life. Do I want to just be okay with it or do I want to live this orgasmic fire rocking life? Well I have to get a little uncomfortable to see what that expansion feels like. 

    Life is meant to be fun. 

    Freedom to explore who I am. For so long I didn't know who I was. I went by what my parents told me I was. What my sports team told me I was or my school told me I was. It was only until recently I looked at who Laura Martin is. 

    When you wake up in the morning do you know how you feel? 

    You are like the five people you spend the most time with. You don't necessarily need to know these people. There are so many free resources online you can listen to people and they can be in your top five. 

    It's foolish to say you're never going to get burnout, you're never going to live in fear. Every new dollar you make is stepping into a new arena. If you don't feel fear you're not doing it right. 

    Every level there's a new devil. 

    Sometimes you need to be heard and sometimes you need to know you're not alone.

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