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Podcast by Stephanie Stabulis

    14: Managing your Mood to Bring your Best to Work (Solo Chat)

    14: Managing your Mood to Bring your Best to Work (Solo Chat)

    Do you know how to control your mood toward work? We all experience hard days, times where we feel tired and burnt out - those days where we may make choices to take short-cuts and bring our best, which can translate into many missed opportunities. In this quick solo chat, I recap how I change my environment to help manage my mood so that I can bring my best to my work and have less "hard" days. In this episode, I chat:

    - Managing your Energy
    - Speed & Space in Schedule
    - Physical Environment
    - Relationships

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    13: How to Grow Your Existing Business with a Talent Manager with Johanna Voss

    13: How to Grow Your Existing Business with a Talent Manager with Johanna Voss

    When is the perfect time to hire a talent manager? I was #blessed to sit down with Johanna Voss who gave the 411 on everything talent management, from the skill sets she brings to your business to exactly what value she provides (and doesn't provide!) We also had the opportunity to prove that when it comes to what is needed to succeed in a brand partnership - brands and talent want the same things!

    In depth, we cover:
    - The skillsets that brought her talent management
    - Creativity vs. Operational Mindset - what do brand partnerships need? What does your business need?
    - When are you ready for a talent manager?
    - What talent managers bring to the table
    - Talent management vs. brand building
    - Why brands source talent through talent manager networks
    - What’s a successful project look like for a talent manager vs. a brand?
    - The Role of Value in the Talent / Brand Relationship
    - The role of PRACTICE as an influencer-creator
    - The alignment between entrepreneurs and creator-talents
    - Transparency among creator rates
    - Empowering Talent vs. Managing Talent
    - Pushing back on Brand Offers
    - Re-investing in yourself

    You can follow along with Johanna at:
    Instagram: @johannavoss
    Clubhouse: @johannavoss
    Web: http://www.johannavoss.com

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    12: 3 Rules for Conscious Content Creation (Solo Chat)

    12: 3 Rules for Conscious Content Creation (Solo Chat)

    When you create content, why are you doing it? Are you feeling the need to just "keep up" with the online world or are you creating from a place of true personal reflection? Is there intention behind your content?

    Most marketers will not talk about the massive about of tune-out happening online. Do you feel it? Do you feel there are moments when you are simply LIKING without awareness to what you are liking? Do you sometimes feel forced to create to keep up with "best practices" that other accounts are telling you you must follow? We are trending away from conscious creation - and it has an effect on consumers - because consumers & creators are who co-create the meaning and value in content.

    In this episode I dive into:
    - The point where I started to question - when we do influencer marketing, what is the CONSUMER getting?
    - Mass tune-out of influencer marketing
    - Influencers "Faking it" and how that affects audiences
    - Are brands REALLY asking influencers to create truly authentic content, or are they contributing to the "fake out", the culture and the tune out?
    - The internet is changing our brains
    - The "Message" is the medium - the content that WE put out as influencers is how consumers view "social media". Our content has larger impact to the social media ecosystem
    - Consumers of social media need to be self-aware of their own thoughts while scrolling and how their own perception is co-creating meaning of content - "the "self" filter
    - Creators need to be self-aware of where their drive to create is coming from and recognize the role that the self plays in content
    - Creators need to think about the deeper implications of the messaging their content plays and what they do and don't want to actively contribute to
    - Infusing content creation with intentionality
    - Rules for maintaining the role of self in content creation & consumption

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    11: Forming a Legal Entity as an Influencer or Content Creator with Bobby Robinson

    11: Forming a Legal Entity as an Influencer or Content Creator with Bobby Robinson

    So you are actually getting brand partnerships and earning money from your social media feeds - now what? I sat down with Bobby Robinson, AKA The Influencer Attorney to go over some of the first steps you should taking in forming a business and why it's so important! In this episode, we chat:

    - At what point does a content creator or influencer need a legal entity?
    - What's the purpose of having a legal entity and what is it necessary?
    - Separation of personal vs. professional as it relate to finances & liability
    - What are the steps to forming a business?
    - Assessing Risk, Naming & Trademark Strategy, Formal Names and DBAs, Filing a Business, Business Bank Accounts
    - Contracting POVs
    - Contract "breech" - what could happen?
    - Confidentiality & Non-disclosure - how to AVOID unintentional breach

    You can connect with Bobby at (@)theinfluenceratty on Instagram, and visit theinfluencerattorney.co for free resources and to learn more about Bobby's services and offerings.

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    10: Resetting Expectations + Addressing Challenges in Influencer Marketing with Courtney Canfield

    10: Resetting Expectations + Addressing Challenges in Influencer Marketing with Courtney Canfield

    Two strategist collide (well, serendipitously come together) to talk about some of the hottest challenges that both brands and influencers are facing in the influencer marketing industry. In this episode, we chat:

    - What has influencer marketing evolved to?
    - How IS influencer marketing going? What are its downfalls? It’s challenges? It’s uncomfortable moments?
    - Does influencer marketing make sense for every brand?
    - How Competitive is it?
    - What happens when influencer marketers or influencers really don’t know what they are doing?
    - Challenging brand expectations as both a marketer and an influencer
    - What can influencers do to be part of solutions for the industry?
    - How to better understand influencer “worth” against brand goals
    - Results & Accountability
    - Cooperating with brands to grow the industry
    - The Value of learning to be a “Strategist” as an influencer
    - Influencer Benefits & Value to Brands beyond sales
    - How Content Creation is Set by The Market & Influence is Not
    - When are you an “influencer”?

    You can connect with Courtney at (@)courtneycanfield on Instagram, (@)rambothepuppy for cute dog content, and visit CourtneyCanfield.com to contact her or learn more about her services for influencer.

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    09: Differentiating & Developing Identity through Brand Design with Nekhira McLaurine

    09: Differentiating & Developing Identity through Brand Design with Nekhira McLaurine

    In this episode we sit down with Nekhira McLaurine, Branding & Brand Design Strategist, to talk about what "brand" is and how it can help creators stand out as new "creators" are born each day.

    We chat:
    - What Is a "brand" and why Is It relevant to creators?
    - The Dangers of Copy Aesthetic + Branding
    - Creating a Unique Identity
    - The balance between differentiation vs. familiarity
    - Branding for Creators: Messaging, Personality, Audience, Visuals
    - The Delivery of "Your Art"
    - The Alignment Between "Self" Development
    & "Brand" Development
    - Your Personality Is Your Brand
    - Showing Up As Your Brand When Working with "Other Brands"
    - Branding for Online Business
    - Who is your brand serving?
    - Consumerism, Humanism and Boundaries

    You can find and follow Nekhira at:

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5.0 out of 5
3 Ratings

3 Ratings

CourtneyBlake88 ,

A source of influencer marketing truth!

Love the guests on this podcast and the knowledge of the influencer marketing industry Stephanie (host) brings to the table. Cant NOT recommend to colleagues. 😄

Love if Local ,

Been Searching for Influencer Pricing Guidance!

I have been listening to all of the top digital marketing and influencer focused podcasts in search of a comprehensive guide to pricing. In episode 7, she provides thorough guidance and I finally got my questions answered. I’m a new follower across the board.

journey0seven2nine ,

Creators need this!!!

Love love this podcast. Especially great for creators in the social media space or for someone considering a career in influencer marketing. Great quality, interesting topics, and Stephanie just shows up and shows out.

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