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The Excellent Life podcast is for anyone looking to live life to the fullest and be the very best version of themselves. The show will inspire, motivate as well as challenge listeners to avoid mediocrity and be determined to live their very best life.

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The Excellent Life podcast is for anyone looking to live life to the fullest and be the very best version of themselves. The show will inspire, motivate as well as challenge listeners to avoid mediocrity and be determined to live their very best life.

    Grieving Excellently

    Grieving Excellently

     Pastor Toluwani Odukoya is a multifaceted individual, serving as a pastor, mother, worship leader, recording artist, and marketing professional. Pastor Toluwani received her ordination in June 2016 at The Fountain of Life Church, mentored by her late parents, Pastors Taiwo and Bimbo Odukoya. In 2018, she was appointed as the Music Director at The Fountain of Life Church. Her passionate worship, spirit-filled teachings, and dedication to the Gospel have garnered a widespread following extending beyond Nigeria’s borders. Renowned for crafting authentic songs and messages rooted in her genuine relationship with Jesus Christ and her love for the Holy Spirit, she is committed to helping fellow children of God find their place as sons and daughters of God in various aspects of life, including their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, businesses, churches, and communities. Her ultimate dream is to witness the full transformation of individuals into Christ’s image, igniting their passion for Jesus and, consequently, leading more souls into the Kingdom. My special guest has a special affinity for women and established a women's online prayer platform in 2016, where thousands of women from around the world gather weekly for prayer. After seven years of leading this initiative, she stepped back in 2022 to prioritize her family responsibilities. She recognizes the pivotal role women play, especially within their homes and in shaping the lives of their children, who, in turn, influence the world. Her career spans various industries, including technology, finance, FMCG, food and beverage, and electronics. She has held significant positions and achieved prominence in her career while continuing to shine as a light in the marketplace. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Advertising from Buckinghamshire New University in Buckinghamshire, UK, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government Pre-Law, with a minor in Public Relations and Advertising, from Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma, United States of America. Additionally, she serves as a board member for the Bimbo Odukoya Foundation.

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    Cultivating Excellent Values

    Cultivating Excellent Values

    Izehi Anuge is an exceptional values educator and transformative leader dedicated to instilling and reintegrating values into young minds and society as a whole. Her decade-long journey has been focused on developing values-based resources and frameworks that empower current and future leaders and learners to align their character development goals with global participation, 21st Century Skills, and SDG Goals.
    As the visionary founder and managing director of Shape A Child, Izehi plays an integral role in ensuring revolutionized character and behavioral transformation in children from early years to young adulthood. Through Shape A Child, individuals, parents, and educational institutions achieve exceptional results by integrating values and 21st-century skills into their daily lives.
    Izehi has authored the captivating children's book series "Captain Excellence," a catalyst for cultivating a Values-Based consciousness in young readers. She has also developed innovative resources, including the first values-based children's jigsaw puzzle and discussion cards, accompanied by an engaging animated series. For teenagers, she has crafted the Gen Z Personal & Creative Excellence workbook. Izehi has also donated her books to over 13,000 underprivileged children and conducted community-based sensitization programs for leaders.
    Izehi has earned numerous accolades and recognition from local and global entities. She has been honored with a Recognition Award from Lagos State, an Outstanding Philanthropic Award from SHE Global 2022, and inclusion in the prestigious list of the 100 Most Impactful African Changemakers by the 2022 Humanitarian Awards Global. She proudly serves as a school ambassador for World Values Day and represents education delegates as part of the Values 20 Group at the G20 leaders' summit. Through her ambassadorship, Izehi is actively raising awareness for an education system that transcends traditional academic subjects, placing emphasis on values, equity, community culture, holistic well-being, and the development of 21st-century skills.
    Izehi Anuge stands at the forefront of a transformative movement, leveraging values-based education to empower minds, transform communities, and shape the future. 

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    An Excellent Legacy

    An Excellent Legacy

    Topic: Legacy of Excellence
    🎯 Legacy is the mark you leave on the wall when you die - 2:54
    🎯 The concept of legacy is much larger than the value of the estate you leave behind, it is about the richness of the life you lived, what you accomplished and the impact you had on people and places - 3:06 
    🎯The story of your life reflects your individual legacy - 3:22
    🎯 Your legacy of accomplishment is not just about winning awards and coming out ahead, it includes things like successfully overcoming adversity, excelling as a leader, creating innovation, and much more - 3:28
    🎯 What you do and achieve throughout your lifetime forms a powerful legacy that others will remember you by - 3:46
    🎯 Everything you do in life works together to create the overall mark you leave on the world - 4:17
    🎯 When making choices between right and wrongdoing, what is right is forming a positive legacy, while doing something wrong is laying the groundwork for a negative legacy - 4:27
    🎯 Be mindful of leaving a positive legacy marked by excellence - 5:27
    🎯 Building a legacy is the only way to build a lasting footprint - 6:06
    🎯 Failing to target a specific group can result in your message being diluted to having little or no impact - 8:19
    🎯 When defining your legacy, you have to look at the bigger picture and ponder how your legacy will impact people - 9:19
    🎯 Without purpose life is like a sheep with no sales moving aimlessly without any specific intention to guide the decision - 10:06
    🎯 Your internal purpose is what guides you, meaning what fulfills you. Your external purpose is how you deliver it to the world - 11:24
    🎯 Your legacy is largely determined by the values that guide you - 12:14
    🎯 If you don't like where you are, it is never too late to put yourself on your desired part - 12:39
    🎯 There is no merit in good intentions unless they are accepted upon - 13:42
    🎯 A legacy-driven mindset also helps you to be more strategic in your legacy journey - 15:01
    🎯 A legacy-driven mindset can also help you to be more resilient in your legacy journey -15:01 
    🎯 Seek opportunities to learn and acquire knowledge to expand your capabilities. -16:47 
    🎯 Integrity is the foundation of a lasting legacy. - 17:50 
    🎯 Align your actions with your values even in the face of adversities -18:38 
    🎯 Your legacy is your story waiting to be told - 18:58
    🎯It’s Never too late or too early to think about the legacy you want to leave behind - 19:20

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    Building an Excellent Personal Brand

    Building an Excellent Personal Brand

    Combine a Marketing, Branding, and Communications Expert, a Feminine Leadership Coach, and an Author, and you have the Extraordinary Visionary that is Lady Bodam Taiwo. During her impressive career spanning 15+ years, she has been instrumental in starting new businesses across Africa and building Luxury and Premium Brands across Western Africa. She has also managed the operations and performance of sales teams in the Fast- Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Industry. She currently serves as the Head of Portfolio, Bond & Connect, Western Africa at Pernod Ricard where she plays a major role in creating and driving the execution of the long-term strategy for sustainable and profitable top and bottom-line growth of the portfolio across 22 African markets with a focus on 5 Key Markets. Bodam is the Visionary behind The Refined Lady Movement which equips ladies with the tools to grow impact, influence, and authority and distinguish themselves as Leaders by discovering and leaning into their innate femininity. Through The Refined Lady School, she offers Signature Courses and Masterclasses covering various aspects of Executive Presence, Etiquette, Protocol, Grooming, Diplomacy, Communication, and Hospitality among others. She also trains organizations on Leadership, Corporate Ethics, and Business Etiquette. She is also the host of The Refined Lady’s Summit – an annual conference on feminine leadership, elegance, and culture. In 2022, Bodam was recognized as one of the Top 100 Career Women in Nigeria by 9-to-5 Chick. She was also awarded the Distinct Positive Values Award of the Year by The Iconic Brand Awards (TIBA) for her positive impact on society. In 2021, Bodam was named one of The Top 100 Most Inspiring Women in Africa by Leading Ladies Africa. She was also honored as one of twelve extraordinary Visionary Women of African Descent in the 2021 Future-Forward Female Folio. Bodam holds a B.Eng in Electronics Engineering from the University of Reading and an M.Sc in Mobile and Satellite Communications from the University of Surrey. She currently serves as a Volunteer Mentor in both institutions. In 2022, she also served as a mentor in Women In Business, Management and Politics (WIMBIZ) and the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE). She has a certification in Luxury Spirits Marketing from a collaboration program run by INSEAD Business School for Diageo Brands Ltd. She is also an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom.

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    Making Excellent Career Choices

    Making Excellent Career Choices

    Making Excellent Career Choices
    🎯 It’s really important that what you do, you thoroughly enjoy it - 6:32
    🎯 If you don’t like what you do, you’ll do it in a less than excellent way - 6:39
    🎯 Where you are may not be where you want to be but once you are able to articulate where you want to be, it would give you the fuel, energy, and passion to run with that place you don’t really like in terms of “I know where I am going, this is just for a certain amount of time” - 9:02
    🎯 Whatever it is you find your hands doing, do it well, - 9:32
    🎯 In where you are, it could be that the people you are helping in that capacity are the people that would help you get to that vision that you see - 10:01
    🎯 Where you are now is actually practice for where you are going - 10:17
    🎯 When you practice doing your best in insignificant things or things you don’t even like doing, you are practicing to be excellent when you actually get to something exceptional which is really want to do - 10:26
    🎯 Purpose and passion go hand in hand - 10:49
    🎯 The things you are most passionate about are the things that are actually your purpose, what God created you to do - 10:59
    🎯 Find your purpose and you will find passion - 11:06
    🎯 It’s possible that even if you don’t find purpose, purpose can find you where you are - 11:56
    🎯 It’s absolutely fundamental that you love the work you are doing until you find the work that you love - 12:10
    🎯 It’s possible to be in the right team but the wrong organization - 13:10
    🎯 It’s possible to be in the right organization but in the wrong industry - 13:15
    🎯 It’s possible to be in the right industry but in the wrong location - 13:20
    🎯If you are stuck, you just need someone like a mentor, a coach, who can look on the outside to see where you are stuck and help you through the process of being unstuck - 14:59
    🎯 Sometimes, it’s not always the best-qualified person who gets the job - 17:51
    🎯 When you change, the situation changes - 19:11
    🎯 You need to understand that you can never finish a day’s work in a day - 21:11
    🎯 Sometimes, it is people’s urgency that they place on you - 21:25
    🎯 Don’t wait to be triggered, take those breaks as you go along - 25:27
    🎯 You can’t look at someone else and put the pressure on yourself that you have to function the way they do, everybody’s capacity is different - 25:49
    🎯 It doesn’t make you less the person that you are if you are not able to do something at a particular season - 26:36
    🎯 Leadership is about being exemplary in the place where God has placed you - 29:55🎯 You are either leading people in the right way or in the wrong way, consciously or unconsciously - 30:36
    Kemi Oye is an Executive and Career Coach, TEDx Speaker, Trainer, and Human Resource Expert.
    Known as The Career Doctor and founder of The Career Fitness™ Inc, a company that is committed to helping people attain career fitness by helping them get clarity on the right type of work that fits their innate abilities, strengths, talents, and passion so that they are fulfilled, thrive in the workplace, and transform organizations.
     She is an accredited practitioner of the Global Discovery Insights and DISC personality profiling tools, a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and a privileged alumnus of the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy (OLCA) and an Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting (EFT) Practitioner. She holds several other certifications in Leadership and Management. 
    She is authoritatively positioned in her career with over two decades of experience in the Human Resource Management space. She currently consults with one of the top 5 largest employers of labor - NHS England. 

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    Excelling By Being Your Best Self

    Excelling By Being Your Best Self

    Episode 26
     Excelling Being Your Best Self
    🎯 The word best means to be of the highest quality, excellence, or standard - 1:15
    🎯 Your best is the greatest effort or highest achievement or standard that you are capable of - 1:20
    🎯 It is striving to reach your full potential in everything you do. Being your best involves setting the highest of standards for yourself, continually improving upon them, and working towards personal growth and development - 1:30
    🎯 It's not about being perfect, but rather giving your absolute all to every task at hand - 01:48
    🎯 Number one realize that you have in you everything you need to be the very best of yourself, which is maximizing your full potential - 2:10
    🎯 What it takes to be the best in all you do is that you have God's DNA in you because the Bible says you were created in the image and likeness of God - 2:35
    🎯 Number two, to be your best, you must be committed to doing your best, no matter who is looking and no matter how mundane, the task at hand is when you do your best in the things that seem insignificant - 3:14
    🎯 To be your best, you must consistently set standards for yourself in every area of your life - 4:27
    🎯 Number three, to be your best, you must live intentionally, living intentionally means living with values that help you accomplish your purpose - 4:56
    🎯 To be your best, you must define your priorities and your goals. You are clear on what you want from life and you live each day in alignment with your priorities - 5:36
    🎯 Living intentionally means thinking ahead and making choices based on your personal values, your beliefs, and your goals - 5:56
    🎯 There is no shortcut to being your very best. It starts with a clear understanding of your purpose and passions - 7:25
    🎯 Number four, to be your best, you must have a mindset of excellence - 7:43
    🎯 Your mindset is the way you perceive yourself and the beliefs you hold about yourself. Your mindset determines your behavior, your outlook, and your mental attitude. The mindset of excellence sees possibilities even in the most challenging of circumstances - 7:56
    🎯 Nick Saban said “Finally, your attitude is critical to success. Having a positive attitude can have a tremendous effect on how you react and respond to challenges, successes, and even failures, and attitude is directly affected by your expectations - 8:24
    🎯 The truth is that you will never be your best if you do not see yourself in that light - 9:00
    🎯 Number five, to be your best at what you are naturally good at, still requires effort and commitment - 9:08
    🎯 You don't necessarily have to be naturally good at something to be your best at it, but you can be naturally good at something but not be your best at it - 9:17
    🎯 The fact that you are naturally good at something should provide the drive and the determination to be the very best at it - 9:48
    🎯 Number six, you must be committed to self-development - 10:47
    🎯 To be your absolute best requires you to adopt the attitude of a lifelong learner and encourages you to recognize your strengths and take steps to improve your skills, employing them in creative ways for better results - 11:08
    🎯 So if you had to be your best, to be the best of yourself, you must constantly learn new skills, reinvent yourself and be willing to do whatever it takes to excel at what it is you do - 11:32
    🎯 A commitment to self-development is an investment in yourself - 12:23
    🎯 To be the best in all you do requires the grace of God. The grace of God is the divine empowerment that blesses the work of your hands to make it to you the very best - 13:20
    🎯 The grace of God becomes the icing on the cake that enables you to operate at your optimal best in all that you do - 14:03

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4.9 out of 5
33 Ratings

33 Ratings

Oyemirichards ,

Queen of Excellence

Coach BMO remains undoubtedly the queen of excellence. It’s not just in the talk, it’s in the delivery. The productions keep getting better, the presentation more engaging and topics ever relevant. Looking forward to next episode 🙏🏿

Dboat2 ,

Thank you

This podcast episode give me the outlook of gratitude towards Gods has done for me this year indeed this is powerful

Thank you ma

solodot ,

Living your best life

Awesome! Eye opener. Thank you.

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