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Created by Dork Side Productions and hosted by Todd Canipe, The Exhaust Port Podcast gets down to the nitty-gritty of all things Star Wars - movies, books, comics, collecting, animation, politics - you name it, Todd and his amazing and ever-rotating guests cover it if it's Star Wars related!

The Exhaust Port - a Star Wars Podcast Todd Canipe

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Created by Dork Side Productions and hosted by Todd Canipe, The Exhaust Port Podcast gets down to the nitty-gritty of all things Star Wars - movies, books, comics, collecting, animation, politics - you name it, Todd and his amazing and ever-rotating guests cover it if it's Star Wars related!

    Episode 47 - Andor at the Halfway Point; A New Hope?

    Episode 47 - Andor at the Halfway Point; A New Hope?

    Todd Canipe and Reid Byers are back with episode 47 of The Exhaust Port Podcast. What's on the agenda, you ask? Andor. As we pass the halfway point of season one, the crew analyzes the show inside-out, from top-to-bottom, and come to the obvious conclusion - this is literally the Star Wars project we've been dreaming of and waiting for from Lucasfilm and Disney Plus a literal 'New Hope' for Star Wars moving forward.
    What makes this show resonate so much with such a large part of the Star Wars community, and where does Star Wars in general go from here? We try and tackle this and much, much more in this episode (and we even manage to stay on course this time!).
    The Exhuast Port is and always has aimed to be a legitimately objective, common sense Star Wars podcast. As lifelong fans we pull no punches, and honestly strive to see the franchise and it's projects for what they are. Please be sure to subscribe on your preferred podcast service and leave us a review - every little bit helps!

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    Episode 46 - Hello There, We're Rusty..

    Episode 46 - Hello There, We're Rusty..

    Todd Canipe and Reid Byers are back in the saddle for another round of The Exhaust Port. After a riduclously long break (some of which we get into), we decided to make episode 46 all about everyone's favorite space Jesus and heartthrob - Obi-Wan Kenobi. We cover the series from start-to-finish (a bit clumsily, I'll admit) and decide that while not perfect, we dug it for the most part.
    This episode also kicks off a bit of a new era for The Exhaust Port. We want to make more content, but decided that keeping things more consice and on topic is the best path forward. We also decided that one episode every three or four weeks is a realistic content strategy for a bunch of grown-ass men who unfortunately can't just sit around and talk about Star Wars all day.. bummer, I know.
    **this episode was originally recorded on July 17th, so forgive us if some of the info is a bit dated**

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    Episode 45 - Mandalorian Mania!

    Episode 45 - Mandalorian Mania!

    The Exhaust Port Podcast is back! After a bit of a hiatus, I (Todd Canipe) am back in the studio with cohost Sequoyah Winston dishing on all the Star Wars news and happenings we missed talking about over the past two years. And guess what? That means a lot of The Mandalorian. Like a whole lot. During episode 45 we give our opinions on all aspects of the both seasons of the show - breaking down each chapter, details on the main and recurring characters and their overall development and arcs, the tech involved to bring Mando to life, the good and bad (mostly good) aspects of the fan service, and where the show can go from here. But hey, it's us so there's a bunch of rambling to get to that point. In addition to all of that, other highlights include:
    a recap of where things stand overall in regards to Star Wars content in 2021 and beyond; lots of discussion about Dave Filoni & Jon Favreau and what they bring to the table whilst producing The Mandalorian; a state of the union in terms of Star Wars fandom in general (spoiler alert, it's not pretty); a quick postmortem on the sequel trilogy and the post-Lucas era to this point (don't worry, much more to come on that in a future episode). Lastly, somewhere along the way Todd takes a minute to lay a turd on YouTuber SW Theory and his manufactured drama with Pablo Hidalgo, as well and Gina Carano's batsh*t social media presence. Oh, and he compares Din Djarin's faction of Mandalorians to the Proud Boys. Yep, fun times.
    **There are some very subtle audio issues due to the fact that we haven't recorded in a minute and we were wearing masks. We will tighten it up next time... Apologies in advance**
    Thanks all for sticking around as we relaunch the show. Look for more consistent content from all the crew moving forward.
    ~May The Force Be With You

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    Episode 44 - Rumors & Twerps

    Episode 44 - Rumors & Twerps

    For episode 44 of The Exhaust Port podcast, Reid Byers is back in the co-host's seat, joining Todd once again to round up all the latest and greatest Star Wars news, rumors (**SPOILER WARNING**), and theories that surround the galaxy! And in between all of that, the duo tackle the legacy of the Special Editions, basically doing what needs to be done, and laying out the reasons they suck. Oh, and Galaxy of Heroes because, Galaxy of Heroes. Some highlights include:
    discussion on both of the announced film series' - the Rian Johnson trilogy and the Benioff and Weiss series (is it a trilogy now?), as well as some thoughts on the Episode IX photo leaks; the awesomeness that will be Triple Force Friday and some Jedi: Fallen Order talk; Hasbro is a bunch of idiots; the joy of victory and the agony of the grind in Galaxy of Heroes; a reminder that the prequel-era Jedi were morons and Mace Windu was pretty much Vice Principal Vernon from The Breakfast Club; prequels be damned, the Special Editions are still (by far) the worst things to ever happen to Star Wars; our desire to see Ahmed Best cast in a new Star Wars project; is there a THIRD TV show in the works, centering around everyone's favorite dishonest Jedi?; Resistance is picking up steam, despite its lead character, and heading towards an epic season one finish. As always, thanks for listening and please make sure to subscribe and leave us a review if you dig the show, it helps a ton. In the meantime, reach out to us on our contact page, and/or drop us a line on Twitter at @DSoTFproduction or @toddcanipe, we'd love to hear from you. ~MTFBWY

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    Episode 43 - a Constable, a DJ, and a General Walk Into a Bar...

    Episode 43 - a Constable, a DJ, and a General Walk Into a Bar...

    Hello friends! New guest and Star Wars trivia-master extraordinaire Tyler Davis joins me this week's episode of The Exhaust Port to discuss his fandom, as well as the past, present, and potential future of the Star Wars universe. We leave no stone unturned, and the episode really moves quickly. We've highlighted a few points below for your reference:
    we get a feel for Tyler's fandom baseline, and he gives a unique insight into growing up in the era of the Special Editions and the Prequels, contrasted with Todd's experience as a grown-ass man during that period - how was the fandom different from today?; collecting and the thrill and agony of the hunt; when is Lucasfilm going to really start paying attention to the pent-up demand for Prequel-era content?; the lobby has begun to 'Give Hux a spine in IX'!; we diss on Mike Zeroh and SW Theory a little. Just a little; we bond over our love for Galaxy of Heroes, and wax on the sad state of Star Wars gaming in general; the praises of DJ and Canto Bight are sung, and we wonder if Constable Zuvio could be Rey's baby daddy, since Todd is talking about Force babies and prophecies again (you'll just have to listen); come on Lucasfilm, give us more OG aliens!; Tyler is going to Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, Todd (probably) isn't; lastly, is Kylo Ren an irredeemable doofus? Overall, this was a super-fun episode to record, and I hope to have Tyler on more frequently. Enjoy!

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    Episode 42 - Ramble On!

    Episode 42 - Ramble On!

    The boys are back with episode 42 of The Exhaust Port! Todd is rejoined by Sequoyah in a rambling yet insightful podcast, with the main focus being worldbuilding and the future of Star Wars post-Skywalkers (gasp!). Emotions and frustrations run high during parts of the episode, and the guys are all over the place. But hey, it's Todd and Sequoyah, so you know it's on point, right?. Some highlights include:
    New theme music!; The DC & Marvel cinematic universes juxtaposed against the potential future of a more connected Star Wars universe (also, if you're growing tired of the Marvel / DC talk, just skip to minute 31:00 and you'll be good to go, as it's pretty much Star Wars from that point on out); Sequoyah drops some Batman and Bane impressions!; The boys discuss the last two SW films, specifically Solo, a Star Wars Story's release and reception, and Todd's over-the-top admiration of all things Rian Johnson; Todd dishes his usual brand of tough love towards Star Wars fans (you should be used to it by now, haha); How about Todd's wild Episode IX theory (hint - baby and prophecy, anyone?!); Nick Nolte's playing what in The Mandalorian (credit to Making Star Wars); Sequoyah brings his unique insight into a conversation about the sad state of Star Wars comics; Todd hates on Return of the Jedi some (shocker); Lastly, Todd is still way too bitter about the haters of The Last Jedi! Thanks again to everyone who is listening, and if you haven't already, please take a minute, subscribe on your preferred platform, and leave us a good review! Feedback, questions, concerns, or future topics? Hit us on our contact page, or on Twitter @DSoTFproduction. Until next time, MTFBWY!

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4.9 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

banthafoder ,

Amazing Content Cluster

Love the show. Love the and appreciate the content and the passion from the host and all the contributors. That being said, I cannot stand it when podcasters (because this is not a DS specific thing) have 3+ ppl discussing a specific topic and every single one of them MUST!!! Give their own clever and well thought out opinion/idea/theory at the same time as the other 2-3 people try to do the same thing. As a listener, it’s the height of annoyance when I am following along, because idk the itinerary for the show, and I’m constantly having to try and hear 3 ppl talking over each other about a topic or maybe it’s not even relative to the topic at hand but a pun or off hand joke and when the cacophony is all over, we move on, leaving me feeling like I missed something, when I would really like to hear EVERYONES opinion/idea/theory, because that’s why I’m here. Again, it’s a personal pet peeve, toss it aside if you must. It’s not all the time, and it’s probably not a big deal to you. I still give this pod 5/5 cause again, I don’t think you’ll find people with the same level of passion elsewhere. It’s always a nice feeling to pick an episode from the portfolio, whether new or old and be transported into a healthy discussion or debate that some may not be able to experience.

Leprachaun442 ,

Why aren't you listening yet?!

You feel like you're sitting with your own best friends talking, debating and celebrating Star Wars. Todd is an amazing host with such a deep breadth of Star Wars knowledge that you'll always walk away learning something new.


Just a great dive into Star Wars.

Love every bit of this podcast. Todd does a great job. Can't wait for more as we get closer to other Star Wars movies

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