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The FIR Podcast Network is the premiere podcast network for PR, organizational communications, marketing, and internal communications content. Each of the FIR Podcast Network's shows can be accessed individually. This is the EVERYTHING Feed, which gets you the latest episodes of every show in the network.

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The FIR Podcast Network is the premiere podcast network for PR, organizational communications, marketing, and internal communications content. Each of the FIR Podcast Network's shows can be accessed individually. This is the EVERYTHING Feed, which gets you the latest episodes of every show in the network.

    #502-505: Aylward, Jorgovan, Messer, Geller w/ Mitchell Levy on Thought Leader Life Credibility

    #502-505: Aylward, Jorgovan, Messer, Geller w/ Mitchell Levy on Thought Leader Life Credibility

    #502: Mark Aylward and Mitchell Levy on Thought Leader Life Credibility Episode

    Transition to doing what you want to be doing professionally through intention and practical execution. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Mark Aylward  (https://www.linkedin.com/in/aylwardmark/), who is the founder of 7 Pillars LLC.

    Mark has been a technical recruiter for 30 years. For the last 25 years, he has been a business owner and operator, starting, building, operating, and selling companies. Mark helps people who are not yet doing what they would like to be doing professionally with candid, honest, and practical advice that is actionable.

    If you are stuck in your career and want to transition to doing what you want to be doing professionally, consider reaching out to Mark Aylward by visiting his website https://www.7pillarsglobal.com and going to https://www.linkedin.com/in/aylwardmark.

    Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

    * People who are professionally not yet doing what they like to be doing should reach out to Mark Aylward. #Transition https://www.7pillarsglobal.com @7_Pillars_

    * Many people do not feel fulfilled in their current careers and are looking to do something else. I can teach you how to #Transition to doing what makes you happy. https://www.7pillarsglobal.com @7_Pillars_

    * A lot of people who decide that things need to change professionally never actually change anything. I can guide you to mobilize that change in your career and life. #Transition https://www.7pillarsglobal.com @7_Pillars_

    * Many people do not know what is keeping them from their professional goals. I can help you sort through the noise and set you on a path to #Transitioning professionally. https://www.7pillarsglobal.com @7_Pillars_

    * I spent my 30-year career as a recruiter and small business owner. I’ve seen people from a lot of different angles who are looking to do something else. I can walk you through the steps needed for your #Transition. https://www.linkedin.com/in/aylwardmark @7_Pillars_

    To view the video interview click here.

    #503: Jake Jorgovan and Mitchell Levy on Thought Leader Life Credibility Episode

    Sharing thought leadership to the world through personal branding and content. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Jake Jorgovan (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jakejorgovan/). He is a Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor, Author, Podcaster, Outbound Sales and Personal Branding Expert.

    Jake is part of three ventures at the moment — Content Allies, Lead Cookie, and Zlab Supplies. He also has a blog and a podcast. He publishes weekly content about his entrepreneurial journey. His blog and podcast features interviews with 150+ agency owners daily.

    If you’re a CEO and you’re not delivering the #thoughtleadership content you need to do, you can reach out to Jake Jorgovan through his LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jakejorgovan/ or visit his website at https://ContentAllies.com.

    Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

    * CEOs who are not creating #ThoughtLeadership content as much as they should, should reach out to Jake Jorgovan. a href="https://www.

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    #498-501: Eikenberry, McKeever, Wolfe, Monson w/ Mitchell Levy on Thought Leader Life Credibility

    #498-501: Eikenberry, McKeever, Wolfe, Monson w/ Mitchell Levy on Thought Leader Life Credibility

    #498: Kevin Eikenberry and Mitchell Levy on Thought Leader Life Credibility Episode

    Helping leaders to reach their potential through remarkable approach. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Kevin Eikenberry (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevineikenberry/), who is the Chief Potential Officer of The Kevin Eikenberry Group.

    Kevin Eikenberry is a world-renowned leadership expert, a two-time bestselling author, speaker, consultant, trainer, coach, leader and a learner. Kevin’s philosophy in business and in life is that every person and every organization has extraordinary potential. Investments of time, energy, focus and money are required for that potential to be realized.

    If you’re a leader and find yourself needing an upgrade or uplifting, reach out to Kevin Eikenberry at https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevineikenberry/ .

    Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

    * For organizations and leaders who want help to reach their potential should reach out to Kevin Eikenberry. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevineikenberry/

    * When you’re thinking about the world today, the modifications that need to happen at both the individual and corporate level is huge. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevineikenberry/

    * The reason I was put here on the planet is to help other leaders make a bigger difference in the world. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevineikenberry/

    * It’s a great pleasure to work with leaders every single day and learning from them while helping them learn. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevineikenberry/

    * Getting the chance to share what we learn with other leaders in all formats is really a blessing. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevineikenberry/

    To view the video interview click here.

    #499: Jay McKeever and Mitchell Levy on Thought Leader Life Credibility Episode

    Leverage your ROI through Salesforce utilization. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Jay McKeever (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaymckeever/), the Vice President of Salesforce.com Services Operations at Cloud Next Level.

    Business process savvy, he specializes in Salesforce.com strategic consulting. He can bolster your revenues through Salesforce products and automation.

    If you are an entrepreneur or firm that needs to revamp your Salesforce strategies, then you should reach out to Jay McKeever by e-mailing jay@cloudnextlevel.com and by visiting https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaymckeever/ and https://cloudnextlevel.com/.

    Here are several AHA messages from this episode:

    * Companies that are using #Salesforce.com and are not realizing the ROI that they expect should reach out to Jay McKeever. https://cloudnextlevel.com/@JayMcKeever

    * Using #Salesforce for some companies can feel like driving a Maserati down the sidewalk. You’ve got this big, hulking machine but you can’t even get it out of first gear. This is our expertise. We know how to shift the gears and we’ll teach you how it’s done!https://cloudnextlevel.com/@jaymckeever

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    Spin Sucks 126: The Trap of Productive Procrastination

    Spin Sucks 126: The Trap of Productive Procrastination

    If you’ve ever faced a daunting task, you know what it’s like to do productive procrastination.

    I mean, so I’ve heard. I don’t procrastinate. I don’t even know the definition of the word. Nope. I’ve never been known to scroll aimlessly through Facebook when there is a deadline looming. Or swiped right on my phone to read People or TMZ. Nope. Not me.

    But for those of you who do procrastinate. Those of you who make lists and do laundry to avoid diving in. Those of you who plan, perfect the document by defining your market, building your online presence, and promising yourself that once you’re ready, your next project will be a huge success…but never actually implement said plan. For those of you who do participate in productive procrastination, this is for you.

    During the time it took me to write this blog post, I made scrambled eggs and bacon for the non-vegetarians in my household, I did a load of laundry and made the bed, and then I took the puppy for a walk. But like I said, I have no idea what productive procrastination is!

    Seriously, if I sat down and just got it done, it would take significantly less time. Right now, I’m working on three hours. Lordy. But my house is clean!

    I believe it was Voltaire who said, “Perfection is the enemy of progress.” I agree! Though I don’t always take my own advice. But it’s the perfect quote when you’re thinking about how to get big tasks, such as planning, complete so you can begin to execute.

    And, because we’ve focused on planning this month, let’s talk about how to get yourself out of the procrastination cycle and actually accomplish something so, by January, you’re ready to roll.

    That’s what we discuss in this week’s Spin Sucks podcast episode.

    Resources Included In Episode

    * Post-it Notepaper

    * Spin Sucks Community

    • 11 min
    #494-497: Root, Henderson, Saraf, Skipper w/ Mitchell Levy on Thought Leader Life Credibility

    #494-497: Root, Henderson, Saraf, Skipper w/ Mitchell Levy on Thought Leader Life Credibility

    #494: Lucas Root and Mitchell Levy on Thought Leader Life Credibility Episode

    Design a clear and success-driven strategy for key business initiatives. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Lucas Root (https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucas-root-5b7945b/), accomplished speaker, entrepreneur, author, business success mentor and founder of SGIC Consulting which works with clients to build a high-performance strategy and implement that strategy across their businesses to achieve the maximum growth potential possible. His major divestiture completed two (2) months ahead of schedule and saved more than two (2) billion dollars.

    With over 19 years of success across banking, technology, investments, health and wellness, athletics, and interactive media (gaming), Lucas helps identify roadblocks to success and where his clients could be heading toward failure. He specializes in speaking to entrepreneurs and business owners on getting their strategy on track for success and massive growth.

    If you’re looking for a marketing-oriented person who comes up with ideas and strategies that can bring significant dollars to the table, consider reaching out to Lucas Root by visiting his websites https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucas-root-5n7945b/ and http://lucasroot.com/.

    Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

    * Strong brands with a great idea – and well-funded – but don’t quite know how to execute that idea should reach out to Lucas Root. https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucas-root-5b7945b/

    * It’s not always about a great idea as it is about talent. More than anything, it’s about execution. I can work out a plan for you to effectively execute your idea. #MakeIdeasHappen http://lucasroot.com/ @lucroot

    * With my guidance, I can help you discover key strategies in the areas of sourcing, operations, and funding that will significantly increase profits and revenue quickly. #MakeIdeasHappen http://lucasroot.com/ @lucroot

    * My role is to teach you how to succeed where others have failed by providing you with a few pieces of critical information, such as in project management. Are you ready to see your ideas to bear fruit? #MakeIdeasHappen https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucas-root-5n7945b/

    * Exposure in mergers and acquisitions and my clientele list serving startups and businesses that have seen growth in revenue gives me credibility to #MakeIdeasHappen with strategies and results specific to your company’s needs. http://lucasroot.com/ @lucroot

    To view the video interview click here.

    #495: Mary Henderson and Mitchell Levy on Thought Leader Life Credibility Episode

    Commercializing your personal brand and digitalizing your knowledge to be seen and be heard. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Mary Henderson (https://www.linkedin.com/in/maryhendersoncoaching), personal branding and social selling specialist.

    Mary helps coaches, consultants, business owners, and corporate professionals commercialize their personal brand, digitalize their knowledge, and become an authority in their niche or industry. She takes them through a process that she developed over 20 years of working wi...

    • 27 min
    Circle of Fellows #63: The Hottest New Communication Technologies

    Circle of Fellows #63: The Hottest New Communication Technologies

    For a while, the wave of new technologies offered communicators obvious opportunities to incorporate these new tools into their communication strategies. The introduction of Twitter and Instagram, the rise of mobile use, chatbots, and other technologies that were grounded in communication were introduced at a dizzying pace.

    Many of today’s new crop of technologies have less obvious communication applicability. That doesn’t mean communicators should ignore them. From Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain, from live streaming to machine co-creativity, there are technologies gaining steam that can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of both internal and external communication.

    On November 19, four IABC Fellows gathered for a live-streamed discussion about emerging communication technologies. Watch the video replay (below) or listen to the audio podcast.

    About the panel

    Diane Gayeski is recognized as a thought leader in the practice and teaching of business communications.  She is Dean and Professor of Strategic Communications at the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College, and provides consulting in communications analysis and strategies through Gayeski Analytics.  Diane was recently inducted as an IABC Fellow; she’s been active in IABC for more than 30 years as a featured speaker and think tank leader at the international conference, the author of 3 editions of the IABC-published book, Managing the Communications Function, and the advisor to Ithaca College’s student chapter.  She’s led more than 300 client engagements for clients including the US Navy, Bank of Montreal, Fiat, Sony, Abbott Diagnostics, and Borg-Warner focusing on assessing and building the capacities and new technologies for workplace communications and learning teams.

    Mary Hills’ career as a marketing and communication professional has been in companies undergoing significant evolution, change, and growth. She has held leadership positions with responsibility for developing plans and schemas to support long-term growth and business sustainability goals. She has more than 20 years experience and expertise in designing and delivering training and development programs for companies and organizations, bringing theories, models, and frameworks into everyday practice. In addition to her role at HeimannHills Marketing Group, Mary serves as Adjunct Faculty in the MS – Global Strategic Communication program at Loyola University Chicago.  Mary speaks internationally and nationally on marketing, communication, standards, and practices.

    Brad Whitworth is a veteran communicator and communication coach at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Brad was most recently a communication manager at Hitachi Vantara. Before that, he was an executive communication manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and senior communication manager at Cisco Systems. Before Cisco, Brad led communication programs at HP, PeopleSoft, and AAA. He earned undergraduate degrees in both journalism and speech at the University of Missouri and an MBA at Santa Clara University. A former broadcaster, Brad has made more than 300 presentations to executives, communicators, and university classes around the world. Brad has a long history with IABC, including serving as chairman of the international board and president of two local chapters. He is one of the authors of The IABC Handbook of Organizational Communication.

    Stacy L. Wilson, ABC helps clients get more ROI from their technology investment; specifically leveraging technology for collaboration and communication. She focuses on the people and process sides of intranets and digital workplace, including strategy, governance, usability, content, and adoption. She works for global, Fortune 1000 clients, particularly those with a lot of employees who don’t sit in front of computers; for example, in

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    For Immediate Release #201: Wow! Mom Air's Big Launch

    For Immediate Release #201: Wow! Mom Air's Big Launch

    The November installment of the Hobson & Holtz Report includes reports on these stories:

    * A spoof airline fooled a lot of people. Experts say it had some good ideas.

    * A look at some technological behaviors adopted during the pandemic but that are likely to outlast it.

    * Twitter is the source of some remarkable PR pitch fails.

    * Digital-only financial services startups are turning to influencers to help build their brands.

    * Retailers and other brands are pressuring employees to become TikTok influencers for them.

    * What happened when humans stopped managing social media content? (It wasn’t pretty.)

    * Dan York’s Tech Report explores Twitter “Fleets,” Google search results and “page experience,” and Google’s new webinars and its partnership with PRX.

    Our FIR recording sessions are now being streamed live, because why not? We already stream it in order to capture a backup recording on YouTube; we’ve just been making these restricted streams. We have decided to make them public so you can watch and comment. Our next recording is Saturday, December 19 at noon ET. You’ll see our pre-recording conversation as well as seeing how the sausage gets made. Watch here.

    We are hosting an FIR Communicators Coffee Break on Zoom each Thursday during the stay-at-home period at 1 p.m. ET (though not on Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.). For credentials, contact Shel or Neville directly or request the credentials in our Facebook group or send an email to fircomments@gmail.com. Spread the word to your communications community.

    Special thanks to Jay Moonah for the opening and closing music.

    You can find the stories from which Shel’s FIR content is selected at Shel’s Link Blog. Neville’s link blog, Outbox, is available, as well.

    Links from This Month’s Episode

    * Minimizing email overload for remote teams

    * The spoof airline that could actually predict the future of travel

    * New technological behaviors will outlast the pandemic

    * The Workplace is Dead. Long Live the Workplace.

    * 10 embarrassing PR fails that show how not to pitch

    * The “Fin-influencer” boom: Why Instagram and TikTok are the new battlegrounds for digital banks

    * Retailers are pushing their employees to become TikTok influencers

    * What happened when humans stopped managing social media content

    * Coronavirus: Facebook accused of forcing staff back to offices

    Links from Dan York’s Report

    * Fleets: a new way to join the conversation

    * Timing for bringing page experience to Google Search

    * a href="https://googlecp.prx.

    • 1 hr 17 min

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4.5 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

CSBirney ,

THE BEST… seriously.

OK, in all honesty this is my absolute favorite podcast. ESPecially on social media. They now have a network of shows, but the main FIR show is just awesome. The best. I have learned SO much from it. Listen and learn.

Charm3838383838 ,

Great informative podcast

I listen to this when I drive to class in Washington DC where we talk about hot topics in PR. This podcast keeps me up to date with what's happening and offers some great insight. Recommended for public relations and marketing folks for sure!!

ContactJeff ,

My not-so-secret tool for staying current with social media

I have been a listener since around Episode 100 (they’re now approaching show 800) and I can tell you it’s my must-listen-to podcast every week. I have used their insights in so many ways and can count on Shel and Neville to bring the absolute latest news and trends regarding PR and social media. I highly recommend FIR and the other shows in the FIR Network.

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