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The First Mint is an unofficial podcast all about NBA Top Shot. Marketplace trends, big time moment sales, top collectors, and what's new in our favourite blockchain Dapp.

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The First Mint is an unofficial podcast all about NBA Top Shot. Marketplace trends, big time moment sales, top collectors, and what's new in our favourite blockchain Dapp.

    The Value of Series 1 [FEAT. GREEK FREAK]

    The Value of Series 1 [FEAT. GREEK FREAK]

    Episode 19 of TFM. March 3, 2021. [Addendum: Added a blurb about the *RISING STARS* announcement.] Updates about The First Mint & NBA Top Shot, including Challenge Rewards. LG gives his thoughts on the current dip in the Marketplace (hint: we need new supply!). We also have a special guest: GreekFreak, on the show to discuss the long term value of Series 1 Moment (Caution: he is drinking tea during the interview and you can hear his spoon). Hosted by LgDoucet

    01:00 Players announced
    02:06 Actual episode start
    02:35 Agenda for the day
    03:45 The First Mint Update
    05:45 Audiene Poll
    07:00 Rewards Distributed
    08:15 KAT Released
    10:00 Marketplace Dip High Level
    11:40 We Need New Supply
    12:20 Everything is Overpriced
    13:30 This Happened a Month Ago
    14:15 Interview with GreekFreak
    15:30 How Greek Got into Top Shot
    16:30 He has 12,000 Moments
    17:45 How to Know What to Sell
    19:00 In 5 years S1 will be untouchable
    20:50 Trading for Genesis & Platinum Ice
    22:40 What Greek would Sell First
    23:30 Buying the Low Mints
    24:30 Biggest Regret
    26:05 Series 1 Hidden Gems
    27:00 GAME: Would You Rather?
    29:00 Arsonic wants his Cody Zeller

    • 30 min
    NBA All Star Week on the Marketplace

    NBA All Star Week on the Marketplace

    The First Mint is making moves on the charts. We cover all things Cool Cats in NBA Top Shot, like the Anthony Davis challenge, the Towns drop, and Master Challenge. We recap Metallic and Pre Order. Then LG chats with TheReelPhilD about how the marketplace will react to the NBA All Star Game and Dunk Competition. Hosted by LgDoucet.

    00:00 Agenda for the day
    01:30 The First Mint on the charts
    03:00 What's coming up on TFM
    06:45 Cool Cats 3 Speculation
    08:00 Lamelo Master Challenge
    09:00 Pre-Order Drop
    10:10 Metallic Gold Drop
    12:00 Metallic Gold Challenges
    12:50 All Star Game ramp up for Top Shot
    14:00 Is Top Shot marketing right now?
    16:00 All Star Game advice with The Reel Phil D
    18:30 When will Pre-Orders come out?
    21:30 Dunk Contest speculation
    24:00 Will there be any trades?
    26:15 Players talking about NBA Top Shot
    28:05 Will there be an All Star set?
    30:15 Mentions of Top Shot at ASG
    32:00 How far we've come on Top Shot

    • 34 min
    [LIVE SHOW] Feb 26, 2021 :: Metallic Gold Returns!

    [LIVE SHOW] Feb 26, 2021 :: Metallic Gold Returns!

    LG Doucet, TheReelPhilD, and PlungeFather dig into the past week in NBA Top Shot and the arrival of the new Metallic Gold 2 Set (MGLE 2). We also feature special guest Anorak, a master of the NFT video and NBA Top Shot OG. We are then graced by *special surprise guest* CryptoBabe, who accepts Top Shot Moments for private photos. Hosted by @lgdoucet, PlungeFather, TheReelPhilD

    00:00 Parental Discretion Advised
    04:30 Metallic Gold Drop This Morning
    09:00 Luka Cool Cats Prices
    11:10 Is CryptoBabe Real?
    14:05 Was there a dip this week?
    17:30 MGLE Pack Opening
    24:00 GUEST Anorak NFT, his story
    29:40 Anorak the biggest sale in October
    33:20 Chatting about NFTs
    36:30 The Grinch NTFs
    38:00 Plunge Father Data Breakdown
    41:00 MGLE Price Trends with PlungeFather
    48:00 What happened with Evan Fournier MGLE
    51:00 New MGLE Challenge happens live
    53:10 SPECIAL GUEST: CryptoBabe
    55:00 Dance off with CryptoBabe
    57:35 The story behind CryptoBabe
    1:00:04 New Babe Product
    1:04:25 Phil's Picks for the week

    • 1 hr 13 min
    Don't Open Your Packs (FEAT. KYLO REN]

    Don't Open Your Packs (FEAT. KYLO REN]

    Episode 16 of TFM. February 24, 2021.

    On this episode we feature special guest KyloRen, one of the OG members of NBA Top Shot and owner of a top 15 ranked portfolio. We talk about keeping packs unopened and what the potential long term benefits will be of doing this (and why's its so hard!). Plus, LG discusses the Series 2 Common dip and the impact of the All-Star Game selections on the market. Hosted by LgDoucet.


    00:00 Agenda for the pod
    02:05 The First Mint update
    03:45 New Supply of Moments!
    05:30 Stress Test Release 19
    05:50 80,000 people on the drop
    07:00 Trading Strategy
    08:00 When Packs?
    08:40 All Star Reserve Prices
    10:30 Gifting Moments to NBA Players
    11:45 Flow on OpenSea
    12:45 Interview with KYLOREN
    13:30 UNOPENED PACKS!!

    • 32 min
    SHAQ is coming to Top Shot!

    SHAQ is coming to Top Shot!

    We recap the Friday Live Show, the SHAQ and Allen Iverson announcement, and the record-breaking week that was in NBA Top Shot. NBA Player Streams, Mark Cuban, Gary V, and other big players join the game. Plus, we sample a conversation from LG's appearance on The Burn. Hosted by LgDoucet


    02:00 How The First Mint Works
    03:00 Friday Show Recap
    06:00 LG on Clubhouse
    06:30 SHAQ announced!
    07:45 Gary V and the week that was
    08:40 Players opening packs
    10:15 Excited as a collector
    12:05 Pranksy buys up the market
    13:15 When Packs?
    14:15 Platinum Ice
    15:30 NEW MOMENTS?
    18:00 Chat with The Burn
    30:00 Staying safe on Top Shot

    • 31 min
    [LIVE SHOW] Feb 19, 2021 :: Cool Cats Season

    [LIVE SHOW] Feb 19, 2021 :: Cool Cats Season

    00:30​ 15000 LE Reaction
    07:00​ Lamelo $2000
    13:00​ Lebron No Look 3pointer
    16:15​ The Gift Analysis
    22:00​ Steph Sutto
    26:00​ Steph Buying Strategy
    31:00​ Are we near the top?
    34:00​ Steph doesn't follow NBA
    38:00​ Psychic Power Trivia
    45:00 Lebron James Prices
    49:00 Trae Young Holo Icon
    57:00 Evaluate.Market Presentation
    1:02:00​ Deep Moment Analysis
    1:17:00 Arsonic RETURNS!
    1:20:00​ Zeller Purchases
    1:22:00​ Zeller Giveaway
    1:27:00 Discord A Fool
    1:32:00​ Cool Cats Analysis

    • 1 hr 41 min

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5.0 out of 5
77 Ratings

77 Ratings

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