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Author Cat Howell @cathowell is the fresh, new voice for alchemists seeking spiritual ascension in a postmodern world. She shares ideas, techniques and interviews to help you create a life of sovereignty and spaciousness through your own craft of reality.

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Author Cat Howell @cathowell is the fresh, new voice for alchemists seeking spiritual ascension in a postmodern world. She shares ideas, techniques and interviews to help you create a life of sovereignty and spaciousness through your own craft of reality.

    EP 25: The Alchemy of Money - Turning Reds to Greens

    EP 25: The Alchemy of Money - Turning Reds to Greens

    On this episode I dissect the alchemy of money and how the red light/green light method is used to create huge shifts

    I go into more detail of this system inside my book Magic Source Codes (purchase here: https://amzn.to/3QRUxu0) but the basic premise is this: 

    Red (emotions that strain the parasympathetic nervous system) = stop 
    Green (emotions that strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system) = go 

    When you are experiencing red, stop, disengage, and when you're experiencing green, go, move ahead. And red emotions are wide and just as many reasons why they exist and are valid. But as many as they are, they're so simple because we innately understand if they feel good to us or not. We know in our body if we feel good or if we don't, and that's going to be different for everybody. But those are reds. And anything that feels good, love, enthusiasm, flow, gratitude, play, courage, these things, this is green.
    When you use this system in relationship to money, it really changes everything about your financial circumstances. 

    Listen to full episode to discover how it works. 
    For more on the HOW of transmuting red to green - unlock Module 1 of Money Magic here: https://www.theflowprotocols.com/moneymagictraining

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    EP 24: A Formal Apology to Sacrifice

    EP 24: A Formal Apology to Sacrifice

    What ancient shamanism taught me about sacrifice and sustainability 
    Over the past two years I have been on a smear campaign against sacrifice.  Specifically - the idea that one needs to sacrifice something in order to receive. 

    Hard work for money. Time with family for mortgage repayments.  

    I had residual ptsd from what I'd been through before in my previous company where I had operated mostly from the premise of sacrifice.  When I was a teenager stripping, it was my body that I sacrificed.  

    When I was in business, it was time and fulfilment that I underwrote.  

    Then when the house of cards came tumbling down I retracted completely and vowed never to fall prey to sacrifice ever again. 

    My new tune - receiving with pure ease. 
    But I take it all back. 

    There is always a sacrifice. 

    I just got the definition of this twisted.  And I also think I demonised it when I shouldn't have. 
    Here's how ancient shamanism made me rethink the sacrifice smear campaign. 

    Listen to full episode for details. 

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    EP 23: How Psychic Training Changed My Business

    EP 23: How Psychic Training Changed My Business

    Back in August I decided to explore clairvoyance training because it seemed like a fun branch of magic to dive into.

    I didn’t expect much to come of it.

    Certainly I didn’t go in thinking it would make me a better business owner.

    If I’m being completely honest, I’m not sure I fully believed in it. I never considered myself psychically inclined or "sensitive" so I really thought this would just be a notch on the bed to say I did it for the sake of being able to say I'd tried it.

    It's been five months since I've been training privately weekly with a mentor and - while I'm still very fresh to the world - the results have already blown me away and completely changed the way I operate in my business.

    So much so that I have now incorporated the clairvoyance and my teacher inside the coven.

    Clairvoyance, to me,  is the third eye,  intuition. The ability to connect to information and energy all around us beyond what our six senses do. 
     We are vibrational beings, occupying a vibrational world, and there exists deeper realms of reality that exist beyond our sense - electromagnetism, for example, is something we cannot detect but other species can. 

    We have spidey senses that are always guiding us, day in and day out and sales is a perfect reflection of this phenomena.  Whenever I felt needy or not excited by what I was selling - no matter how great the offer was and how well I told the sales pitch, it wouldn’t work.  The difference was always the energy.  Energy is a feeling and this is ultimately why we buy. 

    So clairvoyance is the ability to connect to this information beyond our normal senses, and more specifically - it is the ability to analyse energy existing in relation to something - be it a partner, a phase of life, a past life, or a business opportunity. 

    When I was a fresh entrepreneur, I would guide myself mostly through my rational mind.  What looked goo on paper was what compelled me - even if I had a gut feeling inside that pulled me in a different direction.  

    Sometimes when I would speak to potential leads for the agency, they would check all the boxes but I’d have a gut feeling telling me it wasn’t right.  I would ignore this because I needed the money or because I couldn’t explain it. 
     Every time I ignored this feeling it would come and bite me in the butt later - without fail. 
     So after years of this, you begin to appreciate intuitive guidance in business.  And this is now how I base most of my decisions and actions. 

    Clairvoyance training has taken this up a notch. 

    Listen to full episode to discover how it's changed my business. 

    Check out Shannon and her work: https://shannonswallow.com/

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    EP 22: The History of Magic - Interview with Chris Gosden

    EP 22: The History of Magic - Interview with Chris Gosden

    From Alchemy to Witchcraft, from the Ice Age to the present. Author Chris Gosden is the Professor of European Archaeology at Oxford University. On this episode of the Flow Protocols Podcast, I take a dive into the triple helix of society: science, magic and religion. 

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    EP 21: The Hunt for the Witch

    EP 21: The Hunt for the Witch

    For many, the word “witch” is synonymous to pacts with the devil, pointy black hats, and haggard old women standing over boiling cauldrons of chopped-up children. For
    centuries, the term was used to derogatively describe a malicious outlier of society (typically female), who used magic for evil intent.

    But this was not always the case.

    Come and sicover the truth of what really went down during the infamous witch trials. 

    Grab your copy of Magic Source Codes from Amazon today: https://amzn.to/3yU6iZp

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    EP 20: How to Cultivate Playful Millions

    EP 20: How to Cultivate Playful Millions

    The next calibration of the alchemist is here and I am so excited to share this one because MONEY - more specifically: helping people make money - is something I consider my superpower.
    But it wasn't alway that way...
    I - like most people - grew up with so many messed up ideas and beliefs about what money is and how it works and as a result struggled with loads of fears, doubts and anxieties for most of my adult life.
    At the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey I was on a constant feast to famine cycle and always felt guilty about charging clients.
    And even when I earned a SEVEN FIGURE SALARY (making $300K take home salary some months) I never had anything to show for.
    I could attract it, but it came at a cost (overwhelm, burnout).
    Everything changed when I began to dabble in magic and truly began understand the resonance of this resource.
    Get an exclusive behind the scenes look at my unique practice of money manifestation and the techniques I use to build a safe, easy and deeply playful relationship with it.
    I'll be sharing the journey and what I did at each step - from when I was a freelancer overcoming the fear of invoicing clients...
    To when I earned multiple eight figures but was always burned out...
    To feeling trapped by it and walking away from it all...
    To this new calibration - where there is no hustle or sacrifice and it flows with ease...
    So no matter where you're at in your money journey you will be able to walk away with deep clarity and confidence.

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5 Ratings

RMSum ,

Shifting After Years of Stuck

I read one of Cat’s recent emails after awhile of ignoring most of my inbox. The title of her recent episode here “I’m a leader without a team!” really caught my attention. Her intro was captivating and I kept listening…it was EXACTLY what I needed! Since that moment two days ago, I’ve devoured nearly every episode and this has become my favorite podcast. Cat, thank you for your realness, thank you for speaking about things that maybe were red lights for you at one time, thank you for being YOU and sharing yourself with the world!

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