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An audio fanzine for legendary Scottish rock band Big Country, displaying incredible levels of geekitude when it comes to the discussion of Big Country minutiae.

The Great Divide - The Big Country Podcast The Great Divide

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An audio fanzine for legendary Scottish rock band Big Country, displaying incredible levels of geekitude when it comes to the discussion of Big Country minutiae.

    The Great Divide, Episode 98

    The Great Divide, Episode 98

    We have reached the third part of the Wonderland deep-dive, which continues with its track-by-track approach. This time Tom and Svein takes a thorough look at All Fall Together, and rarely have they been so in sync about being jubilantly positive about a track. Expect some song background for both Giant and All Fall Together, an overview of different versions, as well as the usual dissection of music and lyrics. And if you're a fan of the movie Streets of Fire, apologies in advance!

    • 2 hr 10 min
    The Great Divide, Episode 97

    The Great Divide, Episode 97

    The Wonderland deep-dive continues with this second part, which is wholly devoted to the track Angle Park. This is the first Big Country song that Stuart and Bruce finished in 1981, with its roots going back several years before that. We delve deep into the timeline of the track, its lyrical meanings, and the actual location in Dunfermline that named it. Wonderland may "just" an EP, but after just two songs we have spent more time on it than we have some of the albums!

    • 2 hr 14 min
    The Great Divide, Episode 96

    The Great Divide, Episode 96

    To celebrate the podcast's 10th anniversary, Tom and Svein speak at long last to Pete and Alan Wishart, the respective keyboardist and bassist in the very first incarnation of Big Country. This is an incredibly informative conversation on the earliest begninnings of the band, including the ill-fated Alice Cooper tour and the subsequent difficult decision by Stuart to revamp the lineup. Some rare live clips are played from BC's first-ever show, as well as some rare interview clips with Pete and Stuart from 1981. Joining Tom and Svein are the mighty JfnG and Stuart "Ming the Merciless" Menzies. Enjoy this incredible deep dive into this rare and formative period of the band's history.

    • 1 hr 27 min
    The Great Divide, Episode 95

    The Great Divide, Episode 95

    After talking about the possibility of a Wonderland deep-dive several times, it's finally happening. Tom and Svein dive deeper than ever before as they explore every aspect of the most significant singles release in the band's career and get into the song itself. You are welcome to join them, but encouraged to bring an extra oxygen tank for this one.

    • 2 hr 57 min
    The Great Divide, Episode 94

    The Great Divide, Episode 94

    Over thirteen months after the previous proper episode of The Great Divide, Tom and Svein are back. They may have missed out on a 2021 Christmas Yuletide episode, but as the traditional Yule season stretches well into January, your hosts make amends with a New Years Yule episode instead. 2021 is recapped and events are caught up on as our host shake off their ringrust in anticipation for a more active 2022.

    • 1 hr 51 min
    The Great Divide, Special PSA v2

    The Great Divide, Special PSA v2

    When we recorded the first Millar Mix petition in 2014, we didn't know what to expect. After years of this seeming like a lost cause, developments in 2021 have left us more hopeful than ever. Please listen to the latest updates, sign the petition, and share it with others. We can make it happen if we all act NOW!

    • 1 hr 4 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
36 Ratings

36 Ratings

Branigan's Law ,

Entertaining and encyclopedic

Tom and Svein are incredible in their knowledge of Big Country and entertaining way of imparting it to the rest of us. For myself, a fan that is much more than a casual BC fan , it amazes me as to the specific critiques and sound bites from BC’s history plus the frequent input from the band members themselves that they are able to get. They make me feel like I was backstage at the Barrowlands for all those shows. Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

Strummer101er ,

Holy highland rout!

I did not know there was a deep dive Big Country podcast until I found it the other day. Subscribed and downloaded the episodes through The Seer. Loving it so far. Hopefully later episodes will get into lyrical content as SA’s lyrics are mind blowingly good. I snagged a PDF scan of an annotated lyric book a while back that offers great insight into the words. Can’t wait to hear more of this podcast. Thanks so much for doing this. Stay alive

Coultergeist ,

The G.O.A.T. of podcasts!

This podcast is so well done, fascinating, and amusing that you don't even to have heard of the band Big Country to enjoy it. Tom and Svein are the perfect hosts and should have their own morning radio show!

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