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A podcast featuring encouragement and down-to-earth, practical advice for homeschooling parents everywhere. Hosted by homeschooling veterans Jenny Tetzner and Tina Hollenbeck.

The Homeschool Loftcast Tina Hollenbeck & Jenny Tetzner

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A podcast featuring encouragement and down-to-earth, practical advice for homeschooling parents everywhere. Hosted by homeschooling veterans Jenny Tetzner and Tina Hollenbeck.

    Raising Children to Greatness with Britton LaTulippe

    Raising Children to Greatness with Britton LaTulippe

    Today we are honored to speak with Britton LaTulippe, a homeschooling father of eight kids and founder / president of Blue Manor Education and Blue Manor Online Academy. Britton is the author of over 70 children's books, the creator of several early-learning curriculum sets, and author of The Art of Raising Children to Greatness series. After attending an elite prep school in Virginia, Britton realized that the greatest disparity between the rich and poor was not their wealth, but the quality of their education. Now, it's Britton's mission to bring elite education into the world of homeschooling.
    Blue Manor Education: https://bluemanoreducation.com
    Blue Manor Online Academy: https://www.bluemanoracademy.com
    The Art of Raising Children to Greatness: https://www.amazon.com/Education-Art-Raising-Children-Greatness/dp/1660150825

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    Learning and Liberation with Ben Rehrman & Genevieve Shade

    Learning and Liberation with Ben Rehrman & Genevieve Shade

    Our guests today are Ben Rehrman and Genevieve Shade, both of whom are 18-year old, self-directed (unschooled) homeschool graduates. Ben and Genevieve are in the throws of producing a documentary series for YouTube titled "Learning and Liberation".
    Learning and Liberation is a documentary series that explores the people and places that allow young people to grow, play and learn outside of traditional school.
    Genevieve Shade is a Pittsburgh based multidisciplinary artist and creator of the e-zine “Youth Liberation Now” (YLN). YLN touches on topics of youth rights, education, the history of youth movements, and politics. Through grassroots distribution, YLN has spread across the US and internationally. Beyond YLN, Genevieve is a fine artist, writer, and researcher. Her film photography work was shown at the Mattress Factory in May 2022, and at Bankrupt Bodega in November 2022. She is also a printmaker, painter, and people’s history enthusiast. One of her latest projects is a collaborative research project with her mentor Shaun Slifer, focusing on 1970s high school student activism in Pittsburgh. She is very passionate about education, having experienced 5 different models of education throughout her life. In 2020 Genevieve decided to leave public high school (one of the best decisions she’s ever made) and she has been happily unschooling for the past three years.
    Ben Rehrman is a filmmaker and lifelong unschooler from Eastern Pennsylvania. Their interest in film started as a child. They used all of their free time to experiment with animation and live action story telling. As a teenager they started a YouTube channel, where they began uploading educational and autobiographical videos. These videos slowly gained traction online, growing an audience for their work. Ben is interested in narrative and documentary film, having made multiple short films. Unschooling and self directed education are some of their main creative inspirations. From informing audiences about the basics of self directed education, to making autobiographical videos about their life to show what unschooling is like, to interviewing other people in the space, unschooling has driven their work. Their films have been official selections in The All American High School Film Festival, The Sun Valley High School Film Festival, The Saul Zaentz High School Film Festival, and the SE Pennsylvania Teen Filmmakers Showcase. Videos on their YouTube channel have garnered almost half a million views, making them one of the most viewed video sources about unschooling.
    To help crowdfund Ben & Genevieve's film, click here by April 2, 2023: https://seedandspark.com/fund/learning-and-liberation#story
    Learning and Liberation Website: https://learningandlib.com/
    Learning and Liberation on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@learningandliberation

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    Dads and Homeschooling

    Dads and Homeschooling

    Today it is all about the dads! In this episode you will hear about:
    The importance of partnership between spousesDealing with home life changes when beginning homeschoolingHow income should never be a reason to not homeschoolHow and why the Homeschool Loft beganBoundaries between work and family timeHow faulty mindsets can keep dads from pivoting in their career
    The Homeschool Loftcast: https://www.homeschoolloftcast.com
    The Homeschool Loft: https://www.homeschoolloft.com

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    Happy Tenth Anniversary to The Homeschool Resource Roadmap!

    Happy Tenth Anniversary to The Homeschool Resource Roadmap!

    OMG! Can you believe the Homeschool Resource Roadmap is celebrating it's ten year anniversary? We can't either!
    If you use the Homeschool Resource Roadmap daily or you have never used it before, this episode of the Loftcast will answer:
    What is the Homeschool Resource Roadmap?What is the origin story of the Roadmap?What is the Common Core Project and why homeschoolers should care?How many resource providers are listed on the Roadmap?Who is listed and how is this list kept up to date?How to enlist a guide along your journey through the Roadmap?What info besides curriculum is found on the Roadmap?How you can obtain a customized report of resources specific to your families beliefs, learning styles, and strengths.
    The Homeschool Resource Roadmap: https://www.homeschoolroadmap.org
    The Homeschool Loft: https://www.homeschoolloft.com
    Are you interested in being a guest on the Homeschool Loftcast? Visit us at https://www.homeschoolloftcast.com and fill out a guest request! We'd love to talk to you!

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    "But what about socialization?"

    "But what about socialization?"

    Join Tina as she brings back homeschool alum, Noah Tetzner, for an in-depth discussion about the truths and the myths of socialization for home educated children.
    In this episode, you'll learn:
    What is "socialization"?What is the true foundation of socialization from a historical view?Family versus schools in the socialization of children.How and when homeschool kids actually socialize and with whom.Advice for parents when you get the infamous "socialization" question from your friends or family.
    Homeschool Loft: https://www.homeschoolloft.com
    National Home Education Research Institute: https://www.nheri.org
    The Homeschool Resource Roadmap: https://www.homeschoolroadmap.org

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    F.O.R.M.ing Healthy Habits with Ashton Tate

    F.O.R.M.ing Healthy Habits with Ashton Tate

    Ashton Tate is the founder of Glory to Glory Fitness in Franklin TN, and the creator of The F.O.R.M. Curriculum, a turn-key and biblically-based health curriculum for schools and families. The company's mission is to provide quality health education to every student in America. Ashton aims to accomplish this by partnering with Christian schools and homeschool families all over the nation.
    Glory to Glory Fitness: https://www.formcurriculum.com/homeschool
    The Homeschool Loft: https://www.homeschoolloft.com

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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

Aimott ,

One of my favorite homeschool podcasts!

Tina and Jenny make a great team and have so much wisdom to share. I love these conversations and the steadfast reminders that we are our children’s best teachers.

TjbSC ,

Look forward to each episode.

Love this podcast. I find myself nodding and responding along with them. My path crossed with Tina many years ago online and we’ve stayed in touch over the years. My oldest graduated in 2017 and my other two are high school level now. Homeschooled the entire time with a variety of curricula.
Look forward to each new podcast!

Elinh1027 ,

Great Podcast!

This podcast is an absolute joy! Tina & Jenny are experienced, kind-hearted, and so full of wisdom.

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