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Join Joel, Ruth and the team as we discuss all things hope in Wales.

The Hope Cymru Podcast Hope Cymru

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Join Joel, Ruth and the team as we discuss all things hope in Wales.

    Why do we celebrate Easter?

    Why do we celebrate Easter?

    Easter is a time to celebrate the spring and new life. But why do we celebrate it? Join Joel and Ruth as we look at why we celebrate Easter and what it means for us today.

    Hope Cymru is a visionary multimedia project sharing the hope and good news of Jesus Christ with the land of Wales.
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    Perhaps you have reminisced over happy memories of your past and want to return to a simpler time. Or maybe you long for a place that you cannot return to like a childhood home or somewhere which never existed. There are so many ways we can experience hiraeth, a word which is not easily translatable in English expresses a deep longing or a homesickness for a time or place. Tune in to hear how our longing for a better day can be found that gives us the greatest hope for the present and future.

    This episode was inspired by our Hiraeth video series on our Youtube channel. You can see these videos and all other videos: https://www.youtube.com/@hopecymru. View the video series: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbkXhTjlLRuWBLc3vAVsc5ThiLooTLJ-e

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    Hope Cymru Launch

    Hope Cymru Launch

    Welcome to the first episode of the Hope Cymru Podcast, hosted by Joel and Ruth Clemence. Join us as we share some highlights from the launch event and to hear some of what's next from Hope Cymru.

    Hope Cymru Launch event livestream from 8th October 2022

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    Hiraeth Season 1 on YouTube now

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