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The definitive podcast for all things Australian Shepherd.

The Instinctive Australian Shepherd Jacqueline Tinker

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The definitive podcast for all things Australian Shepherd.

    Upping our Herding Game- Raising Expectations with Erin Eckert Part 1

    Upping our Herding Game- Raising Expectations with Erin Eckert Part 1

    This is part 1 of an excellent interview with Erin Eckert. 
    In this podcast episode, Jacque Tinker and Erin Eckhart delve into the intricacies of training and trialing Australian cattle dogs and Australian shepherds. They discuss the challenges of working with livestock, the importance of understanding dog behavior, and the impact of genetics on performance. They emphasize the need for resilience, continuous improvement, and the value of a supportive community. The conversation also touches on the importance of overcoming fear of mistakes, adapting to varying conditions, and the deep bond formed between handlers and their dogs through the process of training and trialing.

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    Bulls, Broncs and Dogs- The Bulls Behind the Pro Riders and the Aussies that Care for Them

    Bulls, Broncs and Dogs- The Bulls Behind the Pro Riders and the Aussies that Care for Them

    In this podcast episode, host Jacque Tinker interviews Jan Wyatt-Owens, who is involved with Australian Shepherds and raises bulls for rodeos. They discuss Jan's involvement with Australian Shepherds, her experiences with training and trialing her dogs, and the intelligence and versatility of the breed.
    Jan also talks about her experiences raising bulls for rodeos, the process of raising and training them, and the dangers and challenges involved. They touch on the development of the Hanging Tree breed and the rodeo industry as a whole. Jan also mentions her excitement about getting a new puppy and the importance of giving dogs a good life.
    The beginning of the podcast [00:00:08] Introduction to the podcast and the goal of preserving the working Australian Shepherd breed.
    Jan's introduction and involvement with Australian Shepherds [00:01:34] Jan talks about how she got into the breed and her experiences with Australian Shepherds as working dogs.
    Jan's experiences with show dogs [00:04:32] Jan discusses her journey into the confirmation ring and her experiences with show dogs, including her champion show dog and the versatility of Australian Shepherds.
    The intelligence and reasoning abilities of Australian Shepherds [00:10:17] Discussion about how Australian Shepherds are intelligent and can reason, and how they can quickly learn from experiences.
    Raising rodeo bulls and the dangers involved [00:11:54] Conversation about the risks and dangers of raising rodeo bulls, including personal experiences with bulls causing harm.
    Competition and money in the rodeo bull industry [00:14:29] Explanation of the registration and competition process for rodeo bulls, including the importance of identification tags and the various events and prize money available.
    The challenges of raising rank bulls [00:20:53] Jan Owens discusses the difficulties of raising rank bulls and the shift towards rider-friendly bulls in the PBR.
    Training and handling rank bulls [00:23:46] Jan Owens talks about the importance of training and handling rank bulls, including the need for them to have good manners and be able to handle well.
    The use of flank ropes in bull riding [00:28:43] Jan Owens explains the purpose and technique behind using flank ropes in bull riding, emphasizing the importance of allowing the bull to kick freely.
    The Bulls' Athleticism [00:30:14] Discussion about the athleticism and care of bulls used in rodeos.
    Exposing Bulls to Dogs [00:33:35] The importance of exposing bulls to dogs from a young age and the role of dogs in handling the bulls.
    Impressive Working Dogs [00:37:15] Praising the skills and abilities of working dogs, specifically mentioning a dog named Dude and his impressive performance.
    The intelligence and versatility of Australian Shepherds [00:40:07] Jan Owens discusses how certain dogs, like Black Bear and Dude, took working dogs to the next level in terms of their intelligence and savvy.
    The confusion between Hanging Tree dogs and Australian Shepherds [00:41:02] Jacque Tinker explains the confusion that can arise when discussing Hanging Tree dogs, which were bred by crossing Australian Shepherds with other breeds, and Australian Shepherds themselves.
    The characteristics and variety of Hanging Tree dogs [00:42:01] Jackie Tinker and Jan Owens discuss how Hanging Tree dogs do not breed true and have a wide variety of appearances and working styles, making them not yet a true breed.
    The Rodeo Partnership [00:50:05] Jan Owens discusses the partnership opportunities in rodeo, similar to racehorse ownership, where people can co-own bulls and watch them compete.
    Owning Bulls and Broncs [00:50:42] Jan Owens explains how individuals can get involved in rodeo by owning or co-owning bulls, broncs, or heifers.
    Touring the Ranch [00:51:54] Jacque Tinker plans a field trip to Jan Owens' ranch to explore the rough country, see the bucking horses, and learn more about rodeo.

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    A Look Back at Hangin' Tree Dude and Modern Day Trialing

    A Look Back at Hangin' Tree Dude and Modern Day Trialing

    Pull your toes in or put your steel toed boots on! We are getting real in this episode and some topics may be uncomfortable. 
    In this particular episode of the Instinctive Australian Shepherd Podcast, the host, Jacque Tinker, engages in an insightful conversation with Jodi Tietjen, a guest who has extensive experience in working with dogs, particularly Australian Shepherds and Border Collies. Jodi shares her knowledge and expertise on training and breeding these dogs, highlighting the significance of preserving good lines in the breed. She explains how breeding practices can impact the health and temperament of the dogs, and how responsible breeding can help maintain the breed's integrity.
    Moreover, the discussion sheds light on the importance of supporting and encouraging each other in the dog trialing and training community. Jodi shares her experiences of being a part of this community and how it has helped her grow as a handler and breeder. She emphasizes the significance of having a positive mindset and seeking out opportunities to learn and improve.
    Overall, this episode offers valuable insights into the world of working dogs and the responsible breeding practices that are essential for maintaining the health and well-being of these animals. It also highlights the importance of community support and continuous learning in the pursuit of excellence in dog training and handling.
    Time Stamps:
    Jodi's first Australian Shepherd, Hangin' Tree Dude [00:02:29] Jodi talks about her first Australian Shepherd, Hangin' Tree Dude, and how he changed her life. She also discusses his strengths and weaknesses.
    Breeding and preserving good lines in the Australian Shepherd breed [00:06:15] Jodi and Jacque discuss the importance of breeding and preserving good lines in the Australian Shepherd breed, specifically mentioning the impact of Hangin' Tree Dude on the breed.
    Importance of Breeding Good Lines [00:07:38] Discussion on the influence of a male dog named Hangin' Tree Dude in working pedigrees and the importance of reproducing good dogs with good foundations.
    Risk and Benefits of Line Breeding [00:09:21] The benefits and risks of line breeding, specifically breeding individuals that are tightly lined bred, and the importance of well-thought-out line breeding to get consistent traits.
    Challenges of Finding Good Dogs to Breed To [00:12:01] The challenges of finding good dogs to breed to in the past, before the internet, and the difficulty of finding the exact cross that matches even with modern technology. The importance of line breeding to achieve consistency in working dogs.
    Breeding and preserving good lines [00:14:09] Jodi talks about the importance of lime breeding in working dogs, specifically Australian Shepherds and Border Collies.
    Culling and rehoming dogs [00:15:08] The conversation shifts to the topic of culling dogs that don't meet the necessary traits for working dogs, and how the process has changed over time to focus on rehoming instead.
    Dude, the heroic Australian Shepherd [00:17:21] Jodi shares a story about her first Australian Shepherd, Dude, who saved a pony from a dangerous stud horse and showed incredible loyalty and bravery.
    Training a Solid Minded Dog [00:20:20] Jodi talks about her experience training her Australian Shepherd, Hangin' Tree Dude, and how he was able to run a sheepdog course with her.
    The Importance of Breeding and Preserving Good Lines [00:23:16] Jodi discusses the importance of breeding and preserving good lines in the Australian Shepherd breed and how she left the breed due to the lack of growth and wanting to keep things dumbed down.
    Pushing the Boundaries of Working Dogs [00:25:04] Jacque and Jodi talk about the importance of pushing the boundaries of working dogs and how some breeders and trainers are still playing small with the breed. They also discuss the beauty of the things that working dogs do when the camera is not there.
    Encouragement and J

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    Just what the Doctor Ordered- Australian Shepherd Therapy Dogs

    Just what the Doctor Ordered- Australian Shepherd Therapy Dogs

    In this episode, Jacque speaks with Brad Hawkings, an Australian Shepherd breeder and trainer in Pembroke, Kentucky.
    About 5 years ago, Brad learned about a therapy dog workshop in his area. At that time thought that his dog, Bannock, would be perfect to enroll. Bannock not only passed with flying colors, but he was then allowed to go into any situation therapy dogs are allowed, schools, hospitals, nursing homes. 
    Soon after becoming certified, Brad and Bannock were invited to a camp for children with serious illnesses. Tune in to hear Brad tells this story, which is sure to bring you to tears. 
    In this episode, Brad shares advice on how he trains his therapy dogs, and about the Canine Good Citizen test, which is an expert-made training program designed to help you and your dog be the best you can be–together.
    Brad’s mini farm is a prime place to raise and train Aussie's.  He has been breeding Aussies for almost 20 years, striving to produce top quality Aussies which are both intelligent and healthy. His breeding stock is registered with either ASCA and/or AKC.
    He believes in the health of the dog. His dogs are on regular heartworm prevention, flea and tick control and have all the appropriate vaccinations. When they turn two, they go in for hip exams and get OFA certified. His dogs are not only working dogs but make lifelong companions.
    Connect with Brad:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bradford.w.hawkins
    Website: https://www.barknstomp.com
    Connect with Jacqueline Tinker:

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    Am I exercising my Aussie enough? Common Myth Busted!

    Am I exercising my Aussie enough? Common Myth Busted!

    When owning an Australian Shepherd, or thinking of getting one, so many questions arise. In this episode, Jacque becomes an Aussie Whisperer and answers some of the most commonly asked questions about the truth behind owning and training an Australian Shepherd.
    Questions in this episode:
    What can I do to exercise my dog enough mentally and physically during the day? How much exercise does my dog actually need? How can I stop my very excited Aussie from jumping and being a maniac when people come over to visit?  How can I help my pandemic puppy combat separation anxiety?  What should I do if my Aussie hates my partner? Do you have a question or are you interested in a private or virtual lesson? Reach out to Jacqueline for more information! 
    Connect with Jacqueline Tinker:
    Lessons, trained dogs, occasional puppies, clinics, and trials
    Phone number: 817-948-8825

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    Joe Sheeran and the Infamous Woody 2019 Farm Bureau Dog of the Year

    Joe Sheeran and the Infamous Woody 2019 Farm Bureau Dog of the Year

    Today Jacque speaks with Joe Sheeran about Aussies. This is a very interesting conversation about Joe’s dog Woody the American Farm Bureau Federation's 2019 Farm Dog of the Year (the first Farm Dog of the year!).
    Joe has a fascinating story about how he came to work with Austrailian Shepherds.
    When Joe was looking for a dog, he met Rodger Stevens, owner of Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds. This is who he adopted Woody from. After that, Joe met Shelly Spotswood. She really introduced him to training his dogs for stock work. That led to trialing. 
    The way that Joe acquired Woody was very interesting. Woody was originally given to another owner, but after the owner gave him up, Joe stepped up and welcomed him into his life. 
    One day when Joe was herding, his cow attacked him, only to be saved by Woody. He was injured, but Woody saved his life. 
    Jacque and Joe also talk a lot about training their dogs to work with sheep, especially the stubborn ones. Dogs make mistakes, but as you spend more time with them, they learn and get used to different types of animals. No matter how much instinct they have, the Austrailian Shepherds still have to have an understanding of their duties. 
    Joe says dogs really have everything they need to know inside of them, it's just like training a person you work with.  He is a big proponent of allowing dogs to figure out things for themselves. This allows the dog to use their mind, make their own decisions, and be more proactive of the needs of their tasks. It may not go well the first couple of times, but once they learn more and do not need to be told what to do, it can save the situation. 
    What separates Aussies from other dogs is the way they think. This episode really shares that what they can learn is unlimited.
    Link to Woody’s Farm Dog of the Year video
    Connect with Jacqueline Tinker:
    Lessons, trained dogs, occasional puppies, clinics, and trials
    Phone number: 817-948-8825

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27 Ratings

Bret_Smith ,

Australian Shepherds!

Great podcast on all things Aussies! Highly recommended for folks that love the breed!

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Great podcast. There was so much to digest in the first 2 episodes. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for more.

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