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The mission of the KTS Success Factor® Podcast for Women is to bring proven ideas female business leaders can use to increase their ability to achieve big goals and become happy, successful, and understood at work. All this in 25 minutes or less.

Sarah E. Brown, Ph.D. is an expert on personalizing work to the unique interests, strengths, and needs of the workforce. A former Managing Director at Accenture, she is now on a mission to reach 250,000 women with knowledge of their unique gifts and the tools to be happy, successful and understood at work.

The KTS Success Factor® (a Podcast for Women‪)‬ Sarah E. Brown, Ph.D.

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The mission of the KTS Success Factor® Podcast for Women is to bring proven ideas female business leaders can use to increase their ability to achieve big goals and become happy, successful, and understood at work. All this in 25 minutes or less.

Sarah E. Brown, Ph.D. is an expert on personalizing work to the unique interests, strengths, and needs of the workforce. A former Managing Director at Accenture, she is now on a mission to reach 250,000 women with knowledge of their unique gifts and the tools to be happy, successful and understood at work.

    How to Use the Feng Shui Calendar to Increase Business Success with Patricia Lohan

    How to Use the Feng Shui Calendar to Increase Business Success with Patricia Lohan

    Do you ever find yourself feeling trapped, as if the energy in the room or your office is draining your spirit? It's like each space carries its own weight, pulling you down instead of lifting you up. Have you noticed certain objects around your home or workplace that seem to exude negative energy, casting a shadow over your mood? It's a heavy burden to bear, but there's hope in understanding the source of these feelings. Consider the art of Feng Shui—a practice that not only identifies life's blockages but also paves the way for the free flow of high-level energy, fostering an environment where success effortlessly blossoms.
    Patricia Lohan is the creator of Powerhouse and Author of The Happy Home: A Guide To Creating A Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life. Patricia Lohan helps women make their home magnetic to money, luck, and blessings. She shows you what they don't teach in school, what lies between the lines, your top secret tool for success. She is a Feng Shui expert, a healer, and a passionate female entrepreneur who has shaped her dream life living in Bali with her husband. Patricia has a gift at making Feng Shui simple and easy to understand and implement.
    She has helped thousands of people across the globe embrace Feng Shui and create lasting changes in their homes, lives, and businesses. Patricia has seen firsthand the power of the mind, surroundings, and inner healing, clearing and aligning everything so it works holistically. 
    In this episode, Patricia shares a holistic approach to evaluating the nine key areas of your life. By doing so, you can create pathways for abundance and success to flourish with the help of Feng Shui. She emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with objects that evoke happy memories, serving as reminders and sources of energy to help you pursue your aims and goals.
    What you will learn from this episode:
    Find out how to gain clarity on your goals and genuinely feel positive about achieving them Explore the nine essential aspects of life that you need to analyze and evaluate to uncover pathways for energy to thrive and flourish Discover how to craft a vision board that reflects your future aspirations through tangible items around you that serve as daily reminders of your goals and desires  
    "Be prepared for change and don't resist it."
    - Patricia Lohan
    Valuable Free Resource:
    Take the life areas FREE quiz and get the clarity for yourself to unlock abundance and success in life: https://patricialohan.com
    Topics Covered:
    03:05 - An interesting thing that's going to happen especially for women as we approach a new cycle this year
    06:57 - What women can do to tap into their alignment this year
    08:45 - How is it possible that the fire cycle will last for 20 years and what industries will flourish in this fire cycle 
    13:57 - Creating a vision and getting clarity of your goals in the nine areas of your life.
    17:42 - Physical environment around you that needs attention for energy to flow and keep things moving
    20:26 - How to make your home a vision board for what you want to accomplish
    23:21 - Action steps for 2024 to get the energy flowing
    24:38 - The good and bad things about the fire element that you should be wary about
    Key Takeaways:
    "This is going to be a time of deep transformation and change, which is very exciting. There's going to be an opportunity for fame, for expansion, for collaboration and technology is going to change even more and even more rapidly than we've been experiencing." - Patricia Lohan
    "With this fire element, what's really important is that the fire energy and people need to stay grounded." - Patricia Lohan
    "You're an influencer in your life already. You don't need to be on social media and have a million followers to be an influencer. Like showing up every day, feeling excited about life, being happy, being joyful, and actually just contributing the way that you are." - Patricia Lohan
    "If you're looking at those nin

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    The Last Word of DEI is Inclusion with Colette Phillips

    The Last Word of DEI is Inclusion with Colette Phillips

    Colette Phillips is President and CEO of Colette Phillips Communications, and Founder and President of Get Konnected! and The GK Fund. She is a strategic advisor for C-level executives and corporate teams and develops public relations branding and internal/external communications strategies. 
    She is frequently consulted by corporations and nonprofits on how to establish healthy, inclusive working environments and engage and serve culturally diverse consumers. 
    Colette's work in creating a DE&I ecosystem in Boston showcases the power of collaboration, courage, and commitment. Her approach emphasizes communication, curiosity, and connections to foster inclusivity and drive positive change in organizations and communities.
    In this episode, Colette discusses the importance of inclusive leadership and the impact of culturally savvy anti-racist leaders.
    What you will learn from this episode:
    Understand the importance of the $2.4 trillion buying power of culturally diverse audiences Determine the significance of commitment in driving diversity and inclusion initiatives, and the importance of taking imperfect action to make progress Learn strategies for effective communication in promoting diversity and inclusion, including being mindful of language and addressing implicit biases  
    “The only people who benefit from division are the people creating the division.” 
    - Colette Phillips
    Valuable Resource:
    Support Colette Phillips’ new book The Includers: The 7 Traits of Culturally Savvy, Anti-Racist Leaders
    Topics Covered:
    03:51 - Culturally diverse consumer markets
    08:51 - White males' role in DE&I
    14:42 - Engaging white males as allies
    16:49 - Overcoming the fear of rejection
    24:42 - Implicit biases and curiosity
    30:26 - Paying attention to communications
    32:43 - Unintentional microaggressions
    40:32 -  Embracing diversity in Boston
    43:41 -  Building inclusive business ecosystems
    Key Takeaways: 
    “I want people to stop thinking of DE&I as if it's musical chairs. When the music stops, you're not in front of a chair, you're out of the game. Think of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a Thanksgiving table, an Easter table, a Rosh Hashanah table. Think of it as a table where, when you are celebrating, you add more chairs, you cook more food. For example, if you're having your Ramadan fast and breaking it with your family and friends, you add more chairs.” - Colette Phillips
    "85% of the new entrants into our workforce are women, people of color, and immigrants." - Colette Phillips
    "When people do something that they don't have to do, I believe we should basically acknowledge and recognize them because we want others to emulate them." - Colette Phillips
    Ways to Connect with Colette Phillips:
    Website: cpcglobal.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CPCGlobal  Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/colette-phillips-communications/   
    Ways to Connect with Sarah E. Brown:
    Website: https://www.sarahebrown.com  Twitter: https://twitter.com/knowguides  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahebrownphd  To speak with her: bookachatwithsarahebrown.com  

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    Could Your Wardrobe be a Mindset Hack with Nicole Russo

    Could Your Wardrobe be a Mindset Hack with Nicole Russo

    In a world where the traditional boundaries of workplace attire are evolving, the conventional norms that once dictated formality are being redefined. Navigating the balance between comfort and professionalism can be quite confusing. As remote work becomes the new normal and fashion trends weave their way into the fabric of our professional lives, the question emerges: How can we seamlessly marry the art of dressing stylishly with the unwavering commitment to maintaining a professional image?
    Nicole Russo founded Let's Get You in 2017 and has since styled hundreds of people, sat at NYFW, and contributed to, or has been featured in Fast Company, Bustle, TodayxTmrw, and Martha Stewart Weddings. She has been a private stylist and personal shopper for over a decade, with fashion industry detours at J.Crew, Theory, and was a senior personal shopper at NET-A-PORTER for almost 5 years, where she helped the world’s most successful women dress impeccably. “We are on a mission to give people the style skills and fashion resources to see themselves and live their lives differently. We help high achievers create personalized, stylish wardrobes quickly, so they can dress confidently and have extra time for the more important stuff (like being a superb CEO or attentive parent).”
    In this episode, Nicole shares an insightful journey to uncover the harmonious blend of professionalism and personal style. Gain valuable ideas into curating a wardrobe that embraces the dynamic workplace environment while showcasing your authentic personal flair. Prepare to reshape your professional story and uncover the empowering connection between fashion, confidence, and integrity.
    What you will learn from this episode:
    Discover the art of dressing stylishly while maintaining a professional look at work Learn how to curate a professional wardrobe that perfectly complements your personal style while upholding your integrity Find out how leaders can support their teams when it comes to styling themselves for work  
    "There are a lot of opportunities to dress more sophisticated or more modern without compromising your integrity or your professionalism."
    - Nicole Russo
    Valuable Free Resource: 
    Stay in Style With These 37 Wardrobe Items That You'll Love : https://nextlevelcapsule.com
    Topics Covered:
    02:43 - The problem her clients have when they reach out for help: They're usually overwhelmed.
    03:51 - Biggest mistake her clients make before asking for help: Waiting so long.
    04:16 - What the process looks like: discovery stage and the closet editing
    07:13 - Does she offer in-person or virtual services on fashion styling?
    10:49 - How your body posture affects your confidence
    15:25 - What the 'red sneaker effect' is all about and balancing being work-dress appropriate and being non-conventional
    21:55 - The best way to dress up when working remotely and showing up virtually
    23:37 - How leaders can support their teams when it comes to style preferences
    25:57 - Why dressing up for success matters and is relevant
    Key Takeaways:
    "We hold on to so much stuff that doesn't serve us in many different facets, but particularly in our closets. Our closets are not only a metaphor for our lives, there's just usually a lot of junk that is in the way." - Nicole Russo
    "When you do work virtually, I may not be there touching the pieces with you, but this is where the education comes into play with our approach as well, is that you learn tactics and tools to change the way that you look at editing your closet, getting dressed. So it's really simple and easy to decide, do I keep it, do I not?" - Nicole Russo
    "Studies found that you can convey a very positive message that conveys status, confidence, power, by going a little bit against the dress code grain." - Nicole Russo
    "I believe that everybody can really feel incredible every day when they look at themselves and they walk down whatever street they are going to." - Nicole Russo

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    Why Developing an Intentional Mindset is so Important…and How to Do It with Jane Frankel

    Why Developing an Intentional Mindset is so Important…and How to Do It with Jane Frankel

    How do you embark on a transformative journey toward the life you desire, one defined by conscious choices and met with resilience and determination? The compass guiding this path is the intentional mindset—a powerful force that empowers individuals to align their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors with their goals and values. Each decision becomes a conscious step towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life. And one that resonates with one's purpose. 
    Jane Frankel is a business author, lifelong educator, workforce consultant, and successful entrepreneur. Today, she serves as the managing principal of The Art of Performance, LLC and as an adjunct professor in economics at Temple University. Her new book The Intentional Mindset: Data, Decisions, and Your Destiny (Business Expert Press, August 2023).
    In this episode Jane delves into the four crucial components of mindset to assess one's trajectory towards achieving goals and discern if one's decisions align with desired outcomes. She highlights utilizing the 5-Why Tool as a means to comprehend one's mindset, identify areas for improvement, and take corrective steps towards alignment with one’s goals.
    What you will learn from this episode:
    Discover the four key components of mindset to assess if you're on track to achieve your goals Learn about the 5-Why Tool, a valuable resource for gaining insight into your mindset and taking corrective action when needed Find out about the concept of 'invisible capital' to effectively navigate and leverage it for the creation of sustainable goals  
    "It's really important to understand how you think and what you think so that you can make decisions that are aligned."
    - Jane Frankel
    Valuable Free Resource: 
    Propel yourself to success with this book resource: The Intentional Mindset: Data, Decisions, and Your Destiny
    Topics Covered:
    01:37 - Uncovering what behavioral economics is in a nutshell
    02:54 - The problem she helps her clients with: Creating internship programs with companies who needed to hire people
    04:57 - What motivated her to write a book
    06:13 - Explaining the four components of mindset, understanding why they are important, and what a value means
    10:32 - What the process looks like in examining your mindset if it works or didn't
    14:27 - Turnaround for a failed mindset and the need to have clarity about one's persona
    18:40 - Career mapping based from understanding your mindset
    22:05 - Ideal reader for her book, The Intentional Mindset: Data, Decisions, and Your Destiny: Anybody who wants to grow.
    23:54 - What it means to be truly autonomous
    Key Takeaways:
    "If you can make your decisions and your behaviors all aligned to your goals and your values, you're going to increase your comfort level and your peace of mind, because you're going to know that you are ultimately working towards what you want to achieve." - Jane Frankel
    "I really believe that we all have the ability to be independent, to understand when we need to ask for help, to be in charge, to understand what our options are, to develop the agency that will give us control of our destinies." - Jane Frankel
    "Being autonomous is not an independent activity. It's an independent plus dependent activity, because nobody knows everything, and you have to be aware of where you need help, what you don't know, and then go find that from another person or an institution or whatever." - Jane Frankel
    "Your invisible capital allows you to make some good and sustainable goals." - Jane Frankel
    "The key is if you're autonomous, you need to be seeking and looking for what you're going to learn as opposed to feeling bad that you've failed." - Jane Frankel
    Ways to Connect with Jane Frankel:
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jane-frankel
    Ways to Connect with Sarah E. Brown:
    Website: https://www.sarahebrown.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/knowguides LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahebrownphd To speak with her:

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    The Multidisciplinary Approach to Leadership with Lisa Levy

    The Multidisciplinary Approach to Leadership with Lisa Levy

    In the fast-paced business world, change is not just an option, but an ever-present reality. Embracing innovative ideas is essential to propel a business forward. However, amidst this constant change, significant challenges arise. Overcoming these obstacles and introducing transformative solutions requires the implementation of effective and efficient frameworks.
    Lisa L. Levy is the Founder & CEO of Lcubed Consulting. She helps companies align people, processes, and technology to utilize agility as a strategic advantage and acknowledge change is a business constant. Her secret sauce to success is leveraging key elements of Project Management, Process Performance Management, Internal Controls, and Organizational Change Management to build teams with the skills and capabilities to drive strategic results.
    In this episode, Lisa shares about her adaptive transformation framework, which aims to empower women leaders by fostering clarity and enablement in their roles. She highlights the significance of women leaders venturing beyond their comfort zones to foster change and innovation. Additionally, she underscores the crucial role of a continuous innovation process in forging businesses forward.
    What you will learn from this episode:
    Discover how women can gain clarity, communicate effectively, and step into empowered leadership roles that bring about their brilliance Explore an innovative four-step transformation framework to streamline your organizational processes Find out a key strategy for gathering innovative ideas to bring about the change you want to happen  
    "We need to swing bigger and take those leaps and step into uncertainty because that's when we grow, that's when we thrive, that's when we shine."
    - Lisa Levy
    Valuable Free Resource:
    Ease the rough waters of the industry and ensure your business’ longevity and profitability. Get your copy of the book, Future Proofing Cubed: https://lcubedconsulting.com/future-proofing-cubed
    Topics Covered:
    04:09 - Client problems she helps solve: We are helping our clients be effective and be efficient so that they don't feel stuck.
    05:24 - What is this tool set called 'innovation engine'
    06:24 - The biggest challenge women face: Being willing to step slightly outside of our comfort zone.
    09:05 - How these four disciplines help women leaders with their challenges
    11:51 - What a 'conference room prototype' is and how does it help with innovation
    13:35 - How easier can entrepreneurs pool innovative ideas more than larger companies
    14:57 - How to learn more: Join and watch my podcast, Disrupt and Innovate.
    Key Takeaways:
    "If we understand the change process and build awareness and desire and train and educate and practice, and then create the change, we are moving people through that whole cycle and minimizing the friction, resistance, and everybody understands their parts." - Lisa Levy
    "If we are continuously ideating, prototyping, and creating our new products and services, we are driving business forward." - Lisa Levy
    "I'm willing to wager that a woman looking at that job description is far more qualified at whatever level of confidence she has than a man who is sitting there and applying for the same position. We hold ourselves back and we have to stop." - Lisa Levy
    Ways to Connect with Lisa Levy:
    Website: https://lisallevy.com Podcast: https://disruptandinnovate.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisallevy-disruptandinnovate/ Book: https://lcubedconsulting.com/future-proofing-cubed  
    Ways to Connect with Sarah E. Brown:
    Website: https://www.sarahebrown.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/knowguides LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahebrownphd To speak with her: bookachatwithsarahebrown.com  

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    How to Be Unmessablewith with Josselyne Herman-Saccio

    How to Be Unmessablewith with Josselyne Herman-Saccio

    When considering a big decision,  do you ever say, “Well, someday…” Want to know how to shift from that “someday” to “today”?
    Being unmessablewith starts with your goals and dreams. It is important that you find your dream source, speak your goals out loud, strip off that “someday” mindset, and act today!
    Josselyne Herman-Saccio has been a master coach in The Art of Being Unmessablewith for more than 30 years and has coached more than 200,000 people. She is an author, entrepreneur, former #1 po-star (yep, pop-star), founder of a nonprofit, and a wife and mother of three. She has a passion for empowering people to realize their dreams NOW vs SOMEDAY. She helps them develop themselves as unmessablewith no matter what life throws at them.
    In this episode, Josselynne shares her powerful secrets on how you can be the boss of your life and business and become unmessablewith!
    What you will learn from this episode: 
    Learn how you can be unmessablewith by finding your dream source Understand the importance and power of speaking your goals out loud Find out why “someday” doesn’t exist and why you should stop holding onto it  
    “Goal setting is very powerful, as long as you treat it like a game, not an expectation.”
    - Josselyne Herman-Saccio
    Topics Covered:
    01:57 - Josselyne shares how she got to her “someday” dream
    03:01 - Josselyne walks us through what she does every day
    04:07 - What is a typical big message problem that people encounter
    08:04 - Josselyne talks about what is a dream source
    10:00 - How do you know if you have found your dream source? 
    10:29 - The life-changing power of speaking dreams out loud
    12:51 - Josselyne shares her thoughts on goal-setting
    14:12 - Is it sufficient to do goal debriefing by yourself or with others?
    14:48 - Does someday actually exist or is it just in our minds?
    16:14 - Q: What does unmessablewith mean? A: What I mean by being unmessablewith is being able to create moment to moment and not get reactivated, not get hooked, not get stopped or thrown down for the count.
    Key Takeaways:
    “Creating with your word, whether you speak it out loud, or in your head is a very powerful thing. And when you speak it out loud, it exists beyond your head. It exists in my relationship with you, or with whoever's listening to this conversation right now. Then you start to fulfill what you've created through action.” - Josselyne Herman-Saccio
    “It's no different with any dream or vision that you have. You first start it by creating it in language and word, speaking it, and then take the actions to fulfill what you created.” - Josselyne Herman-Saccio
    “You create it, you act on it, you engage with people about it, you make requests, you make promises-- it's all interacting with human beings.” - Josselyne Herman-Saccio
    “Goal setting is very powerful, as long as you treat it like a game, not an expectation.” - Josselyne Herman-Saccio
    “The powerful thing about goals is to debrief them. You debrief whether you were successful or failed.” - Josselyne Herman-Saccio
    “The debrief is more valuable than even the result that got produced because you get to see what's missing, what would make a difference, or what was there that got in the way.” - Josselyne Herman-Saccio
    “Debrief around goals even more powerful than the goals themselves.” - Josselyne Herman-Saccio 
    Ways to Connect with Josselyne Herman-Saccio:
    Website: https://www.theartofbeingunmessablewith.com/
    Ways to Connect with Sarah E. Brown:
    Website: https://www.sarahebrown.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/knowguides LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahebrownphd/ To speak with her: bookachatwithsarahebrown.com  

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

Sproutjunior ,

She is the Real Deal

Sarah’s podcast is a great way to get an introduction to her thorough and thoughtful approach to development. She is a real-world executive who understands the challenges for leaders and is committed to empowering women to succeed. Grab a coffee or go for a walk while giving the KTS podcast a listen - the robust guest lineup and Sarah’s efficient interview style make this one of my favorites!

Gautreauxgang ,

Empowering & Engaging Podcast!

Sarah is a great host whose years of HR wisdom are apparent as she brings in talented and engaging women to give us info & inspiration we need to succeed!

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