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The Leadership Standard, hosted by TEC Canada speaker and leadership development and resilience expert, Jamie Mason Cohen, features in-depth conversations with subject matter experts all across the business spectrum.

Featuring thought leadership and actionable insights to challenge your assumptions – and inspiring stories of business triumphs, struggles, and perseverance that provide a motivational push – every episode of The Leadership Standard is a revealing discussion about the life of business and the business of life.

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The Leadership Standard, hosted by TEC Canada speaker and leadership development and resilience expert, Jamie Mason Cohen, features in-depth conversations with subject matter experts all across the business spectrum.

Featuring thought leadership and actionable insights to challenge your assumptions – and inspiring stories of business triumphs, struggles, and perseverance that provide a motivational push – every episode of The Leadership Standard is a revealing discussion about the life of business and the business of life.

    From the Spotlight to the Heart: Leading with Authenticity, Empathy and Purpose

    From the Spotlight to the Heart: Leading with Authenticity, Empathy and Purpose

    Tune in to this latest episode of the Leadership Standard podcast and join host Jamie Mason Cohen, as he sits down with Erica Ehm, a renowned television host and entrepreneur. Erica's journey in the music industry began in high school, writing for her local newspaper, eventually leading to positions at CityTV and MuchMusic, where she became a prominent figure in live music television. Learn how Erica's persistence and willingness to ask for opportunities shaped her career, leading to the founding of Yummy Mummy Club, an online platform addressing modern motherhood challenges.

    Despite being an introvert, Erica's passion for connecting with others shines through as she discusses her approach to creating meaningful content and engaging with her audience. Through authenticity and vulnerability, Erica emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself in both personal and professional endeavors. In part two of the interview, Erica dives into her interviewing techniques, reflecting on her viral interview with Kurt Cobain and sharing insights on empathetic leadership styles.

    Join Erica as she recalls memorable encounters with musicians, from positive experiences with Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon to challenging interactions with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Looking ahead, Erica shares her excitement about her upcoming book, exploring themes of dystopia and technology while drawing from personal experiences and reflections on society. Don't miss this insightful conversation on persistence, authenticity, and purpose in navigating entrepreneurship and personal growth.


    1. Introduction and Background of Erica Ehm Jamie Mason Cohen introduces Erica Ehm, detailing her diverse career from a pioneering MuchMusic VJ to the host of "The Yummy Mummy."

    Erica’s First Steps into the Music Industry Erica recounts her early foray into the music business, from her teen column in a local newspaper to securing her first music industry job.

    Transition to Television and Entrepreneurship The conversation shifts to how Erica transitioned from music to television and then to entrepreneurship, highlighting her initiative and determination.

    Creating Yummy Mummy Club and Embracing Motherhood Erica discusses founding the Yummy Mummy Club, addressing the realities and challenges of modern motherhood and fostering a community for shared experiences.

    Leadership and Personal Growth Insights into leadership, the significance of persistence, and personal growth through Erica's entrepreneurial journey with the Yummy Mummy Club.

    Interview Skills and Empathy Erica shares her approach to conducting interviews, focusing on empathy and active listening, illustrated by her notable interview with Kurt Cobain.

    Facing and Overcoming Challenges A candid discussion about overcoming personal and professional hurdles, including Erica's resilience in rebuilding and selling her company.

    Future Projects and Aspirations Erica reflects on future endeavors, specifically her ambition to complete a dystopian novel exploring themes of disinformation, technology, and mental health.

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    Leadership Symphony: Navigating AI Innovation and Creativity with Mitch Joel

    Leadership Symphony: Navigating AI Innovation and Creativity with Mitch Joel

    🎙️ Elevate Your Leadership Game: Uncover the Strategies of a Visionary Entrepreneur! 🚀

    Dive into a game-changing episode of the Leadership Standard podcast featuring the remarkable Mitch Joel. From rock band writing in the '80s to co-founding a digital marketing powerhouse, Joel's journey is a masterclass in creativity, collaboration, and cutting-edge leadership.

    Building Powerhouse Partnerships: Discover Joel's secrets to forging unbreakable business bonds, emphasizing teamwork, and always directing efforts against challenges, not each other.

    🤖 AI Unleashed: Navigate the delicate balance of utilizing AI for creativity without sacrificing quality. Joel's insights into leveraging AI as a "co-pilot" for ideation provide a roadmap for leaders seeking innovation.

    Podcasting Mastery: Uncover the magic behind Joel's two-decade-long podcasting consistency. Learn the art of maintaining passion, building a backlog, and engaging in insightful conversations with industry leaders.

    Leadership Alchemy: Explore the blend of innate talents and learned skills that define true leadership. Joel's advice on leading with empathy, emotional intelligence, and vision is a must-hear for every business leader.

    Don't miss this opportunity to supercharge your leadership skills! Tune in now to the Leadership Standard podcast for a dose of inspiration, practical insights, and strategies from a leader who's been there, done that, and continues to thrive. Your leadership journey is about to reach new heights—click play and join the conversation! 

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    Dollars and Sense: Rethinking Finance with Dr. Preet Banerjee

    Dollars and Sense: Rethinking Finance with Dr. Preet Banerjee

    In this episode of TEC Canada's Leadership Standard, host Jamie Mason-Cohen invites Dr. Preet Banerjee, a respected Canadian personal finance expert known for his work as a Globe and Mail columnist, host of OWN's TV show Million Dollar Neighbourhood, and author of the popular blog WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo.com.

    Prepare for a thoughtful exploration into the hidden psychology of money, offering insights that aim to reshape your financial approach. This discussion goes beyond the typical finance talk, delving into the mental aspects of financial decision-making. Dr. Banerjee draws connections between mental well-being and financial success, urging business leaders to enhance their financial literacy for smarter decision-making in today's dynamic landscape.

    The episode also addresses the intriguing "buy now, pay later" trend and its implications for both consumers and businesses. Dr. Banerjee introduces Money Gaps, a project that reimagines traditional financial advice, providing practical guidance at a fraction of the usual cost.

    The episode concludes with a lightning round of rapid-fire finance questions, encouraging you to press play and gain valuable insights for navigating the corporate world more effectively. Don't miss out – tune in now and elevate your financial leadership to new levels! 

    Don't miss the opportunity – press play now! This podcast isn't just another episode; it's a valuable resource for business leaders seeking insightful perspectives, practical strategies, and an extra edge in the fast-paced world of finance. Tune in and enhance your financial leadership skills like never before! 🎙️💰

    Episode Highlights
    1. Introduction

    00:00 - 01:15
    Jamie Mason-Cohen introduces the episode and guests, setting the stage for an insightful discussion on the intersection of psychology and finance.

    2. Preet Banerjee's Background

    01:15 - 05:30
    Learn about Preet Banerjee's impressive background as a Canadian personal finance expert, Globe and Mail columnist, TV show host, and author.

    3. The Hidden Psychology of Money

    05:30 - 15:45
    Dr. Banerjee delves into the psychological aspects of money, offering unique insights that challenge conventional financial thinking and emphasize the importance of a mindset shift.

    4. Navigating the "Buy Now, Pay Later" Trend

    15:45 - 28:10
    Explore the "buy now, pay later" trend, uncovering its appeal for consumers and the impact on businesses. Dr. Banerjee encourages listeners to enhance their financial literacy for smarter decision-making.

    5. Money Gaps Project Unveiled

    28:10 - 38:50
    Discover the innovative Money Gaps project, where Dr. Preet Banerjee revolutionizes traditional financial advice, providing top-notch guidance at a fraction of the cost.

    6. Lightning Round: Rapid-Fire Finance Questions

    38:50 - 45:25
    The episode concludes with a lightning round, where Dr. Banerjee answers rapid-fire finance questions, emphasizing the power of clarity in values as a key to effective decision-making.

    7. Closing and Call to Action

    45:25 - 47:10
    Jamie Mason-Cohen wraps up the episode, urging listeners to apply the insights gained and take their financial leadership to the next level.

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    Mastering the Language of Leadership with Simon Lancaster

    Mastering the Language of Leadership with Simon Lancaster

    Join host Jamie Mason Cohen on an insightful episode of TEC Canada's The Leadership Standard podcast as he engages with distinguished speechwriter Simon Lancaster to uncover the secrets of effective leadership communication. In this thought-provoking conversation, Cohen and Lancaster delve into the historical foundations of communication, exploring the enduring relevance of Aristotle's ethos, logos, and pathos. They shed light on the importance of understanding and connecting with your audience, with Lancaster advocating for a deep dive into demographics, motivations, and concerns.

    As the discussion unfolds, Lancaster emphasizes the power of emotions over logic in influencing listeners. He champions the "less is more" principle in speechwriting, highlighting the impact of concise and impactful messages. Drawing from his own preferences and experiences, Lancaster reveals his admiration for impactful rhyming statements and his commitment to physical health, which he believes contributes to effective communication.

    Moving forward, the conversation takes a deeper dive into the significance of positive visualization and crafting clear and compelling metaphorical narratives for impactful speeches. Lancaster shares insights from neuroscience findings, highlighting the power of metaphor and storytelling in capturing the attention and engaging the minds of the audience.

    In the context of the digital age, Lancaster emphasizes the changing landscape of speechwriting and the need to adapt to new platforms and mediums. He encourages listeners to embrace technology while staying true to the timeless principles of effective communication.

    To provide practical strategies for speechwriting, Lancaster introduces a six-step technique rooted in ancient rhetorical principles. He breaks down each step, offering valuable insights and examples to help aspiring speechwriters craft powerful and persuasive messages.

    Throughout the episode, Lancaster's expertise shines as he demonstrates the importance of vision for a company. He shares anecdotes and real-life examples that illustrate how a compelling vision can inspire and motivate both employees and stakeholders.

    This captivating episode of TEC Canada's The Leadership Standard podcast offers a wealth of knowledge and practical advice for anyone looking to enhance their leadership communication skills. Tune in to unlock the art of effective leadership communication and gain valuable insights from the expertise of Simon Lancaster.

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    Understanding Human Behaviour and the Power of Regret with Daniel Pink

    Understanding Human Behaviour and the Power of Regret with Daniel Pink

    Welcome to a no-nonsense exploration of leadership essentials on this episode of The Leadership Standard Podcast. Host, Jamie Mason Cohen, dives into the intricate world of leadership, human behaviour, and the often-overlooked power of regret with the brilliant mind, Daniel Pink. In this candid conversation, Daniel Pink, celebrated #1 New York Times bestselling author and speaker, pulls back the curtain on leadership dynamics, offering practical insights that cut through the noise.

    Throughout Daniel Pink and Jason Mason Cohen's discussion, this episode challenges conventional thinking and invites you to consider leadership in a new light, exploring how to harness the power of regret as a catalyst for positive change and growth. It's a captivating conversation that promises to inspire and equip you for leadership success. No fluff—just a straightforward exploration that has the power to reshape the way you approach leadership and navigate the intricacies of human dynamics.

    Episode Highlights:

    [00:00:00] Introduction

    [00:01:06] Sales Evolution

    In this segment, podcast host Jamie Mason Cohen talks with bestselling author Daniel Pink about the changing landscape of sales. They discuss the shift from solving to finding problems in the era of information parity and the importance of developing the skill of problem-finding.

    [00:01:58] Problem-Finding Techniques

    Our guest explores the art of problem-finding in a world of information parity. He discusses tactics like the "five whys" method and engaging in conversations to uncover business problems that may be overlooked.

    [00:05:41] Employee Motivation

    The conversation shifts to Daniel Pink's book "Drive," which focuses on motivation. The author emphasizes that motivation is self-driven and discusses the ABCs of motivation—autonomy, mastery, and purpose—as well as creating an environment that fosters intrinsic motivation.

    [00:06:42] Motivation Design Principles

    Daniel Pink outlines essential design principles for motivation, highlighting fair compensation as a baseline. He explores autonomy, mastery, and purpose as critical elements in creating an environment where individuals can motivate themselves.

    [00:08:40] The Power of Regret

    Discussing Pink's latest work, "The Power of Regret," the conversation centers on reframing societal attitudes toward regret. Pink provides insights from his research, challenging the myth of "no regrets" and exploring the transformative nature of acknowledging and learning from regrets.

    [00:08:55] Challenging the Myth of No Regrets

    Daniel Pink challenges the notion of living without regrets, drawing on scientific research to emphasize that regrets are a universal aspect of the human experience. This challenges the cultural narrative encouraging constant positivity.

    [00:10:58] Regret as a Transformative Emotion

    The author explores the transformative potential of regret when approached correctly, arguing that it can be a powerful tool for personal development. Confronting and analyzing regrets can lead to valuable lessons and personal growth.

    [00:19:31] Learning from Regrets and Moving Forward

    Discussing the tendency to overestimate risks, leading to missed opportunities and regrets, the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author emphasizes learning from regrets and adjusting risk assessments. This allows for more informed and courageous choices, promoting personal growth.

    [00:22:41] Normalizing Emotions and Giving Permission

    Daniel Pink emphasizes normalizing the emotion of regret. Instead of suppressing or dwelling on regrets, individuals should give themselves permission to reflect, extract lessons, and formulate plans for future actions.

    • 30 min
    Raising the Bar: Championing Change in Education with James Whitehouse

    Raising the Bar: Championing Change in Education with James Whitehouse

    Join host Jamie Mason Cohen in an inspiring conversation with James Whitehouse, Head of Elmwood School and TEC Canada member. By tuning in to this episode of The Leadership Standard podcast, you’ll discover the secrets to raising the bar in education and leadership, exploring innovative strategies that empower the next generation for unparalleled success post-graduation. James challenges the status quo, urging listeners to think beyond the ordinary, because education, he believes, should be nothing short of extraordinary.

    The episode also explores the profound impact of female leadership and the need for strong male and female role models in our society. James passionately argues for inclusive education systems that offer equal opportunities to all children and underscores the importance of leaders treating others with kindness and respect. Don’t miss out on this enlightening discussion that will leave you rethinking the future of education and leadership. Tune in now to gain valuable insights that could shape the way we prepare the leaders of tomorrow.


    00:00 – Jamie Mason Cohen dives into a conversation with James Whitehouse—uncovering how James’ unique journey led him to run an educational institution as a business and also the growth it has brought him as a leader.
    00:05:00 James discusses the skills, attributes, and approaches that young girls, like his daughter and his students, will need for the future of work.
    00:10:00 James stresses the importance of teaching conflict resolution and emotional coaching to both students and adults. He shares how Elmwood School—an independent day school for girls located in Ottawa, teaching girls from pre-kindergarten to grade 12—has implemented emotional coaching for teachers, emphasizing that conflict can lead to growth.
    00:20:00 James emphasizes the vital role of students’ mental wellness, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting socialization gaps and the need for community support. He credits his mentors—including his TEC Chair, Tim Redpath, and his late father— for teaching him valuable lessons, including taking things one step at a time, embracing simplicity for effective outcomes, and trusting gut feelings. These lessons, he emphasizes, are crucial for leadership in the business world, too.
    00:25:00  James stresses the importance of trusting intuition by making mistakes and learning from failures. He advocates taking risks to develop informed gut instincts. Additionally, he highlights the significance of not tolerating poor behaviour, emphasizing that addressing it is vital for shaping a healthy environment in classrooms, workplaces, and other settings.
    00:35:00  James reflects on the challenges of running education as a business. Initially hesitant, he embraced the business approach for delivering quality education. Becoming a TEC Canada member, he learned from business leaders, transitioning to a higher leadership perspective, focusing on team empowerment. Understanding business metrics and organizational aspects was vital for his growth. Despite leadership’s loneliness, he finds support as a TEC Canada member, valuing a space for advice.
    00:50:00  James stresses female leadership’s impact, citing Angela Merkel and his mother as inspirations for their belief, forgiveness, and understanding of complexities. He advocates diverse role models for students, fostering varied perspectives. James wishes for inclusive, safe educational environments enabling self-development and world-changing opportunities for all children. He emphasizes the need for higher education standards, underscoring leaders’ role in setting examples with kindness and respect.
    00:55:00 Jamie Mason Cohen admires Whitehouse’s leadership at Elmwood, hoping his daughter can receive a similar education. Whitehouse encourages hope for inclusive education systems. The episode concludes, emphasizing leaders are made, not born, and invites

    • 56 min

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