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No-holds-barred progressive commentary and newsmaker interviews from Notfakenews.biz. with journalist Bob Gatty and guests. Insight into today's news plus analysis, with just a little lean to the left.

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No-holds-barred progressive commentary and newsmaker interviews from Notfakenews.biz. with journalist Bob Gatty and guests. Insight into today's news plus analysis, with just a little lean to the left.

    Brad Smith: Combatting the Great Resignation

    Brad Smith: Combatting the Great Resignation

    As a country, we’re in the middle of what’s been dubbed “The Great Resignation,” as millions of workers have either quit their jobs or switched to some other way to earn a livelihood.

    What’s behind all of this? What can companies do to counter this trend?

    To explore this important question, our guest today is Brad Smith, founder of Stellar Insight. Brad has spent over 20 years helping companies pursue growth and excellence through coaching, consulting, facilitation, and strategic planning.

    Now, it seems that with the Great Resignation, those services are perhaps needed more than ever. But it seems like much of the advice Smith offers seems like basic common sense -- such as "be appreciative" and don't screw your workers if you don't want them to leave. Who would ever have thought of that!

    Brad also offers advice to workers who want to improve their work situation and advance their careers.

    During the episode, Brad also offers insight into the current round of inflation and suggests steps that could be taken to make things easier for the average American.

    You'll learn a lot from this interview, whether you're an employer or an employee looking to improve your lifestyle.

    Take a listen.

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    Pushing Biden on Code Red

    Pushing Biden on Code Red

    Today we’re with Karen Igou, who helped lead a week-long event over the Christmas holiday called OccupyBiden, a 24/7 outdoors Climate Justice Occupation within a mile of President Biden’s house in Wilmington, DE.

    I found this interesting…that such a demonstration would be held targeting Biden, especially considering the harm done by his predecessor, Donald Trump, with his actions that were rooted in the denial of climate change. After all, Biden has been working to reverse many of those actions.

    However, some 200 demonstrators from 10 states participated in the OccupyBiden event, concerned that the Biden administration is more talk than action when it comes to taking action to counteract the forces of climate change, and they contend that some of Biden's actions actually have been harmful.

    "We are not OK with politics as usual running things," Igou says. "It's not working. We are going in the wrong direction. At least we’re trying to address our crisis. We’re trying to wake people up. We’re trying to get the voices of the people unified to take care of our one and only planet. Our own president has said that we are in a Code Red existential crisis."

    She adds, "It’s madness. It’s lunacy to destroy the very part of the ecosystem that make it work. No other species has ever done what we’re doing, which is destroying our own home. We’re literally committing ecocide and it’s madness."

    Igou dedicates her life, and her business, a farm-to-table grocery, to fighting the climate crisis. She suggests many ways during our interview that you can also get involved to save Mother Earth.
    Photo by Ray Bailey.

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    Jeff Batton-Recovering Evangelical, Out of the Closet

    Jeff Batton-Recovering Evangelical, Out of the Closet

    Today we’re with Jeff Batton, a recovering Evangelical -- in fact, an ex-pastor -- who's now out of the closet and is counseling folks about life, religion, marriages, relationships -- you name it.

    Batton has lived all around the world…Hong Kong, London, New York City…now Detroit…but grew up on a big farm in South Georgia and claims to be the ambassador of the South.

    He’s started his own business, been shot, tried to save the world’s poor, and now coaches people on what not to do. He’s worked on the streets, lived in the projects, became a minister, and then quit organized religion. In fact, he says that he had to quit Christianity to find Jesus.

    Batton wanted it all -- marriage, kids, a happy life. But he struggled, trying to deny his homosexuality. So, he went through a divorce…a big no-no for ministers…and now says he’s a ‘recovering evangelical’. On the show, he says that “religion is politics in drag.”

    Batton also has written a book, “Grinnin’ Like a Jackass Eatin’ Briars,” and, of course, we talk about that.

    It's an interesting conversation, to say the least...

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    Is Trump on a Sinking Ship?

    Is Trump on a Sinking Ship?

    There are signs that Donald Trump is losing the backing of some of his strongest supporters, including disillusioned Capitol rioters and former key staff members who finally realize the damage he's done.

    At the same time, Attorney General Merrick Garland has hinted that Trump could be in his crosshairs, which suggests that prosecution is a possibility. In addition, several determined Democrats are quietly exploring how Trump could be disqualified constitutionally from holding office again. Stay tuned…

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    Angie Ringler: An Eco Terrorist Doing Good

    Angie Ringler: An Eco Terrorist Doing Good

    Today our guest is Angie Ringler…she’s a fellow podcaster…has a show called The Grateful Redhead…and is committed to saving our planet from pollution and waste.

    But Angie does a lot more than just talk and interview people. A paralegal turned hippie soap maker, she founded an eco-conscious business called Waste Free Products. It’s dedicated to reducing single-use plastic from the planet by making 100% plastic-free, zero-waste household & body care products without harsh chemicals.

    Her company makes a line of products called “Tangie” and she claims that her laundry bars so far have washed hundreds of thousands laundry loads with “waste free detergent”, keeping thousands of plastic laundry bottles out of landfills.

    And that’s just the laundry stuff. She also has developed all natural body care products, and you'll hear her describe her "tinkle towels." Enough said.

    Angie calls herself a “redheaded Grateful Dead loving fan,” and on her podcast features people who she says live an impactful life, inspire people, and cause a ripple effect on the planet. She’s big on kindness…in every way. In human relations, certainly, and being kind to our planet.

    In this episode, we talk with Angie about her determination to do everything she can to save our earth for generations to come, as well as her concerns that we're not moving fast enough to cope with climate change and the impact it will have. Tinkle towels are just a little part of that!

    Take a listen...

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    Commentary: The Insurrection One Year Later

    Commentary: The Insurrection One Year Later

    Today is January 6, 2022 and just one year ago, an angry, violent mob inspired by Donald Trump attacked the seat of our democracy, the United States Capitol in Washington, DC. There’s a lot to talk about, so stay tuned.”


    Waving Trump and Confederate flags, the mob called for Vice President Pence to be hung from the makeshift gallows they had constructed on the Capitol grounds. They broke into the Capitol, smashing windows, and in the end, one protestor and several police officers had lost their lives.

    Members of the House and Senate scurried to find shelter as members of the mob streamed into the House and Senate chambers, rifling through lawmakers’ desks, and searching for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

    Their goal was to stop the certification of President Biden’s election, to overturn the election of the leader who had been chosen by the majority of voters in a free and fair election.

    Today, President Biden called out Trump for standing by and doing nothing to stop the riot and the destruction. But there is much more to the story.

    Three blogs today by Chris Waldron and Mark M. Bello of Not Fake News.biz take a look at these events and offer their thoughts about what should happen in the coming months as the January 6th Committee, launched by House Democrats, completes its work and as the Justice Department considers its action.

    First, I’ll present Waldron’s piece today after Biden’s speech, entitled “Sleepy Joe is Pissed!”, then will come his recounting of what prompted the insurrection and its aftermath in “The Insurrection, One Year Later,” and finally, will come Bello’s commentary, “Time to Hold Trump Accountable.”

    Take a listen...

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