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A lifelong music collector, Scott Hudson brings his years of expertise as he babbles about new and old indie, punk, and garage rock.

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A lifelong music collector, Scott Hudson brings his years of expertise as he babbles about new and old indie, punk, and garage rock.

    The Ledge #622: New Releases, Pt. 1

    The Ledge #622: New Releases, Pt. 1

    I don’t think anybody is surprised that once again the monthly new release episode is a two parter. That’s the way this excellent year in music has gone, and will hopefully carry on all the way through December.

    This week’s episode kicks off with a “friends of the show” series of tracks. There’s the latest in White Rose Motor Oil’s “pre-owned songs” series, along with the monthly releases of new tracks by Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin and Rob’s side project Robotom, LTD. 

    But there’s also the exciting news that fellow RealPunkRadio DJ Greg Lonesome, host of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Manifesto, has a new project called Intrusice Thoughts. As legendary blogger Lord Rutledge wrote on his Faster and Louder blog, “the band’s debut single ‘Daytime Drama’ is a ferocious shot of rockin’ old school punk with a very important message. Greg wrote the lyrics as a reflection of how he felt starting therapy…of course ‘Daytime Drama’ is a dark song, but it ends with a glimmer of hope.” 

    Along with these great tunes from our pals, there’s a set devoted to the fantastic Jem Records Celebrates Jagger & Richards, along with new music by Buffalo Tom, Memo PST, Ultrabomb, Micah Schnabel, and two full sets of ferocious female-fronted rock and roll!

    For more info and setlists, head to http://scotthudson.blogspot.com

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    The Ledge #621: Another Tuneless Racket, Vol. 1

    The Ledge #621: Another Tuneless Racket, Vol. 1

    Anyone who has listened to recent episode of The Ledge has heard me wax (somewhat) poetically about Steven H. Gardner’s four-part series of Another Tuneless Racket – Punk and New Wave In The Seventies books. They are quite possibly the greatest documents of late 70’s punk and new wave music. Gardner is a master at combining strong (at times atypical) opinions with deep, deep research.

    Volume one of this series is subtitled “Origins”, and deals with artists that had their first records out by 1976. Tonight’s show includes one or two tracks by the 18 artists he profiles, along with snippets of his commentary on the bands and/or the individual tracks. Admittedly, most of these acts are no stranger to this show, but there are a handful of groups who I had to research to put this broadcast together. (Later volumes include a plethora of performers I had no knowledge of prior to reading about them, which for me is the greatest treat with books of this sort.)

    For more info, including setlists, head to http://scotthudson.blogspot.com

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    The Ledge #620: RIP Steve Albini

    The Ledge #620: RIP Steve Albini

    The May 7 death of musician/engineer/producer/ranconteur Steve Albini shocked music fans all over the world. What may have surprised fans even more is the discovery of just how much classic records he helped create in his four decade run. Besides famously successful records by superstars such as Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey, and others, Albini worked with a wide range of artists, big and small. The discography is literally impossible to navigate, as his credits include over a thousand different sessions.

    So tonight’s look at Albini’s career is indeed not complete. Some of his most well-known projects aren’t included. Instead, this show tries to show that wide variety I already mentioned. There are singer/songwriter types that worked with on a number of records (Robbie Fulks, Magnolia Electric Co.), quite a few well-known acts that were looking for a different sound (Guided By Voices, Fleshtones), and some more recent bands that certinly benefitted from his wisdom (Cloud Nothings, Screaming Females). There’s also a set devoted to Albini’s own musical career, including a couple of tracks from a brand new Shellac album, To All Trains, that was posthumously released today (May 17). 

    For more info, including setlists, head to http://scotthudson.blogspot.com

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    The Ledge #619: New Releases (Pt. 2)

    The Ledge #619: New Releases (Pt. 2)

    This month’s second part of the monthly new release series is bookended by a pair of…well, let’s be honest…pretty bizarre cover albums. The first set contains tracks from the “new” duets album by Glen Campbell. How can it be new when he’s been dead since 2017? Well, in 2011 he released an album, Ghost On the Canvas (his 61st!), that featured his versions of songs by artists you would never think he’d even acknowledge. For this new one, Glen Campbell Duets: Ghost on the Canvas Sessions, the producers have brought in other artists to add their vocals. I just couldn’t stomach the idea of Sting singing a Paul Westerberg song, so I went with a couple of different tracks. How did Exene and John Doe from X end up on “Any Trouble”? And does anyone really believe that country star Eric Church has even heard of Guided By Voices? It just doesn’t seem possibe.

    As if that’s not crazy enough, the last main set of the show features a handful of tracks from a new tribute album released by Cleopatra Records. Punk Floyd – A Tribute To Pink Floyd features exactly what the title says – punk bands covering tunes by that awful band that was one of the reasons punk rock even happened in the late 70s. Oh well. At least the versons are fun.

    But there’s some great covers also included. There’s two tracks from the upcoming tribute to the Rolling Stones called Jem Records Celebrates Jagger & Richards. There’s also a fabulous duet between Tom Baker and the late Justine Covault on Steve Earle’s “You’re Still Standing There”. It’s not just a covers show, though, as there’s some great Americana, power pop, punk, and good ol’ rock and roll. 

    For more info, including setlists, head to http://scotthudson.blogspot.com

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    The Ledge #618: New Releases (Pt. 1)

    The Ledge #618: New Releases (Pt. 1)

    As we have done all throughout 2024, this month’s new release show is once again a two-part extravaganza. This thrills me, as that obviously means it’s a super great year so far, and I hope this is the case each and every month.

    This episode’s personal highlight is the first half hour or so of the broadcast, as it features “friends of the show” – artists that routinely send me their latest tunes. I cannot be happier than to share their music with all of you, and if you enjoy them as much as I do please head to their bandcamp pages and purchase them!

    There’s also some wonderful new power pop from The Reflectors, Kate Clover, and The Lemon Twigs (among others). There are veteran acts such as The Members, Woodentops, and surviving members of The Fall. There’s new “power folk” from Frank Turner. And, of course, a ton of great high energy rock and roll. 

    For more info, including setlists, head to http://scotthudson.blogspot.com

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    The Ledge #617: Record Store Day

    The Ledge #617: Record Store Day

    I know the event has plenty of naysayers, but I absolutely love Record Store Day. I love the ritual of standing in line with other record nerds of all ages, and discussing exactly what treats we’re looking for. Even standing in line to pay, a task I generally dread at any retailer, is full of great chats.

    And then there’s the actual music. As somebody who loves vault material – demos, outtakes, live recordings, early mixes, etc. – it’s a day of treasures. There’s also a ton of records you never expected to see reissued, and there is always a number of 60s garage rock compilations.

    This year was no exception, and tonight you see the results of last Saturday’s early morning search. What did you guys find? Let me know what treats you picked up!

    For more info, including setlists, head to http://scotthudson.blogspot.com

    • 1 hr 59 min

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4.9 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

rockykay ,

I love this podcast

As a rule, I’m not a fan of music podcasts. And honestly, I’m not a fan of all of The Ledge podcasts either. I hate punk. So why the 5 stars? Hudson dives deep and the breadth of his library is insane. Also, no commercials! I skip anything that announces itself as punk, and blast everything else, dancing around my digs like a kid. The Ledge has been my COVID exercise for forever.

vwismoovb ,

Great music playing here

Love the mix of songs each week. Always has something I already love and always has something new to me. Punk, Americana, rock and roll, roots and more. Scott Hudson has great taste in music

hotsaucethefish ,

Hell yeah!

The best music podcast out there! Garage, punk, post-punk, Scott knows knows what he likes and plays it - no compromise. New music and older gems are always welcome. I discover so many artist, band, and songs from this podcast. Scott’s show is indispensable to me!

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