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Christopher Badell and Adam Rebottaro discuss characters and events from their hit game, Sentinels of the Multiverse, and answer fan questions regarding the past, present, and future of Sentinel Comics.

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Christopher Badell and Adam Rebottaro discuss characters and events from their hit game, Sentinels of the Multiverse, and answer fan questions regarding the past, present, and future of Sentinel Comics.

    Episode #261 - Rook City Renegades #100

    Episode #261 - Rook City Renegades #100

    The most extreme non-extremeverse story!

    Show Notes:
    Run Time: 1:15{6
    According to Trevor, this may be our most gruesome episode since the Spite episode! Fitting. Also: sorry!
    This is the week of recording lots of episodes, so get your questions in now Now NOW!
    Join us next week for Episode #262: Robert Johnson vs the Headless Horseman!

    • 1 hr 15 min
    Editor's Note #71

    Editor's Note #71

    We were live again! And we reveal so much!
    Show Notes:
    Run Time: 1:22:05
    Some introductions, but then, a DOUBLE SCHEDULE?! You better believe it!
    Upcoming schedule: 
    Tuesday, October 3rd: Episode #262: Robert Johnson vs the Headless Horseman
    Tuesday, October 10th: Episode #263: General Geist Returns
    Tuesday, October 17th: Episode #264: Werewolf Haka
    Tuesday, October 24th: Editor’s Note #72
    Tuesday, October 31st: Episode #265: Guise fights the Draculas
    Tuesday, November 7th: Episode #266: GloomWeaver vs. Æternus
    Tuesday, November 14th: Episode #267: Prime Wardens in the Egyptian Underworld
    Tuesday, November 21st: Editor’s Note #73
    Tuesday, November 28th: Episode #268: Grimm: Lord of the Harvest
    Now you know ALL about the spooky months! A wild time shall be had! Get your letters in on all these topics ASAPP (As Soon As Possible Please)!
    We answer a bunch of questions, both from letters and from the live chat. Do you wish you were there? You could be next time! Join us on The Letters Page Patreon! 
    See you next week for The Death of Sk8blayd!

    • 1 hr 22 min
    Episode #260 - Creative Process: OblivAeon Refugees

    Episode #260 - Creative Process: OblivAeon Refugees

    Everybody's had the right to be free.
    Show Notes:
    Run Time: 1:37:40
    We talk about travel, climbing, movies, small furry creatures/people... and finally we stop stalling and tell the stories you voted on! We bring up some folks, talk about people you've heard about, and then make up a few more you've never heard of! Well, at least, not in this incarnation.
    Join us next week for Editor's Note #71! And, if you're on the Letters Page Patreon, join us this Friday for the live recording thereof!

    • 1 hr 37 min
    Episode #259 - Disparation Vol. 2 #108

    Episode #259 - Disparation Vol. 2 #108

    Let's get EXTREME again!

    Show Notes:
    Run Time: 1:21:52
    OK, we get pretty silly with this one, but it's worth it! At least, we think so.
    I'm just now on my way back from a very successful PAX West, which I'm sure you'll hear all about in next week's episode, which is Episode #260: Creative Process: OblivAeon Refugees! Get your questions in for that one now!
    Talk to you then!

    • 1 hr 21 min
    Episode #258: Tome of the Bizarre Vol. 4 #55

    Episode #258: Tome of the Bizarre Vol. 4 #55

    It's time to hunt!

    Show Notes:
    Run Time: 1:25:12
    We start with some goofs about episode, dice, and more, but then we get into it! Because we gotta tell you several back stories and also, after all of this, record another episode in ONE DAY?! Is it possible? I guess you'll have to wait until next week to find out THAT outcome! For now, we're gonna talk about Alpha, and we're gonna talks about the Lords Wolfhunt!
    Join us next week for some XTREME Omnitron action and more! We hope you enjoy this stuff at least half as much as we do!

    • 1 hr 25 min
    Editor's Note #70

    Editor's Note #70

    Back to normal! More or less!
    Show Notes:
    Run Time: 1:44:03
    We've got goofs! Surprised? I feel like you shouldn't be, by this point. Still, goofs abound! 
    But also, a schedule:
    Tuesday, September 5th: Episode #259: Writers’ Room: Xtremeverse Omnitron
    Tuesday, September 12th: Episode #260: Creative Process: OblivAeon Refugees
    Tuesday, September 19th: Editor’s Note #71
    Tuesday, September 26th: Episode #261: Writers’ Room: Rook City Renegades #100 (The Death of Sk8blayd)
    Mostly dead shows! Just preparing for the following months, which are spooky, as is traditional.
    We read letters! We answer questions! We create issues for the future, and I'm not talking about comic book issues here!
    Join us next week for Episode #258 - Writers’ Room: Tabitha Taft defeats an Alpha foe! Who could it BE now?

    • 1 hr 44 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
222 Ratings

222 Ratings

Russ Luzetski ,

Must-listen for Sentinels fans, and great for creatives!

(Updated from original review in Feb 2017.) For those of us who enjoy the characters and lore of Sentinels of the Multiverse, Sentinel Tactics, Sentinel Comics RPG, and other games from Greater Than Games, this podcast with the creators is amazing! In addition to all the backstory and reveals it provides, Christopher and Adam are (as always) fun and entertaining to listen to. Their love of the Multiverse they have created is apparent in the energy and attention they provide, here, and make this a wonderful experience! For many of the fans, having the ability to directly ask questions is the best part, as all the theories and conjecture from years of online discussions are being addressed! In addition, it's an impressive experience to hear two creators bouncing off of each other, how they work, and how those results come to fruition, making it a potential learning experience for other creatives, be it in game design, fiction writing, art, etc. As the story has been told, the podcast has transitioned beautifully through various states, maintaining its wonderful story telling while continuing to entertain throughout -- and allowing its listeners to be involved more and more as time goes on.

Zarakarau ,

Always Surprised

I started collecting Sentinels of the Multiverse items in early 2018, and this podcast has more than doubled my appreciation for the characters and stories in the game. Whenever I start listening to an episode that I think is about a boring hero or villain, I come away thinking how awesome their story is. Christopher and Adam, you guys are super cool, and it’s been awesome joining you on this journey to the multiverse and beyond.

ffx567 ,

A great podcast

I’ve been playing Sentinlas pf the multiverse since the first Kickstarter and love the game. But this podcast adds so much depth to the game. It’s also great story telling. I highly recommend it for fans of the game and fans of good story telling.

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