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Redefining wealth for a happier and healthier life through conversations on money, mindset, business, and purpose. At Lucra, wealth = well-being.

The Lucra Podcast Mindie Kniss

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Redefining wealth for a happier and healthier life through conversations on money, mindset, business, and purpose. At Lucra, wealth = well-being.

    115. Laura Fredrickson: Remembrance of Your True Worth

    115. Laura Fredrickson: Remembrance of Your True Worth

    Next time you're having a bad day, consider Laura Fredrickson's extraordinary story of her parent's double suicide, losing everything in the Dot.com crash, and a wildfire destroying her home. AND YET...
    Despite all of this, Laura redefined her relationship with her own worth and created a life of purpose and joy.
    As she says, "True Wealth is a Mindset."
    Laura Fredrickson is a True Wealth Coach, Ted X Speaker, Best Selling Author of A Journey Back to Self, and was featured in Forbes Women for her service over the last 23 years.
    Laura is also the Founder of the PROSPERITY INSTITUTE ~ an online membership community where she guides people with her methodology that has been infused with Spirit, backed by science, and proven by results.
    Laura's Priceless Principles and teachings on true wealth tap into the ultimate zeitgeist of our times, exposing the false concepts that have kept us trapped in limitation, hypnotized by the belief that our source is outside of us - and giving us a path back home again. A path back to our true value, our true abundance, and the power to manifest our purpose and potential beyond what we have imagined!
    With her online programs and personal coaching sessions, Laura promotes empowerment, authenticity, joy, and the actualization of our deepest purpose and highest potential. She inspires us to live a life of what she calls a Fulfillionaire – which is a holistic experience that is rich in all ways.
    Visit LauraFredrickson.com to learn more.

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    114. Alexis Banc: Your Brain is Your Greatest Resource

    114. Alexis Banc: Your Brain is Your Greatest Resource

    Alexis Banc is CEO of Kwik Brain, a global brand revolutionizing the world of brain performance and mental fitness. As a co-founder of Kwik Learning, the premier online academy for accelerated learning, speed-reading, and memory training with students from 185 countries, Alexis has been responsible for the company's growth in the last 15 years from the ground-up to generating multi-million dollars in revenue annually. Their clients include Google, Virgin, Nike, Zappos, WordPress, SpaceX, Cleveland Clinic, YPO, Caltech, Harvard, and Singularity University.
    Alexis is a contributor to the New York Times and the #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller Limitless - Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, Unlock Your Exceptional Life. She is also the producer of Kwik Brain Podcast, a leader in educational training, boasting over 59 million downloads.
    With a mission to leave no brain behind, Alexis and her team at Kwik Brain are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human mind & potential.
    Click here to discover your Kwik Brain Animal C.O.D.E.
    Click here to explore Kwik Brain programs. As a gift from Alexis, take 15% off with coupon code: MINDIE15

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    113. Giovanni Marsico: Wealth as Richness of Experience

    113. Giovanni Marsico: Wealth as Richness of Experience

    Giovanni Marsico is the CEO and founder of Archangel - a global community of entrepreneurs on a mission to impact millions of people together.  He's also a 2x EMMY® award-winning producer, creating a new genre he calls 'real-life superhero movies' with films like DREAMER and HERO to inspire millions of people to dream bigger, unleash their gifts, and change the world.
    Learn more at https://www.giovannimarsico.com/ or follow Gio on Insta at https://www.instagram.com/giovannimarsicoofficial/

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    112. Ali Katz: Financial Liberation

    112. Ali Katz: Financial Liberation

    Ali Katz is a family, financial, and legal expert who supports founders, CEOs, coaches, practitioners, advisors, creatives, and service-based entrepreneurs with establishing legal, insurance, financial, and tax systems in their businesses. Ali graduated first in her class from Georgetown Law. While raising her two children, Ali built her own 7-figure law practice and then a million-dollar online training company before giving up on business due to over $1M in mistakes that could have easily been avoided had she known what you’ll learn in the LIFT Business Foundation Blueprint.
    Ali learned from these mistakes and was able to rebuild as a result, taking her business from inconsistent income to a now 8-figure business. She is a go-to advisor for industry leaders (including many other lawyers and advisors) and is sharing her mistakes and lessons learned with you so you can trust your own business foundations to support you with your next right income model, consistent income you can count on, and the legal, insurance, financial and tax systems to support your and your family's legacy for generations to come.
    Learn more at her websites:

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    111. Chelsea Williams: The Money Whisperer

    111. Chelsea Williams: The Money Whisperer

    Chelsea Williams' genius lies in her understanding of the financial world, the human condition, and how the two coincide. This is what allows her to help business owners get unstuck from their money story so they can write a new one without limits!
    As she says, "I've never struggled with money a day in my life. Even at the age of 20 when I found out I was pregnant I hustled my way through years of working toward my degree and working multiple jobs. We didn't have everything we wanted but we had everything we needed and found satisfaction with where we were."
    For almost 15 years now, Chelsea has been using her unique understanding of money and people to help business owners understand how money works and tailor a financial strategy that's unique to their business vision.
    Learn more at YourCoreSolution.com or follow Chelsea on Insta @the_money_whisper

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    110. Gordy Bal: The New Millionaire's Playbook

    110. Gordy Bal: The New Millionaire's Playbook

    Gordy Bal is a heart-centered entrepreneur, impact investor, and visionary leader. He is the author of The New Millionaire’s Playbook, and the founder of CTR.com, which consists of Conscious Partners and CTR Capital. Through these organizations, he has spearheaded the transformation of early startups into billion-dollar powerhouses.
    Gordy’s aim is to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness and create a future where humanity and the planet can thrive harmoniously. Harnessing this commitment, Gordy has dedicated himself to creating a world where business, finance, and human consciousness seamlessly co-exist.
    With over a decade of trailblazing experience in digital marketing, Gordy's expertise has cultivated industry-leading companies. He has become a highly sought-after advisor, mentor, and coach to entrepreneurs and investors seeking his unparalleled guidance.
    Gordy's passionate pursuits extend far beyond financial realms, delving into the intersection of science, technology, and spirituality. Holding a degree in Psychology with a neuroscience emphasis, he remains at the forefront of these fields, forging an inspiring body of work centered around the profound notion that thoughts are the ultimate form of currency.
    Follow Gordy on Insta @balgordy

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
36 Ratings

36 Ratings

pinkyodax3 ,

Great podcast for entrepreneurs

Love the getting deeper insights from entrepreneurs, not only about business but also how they conduct and manage their personal lives. Mindie is an amazing host and I admire her style of conversation with guests on the show!

MusicPassionHappy ,

Level up your business and unleash your potential!

The Lucra podcast hosted by Mindie Kniss is a game-changer for entrepreneurs and established businesses. Mindie delivers massive heaps of knowledge. I love her authentic approach - no fake stuff here. She shares her personal failures and successes and her guests are outstanding. Every episode delivers practical insights and actionable strategies. If you seek real business wisdom to master essential business skills, redefine wealth and your mindset, Mindie's Lucra podcast is 1000% worth your time!

Vaunalyn ,

The BEST financial podcast I’ve found!

The Lucra Life podcast has completely changed my financial mindset! Thank you for this gift Mindie Kniss.

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