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A podcast about Leftist Politics and Christianity

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A podcast about Leftist Politics and Christianity

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4.8 out of 5
114 Ratings

114 Ratings

StarUstin ,

Here it is. It’s a thing. That I am doing. I am doing a thing.

In the continued effort to dethrone Joel NOsteen from Podcastopia, I shall henceforth and always submit this review to posterity. Gotta shift them Al Gore Rhythms 🤣

The amount of wit and whimsy I feel is necessary to craft an appropriate review is outside my grasp, so allow me to simply say that there is not an episode where I don’t say “I love these gals so much.” Actually I say “boys” 👬 but ya know... “gals” 👭
Also, “yeah, for sure” and “yeah, I think so” are mantras of sorts betwixt you... I wanna see an epic throw down on things upon which you two DON’T agree. Similarly, I hope some day you have some guests that you don’t necessarily agree with but with whom you have an authentic dialogue about said disagreements.
It would also be a dandy thing to have your spouses on the show to have them in dialogue with you about how these things show up for them OR to just have them replace you for an episode so we get their 🔥 hot takes on you two! HA!

You both give voice to and language for what I believe so many folks are feeling and show us that there is a wide net of support for such amazingly important leftist Christianity. Thanks for revitalizing Christians For Socialism. In a world where I feel I hear “I feel so isolated,” you prove that we’re actually a lot closer to each other than we know.
Thanks for providing hours of ear-tingling delight, robust intellectualism, a dash of shenanigans, and perpetually poignant inspiration to dream and scheme for a better church and a better way of being in the world. Also, thanks for giving me permission to load FIF back on my phone.

I’ll be ordering shirts and stickers soon. Oh, and let me into the Basement...?

K, bye.


tuckjosh ,

Literal fake news

Spreading extreme misinformation on the Venezuelan conflict/brutal dictatorship. Reported to the government.

Advoir ,

It’s Very Good!

I had to go back and binge-listen every available episode. If you’re into Christianity and leftist politics, this podcast is your new home. Everything from Paul Virilio to A.E. Smith, Christians For Socialism to the Friendly Fire Collective. The hosts are not at all nerdy, awkward, or self-deprecating. Masterful segues. Theological expertise. My only complaint is they don’t talk about violence nearly enough. #20vineteen #joelnosteen

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