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A sports-centric podcast, hosted by Paul Sanchez and Reid Johnson, covering news and opinions related to the CFL, XFL and other "alt-football" leagues outside the NFL.

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A sports-centric podcast, hosted by Paul Sanchez and Reid Johnson, covering news and opinions related to the CFL, XFL and other "alt-football" leagues outside the NFL.

    Episode 76 - There Will Be Blood and USFL Football

    Episode 76 - There Will Be Blood and USFL Football

    The USFL has officially announced TWO more of their head coaches for the 2022 season, we have interviews with former USFL QB Mike Hohensee and Calgary Stampeders offensive lineman Derek Dennis, PLUS we have a new feud in the world of alternative football coverage by way of Colin Cowherd and The Herd program!

    Via The Herd, the USFL has announced Skip Holtz as the USFL Birmingham Stallions head coach and Kirby Wilson as the USFL Pittsburgh Maulers head coach. We break down two recent hires plus figure out what the heck happened to the TWO other rumored head coach announcements today. What do we think of the current USFL coaching staff which also includes Mike Riley with the New Jersey Generals, Kevin Summon with the Houston Gamblers, Todd Haley helming the Tampa Bay Bandits and Bart Andrus with the Philadelphia Stars. We run down some other USFL news and notes to prepare you for the upcoming April 2022 kickoff in Birmingham.

    Former USFL Washington Federals QB Mike Hohensee joins the show to talk through his past history with the USFL, CFL and AFL. Mike has been around the block coaching and playing in MANY forms of alternative football, so he knows the importance these leagues have for developing players, coaches and staff. We also get the Arena Football League Hall of Famer’s thoughts on the NEW USFL and Fan Control Football while we’re at it.

    CFL standout and newly re-signed Calgary Stampeders offensive lineman Derek Dennis also stops by the program. We cover his feelings about returning to Calgary, his thoughts about the 2021 CFL season and what he believes more CFL players should be doing to look out for themselves when it comes to getting paid OFF the field. The CFL has many ways in which it could and should improve, what does Derek Dennis thin are the most pressing issues facing the CFL headed into their 2022 season and what would he do to help solve them.

    We run down the latest CFL off-season news and notes, talk through the latest CFL signings both on the field with players and on the sidelines with staff, chat the latest XFL news and give our thoughts on The Rock’s Monday Night Football appearance on the Manningcast to talk about the XFL.

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    Episode 75 - USFLTs

    Episode 75 - USFLTs

    Is the XFL at “ground level” when it comes to planning for their 2023 season? XFL and USFL scouts are making the rounds, Lucky Whitehead from the BC Lions, Danny Austin from the Calgary Sun & Herald plus USFL historian and author Paul Reeths join the show!
    In his recent podcast “Go Long”, Jim Monos the Senior Director of Football Operations spoke about the XFL being at “ground level” moving into the 2023 season, should fans be alarmed? We play the clip and chat through our thoughts and welcome your own. Plus XFL and USFL scouts are on the move, as the USFL goes another week without announcing the remainder of their head coaches for the 2022 season due to kick off in April.
    We welcome Lucky Whitehead onto the show! The recently re-signed BC Lions star wide receiver talks through his injury and return to the field, plans to excel and succeed in 2022 and what it means for his team, the BC Lions to put their faith and trust in him moving into the 2022 CFL season.
    Danny Austin, longtime “frenemy” of the show from the Calgary Sun & Herald stops by to chat about the recent roster moves for the Calgary Stampeders. From Derek Dennis being re-signed to the reworked contract of Bo Levi Mitchell to help retain backup QB Jake Maier, there’s plenty to chew on in terms of off-season moves for Calgary as they look ahead to the 2022 CFL season. We also take a deep-dive into how the CFL could improve their marketing efforts with or without the XFL moving forward, and what, if anything the recently announced Genius Sports deal means for the CFL’s attempt to grow its fanbase.
    Finally, USFL historian and author Paul Reeths of the book The United States Football League, 1982-1986 joins the program to chat through some recent potential missteps involving the USFL’s return to play, was the lack of information heading into a spring 2022 USFL kickoff means, and what the USFL should be doing to incorporate in its past, which is seems ready to take advantage of, but hesitant to acknowledge.

    This all plus recent CFL off-season notes and movements, USFL and XFL scouts are in the news, Fan Controlled Football has a recent cash influx, is Antonio Brown headed to the USFL, FCF or neither and why the FCF social media should stop bullying its fans online. Strap in and grab a sandwich, it’s a jam-packed show!

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    Episode 74 - The XFL’s International Love

    Episode 74 - The XFL’s International Love

    We’re talking about the USFL head coach announcements, USFL Training Camps, the USFL “draft” and USFL training camps on this week’s episode of The Markcast. PLUS does the XFL have international plans for expansion? We tackle that question and catch up with CFL Montreal Alouettes star Quarterback Vernon Adams Jr.

    FOX Sports and the USFL have officially announced 4 of their 8 head coaches. We break down the announcement, who was left out, who should have been left in, and also give backgrounds and biography info on the USFL head coaches. The USFL also released some details this week about their “player selection meeting “ also known as the USFL draft, and announced when the USFL training camps and USFL kickoff would be.

    The XFL filed some new international trademarks as well as posted a new job listing about international venues and ticketing operations. What does that mean for the upcoming XFL city and XFL team announcements? We answer all of those questions and more as we look forward to the upcoming XFL city/team announcements.

    Finally, and not to bury the lead, we bring on fan-favorite CFL Quarterback Vernon Adams Jr. to hear about his road to recovery from an injury which derailed his 2021 season and has him set to reclaim the reigns of the Montreal Alouettes in 2022. We also talk through his journey to the CFL, answer fan/listener voicemails and get his thoughts on the recent Alouettes hires of Jeff Reinebold, formerly of the Hamilton Ticats and Anthony Calvillo as the new Montreal Alouettes Quarterbacks coach who will be working alongside Vernon Adams Jr. in 2022.

    That plus all your other CFL, USFL and XFL news on this week’s The Markcast, hope you enjoy!!!

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    Episode 73 - The XFL/CFL News Hub Crossover

    Episode 73 - The XFL/CFL News Hub Crossover

    It's the holiday CROSSOVER event of the year! XFL and CFL News Hub editor Mark Perry joins us on the show to run down the latest CFL, XFL and USFL news.
    Mark Perry makes his long-awaited appearance on The Markcast to answer YOUR XFL, CFL and USFL questions and to predict what will happen for all three of the leagues heading in 2022 and beyond. Where will the XFL 2022 home cities be and what will the teams be called? What XFL teams might be returning and what XFL might not? We tackle these pressing questions as well and try to pin down the TV networks best suited to host the XFL in 2023 opposite a possible year 2 of the USFL in the impeding SPRING FOOTBALL WARS!!!
    Then, lots of CFL off-season movements are taking place, we track the latest hires for the Toronto Argonauts, the Edmonton Elks and signings for the BC Lions. We look at Richie Leone’s comments about the lack of social media marketing for the CFL, talk through some notable CFL team releases and make fun of the Bengals/Ravens for having too many men on the field.
    There’s also some very interesting XFL intrigue potentially unfolding as the XFL looks to patent the coach-player communications system created by XFL rules inventor Sam Schwartzstein in the original XFL. Also, EVERYone thinks the St. Louis Battlehawks are returning and we chat through what would possibly be the least shocking announcement ever when the XFL finally unveils their plans for 2023 and beyond.
    From all of us at The Markcast, whether you are a CFL, XFL or USFL fan, happy holidays and here’s to a fresh, new, and exciting 2022 in the world of alternative football! Make sure to like and subscribe to stay up to date!

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    Episode 72 - Team XFL or Team USFL?

    Episode 72 - Team XFL or Team USFL?

    The Rock has officially broken Twitter by leaking that the XFL will be announcing “new teams, new cities” in the next 1-2 months on CNBC’s TechCheck and we have XFL insider Mike Mitchell to answer all of your XFL, USFL and CFL questions on a LOADED show.

    XFL NewsHub’s XFL insider Mike Mitchell joins us for a return appearance breaking down all of the latest XFL rumors, the USFL TV deals, fallout from the CFL 2021 season and more! With the news coming out today via The Rock about potentially NEW teams and cities coming in the XFL 2023 re-launch, AND the recent crop of XFL hires including Russ Giglio, Jim Monos, Brad Campbell, we have PLENTY to talk about. PLUS we answer listener voicemails on all of the latest XFL, USFL and CFL news with Mike Mitchell.

    THEN it’s the new hot debate, are you Team XFL or Team USFL? Reid channels his inner Twilight fandom to bring about the next great debate to flood the online message boards!

    PLUS we tackle all of the latest CFL news including Chris Jones returning to the Edmonton Elks, the REDBLACKS officially announcing their new GM Shawn Burke, Orlando Steinauer staying put with the Hamilton Ticats, year-end CFL fines for McLeod Bethel-Thompson/Chris Edwards and more! We run down some OTHER XFL news and give some insights/analysis on the latest batch of USFL promos to air on FOX during the recent NFL slate of games.

    From all of us at The Markcast, we wish you a happy holiday season, thanks for listening/watching!

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    Episode 71 - The Grey Cup, or There and Back Again

    Episode 71 - The Grey Cup, or There and Back Again

    We’re talking new USFL TV deals, Grey Cup fallout, the CFL 2022 schedule and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ celebration on this week’s episode of The Markcast. Tom Mayenknecht of The Sport Market (@TheSportMarket), Ed Tait of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Tim Baines of the Ottawa Sun all make return appearances!

    The 2022 CFL schedule is here! We break down the latest with CFL Hall of Fame reporter Ed Tait of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. We also get Ed’s thoughts on the Grey Cup championship game, the Blue Bombers celebration party and what the team needs to do to “three-peat” in 2023.

    Tim Baines of the Ottawa Sun stops by to share his thoughts on the Grey Cup 2021 festival, thoughts on the “State of the CFL” and the latest on Trevor Harris and Vernon Adams Jr. Tim talks about the future of the CFL, potential rule changes and what needs to be done (or definitely not done) in attempts to grow the CFL game in the off-season.

    Tom Mayenknecht of The Sport Market (@TheSportMarket) then makes a return appearance to give his thoughts on Randy Ambrosie’s recent “State of the CFL” address and newly announced deal with Genius Sports. What’s the CFL’s game plan moving forward and is it enough to offset the recent below expected ratings for the 2021 Grey Cup game.

    The USFL is also in the news with the “official” announcement of the FOX and NBC TV deals to carry the 2021 USFL games on FOX, NBC, USA Network and Peacock. Is there enough time to build anticipation for the 2021 USFL kickoff in April? Why would FOX want to give NBC content for their network? We answer these questions and more.

    We’re launching another giveaway as we enter the CFL off-season and presumed USFL pre-season, so people subscribe to help up grow our channel! Plus we catch up on Taylor Heinicke and PJ Walker, run down the latest CFL news entering the first week of the off-season and more.

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4.6 out of 5
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51 Ratings

CFLAmerica fan ,

Great Show

However both are ultra sensitive to any criticism and cry and whine when they or their boss Mark Perry is called out on social media.



Great listen with plenty of laughs.

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Alt-football forever

Great hosts, great guests. Perfect listen for alt-football fans

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