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The Matt Kollock Show is a podcast about music, culture, spirituality and psychedelic stuff among other things.

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The Matt Kollock Show is a podcast about music, culture, spirituality and psychedelic stuff among other things.

    TMKS #25 – My Songwriting Evolution

    TMKS #25 – My Songwriting Evolution

    It's episode 25 of The Matt Kollock Show! 
    A milestone episode, for sure. It took three years to get here. So, like, eight eps a year. Not bad! Not great, but also not bad! 
    I launched the show back in April of 2020. Took a break and brought it back in January of 2021. Took all of 2022 off! It was unclear whether the show would return or not. But here we are. Feels like a groove. I'm going to keep it going. 
    Five Years of Singer-Songwriting 
    Today I brought my guitar to the show for a very special edition of the podcast. I realized it's been about five years since I started taking my music career seriously again. Five years since I started writing songs with such a serious career in mind. I wanted to use this episode of the podcast to explore the evolution of my songwriting since 2018, and I think I did a pretty good job. 
    A lot has changed. Much has remained the same. I've grown. My songs are better. But my old songs are really good, too! I am confident. I have goals. There are challenges I want to face. Ideas and concepts to explore. 
    I spend today's introduction catching you up on all the stuff, including news regarding cannabis consumption, psychedelics, skiing, exercise, The Artist's Way and more. 
    And then I get into the songwriting talk. I think I got somewhere. I think I discovered some things. And revealed them. 
    Relevant Linkages 
    My website 
    A performance of “The Painter” from 2022 (I discussed this song in the podcast, but failed to provide musical illumination of it) 
    Blog post – "25 Ways to Become a Better Songwriter" 
    The Matt Kollock Show episode 10 – "How To Be a Better Songwriter" 
    The Matt Kollock Show episode 24 – “Did I Just Blow My Big Break? (feat. Annie Sanchez)” 
    Recent blog post – “9 Pics That Prove Mantequilla Is the Cutest Kitty” 
    Annie's website 
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    Thanks for listening! I'll be back with episode 26 in two weeks. Until then, shine on! 

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    TMKS #24 – Did I Just Blow My Big Break? (feat. Annie Sanchez)

    TMKS #24 – Did I Just Blow My Big Break? (feat. Annie Sanchez)

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    It's been two episodes – and nearly two years – since there's been a guest on The Matt Kollock Show. That makes today's episode a real game changer. 
    I wanted to have Annie Sanchez, the love of my life, on the show to talk about a recent whirlwind experience from the world of her life and business. In case you aren't aware, Annie is the CEO of Mariposa Strategies. She is the “Queen of the In Between.” She is a podcaster. She is pretty amazing. 
    Recently, Annie was interviewed as a guest on another pretty-big-deal podcast. So much pressure and so much preparation went into this appearance. The interview has happened. It's done. But the episode has not yet been released. It's such an interesting and specific place to be as a creative entrepreneur! And I'm glad to have captured Annie's mind state at this particular time. 
    Annie and I mentioned a lot of stuff in today's episode. Here are the relevant links! 
    The Hello 7 Podcast on YouTube 
    The Courage Culture & Clarity Podcast by Annie Sanchez on Spotify 
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    Annie's website 
    My recent blog post, “Contests” 
    radio free fedi (the internet radio station I keep checking) 
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    Every Other Tuesday A New Damn Thing 
    I am going to really do it. Keep the podcast going. Regularly. Once a week seems a little too daunting, to be honest. So I'm going to put The Matt Kollock Show on a bi-weekly schedule. Wait, does that mean twice a week or every other week? Shit, I don't remember. 
    The point is that I'm going to release a new episode of the podcast every other week. So there will be a new 'sode on Tuesday, April 4th, 2023. Nice! 
    On the Tuesdays the podcast is off, I will publish a blog post. So you can depend on new content from me each and every Tuesday, one way or another. We'll see how long we can keep this shit up! I hope you hang with me. 
    Thanks so much for listening to the podcast, friends! It means a lot to have you on this journey with me. Annie appreciates it, too. I'll see you next time. Shine on! 

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    TMKS #23 – Do You Feel ’DO YOU FEEL IT TOO?’?

    TMKS #23 – Do You Feel ’DO YOU FEEL IT TOO?’?

    The Matt Kollock Show is back! 
    It's been nearly two years. Two years that felt like 20 years in so many ways. So much has happened! 
    But I'm still Matt Kollock. I'm still making music and then podcasting about that music. It's just what I do. And it looks like 2023 is going to be the kind of year where that happens a lot more than it has. 
    So here we are. 
    New Matt Kollock Music! 
    I've got a new EP out. It's called DO YOU FEEL IT TOO? and it's available on all the platforms. You can even purchase it from this website. Sweet! I wrote and recorded it over the course of three inspired weeks in January and into February of this year. 
    Today I talked at length about the making of this little record. Into my podcasting microphone. Having hit “record” in my recording software. Documentation! 
    Episode 23 of the podcast goes deep into the making of DO YOU FEEL IT TOO? I offer some pretty sweet nuggets about how it all came together. The ideas and art that inspired it. The nature of its coming into being. The blow by blow. Whatever questions you may have about the EP are surely answered in this very special resurrection episode of the p'cast. 
    You'll learn: 
    How Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way has inspired the new music/art I'm making 
    About why I decided to change the keys of a couple of songs before recording them 
    How artists like Mac DeMarco, Jeff Tweedy, John Frusciante and Erykah Badu influenced my creative decision making 
    What budget microphone I used to record vocals, acoustic guitar and percussion – and why (and how Lou Reed factors into the whole thing) 
    How the cover art for the EP came to be 
    What I have been up to since May of 2021, when the next most recent episode of the podcast was released 
    How Annie and Mantequilla contributed to the project 
    What song Spotify chose to place on followers' Release Radar playlists 
    Much more! 
    So there you go. The show is back. It felt good to make. Just like DO YOU FEEL IT TOO?  
    Let's Connect, Okay? 
    What do you think? How has your 2023 been going? Making anything? Ever engaged with The Artist's Way? I would love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to email me at matt@mattkollock.com. We'll figure shit out. I know it! 

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    TMKS #22 – Jump On Top Of microorganism

    TMKS #22 – Jump On Top Of microorganism

    Welcome to episode 22 of The Matt Kollock Show! 
    In this final installment of the album's oral history, I get into what it took to finish the album in the final months of its creation. Big stuff! All of a sudden, the one-year anniversary of quarantine was approaching – and passing. Would I get the fucker done? 
    Yeah, of course I did! And now the album has been out for a whole week. What? What's going on with time? 
    This episode of the podcast also dives really, really deep into the final two tracks on microorganism: "Jump On Top Of The World (With Me)" and "Everybody Ascends." Nice! The wonderful and lovely Annie Sanchez returns in this one to talk about writing and performing "Everybody Ascends." Lots of insights! 
    I'm assuming you've listened to the previous two episodes of the podcast. Have you? If not, check out these guys: 
    TMKS # 20 – Everybody Needs To Ascend (feat. Annie Sanchez) 
    TMKS #21 – Everybody Gives Bees Along 
    Also, have a look at this blog post, which lists all the places from which the album can be streamed and-or purchased. Groovy! 
    One of the plot points in today's installment of the story revolves around my friend Jasmine's Archives for Aliens podcast. Listen to episode 14 (the one I'm a guest on) wherever you get your podcasts. Here's the Spotify link. Check it out! 
    So, So Many, Many Thanks, Thanks 
    Wow! We have reached the conclusion of microorganism Release Week. I'm really happy to be here. I'm glad you're with me. I am ready to take a break now. This has been a lot. But it's also been a top-ten highlight of my life. Making the album. Putting it out. Telling you all about it. Having you tell me all about it. This is the shit. 
    Oh yeah, I mentioned my distributor, Distrokid, in this episode. If you have some music you want to release, I encourage you to use their service! It's reasonably priced and highly reliable. It just works! Here's a link you can use to get 7% off! 
    I am really grateful, friends. For those of you who have been with me. For those who are no longer with me. For those who have yet to be with me. I love you all. Thank you. 
    If you'd like to continue your support as we move forward, please continue to listen to the album. Purchase a copy if you can and if you haven't already. We're trying to sell 700 of these and we have more than 600 sales to go to get there! Tell your friends! All that! 
    You can buy the album here on this website (it's right on the home page!). Or you can choose your price (as long as it's $7.00 or more) on Bandcamp. It's all good. I appreciate your support and your kind attention! 

    I've got plans for upcoming recordings! I can't do it without some resources, though. This is where Patreon comes in. Please consider supporting me there, won't you? 
    Become a Patron! 

    All right. That's all I've got. Thank you for listening to the show! 
    Stay tuned for more adventures on the podcast. Some really, really good shit is about to happen. Watch this space! 

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    TMKS #21 – Everybody Gives Bees Along

    TMKS #21 – Everybody Gives Bees Along

    You made it back! 
    Welcome to Episode 21 of The Matt Kollock Show! 
    It's the second installment of microorganism's oral history. And historically the middle ones of these things are the best, right? We'll see about that. 
    This episode of the show takes a tour through the main meat of the album. Tracks two through five are discussed here. I also get into the story of the album's making from August, 2020 to the end of that wild and wooly year. Damn. 
    Hashtag Gratitude 
    Thank you so much, sweet friend, for following along on this absurdly detailed journey through the making of microorganism. Like I say in this episode, I love that this not-even-half-hour-long album is receiving so many hours of documentation. Nice. I'm really glad you're here. 
    If you haven't already streamed the album, I have a nice list of all the places where it's available right here! 
    Of course, microorganism is also available for purchase on Bandcamp. Groovy! No matter where you go to purchase the album, it should be just seven bucks. I feel like that's a pretty good value, don't you? 
    Oh yeah, there's also Patreon! Not a lot is going on over there right now; I have to be honest. But Annie and I have some big plans, and they involve Patreon in a big, big way. Huge. Join now and get in on the ground floor! 
    Become a Patron!
    All right. This is just the middle part. It's a good one. But it's not the final part of this particular journey. Stay tuned for that, friend. Soon. Really soon. I love you. 

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    TMKS #20 – Everybody Needs To Ascend (feat. Annie Sanchez)

    TMKS #20 – Everybody Needs To Ascend (feat. Annie Sanchez)

    It's episode 20 of The Matt Kollock Show podcast! Holy shit! We did it! 
    It's also microorganism Release Week here on mattkollock.com. Nice! 
    So on today's big-time, super-sized, extra-large, power-packed podcast, we discuss the album and its creation. Lots of fun stories and wild memories. Damn. 
    I also present my sweetie, Annie Sanchez, who contributed to the album in a major way. This is the first interview on The Matt Kollock Show since way back in episode four. Groovy! 
    The Oral History of microorganism 
    This episode and the next two will present the oral history of microorganism's making. Today is all about Annie, of course, but I also get into the first phase of making the album in a solo chat. I cover that exciting, unforgettable time period extending from the middle of March, 2020 to the end of July, 2020. Lots of stuff happened. Not necessarily with the album, but the album could not have been made without that stuff happening. I talk about it all. 
    In the following segment, Annie and I have a great conversation about her, us and what it was like to live in this house during the past 14 months. It has not always been easy. 
    And yet, here we are! 
    The Trilogy Continues 
    This trio of episodes continues, then concludes with episodes 21 and 22, which will arrive just as soon as I can put them out. In the next installment, I will cover the time period from the beginning of August 2020 to the end of the year. Spoiler alert: We got a kitty!!! The final installment, episode 22, will cover the final, magical push to get the album completed and into your ears. 
    These are very special episodes of the podcast. I'm so glad you're here to take them in. 
    Get That Album, Won't You? 
    Friends, I am so happy to be able to share this podcast with you. Thank you for being with me for 20 damn episodes. I am even more happy to be able to share microorganism with you. Soon! 
    In the meantime, you can pre order the album from Bandcamp for just $7. Nice! Or, you can pre save the album on Spotify so it's ready to go into your ears right away when it comes out on Friday. I will love you either way. 
    Remember, microorganism Release Week continues with two more sweet, sweet podcast episodes. Don't go anywhere! 
    Become a Patron!

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