The Mindset and Self-Mastery Show Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

Jeff - Food4Thought ,

Nick is an amazing host!

I had the privilege to be a guest on The Mindset and Self-Mastery Show. Nick was an amazing host and made me feel welcome, comfortable, and able to be fully authentic. We dove right into the nitty gritty of how I ended up in the work that I do today.

Nick brought great energy, questions, and conversation to our interaction and I highly recommend that you give his show a listen.

He attracts awesome guests and holds deep and meaningful conversations!

WellFedbyGijiMD ,

Lots of Variety

Nick has lots of interesting guests with many fascinating stories. He brings forth a lot of transparency. Some of the shows contain a bit more profanity than I can deal with but I'm guessing I am in the minority amongst his audience. And I appreciate Nick's approach to addressing trauma, discussing choice and personal accountability, and pointing towrd the hope of overcoming.

Prince_kf ,

Amazing Show! Amazing Host!

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on this Podcast, and it was truly the best experience! Nick asked great questions, and we ended up having a great conversation - I hope our episode inspires people to step out of their own way, in order to step into their destiny! This podcast is helpful, informative and inspiring!

Ritz202 ,

Incredible insights!

Love the guests and real raw stories. Keep ‘em coming

cdmDaisy ,

Awesome insights!

Nick is a super skilled host. He asks his guests the kinds of questions that elicit deep, substantive answers that provide useful perspective and insight for all listeners. Cannot say enough good things!

BillionDollarMatt ,

From listener to subscriber! It’s a must

Nick is the leader that will take you from listener to subscriber through his approach which allows his audience to extract every golden nugget possible. After listening to a few episodes, it’s evident Nick knows exactly what to ask and when to ask it to bring about the utmost value for his listeners. Thank you, Nick! Excited to subscribe and dive into more episodes asap.

mattjonesz ,

Everyone has a story. Every life is a journey.

Nick’s guests share their stories, ups, downs, decisions made and how their mindset helped them overcome the odds and be the hero of their own stories.

@coreyquinn ,

Mindset is 80% of the game

Take it from the greats: Kobe Bryant, Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan and so many others. They’ll all tell you the same: Skills can only take you so far. If you want to be great, you have to master your mindset in addition to your skills. That’s why I love this show. I get to hear from like-minded people who are on the path to mindset and mastery. Thanks for a great show, Nick!

Casey_stubbs ,

Mindset is everything

Nick is a great host. This is the type of content that people wanting to grow must consume. Listen to it and take action on the mindset tips you learn here.

Claaaaarice. ,

Authentic & thought provoking

Nick is a great host and asks probing questions that really get his guests thinking. Guests are interesting and varied in personality which gives the show good variety.