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The MSDW Podcast dives into the latest news and events in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM community. Produced by the editors of MSDynamicsWorld.com, the podcast features interviews and discussions on the latest issues confronting Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, and CRM users and professionals.

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The MSDW Podcast dives into the latest news and events in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM community. Produced by the editors of MSDynamicsWorld.com, the podcast features interviews and discussions on the latest issues confronting Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, and CRM users and professionals.

    MSDW Podcast: News Roundup, December 2022

    MSDW Podcast: News Roundup, December 2022

    On this news roundup episode of the MSDW Podcast, our editorial team recaps recent coveraging including news from the Business Central partner channel, Microsoft's marketing executive shakeup, Power Platform licensing, SAP opportunities, cloud consumer protections, and more.
    Articles discussed in this episode include:
    Directions EMEA: Dynamics 365 Business Central updates cross product lines as Microsoft re-organizes marketing leadership Microsoft CVP Alysa Taylor departs Business Applications group to work on Azure + Industry Microsoft launches read-only Teams access to Dynamics 365 Business Central, seeks roadmap input With Power Pages launch, Microsoft shifts to MAU licensing Microsoft Power Pages helps government agencies connect with constituents Microsoft 2023 Q1: Azure, Business Apps revenue growth slows, but earnings outperform SAP on Azure: Migration options mature as Microsoft, partner technology evolves Microsoft prolongs mainstream support for Dynamics SL, but end of extended support won't change Dynamics 365 and Power Platform at Microsoft Ignite 2022: What the session schedule says about product priorities Consumer Protection in the Cloud: Why governments struggle to keep pace with tech Top three retail industry trends of 2022 & 2023 How Important Is Transparency On Dynamics 365 User Metrics?

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    How do business documents fit into your Dynamics implementation?

    How do business documents fit into your Dynamics implementation?

    This episode is sponsored by Formpipe.
    Every Dynamics 365 ERP implementation must deal with business documents, whether printed or digital. An cloud ERP migration is a great opportunity to modernize document management, says our guest, Jeff Goffinet, North America Partner Sales Director at Formpipe. He shares stories of how companies in various industries have approached their digital transformations with document management in mind and the ways industry-specific needs can drive priorities.
    Jeff offers guidance from recent Dynamics implementations on how to factor document management into an ERP modernization project, explains how Formpipe's Lasernet and Autoform DM solutions work with Dynamics, and provides an update on the company's 2023 outlook.
    Show Notes
    2:00 - The kinds of projects Jeff is seeing in the Dynamics ERP space today 6:30 - The challenges of including advanced capabilities in an ERP implementation 9:00 - Discussing industry-specific needs for document management, from labels and invoices to other customer facing documents 14:30 - Dealing with unique integrations and other custom work 16:45 - How Dynamics users interface with a document platform 19:00 - How much business is still done on paper and Jeff's perspective on the shift to digital 22:45 - How customers understand their document management needs and map them to solutions like Formpipe's 29:00 - Product outlook for 2023  
    For more information on Formpipe and its document management solutions for Dynamics, please visit: www.formpipe.com or please check out Formpipe content on MSDW.

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    The Benefits of Dynamics GP Upgrades

    The Benefits of Dynamics GP Upgrades

    This episode is sponsored by Enavate.
    Microsoft Dynamics GP customers have a lot of consider as they plan for 2023. The product's outlook remains unchanged, despite some confusion caused by Microsoft in recent weeks. But with the move to Microsoft's modern lifecycle and the ongoing push for greater Business Central adoption, GP customers need to understand what their upgrade path looks like and how they can best navigate the decisions around it from a range of perspectives.
    Our guests on this episode, Tim McHale and Pamala Turner of Enavate's GP services team, tell us about what they are working on with GP customers these days. As a team of over a dozen product experts, they are busier than ever supporting the needs of GP customers. Upgrades remain in high demand and other topics, like future support for ISV solutions and migrating to cloud infrastructure continue to challenge customers.
    Show Notes:
    1:00 - About Enavate's GP pod 6:00 - What are GP customers asking for today? 7:30 - How to navigate a GP upgrade to get onto the Modern Lifecycle 11:30 - Some broader Microsoft technology updates that impact GP customers 13:15 - Why deprecation of Basic Authentication is so important 16:30 - ISV role in upgrading their GP-related code 18:00 - The real status of the GP roadmap 23:30 - What staying current with GP means for planning for future technology options in ERP and beyond 25:00 - Estimating costs and factors that influence it 28:30 - Typical cloud migration options 31:00 - Customer feedback to Enavate's GP team More resources from Enavate:
    Why You Should Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics GP 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Dynamics GP Migrating from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central

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    Beyond standard bank reconciliation in Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Beyond standard bank reconciliation in Dynamics 365 Business Central

    This episode is sponsored by Nolan Business Solutions.
    Nolan Business Solutions recently launched their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution for cash management. We are joined by Carole D'Arcy and Derek Beaupre of Nolan to get their perspective on bringing a successful solution from the Dynamics GP world to Business Central. They tell us why ISVs like Nolan who are bringing mature solutions to BC is so crucial for partners looking to sell both new BC deployments and to upgrade legacy Dynamics ERP customers. We also dive into the topic of how the commerce channels is driving the demand for solutions that can handle complex cash reconciliation challenges. Derek and Carole explain how to evaluate BC's standard cash management capabilities, share their outlook on the BC roadmap, and provide an update on Nolan's product roadmap.
    Show Notes:
    2:30 - Nolan's evolution as a solution provider in the ERP channel 4:30 - The challenge of standardizing institutional wisdom and informal processes as part of an ERP deployment 6:00 - What the growth in multi-channel business means for doing cash reconciliation 8:30 - Microsoft's progress with cash management in Business Central out of the box 10:30 - Has Microsoft made it easier for customers to adopt ISV solutions as part of Business Central deployments? 11:30 - Sharing Nolan's experience in adding a BC product after many years supporting GP customers 14:30 - What today's Business Central customer engagement looks like and how it differs from ERP projects of the past 16:30 - What partners expect from a solution vendor when it comes to adding cash management on a BC project 19:30 - Trends driving clients' demands for the future 24:45 - The importance of building community connections More information from Nolan Business Solutions:
    Nolan Business Solutions site On-Demand Webcast: How to Accelerate Your D365 Business Central Cash Reconciliation Process

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    What's changed for SMB Dynamics partners in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program

    What's changed for SMB Dynamics partners in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program

    We talked to Peter Wolf of Azamba and AJ Ansari of DSWi in May just after Microsoft announced the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP) and they had a range concerns about how the early details appeared to impact SMB Business Applications partners. In short, the scoring at the time seemed geared toward enterprise-level partners and ran the risk of shutting a whole segment of partners out of the benefits they enjoy today by achieving Gold and Silver status.
    Today, the story is quite a bit different. MCPP has officially launched, but it has evolved for the better, according to AJ and Peter. They've come back to the MSDW Podcast to discuss the SMB-friendly updates, to compare notes on their company's scores in the new model, and to do their best to break down some of the scoring criteria as Microsoft has explained it.
    While Peter and AJ both say the program is still far from perfect, they give Microsoft credit for the improvements thus far.
    Show Notes:
    Microsoft's documentation on eligible customers and workloads Microsoft's announcement of updated solution designations for Enterprise and SMB Business Applications partners Monthly consumption value: Microsoft Learn AJ's Links:
    Twitter: @AJAnsariNAV LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajansari Business Journals Leadership Trust Peter's Links:
    Twitter: @CRMWolf Linkedin: Peter Wolf | LinkedIn Website: www.azamba.com YouTube: Azamba - YouTube

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    Why CRM automation will set you, and your reps, free

    Why CRM automation will set you, and your reps, free

    This episode is sponsored by AutoPylot Technologies.
    It’s a universal complaint: the sales reps don’t use the CRM. It’s too much effort and takes too much time. As a result, the data in a system like Dynamics 365 Sales is incomplete. CRM may fail to meet expectations, yet the CRM remains the data touchpoint to a range of downstream business processes and decisions.
    In this episode, we talk with Steve Shaw of AutoPylot Technologies Corp. about how and why they have entered the Microsoft Dynamics space with a new mobile app for that integrates D365 with added automation and other smart features to encourage sales reps to capture key data. Steve explains why company decided to enter this competitive market and the early results of upcoming research highlighting the impact automation can have on CRM adoption. We also discuss the complementary nature of AutoPylot and Viva Sales, and how conversational AI always starts with conversations. 
    Show Notes:
    1:15 - AutoPylot's history and the decision to enter the Microsoft space 2:45 - Why sales reps embrace automation, including new research findings 4:45 - Must-have features of sales automation 6:30 - The importance of tracking data to manage the sales process 8:00 - What it takes to deploy an automation solution for sellers on top of CRM 9:15 - How do companies tend to get started with AutoPylot?  10:30 - Engaging with the Microsoft channel 11:30 - Viva Sales and how AutoPylot will complement it and contributer to conversation intelligence 14:45 - Experiences as part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub 16:00 - Why sales automation remains relevant To learn how AutoPylot can solve for your biggest CRM frustration, visit www.autopylot.com. And they will be at booth 640 at Community Summit North America 2022.

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