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The MSDW Podcast dives into the latest news and events in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM community. Produced by the editors of MSDynamicsWorld.com, the podcast features interviews and discussions on the latest issues confronting Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, and CRM users and professionals.

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The MSDW Podcast dives into the latest news and events in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM community. Produced by the editors of MSDynamicsWorld.com, the podcast features interviews and discussions on the latest issues confronting Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, and CRM users and professionals.

    Helping Microsoft Partners with Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration

    Helping Microsoft Partners with Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration

    This episode is sponsored by Enavate.
    Cloud ERP and CRM migrations remain a significant but challenging opportunity for Microsoft partners. From Dynamics GP and NAV to AX and CRM, Dynamics customers are planning for the future of their enterprise solutions, but the path forward is not always clear, both in terms of understanding the technical challenges and planning for the optimal future state.
    Jennifer Ranz and Chad Sogge of Enavate join us on this episode to provide updates on their team's various upgrade and migration tools and programs. A significant portion of Enavate's effort is focused on working with other partners, they explain, because the demand for cloud migration projects remains high even as partner organizations remain stretched.  We discuss the launch of the Dynamics 365 Business Central assessment tool developed by Enavate and its role in the channel. Chad also provides an update on enterprise migrations to F&O and CE.
    And we discuss  what the upgrade and migration landscape looks like overall today, both for partners and for customers. Many of the challenges, risks, and opportunities of the past look very different today, they say, and we discuss how the technology and methodologies have improved.
    Show Notes:
    2:00 - What's new in upgrade services and tools at Enavate 3:30 - The launch of the Dynamics GP to D365 upgrade & migration assessment tool 6:45 - How partners should think about using the GP to Dynamics 365 assessment tool 8:45 - What partners should do if they are not ready to support a Dynamics 365 migration 11:30 - How GP customers can get access to the assessment tool (and share the findings with their partner) 15:45 - Observations based on aggregated, non-identifiable usage metadata from the assessment tool 20:15 - What's new in standard migration assessments to Dynamics 365 F&O and CE and how partners work together on white labeled services 23:45 - Making the channel economic case on increasing the volume of enterprise migrations to the cloud 26:45 - What NAV customers need in an assessment tool for moving to Business Central More from Enavate:
    GP to BC Assessment Tool: enavate.com/partner-assessment Partner Services: enavate.com/partner-services

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    Microsoft Power Platform Conference 2022 Recap

    Microsoft Power Platform Conference 2022 Recap

    The first Microsoft Power Platform Conference (MCCP) 2022 has now concluded, and we catch up with Microsoft MVP Asif Rehmani to discuss what we learned at the event. We review some of the things we learned about Power Platform's position within the larger Microsoft Cloud, how SharePoint will co-exist with it, the various user roles related to Power Platform adoption, and our perception of the Microsoft product team's outlook. We also look ahead to how Power Platform events supported by Microsoft could change in the next year.
    Asif has also written a LinkedIn post sharing his event experiences.
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    Microsoft announces improved Power Platform governance, app coauthoring Microsoft announces Viva Sales general availability with new sales enablement integration

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    Machine Learning in Accounts Payable for Dynamics 365

    Machine Learning in Accounts Payable for Dynamics 365

    Editor's Note: This episode is sponsored by Dooap.
    Machine learning technology has become more common and more accessible in AP automation solutions in recent years. Our guest, Kristin Ewart of Dooap, tells us how her clients are deploying ML as part of their AP and invoice management solutions today and how the experience has transitioned from one of training and modelling to one of passive learning and rapid deployment.
    But all ML capabilities are not created equal, and Kristin offers guidance on what to expect in areas like predictive coding, three way matching, and workflow automation alongside a Dynamics 365 solution. She also shares her observations on what the addition of ML capabilities has done to improve the experiences of workers involved in AP approvals and those responsible for managing those processes.
    Show Notes:
    1:30 - How much and how often is ML used today in AP scenarios? 4:00 - ML capabilities that are adding value in AP automation solutions 7:30 - The relationship between automation and ML training 8:45 - Capturing data based on invoice history with OCR and other ML tools 10:00 - Benefits realized from transitioning from rules-based solutions to ML 14:30 - How ML predictive models work in Dooap today and what passive learning really means 18:00 - What's next for ML in automation scenarios Book a demo with Dooap at www.dooap.com/book-a-demo

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    The value of a platform for business process consumption

    The value of a platform for business process consumption

    This episode is sponsored by Mavim.
    An organization can invest in extensive business process modeling, but without an effective way for workers to access that information, the effort may not lead to any noticeable improvements.
    Our guest on this episode, Shrikanth Balla, product lead for Mavim Portal, focuses his efforts on the challenge of helping an organization's people access process models and consume the guidance to incorporate it into their work. Shrikanth explains more about where the concepts of business process modelling and digital twins align, as well as one of the key touchpoints for process consumption, the enterprise systems like Dynamics ERP and CRM, and Power Platform solutions.
    Show Notes:
    2:00 - What does it mean for a portal to serve as a consumption platform? 5:00 - What are digital twins about in the context of business process? 7:00 - The consumption perspective of a digital twin and its evolution over time 9:45 - The challenge of harmonizing processes 14:00 - Where a portal fits in with an enterprise system like Dynamics or Power Platform 20:30 - Portals in the context of cloud migration efforts by Microsoft customers 23:00 - Why Power Platform is so exciting to Mavim More from Mavim:
    Blog post from Shrikanth Balla Lennard's previous podcast on MSDW Why You Should Be in the Cloud Mavim Opens Up to Microsoft Power Platform to Facilitate Hyperautomation

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    Conversation intelligence's current impact and future promise in sales

    Conversation intelligence's current impact and future promise in sales

    The delivery of sales-related technology solutions never stops evolving, and our guest, Chuck Ingram of  CongruentX, believes advances in conversation intelligence are poised to become a critical piece of the puzzle for sellers. One of the things that makes conversation intelligence so interesting, Chuck explains, is how quickly the segment has emerged and impacted organizations, with specialist vendors taking market share while the CRM behemoths like Microsoft also step up their offerings.
    Chuck explains why his team sees promise across the conversation intelligence landscape, including with Viva Sales, Gong, and in Microsoft's vision around applying Nuance's tools in contact centers and beyond. Momentum in this area has also influenced how CongruentX delivers its services, including an evolving subscription model and new thinking on relationship management thanks to the addition of CRM thought leader JC Quintana.
    Show Notes:
    1:30 - What the CongruentX team is working with clients on today, including refining their subscription model 3:45 - The evolution of service delivery in the Microsoft channel with better monitoring of key metrics and outcomes 6:45 - What excites Chuck about conversation intelligence tech in sales scenarios, both from Microsoft and other vendors 10:00 - How buyers should evaluate their technology options for conversation intelligence 13:00 - The importance of bringing JC Quintana to the CongruentX team and the influence of his expertise in building better relationships 15:45 - How will Viva Sales fit into the conversation intelligence landscape 18:30 - Microsoft's efforts to integrate Nuance into CRM scenarios 21:00 - CongruentX's framework on getting started with conversation intelligence More from CongruentX:
    CongruentX – https://congruentx.com/ Dialogue Prime for Viva Sales - https://resources.congruentx.com/dialogueprimeforvivasales What DialoguePrime for Viva Sales Does:
    Collect unstructured data such as emails and conversations via Microsoft Viva Sales. Identify relationship elements of your conversations that need attention, no matter the channel you use to interact with them. Conversational analysis identifies keywords that represent potential relationship deterioration that often leads to customer churn. Evaluate the sentiment of customer conversations and suggest next action to manage customer expectations and build stronger relationships.

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    Building a digital supply chain

    Building a digital supply chain

    Editor's Note: This episode is sponsored by TIE Kinetix.
    No two companies follow the same path to modernizing their supply chain, but successful supply chain transformation projects share some important characteristics, says our guest Dave Mazur of TIE Kinetix.
    The decision to move ERP to the cloud is one example of a critical moment for many organizations, representing an opportunity to embrace broader changes in both tools and processes. That includes digitizing documents, improving inter-company transactions, and developing ways to adapt to future changes in the supply chain.
    Show Notes:
    1:30 - A broad view of what it means to digitize a supply chain 4:30 - How much paper and manual work still exists in companies today? 6:30 - What are typical ways for companies to become inefficient? 9:00 - Who is leading a supply chain transformation initiative? 13:00 - Supply chain technology improvements and the connection to process modernization 15:00 - The types of team members needed on a transformation project 16:30 - The impact of change on trading partners 18:30 - More recommendations on successful initiatives 22:00 - How to keep the momentum for embracing modern tools over the long term  
    A message from TIE Kinetix:
    For more information on how TIE Kinetix helps Microsoft Dynamics customers digitize their supply chains, please visit TIEKinetix.com or check out their Starter's Guide to Digital Supply Chain Transformation on MSDW.

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