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Exploring dreams, paranormal phenomena, and the unexplained with metaphysical blogger Barbara Graver.

The Mystic Review Barbara Graver

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Exploring dreams, paranormal phenomena, and the unexplained with metaphysical blogger Barbara Graver.

    Mystic Review YouTube Welcome! (EP 3)

    Mystic Review YouTube Welcome! (EP 3)

    Just wanted to share the welcome to my new (actually reclaimed) YouTube channel. All of my podcasts will be posting to YouTube. Many, though probably not all, will have video. So if you like to listen on YouTube please check out YouTube.com/MysticReview!
    Learn more about the Rhine Institute at RhineOnline.org!
    #dreams #paranormal #video

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    EVP Recording: Old Cemetery (EP 2)

    EVP Recording: Old Cemetery (EP 2)

    This is a single word EVP recording that has not been manipulated or altered in any way. You can hear one word (near the end of the recording) which seems to commenting on the human conversation that precedes it. I will doing a future episode on the topic of paranormal investigation but wanted to make the clip available in this one.
    For more on dreams, paranormal investigation and altered states, please follow the show!
    #EVP #paranormalinvestigation #paranormal

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    Catholicism and Consciousness (EP 1)

    Catholicism and Consciousness (EP 1)

    When I was away from the Church, I was fascinated by dreams, paranormal experience, psychic phenomena and the unexplained. For a while, after I came back to the Faith, I stepped away from all of that. Now, I'm seeing things differently.
    In this first episode of the new Mystic Review podcast, I talk about the testimony I was working on how my approach to paranormal experience, NDEs and spiritual dreams helped me see things in a new light.
    As many of you know, this comes on the near eve of (self) publication but I feel I it's something I need to correct. In the book and in life!
    The podcast will cover things like consciousness, dreams, and the paranormal from a more scientific perspective (I said Catholic in the podcast but that's not really right, though we will stay within the boundaries of the faith—which is a bigger place than I previously imagined).
    I hope you will join me!
    Access all episodes and related content at MysticReview.com!
    And please consider following the show in your favorite podcast app!
    #consciousness #dreams #parapsychology

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