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The Night Owl Podcast is a monthly podcast featuring true tales of the paranormal. Trek alongside our host, Stephen Belyeu, as he travels to haunted places, uncovers true ghost stories and digs deep to uncover the mysteries surrounding them. Each episode features candid tales straight from the mouths of those who’ve experienced them. Tune in on the last Monday of every month to hear a new episode.

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The Night Owl Podcast is a monthly podcast featuring true tales of the paranormal. Trek alongside our host, Stephen Belyeu, as he travels to haunted places, uncovers true ghost stories and digs deep to uncover the mysteries surrounding them. Each episode features candid tales straight from the mouths of those who’ve experienced them. Tune in on the last Monday of every month to hear a new episode.

    EP 31: Gaslight Baker Theatre - Part II

    EP 31: Gaslight Baker Theatre - Part II

    Previously, in Episode 30, we began an investigation of a historic theater located in beautiful downtown Lockhart, Texas. We interviewed several people with first-hand accounts of experiences they’d had at the Gaslight Baker Theater. Through their testimony, we learned that they believed the theatre to be inhabited by several otherworldly inhabitants, including the original owner Colonel Baker, a woman or women who’s laughter is often heard coming from the lobby referred to as the laughing lady or ladies, and finally a darker more sinister spirit many have dubbed “the other guy”. Now, we delve deeper into this case by uncovering more eyewitness testimony and on one hot balmy night, we bring along clairvoyant friend Sara to investigate the strange occurrences and paranormal claims surrounding this beautiful historic Theater.

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    Announcement: A Night Owl Pause

    Announcement: A Night Owl Pause

    Hi listeners,

    You may have noticed my absence over these last few weeks as I’ve been taking a break for my physical and mental well-being. It is with a heavy heart that I announce this break will continue for longer than originally planned. For reasons that won’t be discussed, the show will be taking a six month hiatus. My team will continue to upload new content to our Patreon page during this break that include: Q&A sessions with Sara and Alexis, as well as previously unreleased audio from various cases.

    That being said, I know you have been anticipating the release of Episode 31: The Gaslight Baker Theatre Part II. It is on the way, but will, unfortunately, not be ready for release by midnight tonight. We will work to get this episode to you in the not too distant future, but ask for your patience and understanding as we move through these next months. Your kind words of love and support have not gone unrecognized, and I hope that you continue to support the show during this time of much needed rest and self-care.

    2020 has been so challenging for so many people out there and I just want to wish everyone a Happy New year and send my love. The show will continue on, there are just life circumstances that have made it impossible for me to continue at this moment. But I know my true night owls out there are with us, they support us, and they will stay restless as usual awaiting our return.

    All the best, you host, Stephen

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    Night Owl Update and Announcement - Dec 2020

    Night Owl Update and Announcement - Dec 2020

    Dear Night Owls,

    I know we don’t have an episode for you quite yet, but we wanted to take time to wish you all a happy holiday season and let our local Austinites know about our upcoming Holiday Spirits event on December 19th. Due to the challenging new times, ticket sales have been unexpectedly low, so we need to sell 40 more tickets to this event before this Sunday, December 6th to make the event possible.

    Being candid here, I’m struggling to keep the show going during this pandemic. I’ve pushed myself hard to maintain the show as best as I could, but investigating during these times is far more challenging with a lot more obstacles and to be quite honest, it’s been hard to figure out a quality way to record new investigative episodes during this time. Also, the mental and physical tax that this pandemic has had on me personally, outside of the show, is something I can’t simply keep ignoring. So, I wanted to personally address all you awesome Night Owls who have and continue to be such loyal supporters of the show, and say thank you for sticking with us and being understanding of this challenging time.

    The show is going to make it, I just need a little more time to figure out best new practices in this new normal, as well as some time for self-care.

    Please, if you’re around the Austin area, I encourage you to grab your tickets to Holiday Spirits before this Sunday Dec 6th, and help make this event possible to support our show during this challenging time. You’ll also be supporting Pioneer Farms, local artisans and businesses and food trucks by coming out. Not to mention our team members Alexis and Sara will both have booth sphere for their own practices, City Alchemist and Metaphysicalu, so you can visit with them and say hi from a distance! Also, we still need volunteers as well so if you’d like to donate your time and come help the night owl team out, reach out to us at thenightowlpodcast@gmail.com

    Visit https://www.thenightowlpodcast.com/events-1/holiday-spirits for tickets.

    Happy haunted holiday everyone, and we’ll be back soon! Stick with us, stay tuned, and most of all...stay restless.

    Stephen Belyeu & The Night Owl Team

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    EP 30: Gaslight Baker Theatre - Part I

    EP 30: Gaslight Baker Theatre - Part I

    Lockhart is a picturesque small Texas town, infamously dubbed the BBQ capital of Texas because of it’s long-standing establishments serving some of the best in the state. But Lockhart’s more than just a popular day-trip destination for many Texans looking for some good brisket. The history of the town dates back to the 1840’s and includes early Comanche raids, brave Texian settlers, and rowdy cowboys driving longhorns up the Chisholm trail. If the walls of the many still-standing buildings of downtown Lockhart could talk, we can only imagine the stories they’d tell. But in tonight’s episode, one such building appears to have a voice. Many voices actually. The Gaslight-Baker Theater is located in the heart of downtown Lockhart, and many in the community have had strange personal experiences in the building. It is believed that the theatre is haunted by numerous specters, and these paranormal residents have each been given their own unique name. The "Laughing Lady" whose laughter has been heard by man. "Colonel Baker", the original owner of the theatre, is believed by many to watch over the building and cause mischief ever so often. Then there’s the elusive, more ominous presence unanimously believed to haunt stage right, oddly named “Other Guy” by the staff and patrons of the theatre. So get and ready and join Stephen and the team as they pack up their gear, hit the road, and travel to Lockhart, Texas to uncover more details about the undocumented hauntings of the historic Gaslight Baker Theatre.

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    Campfire 11: A Haunting Abroad

    Campfire 11: A Haunting Abroad

    Around 2003, Caroline was studying theatre abroad in France. While there, she lived on a boathouse on the Seine River in northern Paris and spent a stint of time at a cute farmhouse in southern France. Most everyone would have considered this a dream experience of studying abroad. But for Caroline, who has harbored a gift of seeing spirits since age 8, the experience was more like a nightmare. Mostly because, at both places during her stay, she encountered two women - both angry, both French, and both...dead.

    Check out Caroline's awesome theatre company based in Austin, Texas - Glass Half Full Theatre http://glasshalffulltheatre.com/ or @glasshalffulltheatre on social media.

    Photo by: Gautier Salles @yamnez

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    Campfire 10: Helltown

    Campfire 10: Helltown

    Many of us are drawn to mystery. Whether that be an unsolved murder, a mysterious disappearance, or for the paranormal enthusiasts, haunted places and legends. Tonight’s campfire iIs a combination of all the above. It’s a story of an abandoned ghost town in the middle of nowhere. A mystery surrounding the town’s population's sudden disappearance. Evidence of satanic rituals and sacrifices being held in the town’s abandoned buildings. And a group of eager teenagers who venture there, hoping to have paranormal experience of their own.

    In 2012, Conner and a group of high school friends, including his close friend Blake, decided to take a trip, five hours away from their hometown of Dayton, Ohio, to visit and explore the abandoned streets and buildings of the legendary Helltown. What starts off as a thrilling night with friends in a mysterious town fraught with spooky legends, quickly turns into a nightmare that still haunts Conner and many of his friends to this day. Grab a coffee or a whiskey, gather round the fire, and let’s take a trip to Helltown, Ohio.

    Photo Credit: Alex Azabache

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4.9 out of 5
926 Ratings

926 Ratings

SammyJ_TX ,

Y’all! Definitely the best paranormal podcast

Absolutely love going on these adventures with Stephen and Sara and all the night owl crew. I feel like I’m there with them the entire way. If your looking for a spooky paranormal podcast THIS. IS. IT.

pearlymom ,

Best Paranormal Reality Show

Well produced, recorded, edited and presented. I’m always searching for something in paranormal experiences podcasts that is even listen-able and nothing , not on Apple, not on Luminary, not on Pandora even comes close. Talented people on this podcast!

madeupbicknane12221 ,

Fun show glad they’re coming back!

I really enjoy listening when I’m doing mindless tasks. I love following along with the investigation and hearing all different sides of experiences. I’m glad the show is coming back and the host seems to be doing better!

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