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New Orleans Pelicans Guard JJ Redick and his co-host Tommy Alter discuss the NBA, current events and interview some of the biggest names in the NBA, entertainment and political worlds. Launching from inside the NBA bubble, the show offers unprecedented access to the league while telling the stories of an eclectic rotating group of guests.

The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alte‪r‬ ThreeFourTwo Productions & Cadence13

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New Orleans Pelicans Guard JJ Redick and his co-host Tommy Alter discuss the NBA, current events and interview some of the biggest names in the NBA, entertainment and political worlds. Launching from inside the NBA bubble, the show offers unprecedented access to the league while telling the stories of an eclectic rotating group of guests.

    Episode 43: "Eat, Pray, Dunk" with Kevin Love

    Episode 43: "Eat, Pray, Dunk" with Kevin Love

    In this special bonus podcast, JJ and Tommy would like to introduce a brand new segment on the Old Man and the Three called "Eat, Pray, Dunk". This will be a segment that takes a deeper look into the athlete's life with conversations that delve into the cross section of sports, wellness, health, food, wine, and all the other aspects of an NBA player's life that may not be on the forefront of social media and in the public eye. And with that being said, who better to kick off this series than close friend of the pod Kevin Love. As usual, Kevin brings his 'A' game, and not only answers some burning questions and offers some honest and straightforward insight, but challenges JJ and Tommy with some questions of his own. Join us for Eat, Pray, Dunk. 


    • What was the motivation behind the reinvention of his body, training, and overall game
    • Are there any behaviors he looks back on in disbelief that actually took part in
    • Tommy delves into his unhealthy eating habits when he was in college
    • Which food that he gave up does he miss the most
    • How seeing change in his body boosted his motivation
    • On the dangers of taking a lifestyle change too far to where it becomes mentally unhealthy
    • The importance of having a balanced life and having mental check-ins
    • Due to the unstable circumstances of this year, has this been the toughest year to handle mentally
    • The angst a player feels when they are not able to play
    • How this season presents so many unique challenges
    • On making sure to enjoy the moment and to always aim to have no regrets
    • Kevin discusses his engagement
    • Speed round food questions
    • When did wine become a 'thing'
    • What are the best affordable wines
    The crew gives some of their most underrated food place 

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    Episode 42: Julius Randle (featuring Kevin Love)

    Episode 42: Julius Randle (featuring Kevin Love)

    Julius Randle is known league wide as someone who doesn't take plays off, a tireless worker, and a very underrated player. But that last narrative might be changing a bit this year as he is enjoying the finest season of his career, leading the Knicks to a surprising 6th seed position in the east. In this humble and honest interview, Julius digs deep into such topics as what it's like playing for Tom Thibodeau and how he's helped change the culture in NY, how he mentally worked through his season ending injury in his rookie year, on developing his 3 point shot, playing with Kobe during his last year, and much more. It's easy to see why he's such a respected player around the league. Then, to cap things off, JJ and Tommy welcome in close friend of the pod Kevin Love for the Top5/Draft. **Important note: The new segment "Eat, Pray, Dunk" will be premiering on Monday with Kevin Love as the first guest. You absolutely will want to hear that conversation so be sure to listen. 
    Julius Randle​

    Would he say that the Knicks have exceeded his expectations this year

    Discusses what it's like playing for Tom Thibodeau

    What is it about the young guys that have flourished under his coaching

    The difficulty of not getting reps this year due to lack of practice

    On craving the detailed preparation that Thibs brings and how he has welcomed it

    How being prepared has translated into confidence

    From a mental standpoint, how did he deal with coming to the NBA and losing after winning so much in college

    Discusses his mindset after suffering a broken leg on opening night of his rookie season 

    On making the hurdle of getting back to real game motion after an injury

    Is this career year he's having due to the coaching, him just getting better, or both

    Is there a feeling of vindication with him having such a great year

    What's the "no fan" MSG experience been like

    On dealing with the media in the major markets he has played in

    Discusses the young talent that was on those laker teams in his early years in LA

    On developing his 3 point shot and how he cultivated that skill

    The genius of Fred Vincent as a shooting coach

    How important footwork is to a successful shot and did he learn anything from Kobe 

    On the viral video of his son's peewee basketball tackle. 

    Talks about Kobe's last year and what memories stand out

    On Kobe's last game 

    How Knick fans are looking for hope 

    Gives his take on D-Rose and what a great teammate he is and how hard he works

    His thoughts on Immanuel Quickley​

    What it would mean for him to make the All-Star Game this year


    TOP 5/Draft with Kevin Love

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    Episode 41: Steven Adams

    Episode 41: Steven Adams

    ​Steven Adams is a great player, no doubt. But his talent on the court almost pales in comparison to his salt of the earth personality. It's hard not to be impressed with his approach to basketball and life in general, and he accomplishes this by utilizing three simple words: keep it simple. Whether it's intentional or just the manner in which he is wired, Adams has little trouble putting all the craziness of the NBA lifestyle in perspective.  In this interview, he delves into topics ranging from his early days of playing youth basketball in New Zealand, where his minimalistic life approach comes from, to taking the court as a rookie with two of the biggest generational NBA talents in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. It's an interview you simply need to hear. And don't forget about the TOP 5/Draft, because everyone needs a holiday. 

    On the exhausting pace of this season and the general feeling around the project of an All Star Game 

    On what his game day prep in a normal season as compared to this year

    Discusses some of the unique exercises he practices in the weight room

    Was there ever a time he was too into weight lifting and had to scale it back

    Discusses why he wasn't a fan of college basketball

    On his feelings during his draft not even thinking he was going to be picked

    What were his aspirations growing up playing basketball in New Zealand

    Who were the NBA players that he tried to emulate as he first started getting into hoops

    Did he play rugby and did his size translate at all

    What is it about New Zealanders that helped them accomplish such a successful coronavirus response 

    Steven breaks down the beauty of his farm in New Zealand and his love of soil

    On the billionaires buying 'doomsday' plots in New Zealand and is there any pushback by the natives 

    What's his impression of Zion Williams 

    Was it overwhelming to be thrust onto a team ready to win the championship coming out of college

    Claiming the game 7 win against the Grizzlies as his own because Z-Bo punched him in game 6 and got ejected

    What was Russell Westbrook like as a teammate

    Was it hard to perform with the strong personalities on the Thunder

    What his impression of Kevin Durant was like when started playing alongside him

    Where does his minimalistic approach to life come from

    On the culture shock of the NBA world

    On the sobering prospect of becoming irrelevant 

    Looking back at the 2016 series against the Warriors​

    How great the people of Oklahoma were during his time there

    Breaks down his incredible Hail Mary pass to Dennis Schroder 

    Weighs in on some of the highs and lows of his eating habits

    TOP 5/Draft

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    Episode 40: Mayor LaToya Cantrell

    Episode 40: Mayor LaToya Cantrell

    Mayor LaToya Cantrell is certainly no stranger to community work. In fact, it's the backbone to her entire professional and political career. In this spectacular interview, Mayor Cantrell shows just why she connects so well with the public as her usual sharp wit, humor, intelligence and passion are on full display. She digs deep into topics such as her family origins​ and influence, how she came to fall in love with the city of New Orleans, on the difficult decisions she has made and faces during the pandemic, where her unending confidence comes from, and much more. 

    On the fans making some noise at recent home games

    The special community that makes up N.O.

    What was it about the city that connected with her when she moved there

    When was the first time she ever came to N.O.

    Did she ever suspect back then that she would come to represent the city

    How difficult was it to shut down the bars for Mardi Gras 

    Handling the backlash of this decision

    Once the virus is under control, how do you get N.O. back to normal

    On her journey and the role her family played throughout her life

    Where her confidence comes from

    Did the Church play a role in her approach with the public

    Life in N.O. before and after Hurricane Katrina

    What does it take to be a good community organizer

    Where can she do her 'best good' within her role as mayor

    On protecting the city's brand in dealing the film industry

    What was her motivation to step into the political ring

    What advice does she have to someone who wants to give back to their community

    Has her view of 'service' changed or evolved over the years

    If the reward isn't financial, what keeps her going through criticism and crisis

    In order to help, service has to be intimate

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    Episode 39: Mike Conley (featuring Jamal Crawford)

    Episode 39: Mike Conley (featuring Jamal Crawford)

    Mike Conley is many things on the hard court - deadly shooter, savvy ball handler, ambidextrous, underrated, and... nice? Yep, on top of all those outstanding attributes, Conley is also universally considered as the nicest guy in the league - and he has the awards to prove it! Thankfully, this interview goes a lot deeper than just his sparkling personality, as he opens up about his "grit-n-grind' days in Memphis, on being snubbed in the all-star voting, the what-if moments of his career, and much more. Then to close the show out, the incomparable Jamal Crawford joins JJ and Tommy for the Top 5/Draft.   
    Mike Conley

    What it's like being the nicest guy in the league

    Breaks down the tweaks to the Utah offense

    Explains the adjustments he had to make in his game when he came to Utah

    What was it like finding out his wife was pregnant and knowing he was going to be in the bubble

    Looking back to the 'Grit-n-Grind' days in Memphis

    Takes us through the '15 playoff series against the Warriors

    Discusses the "what-if" moments of those years with Memphis

    On the drag out matchups against the Clippers while he was with Memphis

    The biggest character on those teams was?

    On the brilliance of Z-Bo

    Shane Battier being the smartest hoop IQ

    On being ambidextrous 

    Talks about being snubbed for all star status

    Looks back at the group of players he was drafted with

    Greg Oden and the potential he had coming into the NBA

    Jamal Crawford

    Jamal catches us up on what he's been doing lately

    Looks back at the years since last playing with JJ on the Clippers

    The joy of playing with Jimmy Butler

    Embracing the role of coming off the bench

    Will he ever officially retire?

    On his absolute unwavering love for the game of basketball

    Top 5/Draft

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    Episode 38: Dr. J (featuring Taylor Rooks)

    Episode 38: Dr. J (featuring Taylor Rooks)

    For some guests, firing off a string of superlatives just won't do them justice. That is definitely the case today. JJ and Tommy sit down with a true legend of the game, an individual that transcended the game in so many ways and laid a path for generations to follow, the one and only Dr. J, Julius Erving. The doctor gives us a peak behind the curtain and opens up about playing in the ABA, his roots at Rucker Park in Harlem, the '83 championship team with the 76'ers, his infamous fight with Larry Bird, and much more. Then to close out the episode, the magnificent Taylor Rooks joins the pod for the TOP 5/Draft. Controversial picks abound. 
    • Welcome
    • What was it like playing in those classic canvas high top shoes
    • When did he feel the turn came where shoes became a main focus of the fans
    • How he ended up playing in the ABA and what that league was like
    • On whether he can still dunk now
    • Talks about playing at Rucker Park in Harlem and the impact he had on that scene
    • The circumstances that led to him playing with the 76'ers in the NBA 
    • On the legendary 1983 Championship team
    • Might his career have been different playing it in the social media era of today
    • What do players of his generation make up today's current NBA salaries
    • How did he feel when basketball started becoming a more 'player' focused league
    • Who was the best player he ever played against
    • Who is one of his favorite players in the NBA today 
    • Walks through the infamous fight with Larry Bird
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    • 1 hr 33 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
1.8K Ratings

1.8K Ratings

Rpen13 ,

Amazing Work

Love this podcast! The guests, questions, natural flow of conversation - it’s all so incredible! The banter is always great between JJ and Tommy and provides so many laugh out loud moments (especially when Taylor joins - the three of them together = terrific).
Really appreciate the honesty and insight from JJ about NBA life and being a professional athlete. Thank you to everyone involved to make this podcast what it is - just gets better and better!

gauzzie15 ,

Steven Adam’s episode

“We’re all just slaves to consumerism,” JJ Reddick. What a podcast! Very entertaining and hilarious. Steven was animated and forward and awesome to listen to. That story about the Taiwan egg and all his simple basketball takes showed so much about who he is. Definitely some sleepers in the holiday draft that didn’t come off the board. March madness?! Christmas EVE! Fourth of July...great third round value.
-Conor Gausselin

2022aba ,

Not there anymore

JJ is a really good interviewer with good insights and questions. Why is Tommy there. He looks and acts like he rode the short bus, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but he doesn’t add anything other than annoyance. Also getting really political, but definitely his right to convey. I can’t take Tommy anymore.

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