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Podcast by Jason Dibelius

    Episode 197 - Benji Andexler

    Episode 197 - Benji Andexler

    Benji Andexler is an American juniors and adult indoor, grass and beach volleyball player. He hit the juniors and the adult scene noticeably, making waves at various outdoor tournaments, and with his indoor club at Carolina Union Volleyball Club. The ambidextrous phenom has recently committed to start his college career for North Greenville University's NCAA men's volleyball program.

    01:40 - Intimate volleyball venues, improving as a setter
    03:14 - Starting out, and taking care of little things
    20:29 - Perception vs what you are capable of
    34:54 - Slunks, knowing when to "chat it up" and knowing your opponent
    52:14 - Where he got better, and where he needs to improve
    1:03:50 - About the Pottstown Rumble, the power of the serve
    1:19:40 - Finding the "dog" in players
    1:23:15 - Lightning Rounds

    • 1 hr 27 min
    Episode 196 - Don't forget to watch the movies, with Bern Norman

    Episode 196 - Don't forget to watch the movies, with Bern Norman

    Bernard Norman is an American singer, recording artist, and film maker. He is also a former indoor volleyball player and what many in NYC refer to as a NY Urban legend. From performing at R & B clubs to mashing up in the mosh pits, from the urban volleyball scene to the recording studio, from high-end security for the most exclusive night clubs to film editing room, it is safe to say he gets around.

    Today, we touch on one of our favoite topics - the movies.

    03:21 - Who are your least scary horror film villains?
    16:02 - Which Super Hero do you closely identify with?
    25:15 - What are your top 5 gangster films?
    38:36 - 3 movies that made you cry your eyes out
    51:45 - Comedians who got lead roles
    56:42 - Saluting African American actors
    1:02:10 - Military movies
    1:07:05 - Transformers
    1:09:01 - who is the "real" Batman?
    1:14:35 - Batman vs Iron Man
    1:24:40 - Irreplaceable superhero roles

    • 1 hr 41 min
    Episode 195 - DJ Klasnic

    Episode 195 - DJ Klasnic

    Djordje Klasnic is a professional beach volleyball player, originally from Novi Sad, Serbia. He grew up in a household where both parents played indoor volleyball professionally. He became hooked to the beach game after the 2012 under 19 championships in Cyprus. From 2017 to the present - when he made a decision to do this full-time - he has played hundreds of tournaments on the international scene, and domestically in the US. In 2023, he has enjoyed a heightened level of success with multiple partners and was deemed best newcomer by multiple outlets.

    Tune in, as we chat up the amazing 2023 season, the things that happen with players that fans do not see, understanding styles and personalities in partner chemistries, knowing when to hone or reel in emotions, the electric feeling of playing in front of a crowd, his volleyball upbringing in Serbia, cracking the code in making it to the next level, teaching and learning, the debate of "do good players make good coaches," on the court and off the court controllables, where he got better, where he can be better, working hard/working smart, watching video vs not watching video, volleyball footwork, lighting of the stat boards, cooking your own meals, and MORE!

    • 1 hr 43 min
    SDT - UFC Ladies and Gents

    SDT - UFC Ladies and Gents

    Sports Debate Tuesday episode 101 will be exclusively covering mixed martial arts. My guest, Timmy B,is a Canadian combat sports commentator and podcaster. He is a co-host for the ever-popular podcast "Fight in Sight." His breakdown on MMA, fight predictions, training, and all things combat sports is well-documented.

    03:53 - Topic #1: Which was the better card - UFC 100, or UFC 200?
    15:39 - Topic #2: Who are your Top 5 females GOATS
    31:30 - Topic #3: UFC 297 Pick Six
    48:15 - to SHAME or NOT to Shame
    51:51 - Quick Question
    59:39 - Before we go...

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Episode 194 - Nora Darrhar

    Episode 194 - Nora Darrhar

    Nora Darrhar is a Moroccan professional beach volleyball player. She attended Montpelier University in France, playing volleyball there, then received her Masters of Business Administration at St. Andrews University in North Carolina. She was a Libero on the volleyball team at St. Andrews. Growing up in Morocco, Darrhar competed in track and field, gymnastics, badminton, and climbing in high school. In 2007 she won a bronze medal in the Moroccan Horse Riding National Championship. More recently, she won the Africa games which is an automatic bid to the world championships.

    Tune in, as we chat up he childhood that lead to her playing multiple sports at a heightened level, the drive that her father instilled in her, never judging where someone stands because we don't know how they got there, appreciating the difficulty of the journey, how hard the path of the Olympics is, the value of training groups vs condensed coaching, the Brazilian coaches in the South Bay, winning a bid for Morocco to go to the world championships, her time as an indoor libero overseas, dealing with changing her "goofy foot" steps, doing this sport for yourself and others, what "fate" really means, where she got better, where she needs to get better, and MORE!

    • 1 hr 30 min
    Episode 193 - Remembering "Chi" DiMaggio

    Episode 193 - Remembering "Chi" DiMaggio

    This is a celebration of a huge chapter in the life of Cartrecia "Chi" DiMaggio, told through the lens of four men who through the sport of volleyball, has affected our lives away from the sport (and in the sport) forever. (Patrick Dietz, Bern Norman, and Yullen Escoboza)

    Cartrecia "Chi" DiMaggio was an American Chemical Engineer and former long-time Indoor, Beach Volleyball and Wallyball Player and coach. She was also the founder of "EcoAmen," a green movement that enlivens the human ecosystem, launching sustainable farming practices that grow healthier, higher nutrient-dense fresh food, raise free range animals and cooperatively promote our associates' organic green lifestyle- minded products that revitalize local and global economies. Her involvement in making the environment a better place has been well-documented and has been her life's work. Some know her as a coach, player and referee because her impact on the people she worked with are without a doubt, better players and certainly better human beings.

    The guests in this podcast were at the right place, right time - participants in something we called the "perfect storm" in 1999 - the combination of coaches, recruits and others, launching an NCAA program from nothing into something (not even a club program) producing talent that has since accrued a heightened level of success on and off the court. Some are still in the sport; some are doing bigger things but the people who were part of this storm are winning at life.

    And she had everything to do with that.

    • 1 hr 12 min

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