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Podcast by Jason Dibelius

    Episode 158 - Aaron Wexler

    Episode 158 - Aaron Wexler

    Aaron Wexler is an American beach volleyball coach, podcaster, author and entrepreneur. After playing libero at UCLA for Al Scates, he served as an assistant for the women's team under Coach Sealy, winning the chip in 2011. He has coached at all levels on the sand - from club, all to way to Olympians - and is currently the program director of West Coast Volleyball Club. He has also recently written "The Inspired athlete" which is flying off the shelves.

    02:54 - What has ignited him to write "The Inspired Athlete"
    05:01 - Appreciating the journey
    10:45 - Understanding the difference between 'goals' and 'expectations'
    26:15 - Choosing to be inspired, the approach and the receive
    33:56 - About Dain Blanton...
    39:09 - Self-love, and loving others
    48:36 - List of things we love about our sport
    58:35 - Allowing the crowd to take the journey with you
    1:08:01 - Knowing when to take time for yourself
    1:29:06 - Making bold choices as a player and coach
    1:39:57 - Gratitude, and what it means to us
    1:45:00 - What does Kobe Bryant means to you?
    1:51:22 - The "car wash"

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    Episode 157 - Shawn Ledig

    Episode 157 - Shawn Ledig

    Shawn Ledig is an American civil engineer, entrepreneur, beach volleyball player, actor, model, and Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner. A former Division I basketball player and multiple sport athlete, his love for volleyball has drawn his attention, as he started and continues to grow the sport in Louisiana and a player, coach and organizer. His other passion is BJJ, where he is currently competing in many parts of the world.

    Tune in, as we chat up the challenge of coaching adults vs juniors or pros, remembering the Tullis family, playing habits that do not require fixing, his journey of BJJ competition at the high level, the "code" of camps fighting each other in major competitions, winning the European championship in Rome, the culture, food and love for indoor volleyball in Italy, kids learning the value of hard work, younger athletes staying determined, the labor of putting together a documentary, learning how to fix your poverty situation, tales from the junior volleyball scene, respecting Dain Blanton, and MORE!

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    Episode 156 - Amy Ozee

    Episode 156 - Amy Ozee

    Amy Ozee is an American professional beach volleyball player. A Hawaii native, she cut her teeth on the beach scene at U of H and finished as a grad student at Cal Poly. Raw, talented and promising, she brings a fresh virtue to go with her determination that the sport needs more of, and after already participating in several main draws, her ascension in the sport has gone from evoltion to revolution.

    Tune in, as we chat up her Journey to University of Hawaii and Cal Poly, dealing with a devastating ankle break, making the same mistakes vs making new ones, realizing there is more than just 'one way' to do this, former USA coach Mark Fishman, defining moments in the NCAA, competing on the AVP tour, how enthusiasm can work against you, the difference between goals and expectations, how keeping your nose in the work gets rid of distractions, believing in yourself is half the battle, and MORE!

    • 1 hr 22 min
    Episode 155 - Ian Satterfield

    Episode 155 - Ian Satterfield

    Ian Satterfield is an American Professional Beach Volleyball player and former indoor standout. From Mira Costa High School to Long Beach State, to the AVP/FIVB/NORCECA, it's safe to say he was born into the sport. One of the more traveled American Beach volleyball players, he has hit up 6 of the 7 continents, from NORCECA tournaments to FIVB events, to the Pan AM games.

    Tune in, as we chat up his upcoming NORCECA tournaments, his experience playing in Lima, Peru (Pan Am Games) and the great food, areas in which he is showing significant improvement on the sand, areas where he would love to be a little bit better, understanding the intricacies that come with blocking at the net, the improvement of the women's side of the beach going into the near-future Olympic situation, Kerri Walsh's international Hall of Fame induction, Coach Alan Knipe, chess vs checkers at the net, practicing "accents," reeling in emotional highs and lows, the age-old discussion about hands and how refs should handle it, fun venues to play, a fantastic story about a tourney in Australia, Urango's 'level up,' and MORE!

    • 1 hr 47 min
    SDT - Let the Blame Game Begin

    SDT - Let the Blame Game Begin

    Sports Debate Tuesday/Sunday with Jay and Rob kicks off Episode 93 October 25, 2022!

    01:47 - Which underdog team where you happy to see win?
    08:07 - UFC: Which match exceeded you expectation, and which came up short?
    22:24 - NFL: Pick Six
    34:04 - To SHAME, or NOT to Shame
    39:06 - Quick Question
    48:26 - Before we go...

    • 51 min
    SDT - Upset Kings, and the Coach

    SDT - Upset Kings, and the Coach

    Sports Debate Tuesday/Sunday with Jay and Rob kicks off Episode 93 October 17, 2022!

    02:53 - Why great players succeed/fail as coaches
    17:47 - UFC 280: Pick Six
    36:10 - NFL: Pick Six
    47:20 - To SHAME, or NOT to Shame
    52:45 - Quick Question
    55:29 - Before we go...

    • 59 min

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