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Podcast by Jason Dibelius

    Episode 49 - Jeff Alzina

    Episode 49 - Jeff Alzina

    Jeff Alzina is an American Beach and Indoor Volleyball Coach, Commentator and Consultant. Nicknamed the "Coach at all levels," the wealth of experience Jeff brings to the table at the club, college, professional and Olympic level is well-documented. A year and a half removed from winning an NCAA beach title assisting Stein Metzger at UCLA, he is currently the head coach of Santa Clara University, as well as a color commentator for the AVP and other professional venues.

    Join us, as we chat up the positive feedback from the AVP 3-week series, the fast learning curve of his current sand team, physical safety vs what is considered "essential," building the Olympic program in Greece, the moment he knew coaching was going to be his career, the closeness of family during the COVID era, and MORE!

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Episode 48 - Bryan McDermand

    Episode 48 - Bryan McDermand

    Bryan McDermand is an American Volleyball Coach, Consultant, author/writer, Entrepreneur and former Collegiate and Professional Beach Volleyball Player. His combined years as a player and coach is vast, and continues to coach full time, including the prestigious Chicago beach volleyball club "Progression."

    Join us, as we chat up realistic goals and expectations during the COVID era, his focus on preparing players for future big stages, the accessability of elite athletes in the sport, the Waupaca Boat Ride Tournament, understanding how to compete against top players, taking care of "controllable's," Coaches sharing ideas/information, his time at a small but scrappy program at Newbury, and MORE!

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    SDT Episode 28 - We Have Arrived

    SDT Episode 28 - We Have Arrived

    Sports Debate Tuesday with Jay and Rob kicks off Episode 28!
    01:58 - AVP: Was Tri and Trevor's win an anomaly, or have they arrived?
    12:20 - AVP: Is Kleinman and Ross the heavy Olympic favorite next year?
    17:36 - AVP: What new addition to the broadcast team did you like the most?
    23:14 - AVP: Interviewing Bruno Amorim, after his AVP America win in Atlantic City, NJ
    29:20 - AVP our reaction to Bruno's win
    32:00 - NBA: Who is the favorite to win up to this point?
    38:20 - NBA: Will Isaac and Popovich get blowback for standing for the anthem?
    48:26 - UFC: What was your favorite match over the weekend?
    52:19 - GOOD Idea/BAD Idea
    54:57 - Jay and Rob's sports movie of the week
    58:57 - Before we go...

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    Episode 47 - Gigi Lucas

    Episode 47 - Gigi Lucas

    Gigi Lucas is an American Surfer, Activist and Entrepreneur. Lucas is one of the founders of SurfearNEGRA, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring gender and cultural-diversity to the lineup. She is also one of the pioneers of "Textured Waves" - a group with an unyielding dedication to health, strength, community, and kindness, in addition to gender and ethnic diversity.

    Join us, as we chat up the similarities of the term "goofy-foot" in the sport of volleyball and surfing, taking a satirical poke-fun approach to parodying "cancel culture," the danger of accepting studies and statistics without examining the lurking variables, "hobbies" vs "a way of life," inciting incidents that spark collective social change, battling inherent racism, preparing yourself when your escapism becomes your career, understanding the "silent majority," patriotism vs nationalism, and MORE!

    • 1 hr 45 min
    Episode 46 - Evan Cory

    Episode 46 - Evan Cory

    Evan Cory is an American Indoor and Beach Volleyball Player. From Valedictorian at Holy Cross School in Louisiana to multiple individual athletic awards at the high school, collegiate and club level, at 22 years old, the man with the brains and the braun has a ceiling not yet discovered. Breaking almost every stat record as an opposite at Lincoln Memorial University's indoor squad, his star continues to rise on the beach scene. From being among the best on the regional scene, to a play or two away from getting into the AVP Main Draw, his ascension in such a short time made it very easy for this episode to be one-dimensionally, all-things-volleyball.

    Join us, as we chat up the brotherhood and emotional investment that comes with playing college and professional volleyball, where he was when COVID shut down their season, the defining moment that told him he can play the sport, dream partners, watching "old-school" videos, The AVP summer series, and MORE!

    • 1 hr 9 min
    SDT Episode 27 - Know Your Role

    SDT Episode 27 - Know Your Role

    Sports Debate Tuesday with Jay and Rob kicks off Episode 27!

    01:11 - AVP Wilson Cup: What player, team or match stuck out to you?
    08:10 - interview with on-site staffer Rene Marcellus
    17:44 - AVP: If Marciniak can't go, then who?
    21:34 - UFC: Whittaker vs Till - who REALLY won?
    25:41 - UFC Fight Night: Which fighter or fight stuck out to you?
    33:51 - NFL: Jamal Adams traded to the Seahawks. Jets loss, or good riddance?
    41:37 - GOOD Idea/BAD Idea
    45:39 - Sports Movie of the Week
    50:02 - Before we go...

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