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The Patrick Madrid Show is your source for the latest in current events and contemporary issues. Join host Patrick Madrid for compelling insights, lively conversations, and encouragement for your day!

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The Patrick Madrid Show is your source for the latest in current events and contemporary issues. Join host Patrick Madrid for compelling insights, lively conversations, and encouragement for your day!

    The Patrick Madrid Show: November 28, 2023 - Hour 1

    The Patrick Madrid Show: November 28, 2023 - Hour 1

    Patrick addresses an issue of scandalous behavior within the church, drawing parallels to past scandals and offering insight into how heaven and purgatory interact with our prayers. Listeners also hear a heartfelt conversation with a caller who seeks advice on guiding her children back to the church after being disillusioned by the Church scandals. Tune in for a deep dive into these important and relevant matters.

    Patty - What are plenary indulgences? (00:57)
    Michael - I heard a prophecy that there is supposed to be a great apostasy in the Church. Is that true and what is based on?
    Patrick and Cyrus talk about a couple of good movies
    Why Catholics are forbidden to become Freemasons: @PetriOP, thanks to EWTN, tells us more about Freemasons and why membership is not compatible with the Catholic faith.
    Anonymous email – My wife has been sexually involved with our pastor and now she wants a divorce. I have stopped going to Mass because I am unable to trust priests now. Should I report this to my bishop? (27:11)
    Elisa (email) – How do people in purgatory know that we are praying for them?
    Marie - How can I get my children back into the church? They left when the priest scandals happened.

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    The Patrick Madrid Show: November 28, 2023 - Hour 2

    The Patrick Madrid Show: November 28, 2023 - Hour 2

    Callers share their personal experiences, reflecting the challenges and triumphs of their faith journeys. Betsy recounts her reconnection with the Catholic Church after years of absence, while Bernadette bravely opens up about her childhood abuse by a priest and its lasting impact. Sharon seeks clarity on a biblical interpretation, leading to an insightful discussion with Patrick who provides compassionate responses and offers insights rooted in scripture and personal anecdotes, illuminating the complexities of faith and the enduring power of prayer.

    Betsy - Thank you for speaking about the scandals it needs to happen so we can protect people. (36:08)
    Bernadette - I was abused when I was a child and I appreciate you talking about what you did. I had a lot of issues because of the abuse.
    Sharon - I was told that at the end of the Our Father, it was supposed to be translated as 'the Evil One'. Is that true and if so where can I find it?
    Diane - My son has been away since the priest scandal. (21:21)
    John (email) - Why don’t people understand that keeping malfeasance in the shadows is not good?
    Jennifer - What do you think of the book '50 reasons why Jesus came to die' by John Piper?
    Yvonne - If I try to help with the Church I need to be in good standing with the Church but some people who are not in good standing are able to help. Why is that? I was told I was being judgmental when I asked my parish priest about this.
    Elizabeth - I watched a Lutheran homily and was interested in the differences in the understanding of confession. Why do we have penances in confession?

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    The Patrick Madrid Show: November 28, 2023 - Hour 3

    The Patrick Madrid Show: November 28, 2023 - Hour 3

    Patrick discusses the controversy surrounding the Hallow app's association with actor Liam Neeson and his pro-abortion views. Listeners will hear Patrick's take on the theological appropriateness of celebrating Hanukkah within a Catholic family, offering valuable insights and perspectives on the matter.

    Trans McDonalds Commercial – “There’s so much love to share this Christmas!”
    House Foreign Affairs Cahir Mike McCaul - “We know that Egypt had warned Israel 3 days prior that an event like this could happen, we know that this has been planned ... as long as a year ago.”
    Robert - I think we should always be on the look out to be a 'Philip' to someone else’s children. What do you think about that passage being an argument against Sola Scriptura?
    Agnes - I was abused by a priest in my teen years. I find the Eucharist to be the most comforting thing and helped me in recovering. It is important to tell priests how valuable they are.
    Hallow App Defends Partnership With Liam Neeson, a Supporter of Abortion
    Jay - My brother wrote to me asking how is the Novus Ordo Mass any less schismatic than the Lutheran reformation?  How do I respond to him? (21:39)
    Amanda - Is it okay to celebrate Hanukkah with a Jewish family as a Catholic? (30:06)
    George - Congrats and thank you for your comments about the terrible things the Hallow app did.
    Connie - I learned McDonalds was employing drag queens for advertising. I will not be going to McDonalds anymore.
    Ken - How do I talk about the Church Scandal with my children? They are adults and I think they are using the scandal as an excuse to miss Mass.

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    The Patrick Madrid Show: November 27, 2023 - Hour 1

    The Patrick Madrid Show: November 27, 2023 - Hour 1

    Join Patrick as he discusses various topics, including the importance of the Immaculate Conception, the concept of plenary indulgence, and even addresses listener questions about the appropriateness of children's plays during Mass and the theological significance of the Eucharist.

    Gain a plenary indulgence by praying before a Nativity scene
    Nancy - I am a director of religious education and the parishioners want to have a play during the Mass. Is that okay to do? (08:02)
    Todd - Why wouldn't the bread and wine be both bread and wine as well as Jesus’ body and blood? How does the substance in the Eucharist qualify as the flesh of Jesus?
    Asa (email) – I’m troubled by my diocese not allowing, since the pandemic, the Blood of Christ at Communion.
    Rick - I was on a retreat this weekend and they said we were all Christ when we receive the Body of Christ. Is that accurate?
    23andMe alerts customers of breach after hacker advertised stolen data (36:39)
    Hackers are taking over planes’ GPS — experts are lost on how to fix it
    Patrick comments on an email about a possible miracle in Gaza
    Doug (email) – “Will Catholics Be Left Behind?” is available on bookfinder.com

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    The Patrick Madrid Show: November 27, 2023 - Hour 2

    The Patrick Madrid Show: November 27, 2023 - Hour 2

    Patrick addresses a listener who is upset about a Catholic women's college allowing transgender men to attend. They discuss the decay happening within both the Protestant and Catholic churches, and Patrick shares his thoughts on the possibility of living in the end times. Later, a caller raises the issue of the absence of crucifixes in certain churches and the overemphasis on images of Mary. Patrick explores the theological significance of sacred art and offers insight into the historical context of iconoclasm in the Church.

    Argentine president Milei invites Pope Francis to visit
    Susan - I found a full sister by using the DNA test. It has been such a blessing to me.
    Rae - My mom was adopted and was told that her mom had died. Later we did a DNA test and found out the truth about her past.
    Pat - I got some Rosaries from Ireland with 7 decades and 7 beads per decade. What does that mean?
    Norm - I read an article about a transgender woman at an all-woman school in Notre Dame. I see a lot of destruction in both the protestant and Catholic Churches. (20:23)
    Emily – What’s up with the lack of crucifixes in churches? I see lots of artwork of Our Lady but no crucifixes. (229:03)
    Christine (email) – I’m having a hard time with all the announcements during Mass
    Christina - I'm looking to get the Dogma of Hell and it is being packaged with another book by Thomas Nelson. Do you recommend I get both?
    Michael - If you are baptized Catholic but don't go to Church, is that okay? (46:28)
    George - I am a deacon and I think that in the Church we don't rely on images of Crucifixes because Jesus is present in the Tabernacle

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    The Patrick Madrid Show: November 27, 2023 - Hour 3

    The Patrick Madrid Show: November 27, 2023 - Hour 3

    From discussing the recent confusion surrounding baptism for same-sex couples and transgender individuals, to addressing concerns about the handling of Holy Communion by a priest with a cold, Patrick provides insightful and informative responses. Plus, we explore the intriguing concept of the messianic secret and why Jesus encouraged some witnesses of his miracles to remain silent.

    Joseph - Why did God tolerate polygamy in the Old Testament?
    Agnes - How does Adam and Eve's creation fit in with ancient people who have a history going back 7000 or 8000 years?
    Dave - What do you think about extraordinary ministers?
    Dawn - What do you think about the allowing baptisms for gay couples and transgender couples? (24:10)
    Ed - I took your advice and spoke with a priest who let the lay people take communion straight from the bowl and found that he had a cold that day so he didn't want to spread it to other people.
    Kevin - Why did Jesus tell people not to spread His name around when He heals them?
    Patrick recommends the book, “Diary of a Pilgrimage” by Egeria
    Alyssa - What is the Church’s stance on the transgender movement? I talked with a woman who said that the Church doesn't hold to men being men and women being women anymore. (38:10)
    Christine - There was a Bishop who called for female deacons and a woman said she was already a deacon in the Hebrew Catholic Church.
    Martha - My daughter has been away from the Church for a while and recently wanted to start reading the bible. Is there a good bible studies for my daughter?
    Sue - Thank you for everything you did for me Patrick. After talking with the priest you recommended, I went outside and saw the sun but I felt the Son.

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4.8 out of 5
508 Ratings

508 Ratings

LanaMarri ,

Grateful for Patrick Madrid and Relevant Radio

I had been urged by a friend and my sister to listen to Relevant Radio for quite some time and I started listening around 3 years ago and haven’t stopped. I especially like Patrick’s show because I have learned more about Catholicism that I never knew in all my 70 years! Oh if I knew all these things before I might be a saint! Thank you for all that you do to educate us.

truegood beautiful ,

Good job l really like his show

A solid rooted Catholic.

Bubba1976er ,

Love the show!

A great dialogue with respect and love! A great show for all! Patrick shines his light brightly to help save our souls. Awesome work Patrick!

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