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The Pedalshift Project is a series of conversations, thoughts, and experiments around the bike touring lifestyle. It's the companion show to Pedalshift.net, bringing stories from the road, interviews from fellow bike tourists, plus tips, tricks and ideas on how to tour more. Let's shrink the world by bike.

The Pedalshift Project: Bicycle Travel Adventures Tim Mooney

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The Pedalshift Project is a series of conversations, thoughts, and experiments around the bike touring lifestyle. It's the companion show to Pedalshift.net, bringing stories from the road, interviews from fellow bike tourists, plus tips, tricks and ideas on how to tour more. Let's shrink the world by bike.

    C&O But Slow - Part 1

    C&O But Slow - Part 1

    Starting with a semi-eventful train to Cumberland, the tour kicks off at an unexpected pace. But with rain already soaking the trail, and more on the way would the C&O reject my desire for a chill and relaxing start to my trip?
    Celebrate 10 Years of Pedalshift Live 6/8 The march to the ten year anniversary of the show commences… Live show to celebrate things June 8th, at 8pm ET. It will be podcasted the following week but always down for some live banter. It'll be on the YouTube channeland here at pedalshift.net/live. C&O But Slow - Part 1 Introduction
    Preparing for a bike ride to Union Station Discussing train schedule and potential delays Trip Plans
    Aiming to reach Potomac Forks Concerns about sunlight and trail conditions Personal health and readiness Bike Setup
    New gear setup with fork bags Adjustments made for comfort and efficiency Forecast: hot and sticky with potential rain Union Station Departure
    Chaos with Amtrak procedures and bag tags Interaction with train attendants and passengers Departure and initial impressions Arrival in Cumberland
    Commentary on Amtrak's inconsistent procedures Starting the ride on the C&O towpath Trail Conditions
    Night riding experiences and wildlife encounters Challenges with muddy trail sections Strategies for night riding and trail navigation Camp Setup
    Passing multiple campsites Decision to push on to Potomac Forks Filtering water and setting up camp in low light Day Zero Reflections
    Impact of coffee on performance Enjoyment of night riding despite challenges Final campsite setup and reflections on the day Closing Remarks
    Observations on trail and ride experiences Preparations for the next day’s ride Statistics Miles biked 18 Frogs a babillion Stops to pull mud out of fenders 2 Proper bike tags requested by Amtrak personnel 1 Bike tags properly procured 0 Dark chocolate bars eaten 1 Flats 0

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    C&O But Slow Preview

    C&O But Slow Preview

    Finding my way back onto the C&O is hardly a surprise, but this spring’s ride is taking a page from my 2024 goals… try to take some of these tours a little more slowly. On this preview episode, we cover how I think it’ll go down.
    C&O But Slow Preview Celebrate 10 Years of Pedalshift Live 6/8 The march to the ten year anniversary of the show commences… Live show to celebrate things June 8th, time TBA, but mark it down now. It will be podcasted the following week but always down for some live banter. The basics Full size bike New config (more on that in a moment) Cumberland with Amtrak from DC and then… ? Going with a stove this time All camping Forecast looks like rain I’m getting over a cold, so not sure how that will impact things New config? The front rack from last season is fine but I want to try something new Found I couldn’t get the bike in the Dogsbody bag last year and I didn’t want to keep having to install/unintall. Might end up on my ebike? Solution: Fork bags + Hanging sleep kit from bars 7L each side Very narrow - a little too narrow? Allows me to be a bit more nimble Pacing First night will be close to a new moon unfortunately Would love to do 20 miles even though it’s night riding Don’t have specific plans for any particular campsites The end of the tour is up in the air… I have two options (Martinsburg and Harpers Ferry) so if I’m really enjoying the riding, I can make the miles. But if I’m enjoying the vibes (or other things) I can make this a shorter trip with some road riding on the final day Food/water Will likely carry more food than I have on past trips BUT going to do backpacking meals. Keeping it simple and light NPS no longer treats the wells, so I have a new gravity fed water filter. Trying not to carry as much as I have in the past Stove needed for meals, so I can at also enjoy coffee Weather Looks wet but not hot. Will be prepared This might be the thing that impacts choosing a short or long ride… trail conditions, preferring to stay in the tent for a morning rain, etc. etc. Other stuff Paw Paw tunnel is reopened! Not intending on climbing up to stay at my cabin (although it’s a backup option) Name of the game is slow and steady and enjoying the ride rather than just banging out miles. Would have preferred a little more riding time on Saturday to spread it out a bit more

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    Best of Pedalshift 106: Beginners Series (2018)

    Best of Pedalshift 106: Beginners Series (2018)

    Are you brand new to bicycle touring or like seeing things through the eyes of a first-timer? You’re in luck! On this episode, we revisit  the 2018 Pedalshift bicycle touring beginners series, following James from NYC on his journey to his first bicycle tour. Originally podcast February 8, 2018.

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    The Science of Cycling

    The Science of Cycling

    Ever wonder why it's harder to cycle up a hill? Or why it's easier to ride on smooth asphalt with skinny tires instead of wide tires on gravel? Turns out, there's an answer: SCIENCE! On this edition, we delve into the (very) basics on what works against us while riding, and how we convert food into motion!
    The Science of Cycling Programming notes Best of next week Spring tour preview the week after, followed by the tour journal! The march to the ten year anniversary of the show commences… Live show to celebrate things June 8th, time TBA, but mark it down now. It will be podcasted the following week but always down for some live banter. The Physics of Cycling 1. Rolling Resistance
    Definition: Explain rolling resistance as the force that opposes the motion when an object (like a bicycle tire) rolls on a surface. Factors Affecting Rolling Resistance: Tire Type and Pressure: Soft tires or low pressure increases resistance. Surface Type: Rough surfaces like gravel increase resistance compared to smooth surfaces like pavement. Real-World Example: Compare how it feels to ride a bike on a sandy beach versus a smooth bike path. 2. Air Resistance (Drag)
    Definition: Air resistance is the force air exerts against a moving object. Factors Affecting Air Resistance: Speed: The faster you go, the more air resistance you face. Rider’s Position and Shape: Explain how being more streamlined (like bending low on the bike) reduces air resistance. Practical Tip: Demonstrate with hands outstretched vs. hands close to the body while riding to feel the difference. 3. Energy and Power
    Energy Definition: The ability to do work, like pedaling a bike. Power Definition: How quickly you can use energy (pedal) to move. Conversion of Energy: Discuss how food energy converts into mechanical energy to pedal. Measurement: Mention that power can be measured in watts, like how bright a light bulb is. 4. Gravity and Hills
    Gravity’s Effect on Cycling: Uphill: Gravity makes it harder to pedal uphill because you are working against it. Downhill: Gravity helps you go faster downhill. Energy Use: Explain how more energy is needed to pedal uphill and less energy is used when coasting downhill. Practical Tips: Gear Usage: Using lower gears on uphill and higher gears on flat or downhill. The Biomechanics of Riding 1. Human-Bike Interaction
    Pedaling Efficiency: Definition: How effectively a rider can convert their energy into motion. Factors Affecting Efficiency: Foot position on the pedals, the smoothness of pedaling, and maintaining a steady rhythm. Ergonomics of Bicycle Frames and Riding Positions: Frame Size and Shape: Importance of having a bike frame that fits the rider’s body to avoid discomfort. Riding Position: Discuss how different riding positions (upright vs. leaned forward) affect comfort and speed. Practical Tip: How to adjust a bike to fit (seat height, handlebar position). 2. Muscle Work and Efficiency
    Muscle Groups Involved in Cycling: Main Muscles: Legs (quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves), but also mention the core and arms for balance and control. Efficiency in Muscle Use: Warm-Up: Importance of warming up muscles to prevent injuries and improve performance. Stamina and Strength: How regular riding improves muscle strength and cardiovascular health. Bicycle fitting can improve efficiencies 3. The Role of Gearing
    What is Gearing?: Definition: Gearing is a way to adjust how hard or easy it is to pedal. How Gears Work: Explain the basics of chainrings and cogs and how changing gears changes the resistance felt when pedaling. Choosing the Right Gear: Uphill and Downhill Riding: Using lower gears for uphill to make pedaling easier, and higher gears for downhill or flat surfaces to go faster. Cadence: Keeping a steady pedaling speed (cadence) to maintain efficiency. Practical Tip: Encourage trying different gears during a ride to find what feels best for different terrains.  

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    Mindfulness and Bicycle Travel

    Mindfulness and Bicycle Travel

    When we talk about mindfulness in bicycle travel, we mean paying close attention to our experiences and feelings while we are biking. Sometimes this is a natural thing to do and doesn't require any added thought, and sometimes it's helpful to be intentional about it because it can often enhance your travel. On this edition, we talk about how bicycling can be a mindfulness practice.
    Mindfulness and Bicycle Travel 1. Introduction to Mindfulness in Bicycle Travel
    Definition of mindfulness in the context of biking Importance of being present and enjoying each moment of the ride Concepts of self-awareness and non-judgmental observation Benefits of mindfulness for enhancing the enjoyment of bike trips 2. Mindful Preparation and Planning
    The role of careful planning and setting intentions for bike trips Choosing routes and destinations mindfully How mindful planning enhances connection to the adventure 3. Experiencing Joy While Riding
    The practice of being present during bike rides Techniques for staying mindful, like deep breathing and sensory attention Examples of joyful moments experienced by other cyclists 4. Mindful Encounters with Nature and Culture
    Opportunities for connecting with nature and local communities during rides Importance of openness and curiosity in these encounters 5. Overcoming Challenges with Mindfulness
    Facing physical and environmental challenges during bike trips Using mindfulness to manage difficult situations calmly Stories of cyclists who overcame obstacles through mindfulness 6. Featured Stories
    Story 1: The Hill and the Hawk Story 2: Raindrops and Revelations Story 3: The Sunset Cycle

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    The Pedalshift Project 359: Urban Bike Touring

    The Pedalshift Project 359: Urban Bike Touring

    So much of our bike travel is out on the open road, or along some back country trail. But what about the cities? On this edition, we talk about how to make cities and suburban riding a fun and enjoyable part of your next urban bike tour!
    Urban Bike Touring Planning Your Urban Adventure - route planning in urban areas.
    - researching bike-friendly cities and regions.
    - know the area and any rules of paths
    Choosing the Right Bike and Gear - bike and gear choices for urban touring.
    - have a flexible setup
    - Gear recommendations - locks, lights, and bags
    Navigating Cities and Suburbs - Tips for navigating city streets safely and confidently.
    - Discuss bike lanes, bike-sharing programs, and public transportation integration.
    - Strategies for dealing with traffic and busy intersections.
    Finding Accommodations - Roofed vs unroofed
    -hotels, hostels, rentals, camping.
    - Plan ahead vs. staying flexible
    Immerse Yourself - Highlight the unique cultural experiences that urban touring offers.
    - Suggestions for exploring local cuisine, art, and events.
    - Best experiences - NYC, Tampa, SF, LA, San Diego
    Challenges - theft concerns and bike security.
    - "bad parts of the city" may be real or may be reverse hype
    - comfort over all else

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4.7 out of 5
172 Ratings

172 Ratings

pjbuelte ,

Review and suggestion

Hi Tim, I’ve been listening to your pod for years, mostly while cranking my recumbent exercise bike in my basement, and I enjoy it quite a bit. Thanks for doing it! I’m 76 and, thanks mostly to biking I’m in good shape except for some arthritis, but the best solution for that is to keep moving. So I do! For me, the fun of biking helps me to live longer and better. I also listen to Diane Jenks, the outspoken cyclist. She recently got me hooked on Dr. Gabe Mirkin who is a retired physician who has two hobbies: riding his tandem with his wife, and researching medical research about health and nutrition. If you’re not getting his weekly newsletter, you’re missing a wealth of bike relevant info. A little bit about me, I’m a retired cop who became hooked on biking in 1981 after doing a triathlon. I did a cross country trip in 2009. Just love it. Paul Buelterman Florence, ky

Hi Tim, it’s Paul again. I enjoyed your Podcast today about the science of biking. You said something that may not be true in the near future. I’ve been following a info on the web, especially on YouTube, about a new E-car being designed by a startup called Aptera. The car is designed with air resistance as the number one consideration. It clams that it’s car has less air resistance than a person on a BICYCLE. Furthermore, it will run mostly on solar power, with most of its sun facing surfaces covered with solar panels. Considering your interest in such things, I thought you might want to take a look. I’m fascinated by this little three wheel car.

AlwayswillLuvtheapp ,

Best Biking Podcast

This is the best biking podcast I have found. Tim is informative and brings a lot of humor to the discussion. I look forward to Thursdays just to get to listen to a new episode.

soleful2001 ,

Enjoy Your Podcast

I have been a regular listener for a couple of years. I really enjoy Tim’s story telling style and how he mixes in great travel and technique info. I particularly enjoyed the latest podcast episode on California. I was very pleased to find out that he used the Santa Anna River Trail. It was great for us to finally share a common trip location! I was working in Fullerton CA for a little over 3 months in 1987. When I found out this trail was nearby I had my wife ship me my bike. It arrived unscathed in a few days. I have very fond memories of getting off work and immediately taking my Trek road bike straight down to Huntington Beach every day. I would ride that that path as far as I could then reluctantly turn around and head back to the motel. I was only about two blocks away from the trail and it was ideal. Thanks to you Tim for jogging that memory!

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