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The Pedalshift Project is a series of conversations, thoughts, and experiments around the bike touring lifestyle. It's the companion show to Pedalshift.net, bringing stories from the road, interviews from fellow bike tourists, plus tips, tricks and ideas on how to tour more. Let's shrink the world by bike.

The Pedalshift Project: Bicycle Travel Adventures Tim Mooney

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The Pedalshift Project is a series of conversations, thoughts, and experiments around the bike touring lifestyle. It's the companion show to Pedalshift.net, bringing stories from the road, interviews from fellow bike tourists, plus tips, tricks and ideas on how to tour more. Let's shrink the world by bike.

    Mindfulness and Bicycle Travel

    Mindfulness and Bicycle Travel

    When we talk about mindfulness in bicycle travel, we mean paying close attention to our experiences and feelings while we are biking. Sometimes this is a natural thing to do and doesn't require any added thought, and sometimes it's helpful to be intentional about it because it can often enhance your travel. On this edition, we talk about how bicycling can be a mindfulness practice.
    Mindfulness and Bicycle Travel 1. Introduction to Mindfulness in Bicycle Travel
    Definition of mindfulness in the context of biking Importance of being present and enjoying each moment of the ride Concepts of self-awareness and non-judgmental observation Benefits of mindfulness for enhancing the enjoyment of bike trips 2. Mindful Preparation and Planning
    The role of careful planning and setting intentions for bike trips Choosing routes and destinations mindfully How mindful planning enhances connection to the adventure 3. Experiencing Joy While Riding
    The practice of being present during bike rides Techniques for staying mindful, like deep breathing and sensory attention Examples of joyful moments experienced by other cyclists 4. Mindful Encounters with Nature and Culture
    Opportunities for connecting with nature and local communities during rides Importance of openness and curiosity in these encounters 5. Overcoming Challenges with Mindfulness
    Facing physical and environmental challenges during bike trips Using mindfulness to manage difficult situations calmly Stories of cyclists who overcame obstacles through mindfulness 6. Featured Stories
    Story 1: The Hill and the Hawk Story 2: Raindrops and Revelations Story 3: The Sunset Cycle

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    The Pedalshift Project 359: Urban Bike Touring

    The Pedalshift Project 359: Urban Bike Touring

    So much of our bike travel is out on the open road, or along some back country trail. But what about the cities? On this edition, we talk about how to make cities and suburban riding a fun and enjoyable part of your next urban bike tour!
    Urban Bike Touring Planning Your Urban Adventure - route planning in urban areas.
    - researching bike-friendly cities and regions.
    - know the area and any rules of paths
    Choosing the Right Bike and Gear - bike and gear choices for urban touring.
    - have a flexible setup
    - Gear recommendations - locks, lights, and bags
    Navigating Cities and Suburbs - Tips for navigating city streets safely and confidently.
    - Discuss bike lanes, bike-sharing programs, and public transportation integration.
    - Strategies for dealing with traffic and busy intersections.
    Finding Accommodations - Roofed vs unroofed
    -hotels, hostels, rentals, camping.
    - Plan ahead vs. staying flexible
    Immerse Yourself - Highlight the unique cultural experiences that urban touring offers.
    - Suggestions for exploring local cuisine, art, and events.
    - Best experiences - NYC, Tampa, SF, LA, San Diego
    Challenges - theft concerns and bike security.
    - "bad parts of the city" may be real or may be reverse hype
    - comfort over all else

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    Best of Pedalshift 138: Bike Touring Canada

    Best of Pedalshift 138: Bike Touring Canada

    An interview with Jesse Herbert on his experiences biike touring Canada (and around the world), plus a ton of great ideas, hacks and tips on all things bicycle touring, from lightening your load to braving a chilly night in a hammock. Originally podcast October 11, 2018.

    • 43 min
    The eBike Build Update

    The eBike Build Update

    The big project for 2024 is building the ultimate custom e-bike. On this episode we update where I'm at with the project... have I narrowed things down or am I hopelessly lost in  the paradox of choice?
    e-Bike Build Update Overview of the e-bike build vs. buy decision. Experiences and research done in Portland, Oregon, highlighting e-bike focused shops. Special mention of Nomad Cycles for custom bike builds. Discussion on the drawbacks of commercially available e-bikes, particularly around proprietary battery systems. Attraction to the "Biking Brian" style of massive battery and universal adapters for custom builds. Considerations against "chonky" e-bike frames for a sleeker, non-e-bike appearance. The decision leaning towards a custom build for its expandability and customization. Thoughts on suspension and tire width for e-bike comfort and stability. Exploring the option of converting the host’s Safari touring bike into an e-bike. Financial and technical considerations of a DIY build. Potential barriers and required new skills and tools. The sentimental value of the Safari bike and the implications of converting it. The downsides of rim brakes on an e-bike and the consideration of disc brakes. Timing concerns for the build project overlapping with prime touring season. Upsides of undertaking the e-bike project: a rewarding challenge, expanding bike mechanic skills, and personalizing the bike. Dilemmas between the ease of buying a pre-made e-bike and the appeal of a custom build. Future steps: considering all options post upcoming spring tour with the Safari bike. Closing thoughts on the e-bike build or buy journey and its implications for the host’s cycling future. Mention of Biking Brian’s build video and load management insights. Security considerations for e-bikes, particularly battery theft. Final reflections on the episode’s discussion and the ongoing decision process.

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    Space Coast Loop - Takeaways

    Space Coast Loop - Takeaways

    With the 2024 Florida ride in the rearview mirror, it’s time to assess how it went. I did the ride a bit differently this time… was it the right call? Is there something I definitely want to do next time? And what will I never do again in the Orlando area?
    Space Coast Loop - Takeaways A Brompton can do just about any kind of touring you throw at it Resist the temptation to leave tools at home, even for urban tours Best sun management for me - cover up arms and legs, sunscreen face and neck Cycling gloves do make a difference The rumors are true: upright riding is more comfortable The backpack trick is back, baby! Never take US192 to cross I4 - it’s not safe Cycling into Disney World is fun, and I think I’ll keep doing it Central Florida is constantly evolving - some of the trails I ended up on randomly (Shingle Creek Trail opened last year - thanks for the info Fernando!) FL C2C trail is A+ but I’m also intrigued with the Heart of FL trail and the St. Johns River to Sea Loop

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    Space Coast Loop - Part 4

    Space Coast Loop - Part 4

    The final day of the Space Coast Loop was supposed to be the easiest… a familiar route and a familiar destination, with maybe a quirk at the end. But would my luck avoiding mechanicals finally run out and would making a route change in the middle of the ride end up putting me in the middle of an interstate highway?
    Space Coast Loop - Part 4 An Early Start: Starting in St. Cloud, riding by a nearby farm. Route Change: Deciding to take a more direct route including an unfamiliar trail. Riding on US 192: Riding on US 192, recalling past experiences. Assessing Traffic Conditions: Planning to evaluate safety and traffic near Disney Resort. A Mechanical Issue: Facing and resolving a chain jam. Discovering and Using Trails: Finding and using multi-use paths and trails. Encountering Wildlife and Agriculture: Commenting on cows and agriculture near urban areas. Navigating Challenges: US 192 is a bad idea to ride when it crosses I-4! Reflecting on Planning vs. Reality: Reflecting on the differences between planning and actual conditions. Concluding at Coronado Springs Resort: Ending the day at Coronado Springs Resort, opting for a lift to another location. Statistics Miles biked 34.8
    Terrible route change ideas 1
    Creams in my iced coffee 2
    55+ resorts biked by 3? more?
    Chain jams 1
    Flats 0
    Trip Overview

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4.7 out of 5
172 Ratings

172 Ratings

AlwayswillLuvtheapp ,

Best Biking Podcast

This is the best biking podcast I have found. Tim is informative and brings a lot of humor to the discussion. I look forward to Thursdays just to get to listen to a new episode.

soleful2001 ,

Enjoy Your Podcast

I have been a regular listener for a couple of years. I really enjoy Tim’s story telling style and how he mixes in great travel and technique info. I particularly enjoyed the latest podcast episode on California. I was very pleased to find out that he used the Santa Anna River Trail. It was great for us to finally share a common trip location! I was working in Fullerton CA for a little over 3 months in 1987. When I found out this trail was nearby I had my wife ship me my bike. It arrived unscathed in a few days. I have very fond memories of getting off work and immediately taking my Trek road bike straight down to Huntington Beach every day. I would ride that that path as far as I could then reluctantly turn around and head back to the motel. I was only about two blocks away from the trail and it was ideal. Thanks to you Tim for jogging that memory!

pjbuelte ,

Review and suggestion

Hi Tim,

I’ve been listening to your pod for years, mostly while cranking my recumbent exercise bike in my basement, and I enjoy it quite a bit. Thanks for doing it!

I’m 76 and, thanks mostly to biking I’m in good shape except for some arthritis, but the best solution for that is to keep moving. So I do!

For me, the fun of biking helps me to live longer and better.

I also listen to Diane Jenks, the outspoken cyclist. She recently got me hooked on Dr. Gabe Mirkin who is a retired physician who has two hobbies: riding his tandem with his wife, and researching medical research about health and nutrition. If you’re not getting his weekly newsletter, you’re missing a wealth of bike relevant info.

A little bit about me, I’m a retired cop who became hooked on biking in 1981 after doing a triathlon. I did a cross country trip in 2009. Just love it.

Paul Buelterman
Florence, ky

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