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A podcast about whiskey and the culture surrounding it. Will and the Greeze learn about about America's native spirit, review new whiskeys, talk about the latest news, and shoot the breeze in their very own form of Whiskeytainment.

The PodCask: a Podcast About Whiskey Whiskeytainment, LLC

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A podcast about whiskey and the culture surrounding it. Will and the Greeze learn about about America's native spirit, review new whiskeys, talk about the latest news, and shoot the breeze in their very own form of Whiskeytainment.

    Legal Maneuverings, Tasting Notes, and Heartfelt Reflections: The PodCask Whiskeyversary Special

    Legal Maneuverings, Tasting Notes, and Heartfelt Reflections: The PodCask Whiskeyversary Special

    In today's episode, hosts Greeze and Will dive into a wide range of topics, from legal battles in the whiskey industry to tasting new bourbon blends and reflecting on the podcast's 8-year anniversary. They touch on a humorous exchange about filing a petition to the Supreme Court, discuss recent incidents at Buffalo Trace distillery, and share their thoughts on the legal drinking age. Join us as we celebrate the podcast's milestone, discuss the impact it has had on their lives and friendships, and reminisce about some of the most memorable moments from the show. So sit back, pour yourself a dram, and enjoy the whiskey-filled conversation!
    00:00 Recording a week after 8th podcast anniversary.
    05:11 Meeting strong Henry, battling and overcoming cancer.
    08:17 Affirming impact of shared passion on community.
    10:01 Buddy Eric Greenway's favorite crazy bar moment.
    15:14 Podcast about whiskey as a common theme.
    17:48 Podcasting and YouTube build relationships through intimacy.
    22:42 Justin's House of Bourbon shut down.
    24:42 Lawsuit filed over vintage spirits license law.
    29:17 Andy Bashir's COVID restrictions, reelection win, and liquor license scrutiny.
    33:00 Additional licensing requirement and added scrutiny for bourbon.
    34:16 Disparity between bourbon regulation and economic impact.
    39:47 Intent to support Supreme Court petition discussed.
    41:06 Excited for the case to move forward.
    44:50 Grassy notes, sweetness, bubblegum finish, no earthy.
    48:24 Japanese tree, cask strength, 116.42 proof. 
    51:00 Unique oak style retains whiskey qualities well.
    53:48 Option to join virtual hangout through patreon.

    • 54 min
    Eric Church's Whiskey Jypsi, Pushy Salesmen, and Outlandish Hospital Ideas

    Eric Church's Whiskey Jypsi, Pushy Salesmen, and Outlandish Hospital Ideas

    In today's episode, hosts Will and Greeze kick off with an array of topics, from discussing Eric Church's gospel-inspired set at the Stagecoach music festival to uncorking a new whiskey, Whiskey Jypsi, from Eric Church and Outsider Spirits. They share their thoughts on the whiskey's tasting notes, limited release, and the retail price, sparking excitement and approval. This is followed by a mix of comical encounters, including run-ins with persistent salesmen, playground woes, and the unique concept of a hospital mall. As they delve into amusing anecdotes and whiskey reviews, Will and Greeze offer their signature blend of humor and whiskey expertise. So, grab your favorite dram and get ready for an entertaining and enlightening episode of The PodCask.
    00:00 Tasting Parker's heritage collection rye, seeking more.
    04:59 Creating a monetary voucher system for hospital mall.
    08:24 Denial of involvement in insurance fraud plan.
    10:20 Renamed group chat, avoid or join cautiously.
    16:06 Conflict between resident and potential solicitor escalates.
    17:36 Refusing to leave, threat of police.
    22:45 Debate about legality of chemicals used in sales.
    23:38 Salesman could have won me with persistence.
    28:10 Assertive response to challenge with legal argument.
    31:10 Confusion about blending whiskey and cigars.
    35:37 Outsider spirits releases Whiskey Gipsy Explorer series.
    36:18 Inaugural release: 66% corn, 30% rye. 103 proof.
    40:07 High-quality, reasonably priced whiskey with unique features.
    43:02 Medium complexity, longer finish than rated. Mhmm.
    46:45 Emphasizing his genius, he curated the set.
    49:40 End of broadcast. Check local bills at 11.

    • 50 min
    Whiskey, Kangaroos, and Bumper Boats

    Whiskey, Kangaroos, and Bumper Boats

    Greeze and Will share their latest adventures, from a family member's knee replacement surgery to a weekend filled with blind tastings and whiskey sampling. But the real highlight? A wild encounter with kangaroos at an Australian animal park! Join us as we delve into the hilarious and unexpected moments, of Will's brave confrontation with a kangaroo and daring rescue of a child from one of these iconic creatures. As always, there's whiskey talk, banter, and plenty of humor. So, grab a pour, sit back, and get ready for a wild ride with The PodCask. Cheers!
    00:00 Coworker, days, years - routine and change.
    03:36 Uncertain about originality, jokes often borrowed. Grateful Dead.
    06:35 Drinking Mythology Rye, neat out of Colorado.
    10:46 Enjoyed beach, drinks, shared pour, recommended restaurant.
    13:55 Went go karts, ran out of time.
    18:04 Located north of Bowling Green, Kentucky.
    19:19 Family enjoyed riding golf cart at kangaroo park.
    23:07 Excited kids see many kangaroos in fenced area.
    27:39 Watching kangaroos, then stared down by male.
    28:46 Man protects child from kangaroo with force.
    34:37 Daughter attacked by kangaroo in same park.
    36:32 People ignored no dogs policy at zoo.
    40:00 Children ignoring warning, feeding sheep, spotting porcupine.
    44:08 Height advantage, 6 feet, 3 big cages.
    47:27 Boat ride to old speakeasy in cave.
    50:07 Firefighter discusses stress, trauma, and mental awareness.
    51:52 Subscribe to Greece's heavy mental podcast and Youtube.

    • 52 min
    Ghostbusters and Whiskey

    Ghostbusters and Whiskey

    In today's show, our hosts dive into a wide range of topics, from dissecting their own interview styles to reminiscing about college experiences with energy drink sodas. They share their thoughts on the Ghostbusters movie, explore the use of Fever Tree Distillers Cola in cocktails, and engage in humorous banter about pranks, school memories, and good bourbon finds. The episode also covers discussions about a craft distillery in Tennessee, a special whiskey blend, and exclusive membership perks. Join us for a lively and entertaining conversation about all things whiskey and more on The PodCask.
    00:00 Fever Tree Distillers Cola: crafted for whiskeys.
    06:18 Happy that this exists, feeling elevated.
    07:45 Whiskey review podcast with lengthy off-topic discussions.
    12:47 Reconsidered editing due to Kate Middleton's cancer.
    14:12 Kentucky fans call for Bruce Pearl's move.
    19:41 Marine seeks clearance, finds solace in fishing.
    21:05 Montana movie with emotional, wholesome storyline and good acting.
    24:45 Uncertain about sharing a prank calling story.
    29:14 Modern prank calls: wrong number voicemails.
    32:06 Questioning the quality of the review.
    35:04 Most ghosts are scary; battle is short.
    39:33 College-era experimental prototype of high-caffeine soda.
    41:28 Enjoyed only restaurant available; favorite part, fireworks.
    45:36 Exclusive Hillsborough Society bottle, pick up second.
    49:08 Exclusive access to distillery's single barrel releases.
    52:28 Whiskey enthusiast praises small distillery near Nashville.
    54:24 Harpeth Hotel 1799 bar single barrels.

    • 56 min
    Whiskey, Chaos, and Crawfish

    Whiskey, Chaos, and Crawfish

    In this episode, our hosts Will and Greeze dive into a whirlwind of topics ranging from their TV show recommendations, humorous banter about fruit flies, and a detailed exploration of a select whiskey—Wilhite Reserve. Join them as they guide you through their latest sips, share some laughs, and discuss their local college team's chances at winning a championship. Get ready for some whiskey-fueled humor and insightful conversations. So sit back, pour yourself a dram, and enjoy this episode of The PodCask!
    00:00 Frustration with fluctuating weather and unexpected sales.
    05:37 Excited by news anchor's mention of 'Cutter'.
    09:06 Recollecting childhood memories of catching and eating crawfish.
    11:56 Wives, toss whiskey to kill fruit flies.
    15:36 Confusion over Patagonia, still unsure about style.
    18:01 Friends' prank leads to accidental house fire.
    19:49 Wife and I laughed at chaotic comedy.
    23:17 Middle class guy living in Virginia Beach.
    25:45 Trademark filing for whiskey, barrel picking experience.
    30:16 Suggesting aging whiskey for a longer period.
    33:23 Let people try, label situation, whiskey company.
    37:30 Widely used GIF popular with Ellen DeGeneres.
    39:37 End of podcast, try Wilhite Reserve, virtual events.

    • 41 min
    Whiskey Gossip: From Elijah Craig to Bookers and Moon Landing Theories

    Whiskey Gossip: From Elijah Craig to Bookers and Moon Landing Theories

    Will and Greeze delve into all things whiskey while navigating the hilarity of life. In this episode titled "Bookers and PH," our hosts take us on a wild ride through a whirlwind of topics, from nostalgic musings on peanut M&Ms to thought-provoking debates on the moon landing. They share anecdotes about playing at an abstinence rally, pique our curiosity with conspiracy theories, and explore the complexities of the bourbon world. Join us as we sip on engaging banter, uncover the nuances of whiskey tasting, and immerse ourselves in the charm of The PodCask. So grab a glass, sit back, and let's pour into this episode!
    00:00 Unique 10 year Rittenhouse 100 proof whiskey.
    05:54 Valium led to happy moment, Doritos suggestion.
    08:57 Explaining IV process to unaware patient.
    11:19 Confused by your multiple performances, psy op.
    15:38 Recycled denim and money used for pencils.
    17:24 Understanding age statements in whiskey batches analyzed.
    19:45 Variety of American oak bourbon options discussed.
    23:56 Straightforward, robust with caramel, spice, and vanilla.
    26:36 Limited unique single barrel program with younger batches.
    30:51 Newspaper clipping reveals Grease's love confession.
    33:52 Went to mall on 9/11, bought record.
    38:27 Kodak disposable camera and X-ray concerns.
    39:39 Booker's 2023-03 batch.
    44:18 Enjoyed playing with dad despite unhelpful band.
    48:53 Transfer to Bama for increased jersey sales.
    51:32 Mark Rick, successful football coach with consistency.
    54:01 Say no loyalty, may enforce stricter contracts.
    56:19 Contract breaches lead to legal and financial consequences.
    58:59 "People might say it sucks, delete comments."

    • 59 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
382 Ratings

382 Ratings

Kevin8609 ,


Greeze is my spirit animal.

Rover18 ,

Two guys and many bottles.

From the moment you hit play, it's clear that Will and the Greeze have an authentic passion for the amber nectar, and their chemistry is the secret ingredient that makes "The Podcask" and the community so enjoyable. Their banter is both witty and genuine, creating an atmosphere that feels like you're sharing a few pours with good friends. Cheers to The Podcask for delivering a five-star experience for bourbon lovers everywhere!

Wine guy6942 ,


Really a solid podcast, def one of the better bourbon specific ones out there…. I usually keep my not so humble opinion to myself but had to comment and make a note to the guys on the Tommyrotter out of New York that was mentioned in the last cast is a hidden gem; I run a liquor store out of south Florida and that has been one of my favorite friend maker bourbons for the past year….I look forward to hearing a review soon

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