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Each week million dollar fee based advisor Dan Cuprill, CFP shares his ideas to help other financial advisors build a profit based practice. Topics include automation, selling, marketing, client retention, succession planning, and the use of systems. For more information, visit Dan's blog, ProfitableAdvisor.com

The Profitable Advisor Podcast Dan Cuprill, CFP

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Each week million dollar fee based advisor Dan Cuprill, CFP shares his ideas to help other financial advisors build a profit based practice. Topics include automation, selling, marketing, client retention, succession planning, and the use of systems. For more information, visit Dan's blog, ProfitableAdvisor.com

    Serve Don’t Sell with Liston Witherill

    Serve Don’t Sell with Liston Witherill

    Sometimes the best way to improve your business as a financial advisor is to speak with people outside of that arena. While there are plenty of nuances to your business, you’ll find there are many common themes between successful business regardless of what type of product they’re selling.
    That’s why we’re turning to Liston Witherill on this episode of the Profitable Advisor podcast. He’s the creator of Serve Don’t Sell, which is an online sales training and coaching platform aimed to assist professional and business development. He does that by taking the focus away from traditional methods of selling and moving it to serving prospects. Doing so produces more trust with clients over time and helps you drive the business you know you should.
    As you’ll hear on the show, it’s not about reading from a script when selling and putting such an emphasis in closing. Like we’ve talked about quite a bit on this podcast, you have to be comfortable turning business away that doesn’t fit your business. And that’s the case with our profession as advisors.
    Many times we will value every prospect that comes into the office as someone we can’t afford to lose. That’s part of the problem. If you get to the point where so much is at stake with every prospect, it’s difficult to say no to a client. The solution for that is to expand your pipeline so that more leads are coming through the door.
    So how do you do that?
    Traditionally, ebooks or webinars have been a key tool for building lists, and webinars continue to have value during the pandemic. Witherill also uses podcasting and SEO to generate leads and he explains how he does that on the show. He also identifies what he calls ‘mega-assets’ as a key tool to leverage, and that’s something he gives examples of during the conversation. Ultimately though, whichever method you choose to use needs to lead back to the list you’re building and then you should sell strictly to that list.
    So as you go through the episode today, keep an ear out for some of these topics that we cover:
    You can’t serve everyone. Determine who your ideal client is. Figuring out your niche Creating more pipelines for prospect Techniques and strategies for list building His approach to using podcasting as PR A give-first approach  
    Learn more about Witherill’s services here: https://servedontsell.com/ 
    For more on this topic and other strategies to growing your business, join us over at RenegadeAdvisor.net.
    What we discuss on this show:
    0:44 – Meaning behind the name ‘Serve Don’t Sell’ 
    2:57 – Choosing a niche or definition of your ideal client
    5:17 – What makes a good niche? 
    8:35 – Be clear who your services are not for
    14:11 – List building for email marketing
    19:52 – Podcasting for PR
    23:52 – Dan’s small business podcast strategy 
    30:00 – Providing good direction for people
    33:16 – How to connect with Liston

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    The Consultant’s Secrets with Michael Zipursky

    The Consultant’s Secrets with Michael Zipursky

    The role of a financial advisor is as much about consulting clients as it is being a salesperson and pushing certain products. You build relationships with clients and garner that trust so that they will follow your guidance on how to manage their portfolios.
    While you might not always consider yourself a consultant in the literal sense, it’s important to understand what makes consultants successful so that you can apply the same strategies and processes in order to create the business you want to have.
    That’s why we asked Michael Zipursky to join us on the show. He’s a consultant’s consultant and authored the book ACT NOW: How successful consultants thrive during chaos and uncertainty. Can you think of a more appropriate book for the world we’re living in currently? So we want to provide the insight from that book for you and get some of the secrets behind his success.
    As you’ll hear during the interview today, it all starts with finding the right clients. Zipursky believes it’s important to make client selection a priority, which is something we talk quite a bit about as well. If someone isn’t going to implement the guidance and recommendations that are made, then they don’t need to be working with you. That will cause some pain in the near term but it will lead to much more success over the longterm.
    So how can you do this? Zipursky gives us three steps to making this happen and it’s all about preparation.
    From there, we have a great discussion on marketing. From automation to offline marketing, what methods does he see working and what strategies can be implemented to get results from these methods. As always, consistency is going to drive success and we’ll reiterate that on this show. And we’ll close things about by talking about the chaos and uncertainty of COVID-19. What has changed for businesses and what impact will it have on your business moving forward?
    So as you go through the episode today, keep an ear out for some of these topics that we cover:
    How to determine who is an ideal client Why marketing needs to be polarizing Being honest and straight-forward builds trust up front Strategies you’ll find from successful consultants Automation is killing marketing Does offline marketing still have a role? How COVID has impacted businesses What do things look like post-COVID?  
    Learn more about Zipursky’s services here: https://secure.consultingsuccess.com/act-now-consulting-book
    Get his book for free here: https://secure.consultingsuccess.com/act-now-consulting-book
    For more on this topic and other strategies to growing your business, join us over at RenegadeAdvisor.net.
    What we discuss on this episode: 
    1:52 – Beginning of interview
    2:53 – How to consultants get clients to take action?
    8:12 – Marketing that polarizes
    11:36 – Steps to implement
    15:14 – Strategies that successful consultants use
    19:42 – Why he believes automation is killing marketing
    24:45 – Is offline marketing dead?
    30:28 – Impact of COVID now and going forward
    38:22 – Free copy of his great book

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    The Truth Behind Social Media Advertising

    The Truth Behind Social Media Advertising

    Most businesses have turned to some form of social media marketing to promote their brand and increase their bottom line, but how effective is this method?
    On this episode of the Profitable Advisor, Dan welcomes Brian Hahn to the show to give you the turn on social media advertising. Hahn is the owner of Go Social Experts, which helps companies build a successful digital marketing strategy.
    More and more advisors are turning to social media to help attract new clients and drive people to their website. As we’ve talked about quite a bit on this show, your marketing wheel needs multiple spokes and social media can be one of those.
    What’s important to note as we dive into this conversation with Hahn about a variety of social advertising questions is the principals of marketing don’t change when you go from offline to online. You’re going to have the most success if you have a plan for following up with every lead and then maintaining communication over a long period of time.
    Many of the businesses seeing an increase over the past few months already built and nurtured a list. Now they’re seeing the fruits of that labor. It helps that they’ve also created fresh content like webinars to engage that audience, and we’ll also talk about how to get the most out of these alternative to seminars.
    So as you go through the episode today, keep an ear out for some of these topics that we cover:
    What you need to look for when determining whether social media ads are effective. Putting a plan in place to follow-up on your ads. Why you have to remain topical and keep the message fresh. Why list building continues to be so important. Live webinars vs recorded webinars Do’s and Don’ts of social media campaigns  
    Learn more about Brian’s services here: https://www.gosocialexperts.com/
    For more on this topic and other strategies to growing your business, join us over at RenegadeAdvisor.net.
    On today's show:
    0:39 – Why panic takes us to today’s conversation.
    3:46 – Introducing our guest for the show. 
    6:26 – What’s the difference between between using social media correctly vs incorrectly?
    9:01 – You have to have a plan for follow-up.
    13:16 – Strategies for getting results, especially from webinars recently. 
    16:43 – Are clients able to pull in total strangers for webinars or are the successes coming from good list-building.
    19:33 – How his approach is different than a lot of social media marketing companies.
    21:45 – This is a long-term commitment.
    23:10 – Should a webinar be live?
    26:59 – What information do you try to acquire from the webinar signup?
    31:09 – Can failed social media campaigns be the advisor’s fault?
    36:22 – The Do’s and Don’ts
    38:38 – Why people are getting good response rates right now.
    44:23 – How to connect with Brian.

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    The Power of an Advisory Board

    The Power of an Advisory Board

    Every business wants to increase referrals but what methods are the most effective?
    On this episode of the Profitable Advisor, we want to tell you about advisory boards and why you should consider adding one to your practice. Full disclosure, this isn’t something we currently have in place but we are hoping to change that.
    We’ve asked Steve Wershing to come on the show to explain the methods and processes behind his Client Driven Practice. Wershing is a Certified Financial Planner that’s spent years helping advisors develop effective referral systems like this client advisory board.
    As you work to improve your customer experience and strengthen the relationship with clients, there might not be a better way to do that than with an advisory board. Think about it for a second. What the advisor thinks is important is not always what the client thinks is important. So what if you could tailor your message to truly connect with what your client thinks is most valuable? How much more effective could your marketing be?
    That’s the goal with an advisory board and why clients are a part of the process. Think of it as a long-term project that has multiple meetings over a number of years so that you have the ability to truly deconstruct the client experience.
    That loyalty you build with clients when you give them the opportunity to share their opinion and be heard leads to a better chance of referrals. Over time, you build up a strong referral system that can withstand times like we’ve experienced in 2020 when traditional marketing tactics are unavailable.
    A concern for a lot of advisors is what happens when they ask for something that you aren’t able to do? Remember, your commitment to the client is to listen and consider not to do everything they ask. The key is to be straightforward with them about how you’ve considered the feedback and they reasons why you can’t accommodate the idea. Also, you can offer up other ideas or options to show you’re serious about their feedback.
    So we’ll spend this show explaining everything about the advisory board and learning quite a bit from Wershing along the way.
    So as you go through the episode today, keep an ear out for some of these topics that we cover:
    The importance of an advisory board. How to find clients to be a part of that board. How often should you meet? Why the advisor should be a part of the meetings. How it increases your value to clients. Determining which clients you should work with. Referral marketing is a long game.  
    We also want to point you towards these websites to learn more about Wershing and how he helps advisors: http://advisorchecklist.com/
    For more on this topic and other strategies to growing your business, join us over at RenegadeAdvisor.net.
    On today's show:
    0:44 – Setting up today’s conversation.
    2:40 – Beginning of our interview with Steve.
    4:28 – Why advisory boards are important and what you get out of them.
    8:59 – The value of an independent moderator.
    11:07 – Planning fees
    13:13 – Why you should have the advisory board?
    15:44 – Your value becomes much more than year-to-date returns.
    18:32 – Referral systems
    22:14 – You have to actually mean it and be willing to truly help people.
    25:35 – Determining which clients you should work with.
    29:25 – Long-term marketing
    32:15 – How to recruit people onto the advisory board.
    34:58 – How often do you meet?
    35:27 – Tips on executing the meeting virtually.
    39:04 – How to connect with Steve.

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    How to Disnify Your Practice

    How to Disnify Your Practice

    Every business is searching for ways to separate itself from the competition and customer experience might just be the key. What if you took the incredible service techniques that makes Disney one of the greatest experiences in the world and apply it to your practice?
    Vance Morris used to work at Walt Disney World and now brings the lessons and strategies he learned to businesses across the country and helps add magic to the customer experience. We asked him to join the show and share some of the strategies he talks about in classes, books, and speaking engagements.
    This is a very valuable conversation for every advisor because we’re in challenging times for small businesses across the country. Performance is down across the board and everyone is searching for ways to stand out. Morris specializes in helping clients do just that and he’ll share some valuable insight on the show.
    Every business is a commodity and what separates you from your competition is the customer experience. If you can elevate that experience, you’ll be able to attract more customers and hang onto the customers you already have. If there was ever a time to try something new and create a version 2.0 of your business, it’s now. Let us help you do that with a great conversation that touches on a wide variety of topics, including a really detailed look at how Morris packages his version of the shock and awe kit and everything he includes.
    So as you go through the episode today, keep an ear out for some of these topics that we cover:
    Why to make the customer experience such a priority. Bringing out your personality in your business. How to see your business the way your customer does. What Vance puts in the kit he sends out to potential customers. What can you do in place of testimonials? The Disney classes and trips he offers. Marketing efforts should be focused primarily on retaining clients. Strategies for newsletters.  
    We’d also recommend his book, which we talk about during the show. You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/Systematic-Magic-Keys-Disnify-Business/dp/1721677178
    More on our guest: http://deliverservicenow.com 
    For more on this topic and other strategies to growing your business, join us over at RenegadeAdvisor.net.
    Today's Show Schedule: 
    1:57 – Start of our interview
    4:07 – Why are these strategies so valuable right now?
    6:50 – What are some things financial planners can do to improve the experience?
    11:43 – Ideas for attracting new clients.
    18:07 – Little things that can improve an office.
    22:38 – How to take advantage of our current state of virtual working.
    27:59 – Vance explains what’s in the kit he sends to potential customers.
    32:17 – Why Vance still includes an audio CD.
    35:43 – What else is in this kit?
    37:00 – What to do in place of testimonials.
    40:43 – Strategies for newsletters.
    44:18 – Ways to thank clients for referrals.
    47:20 – The products and services Vance provides that could be of value to you.

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    The Advisor Who Owns His Market with Reese Harper

    The Advisor Who Owns His Market with Reese Harper

    Over the past few episodes, we’ve spent a lot of time on target marketing because we feel it’s such an important piece to building a profitable business. Today we’re taking the conversation a step further and introducing you to an advisor that’s built a national business focused strictly one on profession: dentists.
    It might seem like an extremely specific niche but it works very well, and there’s a lot we can learn.
    Meet Reese Harper, Founder and CEO of Dentist Advisors. He designed a powerful service platform called Elements which is used by dentists across the country for retirement planning. After working for a few years at Northwestern Mutual, he left to start his own firm in 2008 because he wanted to build something bigger than just himself. That’s exactly what he’s done.
    It’s a success story that didn’t come without a lot of time, sacrifice, and risk. During our conversation, we’ll discuss all of that and find out how this idea came to be. As you’ll hear, the target market came second to the platform he wanted to design and perfect first.
    There are a lot of takeaways from the podcast, but the common thing you’ll hear from everyone that makes the decision to focus on specific niche market is that you need to gain the knowledge of that profession before you attempt to market to them. If you don’t know your stuff, they’ll see that immediately and it’ll cost you credibility.
    So as you go through the episode today, keep an ear out for some of these topics that we cover:
    Building a business from the beginning. Creating systems Characteristics for choosing a target market. Regrets that he has through his career. How important events are to his business. How he uses his podcast to find advisors. For more on this topic and other strategies to growing your business, join us over at RenegadeAdvisor.net.
    Learn about the guest: https://dentistadvisors.com/
    Today's show schedule: 
    2:32 – Why did you decide to go into this niche?  
    4:56 – He built out a spreadsheet to track the things that were important to him as an advisor.   
    9:24 – How marketing factored into the decision at the beginning.  
    13:37 – Choosing a target market.
    18:52 – How they find clients early on.  
    20:20 – Events are a big part of his strategy.
    26:22 – How has COVID impacted the business?  
    30:19 – They provided a lot of value to people during these challenging financial times.
    32:43 – What would you have done differently if you could?  
    37:18 – How he uses his podcast.   

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17 Ratings

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Awesome ideas & insights

As an owner of a financial planning firm I find it so useful to learn from other RIA's. Dan Cuprill shares so many tips and ideas on this podcast that you can start to implement in your pratice immediately. I highly recommend it! Thanks Dan.

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Great advice from a common sense successful advisor. A must listen for those trying to understand how to compete and succeed in this business.

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Real Advice from a Real Advisor

This is a valuable podcast for anyone in the financial services industry because the advice is time tested and come from someone who is in the trenches.

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