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Hate when a podcast's flow is interrupted by an ad read? From the mind of Van Robichaux comes a podcast that's impossible to interrupt--because it's already ONLY ad reads.

The Read Van Robichaux

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Hate when a podcast's flow is interrupted by an ad read? From the mind of Van Robichaux comes a podcast that's impossible to interrupt--because it's already ONLY ad reads.

    Shen Yun

    Shen Yun

    Van gives an unfiltered look at this weeks sponsor, Chinese traditional dance group, Shen Yun.
    Shen Yun is coming to an area near you soon. Upcoming dates include:
    San Luis Obispo, CA - Mar 25th & Mar 26thDenver, CO - Mar 29th-31stNew York City - April 6th-16thSan Diego, CA - April 21st-23rd

    • 5 min


    In this unique episode, host Van Robichaux hands over the reins to GPT-4, the advanced language model from OpenAI. Discover how this versatile AI tool can generate high-quality content for various industries, and enjoy the humor and creativity as GPT-4 takes control of the entire episode. Don't forget to check out GPT-4 for yourself with an exclusive promo code!

    • 3 min


    Van reads an ad for a service he uses himself, Gusto and teaches you how to make a quick $54. Plus a guest read from Van's assistant, James Trevor.
    Get a $100 visa gift card when you sign up for gusto at van.link/gusto

    • 8 min


    Ad Reader and Host Van Robichaux touts toy and gift site fun.com and gives a rundown of the least selling, least popular Funko Pops on their site. See the full list with images of all the pops and rescue an unloved, unpopular pop at van.link/fun.
    20. Funko POP Marvel: Eternals - Ajak Figure19. Funko POP! Rocks: Boyz II Men- Nathan Morris Figure18. Funko POP! Movies: Bram Stoker's- Armored Dracula Figure17. Funko POP! Military: Air Force Female 1 - Dress Blues16. Funko POP! TV: Happy Days - Chachi Figure15. Funko POP! Vinyl: Clue- Mr. Green w/Lead Pipe Figure14. POP! Funko: Soul- 22 Figure13. Funko POP! Movies: The Suicide Squad- Rick Flag Figure12. Funko POP! Movies: Space Jam- Wet/Fire Figure11. POP! Disney: Toy Story 4- Duke Caboom Vinyl Figure10. Funko POP! Movies: Gimli- The Lord of the Rings9. The Sopranos- Silvio POP! TV
    8. POP!: Cyberpunk 2077- Johnny Silverhand Vinyl Figure7. Funko POP! Ad Icons: McDonalds- Tennis McNugget6. POP! Games & Buddy: Ni No Kuni- Tani w/ Higgledy Vinyl Figures5. Salt-N-Pepa - Pepa POP! Funko Rocks4. POP! Figure Animation: Inspector Gadget- Penny3. Funko POP! Heroes: Wonder Woman 1984- Steve Trevor2. Funko POP! Disney: Raya and the Last Dragon- Raya in Warrior Pose Vinyl Figure1. Funko POP! Ad Icons: McDonald's - 2 PK Fry Guys Figures (Orange & Blue)

    • 16 min
    Atlas VPN

    Atlas VPN

    Van Robichaux returns to last weeks bumped VPN sponsor, atlasVPN but after the read he starts questioning everything and goes on a journey to discover: Who really controls atlasVPN and why do they want your data?
    With our THE READ affiliate link van.link/atlasVPN you can hide your web browsing from everyone (except them) for under $2 a month.

    • 8 min
    Seppita Mobile

    Seppita Mobile

    In a surprise twist for this week's THE READ, host Van Robichaux bumps the planned VPN sponsor and does a read for celebrity sponsored mobile phone brand, Seppita Mobile.
    With our THE READ affiliate link van.link/seppita you can get Unlimited Rate Root™ included with any unlimited plan.
    You can find the fan made The Read Feed recap show at anchor.fm/thereadfeedshow

    • 7 min

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4.9 out of 5
33 Ratings

33 Ratings

technodr ,


Straight to point, no frills, quality podcast

Digital Urn ,

This is the good good!

And the new new!

cheeenmoney$ ,

My life is so much better

Most podcast's make you sit through all the boring talking in order to get to the commercials. For instance, when I listen to the Doughboys all they do is talk talk talk! When I listen to The Read, Van gets right to the point and I appreciate that about him and his amazing podcast!

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