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Comprehensive reviews and analysis of the complete Resident Evil/Biohazard saga by long-time fans from the community

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Comprehensive reviews and analysis of the complete Resident Evil/Biohazard saga by long-time fans from the community

    Episode 77: Happy Birthday Resident Evil (Remake)

    Episode 77: Happy Birthday Resident Evil (Remake)

    Welcome to REP's birthday party for Resident Evil Remake, now 20 years old and still as glorious and nostalgic as ever. As per tradition with our birthday milestone episodes, the team sit down and play various versions of the game, in different modes with both Chris and Jill, and shares their individual experiences. So sit back, grab a drink, turn the lights off, and let us take you back to the Arklay Mansion once again. The birthplace of horror. 

    • 2 hr 46 min
    Episode 76: Resident Evil Revelations Retrospective

    Episode 76: Resident Evil Revelations Retrospective

    It may be hard to believe, but Resident Evil Revelations has just celebrated its 10th birthday! Originally conceived as a portable experience for the Nintendo 3DS released in January 2012, this curiously often overlooked title has received several enhancements over the years and according to Capcom remains very much part of the main series. But as we discuss, Rev 1 is a strange beast. Despite containing many of the core ingredients that appeal to fans, Chris and Jill together, a return to horror after the action behemoth of RE5, and a larger focus on hub, key-questing gameplay, something about it doesn't feel quite right. Rombie isn't much of a fan and Batman aside, the other boys are firmly on the Rev2 train. But regardless there are many positives to take from this game. So sit back and relive the times of Grinder, Jackass, Jessica's sweet-ass, and Conan O'Brien's luxury cruise on the Queen Zenobia. 

    • 1 hr 52 min
    Episode 75: 10th Anniversary Special Podcast

    Episode 75: 10th Anniversary Special Podcast

    This episode sees the panel reflect on a decade of Resident Evil podcasting but also more importantly, reflecting on the last decade of Resident Evil as a whole. Since we started our little endeavor, the series has more than doubled in content with numerous new games, remakes, CG productions, manga stories, stage plays and even a musical, each of which have helped elevate the franchise to the colossal powerhouse it is today with over 25 million games sold in the last two years alone. Join us as we go back to the times of Revelations 1 and Operation Raccoon City, then the aftermath of Resident Evil 6 when the series truly felt like it was lost. We discuss the turn back to horror with Revelations 2, then Capcom undoing all of its good work with Umbrella Corps. We assess the reboot with 7, the evolution to Village and of course the impact of the widely divisive remakes of 2 and 3. Sandwiched inbetween all that is Damnation, Vendetta, Infinite Darkness and of course, plenty of Marhawa Desire news. Please join us for one of our lengthiest episodes to date and thank you to all for 10 years of support. 

    • 3 hr 16 min
    Episode 74: Resident Evil - Welcome To Raccoon City Review

    Episode 74: Resident Evil - Welcome To Raccoon City Review

    Finally after some delay the boys sit down to review the live-action reboot of the Resident Evil movie franchise. Writer/Director Johannes Roberts has gathered a promising cast to take us through a story that loosely combines the events of both Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. Opinion seems divided as we discuss everything from the characterisation, the strive for authenticity, the 90's aesthetic, the creatures, and the inevitable comparisons to the Paul WS Anderson efforts. Please enjoy. 

    • 2 hr 19 min
    REP Presents: The Best Bits

    REP Presents: The Best Bits

    The Resident Evil Podcast proudly presents, to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, a best bits compilation podcast!

    With over 10,000 minutes/167 hours worth of recordings, 76 podcasts, and 500-odd Biohazard quiz questions, this has been a long and quite incredible journey which has seen the Resident Evil series evolve and expand in many diverse ways.

    With many of these moments voted for by you, our loyal fanbase, we now present some of the best moments from the last decade, from the insightful, to the poignant, to the funny and the downright calamitous. 

    Thank you for joining and supporting us on the journey so far and here's to many more years to come.


    • 2 hr 3 min
    Episode 73: Resident Evil Gaiden

    Episode 73: Resident Evil Gaiden

    After years of requests and pressure from an unnamed member of the team, the Resident Evil Podcast finally brings you its coverage of the first proper handheld biohazard experience, Resident Evil Gaiden. 

    Released 20 years ago to the day on the Game Boy Colour, this much maligned entry has probably generated as much discussion over the years as any mainline title. Join Neptune, STARS Tyrant, Rombie and George Trevor as they provide their analysis on this 8-bit title, covering development, graphics, sound, story and of course the non-canon status Gaiden currently has. 

    We also have a very quick sub-discussion on Welcome to Raccoon City, a teaser of sorts before our full review coming in the new year. 

    A big thanks must also go to Padrex and Sofland for their remix OST!

    • 1 hr 56 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
63 Ratings

63 Ratings

Dawson131313 ,

Freaking awesome

I really wish you guys would do an episode on what your guys thoughts are about an RE BIOHAZERED continuous and how the plot would go.

undead jelly ,

Favorite podcast about one of my favorite series

Great podcast that has years of content and always makes it enjoyable to hear about resident evil. I dropped the series after 5 came out after being a huge fan of the older games and I can say their passion for the topic convinced me to play the newer titles and frankly improved my enjoyment of titles I didn't like. Great host and cast, always excited to see a new episode drop.

awkaedoooo ,

You want Stars? These boys will give you Stars!

Best Resident evil podcast around! Enough said.

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