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The Richie Allen Show is the most listened to independent news radio show in the world. The show airs Mon - Thurs at 4pm UK Time on richieallen.co.uk fabradiointernational.com and TuneIn.com. Richie interviews men and women who have vital information that is being suppressed by the mainstream media. The show is often controversial but always fair and balanced. Every episode is archived on podomatic.com 

The Richie Allen Show The Richie Allen Show

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The Richie Allen Show is the most listened to independent news radio show in the world. The show airs Mon - Thurs at 4pm UK Time on richieallen.co.uk fabradiointernational.com and TuneIn.com. Richie interviews men and women who have vital information that is being suppressed by the mainstream media. The show is often controversial but always fair and balanced. Every episode is archived on podomatic.com 

    The Richie Allen Show Monday June 24th 2024

    The Richie Allen Show Monday June 24th 2024

    Richie is joined by David Kurten and Kate Deeming. David Kurten is the founder and leader of The Heritage Party. The party is fielding more than 40 candidates in the general election. David came on to discuss the campaign, the blatant censorship of his party by the mainstream media, why in his opinion proportional representation would be a more equitable way of holding elections, the party's domestic and foreign policies and more. https://heritageparty.org/https://x.com/davidkurtenKate Deeming advocates for appropriate education for children. She's also the the Parent and Supporters Group Coordinator for the Scottish Union for Education. Kate came on to discuss her concern that the current approach to education is encouraging an epidemic of narcissism in children. She has written a fascinating article on the subject for her Substack. Read it here:https://deemingdreaming.substack.com/p/its-such-a-drag?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=1078891&post_id=145340506&utm_campaign=email-post-title&isFreemail=true&r=1sfb1o&triedRedirect=true&utm_medium=emailhttps://x.com/SunriseDances

    • 1 hr 51 min
    The Papers - Monday June 24th 2024

    The Papers - Monday June 24th 2024

    Richie reviews Monday's newspapers

    • 31 min
    The Papers - Friday June 21st 2024

    The Papers - Friday June 21st 2024

    Richie reviews Friday's newspapers

    • 30 min
    The Richie Allen Show Thursday June 20th 2024

    The Richie Allen Show Thursday June 20th 2024

    Richie is joined by Dr. Rehiana Ali, a neurologist who is standing in Bradford South in the general election. In March of 2022, Rehiana's brother Farooq - a biochemist and writer who graduated from Imperial College London - was found dead in his room at the Ramada Wyndham hotel in Islamabad. He had travelled to Pakistan to write his first book. The circumstances surrounding Farooq's death remain extremely suspicious. Rehiana and her sister Yasmin ( a law graduate) believe that Farooq was murdered. They are convinced that the British and Pakistani authorities colluded to prevent a proper investigation and that the cover-up continues to this very day. This is a must-listen show. For more on what happened to Farooq and Rehaina's election campaign, visit:https://substack.com/@farooqalikhanhttps://x.com/Rehiana1980

    • 1 hr 55 min
    The Papers - Thursday June 20th 2024

    The Papers - Thursday June 20th 2024

    Richie reviews Thursday's newspapers

    • 30 min
    The Richie Allen Show Wednesday June 19th 2024

    The Richie Allen Show Wednesday June 19th 2024

    Richie is joined by the international bestselling author Patricia Cori. Patricia has been sharing wisdom about the human condition and the enlightenment of civilization for almost three decades. Her books have been published in 22 languages. She has travelled the world to investigate the evidence of advanced ancient civilizations and appeared on hundreds of TV and radio shows along the way. In a wide-ranging conversation, Patricia discusses how as a young girl she was made aware of multiple dimensions and non-human entities. She explains to Richie why knowledge of ancient civilizations is very important when it comes to understanding our world today. She also discusses the success of her recent book "HACKING THE GOD CODE: The Conspiracy to Steal the Human Soul."https://www.patriciacori.com/

    • 1 hr 53 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
103 Ratings

103 Ratings

MikeEA52 ,

13 Sept call in show was epic!

The most informative callers today. Especially the school children. Keep the call-in shows coming.

6.5 ,

Opening segment - good. Guests - hit and miss. Host - meh.

Want to listen to an arrogant, angry, thin-skinned, middle-aged Irishman with a lisp, who constantly stutters and smacks his lips, is incredibly close-minded (while claiming the opposite) and can’t take any criticism? Then this is your show.

Richie Allen loves living in the past, constantly telling his listeners that he is “an old trade unionist” (his daily virtue signal) and that he “worked in the MSM” (which he believes gives him credibility). He also constantly claims that he is a “proper journalist”, but it’s not clear what he does at this point in his career that qualifies him for that job title (maybe it’s because he likes to review MSM propagandists who never ask tough questions, and Allen will stop and explain what HE would ask if he was conducting the interview). Allen loves to criticize other interviewers for not asking probing questions, but when Allen interviews guests, he always gives a disclaimer before asking something uncomfortable. Heaven forbid anyone thinks Allen is a tough interview and/or doesn’t love a certain demographic group (and with his constant disclaimers, it’s not possible). He strangely never feels a compunction to give disclaimers when he’s attacking someone or some group he dislikes or doesn’t require constant verbal reassurance. To Allen, some demographic groups are more equal than others, and if he happens to speak to someone that doesn’t sing from his hymn book, he’ll babble about his accountants to establish his bona fides. Allen is quite PC when it suits his purpose.

Allen has a few very annoying habits: One, if Allen disagrees with someone, he will tell the guest that they “will have as much time as they need to make their point”, however he will then babble incessantly explaining HIS point of view until there is little time left. This is one of his most disingenuous behaviors, as he claims to always give equal time. That’s nonsense, and anyone who listens to him knows this to be a lie. When the show is winding down, he will of course give someone “the final word” which means the guest gets about 30 seconds or so. What a guy. Once the interview ends and the guest is gone, he will then spend more time reinforcing his viewpoint while often getting annoyed at real time tweets calling him out for his behavior.

Two, he will state that the world is an awful place being run by psychopaths, however he constantly declares he is a pacifist who decries all violence. I guess he thinks that these psychopaths will be dissuaded from destroying the world and imposing a global tyranny by “non-violent, peaceful protesting” (which he believes is a waste of time). It’s nonsensical. But Allen has no children, so he really has no skin in the game except his own. His ultimate goal is to stay on the air and make money, which is why he puts out the constant disclaimers. There is nothing wrong with that, but he’s far from the rebel he pretends to be. He’s also not leading any insurrection, so it’s not clear what he’s so worried about.

Finally, he will spend a minute telling a favored guest how he’s not sucking up to them, all the while sucking up to them. It’s bizarre. It’s easy to spot because he’ll say “and I’m not just saying this...”

Allen has a number of repeat guests, which is great for him (no prep), but not so good for the listener. Skip those. The listener call in shows are also easy to bypass. He loves to tell his audience how hard he works, which helps explain his long and frequent vacations. He also loves to push his own app (developed by Broadcast Radio LTD), constantly telling his listeners to download it (even explaining how to use a VPN if you cannot get it in your country) but he never tells his listeners why that app is so vital. Perhaps a quick read of the app’s privacy policy will explain it, as listener user data is being vacuumed up. User data is valuable... perhaps Allen gets a cut. Finally, he has started a new 30 minute morning show called “The Papers”, in which he just reads news stories from the UK daily papers. Unless you enjoy someone reading news articles, you can skip this segment.

With that said, It’s not ALL bad. The best part of his show is the opening, where he reviews the big news of the day. He will often go after the UK media propagandists, and his commentary is usually spot on... especially his roasts of the obnoxious James O’Brien, the Ginger Ninja (Kay Burley) and Julia Hartley Brewer, among others. He also has some interesting guests, and those interviews can be very informative. One thing that often makes the show an occasional good listen is that Allen will discuss topics that are verboten on MSM. He will also have opposing narratives explored, with guests that are silenced by the MSM. For this reason alone, the podcast is worth checking in on. Three stars.

bwodarek ,


The BEST!!!

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