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An ongoing series of specially produced histories, bringing to life the stories and secrets that shaped cinema. @moviehistories secrethistoryofhollywood.com www.patreon.com/attaboysecret

The Secret History Of Hollywood Adam Roche

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An ongoing series of specially produced histories, bringing to life the stories and secrets that shaped cinema. @moviehistories secrethistoryofhollywood.com www.patreon.com/attaboysecret

    Cary: Part 1

    Cary: Part 1

    Once upon a time, from the midst of normality, an extraordinary story began...

    In a time when the world was being shaped on the fields of war, a boy named Archie dared to find his own path by looking to the stars.

    In Part One of Cary, hear the incredible journey of Archie Leach; one that stretched from broken beginnings, all the way to the heavens of Hollywood itself...

    Shadows: Midnight Is Come

    Shadows: Midnight Is Come

    Following the success of The Body Snatcher, Val Lewton has become one of RKO's most valuable and lauded producers.

    As well as the many opportunities now being presented to him, Lewton has also embarked upon his first true "A-Picture", a dark tale of madness and cruelty set within the walls of the most notorious asylum in the world.

    But as Hollywood itself begins to change, the shadows upon the screen will not be the only ones closing in on Lewton...

    With Mark Gatiss

    Shadows: The Resurrection Men

    Shadows: The Resurrection Men

    RKO's latest horror movie, 'The Body Snatcher', based upon a dark legacy of crimes from another time, is proving to be Val Lewton's most challenging project yet.

    Seemingly determined to have his way, Lewton's boss, Jack Gross has agreed to finally give Lewton and his team an "A-List" budget. But this promise comes with a set of conditions...

    It isn't long before Gross's demands are dragging Lewton's possible masterpiece into exploitation territory. With the budget as a bargaining chip, will Lewton be forced to ruin his own reputation in order to get the film made? Or will a solution present itself from the most unlikely of places?

    • 3 hr 38 min
    Shadows: The Silent Land

    Shadows: The Silent Land

    Val Lewton’s salvation has arrived in the form of Universal Horror star, Boris Karloff, a long-time admirer of Lewton’s new brand of horror cinema.

    For their first project together, Lewton must draw upon the darkest piece of his childhood; the place where his imagination grew up.

    And so begins a journey into the past, and to a place where dreams go to die…

    • 4 hr 32 min
    Shadows: The Rebellious Ones

    Shadows: The Rebellious Ones

    Val Lewton's chance to prove himself outside the horror genre has arrived.

    If he and his team can turn the nationwide problem of juvenile delinquency into a dramatic hit, then it may mean his graduation from the "B-Division", and his escape from the oppressive executive producer who seems intent on thwarting his creative freedom.

    But as the pressure begins to mount, Lewton will find himself facing a new threat; one that may put an end to not just his career, but his life...

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    Special thanks to Mark Gatiss and Brook Darnell


    • 3 hr 29 min
    Shadows: The Lost Child

    Shadows: The Lost Child

    Val Lewton has finally agreed to create a sequel to his biggest hit, 'Cat People'. But rather than produce a conventional continuation, Lewton has decided to delve into his own past, and to tell his most personal story yet, that of a childhood cut short by an over-zealous guardian.

    But in doing so, will he repeat the mistakes of his own past?

    Aiding him in his quest is a new director, whose meticulous plans for the film may be at odds with his own...

    Featuring Mark Gatiss

    • 2 hr 57 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
442 Ratings

442 Ratings

DBMesser ,

Archie Leach

I loved this podcast even though it was a long one, the narrator was awesome. Looking forward to more. Thank you. Dale

MrsCinLibrary ,


Completely caught up in the story of Archie Leach. Wonderful podcast, I dread it ending.

confabulous1 ,

What a gift!!!

I inadvertently wandered into this program and have been completely impressed. Impressed by the narration, production, writing, music and sound effects. It is truly art and deserving of attention!

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