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Welcome to the Secret Origins of Mint Condition. Join your hosts James, Joe , and Chris as they delve into the topics of comics, pop culture, sports, gaming and more.

The Secret Origins of Mint Condition James Louie

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Welcome to the Secret Origins of Mint Condition. Join your hosts James, Joe , and Chris as they delve into the topics of comics, pop culture, sports, gaming and more.

    208. Doctor Who Season 14 Wrap Up

    208. Doctor Who Season 14 Wrap Up

    In this week's episode jump aboard the "Remember Tardis" as James, John, Adrienne and Guy brave the perils of the Time Vortex to recap the newest season of Doctor Who. They give their overall impressions, thoughts about the 15th Doctor, highlight of the season and try to make sense of the season finale.

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    207. Looking Back on G.I. Joe The Movie

    207. Looking Back on G.I. Joe The Movie

    Show notes provided by Jack Adrien

    From its humble beginnings selling textile remnants, three brothers founded Hassenfeld Brothers in Providence, Rhode Island, in late 1923. Some six decades later, and more than a few corporate evolutions, its corporate decedent, Hasbro Industries, found it easier to promote its toy and entertainment products (e.g., comic book publication) directly to its prime customers (i.e., children) via daily, syndicated thirty-minute animated television series.

    Given that Hassenfeld Brothers produced the first twelve-inch G.I. Joe “action figure” in 1964, the toyline stands as one of the company’s notable legacy properties. Hasbro relaunched the property as G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, a 3.75-inch (9.5 centimeter) scale toyline in 1982 with a corresponding Marvel Comics series, leading to a five-part G.I. Joe mini-series in 1983 (later titled “The M.A.S.S. Device”), and the full G.I. Joe: Real American Hero series in 1985 that ran for ninety-five episodes, ending on Thursday, November 20, 1986.

    Originally planned for a theatrical release, unexpected production delays led to Hasbro releasing The Transformers: The Movie feature before G.I. Joe: The Movie. Moreover, the poor box office performance of fellow Hasbro-owned properties My Little Pony: The Movie on Friday, June 06, 1986, and The Transformers: The Movie release on Friday, August 08, 1986, respectively, led to Hasbro choosing to release the G.I. Joe feature film direct-to-video and airing on television in syndication, first in its entirety and later as a five-part miniseries.

    With a current 43 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating, G.I. Joe: The Movie neither captured the audience’s imagination when it was released nor reignited nostalgic goodwill in the nearly forty years since. Whereas the visually dynamic three-minute opening sequence highlights everything we loved about the animated series, including the surprise revision of the show’s theme song with Cobra-specific lyrics, the actual story was a hot mess. In a nutshell, the movie reveals that the Cobra terrorist organization was created by an ancient human/snake/insectoid hybrid Cobra-La civilization, led by Golobulus, refuged in the Himalayas as humanity evolved across the globe. Further, the movie retconned the Cobra leader, Cobra Commander, as a Cobra-La sleeper agent. Cobra-La’s evil plan: launch hundreds of techno-organic pods into orbit to spread spores that will devolve humanity into mindless snake beasts. Serpentor (trust us, he would take too much time to explain in these show notes) leads Cobra’s senior management to help Cobra-La execute its plan in exchange for preserving their humanity. Written by Ron Friedman, who also wrote The Transformers: The Movie, both movies share similar story elements (i.e., celebrity voice actors, new hero recruits, new antagonists, the “death” of a beloved leader, and a world-ending threat that requires the new leader to save the day).

    Join the Mint Condition crew of James, Kevin, Keith, and John as we discuss what works or doesn’t with the new characters, uncredited story consultant and animated series wriBuzz Dixon’s original story ideas, and so many missed opportunities. You will know the movie’s true purpose (hint: introduce new characters to sell more toys) and unrealized potential. And knowing is half the battle.


    Yooo, Joe!

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    206. Comic Book Artist Drew Moss: Thundrcats, Character design, Artistic influences and more

    206. Comic Book Artist Drew Moss: Thundrcats, Character design, Artistic influences and more

    In this week’s episode of the podcast, we are excited to welcome comic book artist Drew Moss to the show. Drew has worked for IDW, Image, Marvel, Dark Horse Comics, Dynamite comics and more. Doing art for such properties as The Crow,  Red Sonja,  Vampirella, Star Wars Adventures, Gargoyles: Dark Ages, and more. He is also the current artist on ThunderCats.

    This is a wide ranging in conversation with Drew. We talked about his creative process in designing characters, laying out pages and creating artwork. He also talks about the artistic process how to find your own style, resources to learn how to develop your art skills and at the end gets very philosophical.

    If you’re listening to this, I highly encourage you to also check out the YouTube video of this episode where Drew draws a variant cover of Thundercats featuring Tygra. 

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    205. Back of the Store Catch Up (6/13/24) X-Men 97, NHL, Star Trek and More

    205. Back of the Store Catch Up (6/13/24) X-Men 97, NHL, Star Trek and More

    Show notes provided by Joe Peluso

    It's summer on Long Island and the heat and the humidity have taken hold! But can even a dew point of over 70 degrees keep the Mint faithful from visiting 664 Port Blvd? "Neither snow nor rain nor HEAT" shall deter the avid pop culture enthusiast from storming through that back door to discuss comics, TV, film, card games--and sports!

    Thousands flock to the beach seeking relief, a half-dozen or so make their way to Mintcondition to "cool off".  Join your hosts James, Chris, and Joe as they catch up on what they have been reading and watching as the summer solstice approaches.

    From Big Barda to X-Men '97, from the Stanley Cup Finals to mid-season Baseball, and from Dr. Who to Star Trek Enterprise, the boys present a sizzling smorgasbord of reviews and recommendations.

       Just in case the AC goes on the fritz, or PSE&G cuts back on the power (AGAIN!), bring along one of those mini fans to stay cool or run next door to Hinck's Delicatessen for one of those monster size ice teas!

       The conversation rarely gets heated, but the store has a flat slate roof. Hot pizza anyone?

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    204. Our favorite Modern Comicbook Artists

    204. Our favorite Modern Comicbook Artists

    Show notes by Joe Peluso

    Before you listen to our latest episode of The Secret Origins of Mint Condition you might want to do some yoga, meditate, smell some flowers, or download that "white noise" app on your phone. What follows is an 80 minute discussion, and total geek-out by James, Richie, and Joe as they converse, cogitate, and consider their favorite "modern" comic book artists! It would also be advisable tohave on hand a score card, spreadsheet, and a cup of chamomile tea.

    This one moves fast and furious with over six dozen creatives examined and reviewed!  From Aparo to Xermanico, the boys list their favorites, discuss styles and influences, and show a ton of cool stuff!

         When you finish this rollercoaster ride of riotous renderings, you will definitely race to your nearest longbox and pull out an artistic gem to read, savor, and drool over like you did when you were ten years old!

    • 1 hr 16 min
    203. X-Men 97 Season 1

    203. X-Men 97 Season 1

    X-Men 97 Season 1

    • 1 hr 19 min

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5.0 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

U know who…Richie ,

Classic fun banter old & new ENJOY!!!

This podcast brings back the good old days when we gathered in the back of the store to discuss our favorite (& not so favorite) comics, movies, tv shows, games, etc.
If you had an opinion, if you wanted to share, Mint Condition was the first & best place to go. Whether you were a former employee, owner (there were 3 of us), a customer or someone new who is lucky enough to discover this podcast, WELCOME!
And enjoy, you’ll feel right at home ;)

speakhard ,

Like being back at the comic shop.

One of the best things about your local comic shop was all the discussions and community that took place there — you may have gone for your comics or collectibles but it was the “friends along the way” that separated just another store from a special place to be. This podcast recreates that feeling of being in your local comic shop, bonding over common interests, sharing your passions and arguing over minutiae (in a friendly way, of course)!

This podcast recreates that sense of community and enthusiasm and passion for all things pop culture that you used to find in your local comic book shop – virtually. If you long for the days of the brick and mortar watering hole where you could nerd out about comics, sci-fi, fantasy, sports, westerns – anything you can nerd out about – this is the podcast for you.

Arcojuve ,

These guys are living my dream!

Talking about comics and pop culture and loving every second of it?! That’s my dream! These guys sound great together and not only know their stuff but also help bring back so many great memories for me! Looking forward to hearing more!

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