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Welcome to the Secret Origins of Mint Condition. Join your hosts James, Joe , and Chris as they delve into the topics of comics, pop culture, sports, gaming and more.

The Secret Origins of Mint Condition James Louie

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Welcome to the Secret Origins of Mint Condition. Join your hosts James, Joe , and Chris as they delve into the topics of comics, pop culture, sports, gaming and more.

    124. Star Trek Edition: Picard Mid-Season Thoughts

    124. Star Trek Edition: Picard Mid-Season Thoughts

    Show Notes Provided by Joe Peluso

    The typical 21st century family reunion usually takes place in a banquet hall, on a picnic ground, or at one member's large back yard (swimming pool preferred). But in the 25th century such a homecoming might occur in deep space, within an eerie nebula, accompanied by an uninvited "guest" who "drives" up in the scariest war-ship this side of the Delta Quadrant!     When Admiral Jean-Luc Picard and Captain William T. Riker answers a distress call from Dr. Beverly Crusher, in the season three premiere of Star Trek: Picard, a series of incredible events, amazing action, and monumental moments of self recriminating reflection is set in motion.   Join you hosts--all decorated officers of Star Fleet--James, John, and Joe as they recap the first act of this new season of Picard, while also delving deeply into the mystery-leaden miasma that is episode four. And as your hosts try to keep pace with the wonderfully talented creatives of this new season, a lively discussion ensues that will keep you glued to your "center seat".    It's an hour plus of Trek Talk that reminds us all why we seek "to go where no one has gone before".

    • 1 hr 16 min
    123. Nice Suit! A conversation about Superhero Costumes

    123. Nice Suit! A conversation about Superhero Costumes

    Show Notes provided by Joe Peluso

    "Nice outfit." Jack Napier to The Batman

    (1989 film)

    From one fashion plate to another.

    From unstable molecules to tight-fitting spandex, from durable leather to textured body suits, "the costume is the thing". You are not striking fear into the hearts of criminals if you are dressed as a giant canary. But if your intentions are to mete out judgment, and you are garbed as a giant bat, well let's say the scale of justice has been tipped in your favor. If clothes make the man or the woman, then the costume--the "suit"--makes the hero!

    And as our heroes are dashing into phone booths and storerooms, speedily spinning around, or angrily bursting out of their everyday wear to answer the cries for help, how do these transformations transfer from the printed page to screens both big and small? What colors pop off the page? How fine is the line between fantasy and realism when the super-suit is realized?

    Join your host James, Chris, and Joe as they pull more than one super-suit off the rack in an attempt to discover which super-hero look is the most frightening, friendly, and fashionable. Who's wearing their underwear on the outside this year? Do bright primary colors engender feelings of trust? And what connoisseur of couture thought 'disco collars" on super-suits were a good idea?

    No one ever said that leaping tall buildings in a single bound was going to be easy, but you had better look the part before making the attempt!

    • 1 hr 7 min
    122. Sports Edition 3/5/23

    122. Sports Edition 3/5/23

    The Superbowl is in the rearview mirror.

    Both the NHL and NBA are hurtling toward the playoffs. MLB is in full swing (spring?) in Florida and Arizona.

    The PBA season is underway. And Brooklyn--my hometown--is now a Kyrie-free zone. And Chris and Joe are back! Were they in hiding? Well, wouldn't you be after some of the sports picks they made in the previous year? Remember this no-brainer of a pick by Joe: "The Mets in six over The Asros in The World Series." Don't let him choose your kid's college!

    But the boys are back behind the desk and ready to take you on a barn-storming tour of the current sports happenings. If you need to be caught up on The NHL, then Chris is your man! And if the new MLB rule changes are messing with your head (Oh man, it's like being inside Jim Ignatowski's head!), then Joe is here to shake loose the cobwebs.

    It's lively sports talk, peppered with provocative questions--and a fair amount of head-scratching

    There's ample ground to cover. So let's get started sports fans!

    • 1 hr 35 min
    121.Back of the Store Catch Up

    121.Back of the Store Catch Up

    Meriam Webster defines the 'back door' as..." A subsidiary entrance to a building or house at its rear, normally away from the street". Not too inviting, right?

    Joan and John Gross, Richie Garofalo, and (that baseball maniac) Joe Peluso define the 'back door' as..." As a portal that leads to a place of familiar faces, spirited--but always--respectful conversations, and a good time to be had by all.

    Join your hosts James, Chris, and Joe as they recapture the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age moments of Mint Conditions' constant conviviality.

    Catch up on the latest pop culture events. The door is always open!

    • 1 hr 6 min
    120. Marvel Silver Age with Guest Richie Garofalo

    120. Marvel Silver Age with Guest Richie Garofalo

    Show notes provided by Joe Peluso

    With sincerest apologies, and endless love, to STAN LEE

    "Well pilgrim it is time for me to once again ascend to the top of my can-tankerous crate, amidst the mindful

    meandering masses trodding through the town square, and seize their attention with relevant rhapsodies!

    Today's tantalizing topic: The Silver Age of Marvel Comics. Riotous Rich Garofalo and Joltin' Joe Peluso recapture the

    scintillating sixties that provided the panoramic palette birthing the bomb-bastic backdrop of Mighty Marvel!

    With powerful portions of palaverouspontifications, the boys retell a tale of a simpler time of satirical and serious

    stories that salvaged a sickly medium and created an ardent army of "merry

    marching" faithful followers."

    PHEW! How did Stan do this every month?

    Rich and Joe have selected some of the most memorable Marvel Masterpieces from that wonderful era of four-color fun to review in this edition of Joe's Comics Corner.

    If you were fortunate enough to experience these gems firsthand, brace yourself for a flood of meaningful memories. And if this is your first exposure to Silver Age Marvel, sit back--and as Stan "The Man" Lee would oft say--ENJOY!

    And what honest review of any comic book be without a tease? Marvelite, you will learn of the strange connection between The 59th Street Bridge and (the now defunct) Tad's Steak House. "Don't say this isn't the Marvel Age of cryptic commentary?"

    • 1 hr 6 min
    119. Star Trek Edition: Picard Season 3 Episode 1 "The Next Generation"

    119. Star Trek Edition: Picard Season 3 Episode 1 "The Next Generation"

    Taking an interruption in the Star Fleet hearing about Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the crew of the U.S.S. Mint Condition heads out of space dock to explore the first episode of the new season of Picard. The crew of this mission is James, John and Josh, tackle all the easter eggs, fan theories and hopes for this "Next Generation" reunion season of Picard.

    • 1 hr 32 min

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5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

speakhard ,

Like being back at the comic shop.

One of the best things about your local comic shop was all the discussions and community that took place there — you may have gone for your comics or collectibles but it was the “friends along the way” that separated just another store from a special place to be. This podcast recreates that feeling of being in your local comic shop, bonding over common interests, sharing your passions and arguing over minutiae (in a friendly way, of course)!

This podcast recreates that sense of community and enthusiasm and passion for all things pop culture that you used to find in your local comic book shop – virtually. If you long for the days of the brick and mortar watering hole where you could nerd out about comics, sci-fi, fantasy, sports, westerns – anything you can nerd out about – this is the podcast for you.

Arcojuve ,

These guys are living my dream!

Talking about comics and pop culture and loving every second of it?! That’s my dream! These guys sound great together and not only know their stuff but also help bring back so many great memories for me! Looking forward to hearing more!

Angry pear ,

When Is The Mr. Lee and the Lizard Ep?!

Great to relive a truly fond part of my life through audio.

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