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Discover the transformative power of Evolving Leadership with the Self Aware Leader Podcast, hosted by Jason Rigby. Embark on a life-changing journey and empower yourself with cutting-edge insights, strategies, and wisdom from the world's most influential and forward-thinking leaders. Learn how to cultivate self-awareness, foster growth, and unlock your full potential with thought-provoking discussions and actionable advice. Tune in to the Self-Aware Leader Podcast and take the first step towards becoming the exceptional leader you were destined to be.

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Discover the transformative power of Evolving Leadership with the Self Aware Leader Podcast, hosted by Jason Rigby. Embark on a life-changing journey and empower yourself with cutting-edge insights, strategies, and wisdom from the world's most influential and forward-thinking leaders. Learn how to cultivate self-awareness, foster growth, and unlock your full potential with thought-provoking discussions and actionable advice. Tune in to the Self-Aware Leader Podcast and take the first step towards becoming the exceptional leader you were destined to be.

    "I'll Do It Tomorrow" Monster SLAYED! A Leader's Guide to Motivation

    "I'll Do It Tomorrow" Monster SLAYED! A Leader's Guide to Motivation

    Feeling stuck in a procrastination rut? It's a place I know well. You want to move forward with your goals, but that pesky voice of "I'll do it tomorrow" keeps you frozen, unable to actually start.
    Let's be honest – we all experience dips in motivation. Even the most enthusiastic leaders and dedicated employees have those days when getting fired up about work is tougher than usual. But the good news is it doesn't have to be permanent!
    In this podcast, I want to share some hard-earned lessons about breaking out of motivational slumps. As self-aware leaders, we need to dive into the why behind our lack of motivation so we can move past it effectively.
    The Drain of Demotivation
    Before we tackle the fixes, let's be clear about the costs of low motivation. Lacking energy to tackle your goals isn't something to just grin and bear:
    Productivity Takes a Nosedive: Without that spark, we drag our feet, projects lag, and output decreases.
    Stress Skyrockets: As deadlines loom and work piles up, our anxiety ratchets up several notches.
    Self-Doubt Creeps In: The relentless "What's wrong with me?" self-criticism erodes confidence and makes us feel even more paralyzed.
    Mental & Physical Health Suffers: Feeling down and out impacts sleep, concentration, and overall well-being.
    See where this is going? Low motivation isn't benign. It's important to take action when you're feeling more stuck than strategic.
    Conquering the Motivation Monster
    So what's the fix? This is where self-awareness shines! The key is to pinpoint WHY you're feeling unmotivated and tackle the root cause:
    Cause #1: The Overwhelm Overload
    If your to-do list is causing heart palpitations, here's what to do:
    The Art of "No": Learn to protect your time. Saying a simple "I'm over capacity right now" can make a world of difference.
    Distraction Elimination: Phones buzzing, people popping in? Clear the decks so your focus can return.
    Prioritize Like a Pro: List everything, then rank by urgency/importance. Start at the top, and forget the rest (for now!).
    Cause #2: Burnout Strikes
    Exhaustion kills motivation faster than anything. Try these strategies:
    Harness Your Peak Hours: Notice when your energy is high – do complex work then, and save routine tasks for the inevitable afternoon slump.
    Breaks Are Your Friend: Don't be a hero. Step away for a walk, coffee with a colleague, or even a 5-minute meditation.
    Work-Life Balance is Non-Negotiable: Avoid the 24/7 trap. Fully disconnecting after hours is crucial for long-term energy levels.
    Cause #3: Fear of Failure Syndrome
    If perfectionism and worry are keeping you stuck, consider these mind shifts:
    Aim for "Good Enough": Messy first drafts are better than no drafts! Remember, you can always revise later.
    Build Momentum with Starting Habits: Simple routines you do before diving into work prime your brain and reduce resistance.
    Blur Preparation and Action: Ease into tough tasks by starting with small 'prep'-related steps. Often, you'll find yourself just doing the thing!
    Cause #4: The Apathy Attack
    When you don't care about the work, finding that drive can feel impossible. Try this:
    Remember Your Why: Write down the real reasons you need this job, value this project, etc. Keeping those reasons visible helps.
    Connect for a Cause: Socializing with colleagues creates community and a sense of shared purpose.
    Seek New Challenges: Ask for more, propose new initiatives. Growth is a powerful motivator.
    You Got This – And I'm Cheering You On!
    Don't expect to be motivated 100% of the time. But, with practice, you'll build those mental muscles to break out of motivation ruts faster. Let's ditch the "I'll do it tomorrow" blues and make each day count!
    Let me know in the comments – which of these motivation drains hits you the hardest?

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    Your Money Blocks Are Sabotaging Your Success

    Your Money Blocks Are Sabotaging Your Success

    "Ever feel like there's some invisible block sabotaging your money goals? Today, we're going deep. We're not talking surface-level 'think rich' stuff, but the real, messy emotions most leaders hide when it comes to abundance. 
    My Breaking Point: I hit a wall with the whole 'manifest your millions' mindset. Turns out, I had some major unresolved baggage around money – limiting beliefs, fear, you name it. Sound familiar?
    Money Mirrors Your Mind: We think money is about dollars and cents, but it's a symbol of how we see ourselves, our worth, even our impact on the world. That's the work most leaders miss.
    The Law of Assumption Goes Deeper: It's not about willing stuff into existence, but aligning with that limitless source of creation (call it consciousness, whatever works for you). Leaders, we're used to forcing things, not flowing with them. That's why we get stuck with money.
    Get Ready to Squirm (It's Worth It):
    Uncover your 'money story' – What did you hear about money growing up? What makes you uncomfortable about wealth?
    Align, don't Chase: Abundance happens when what you do provides value and is in harmony with who you are.
    Build Wealth that Empowers: It's about serving, co-creating – that's how the flow keeps going, not by hoarding.
    My Takeaway: This isn't woo woo – it's about unlocking the potential we block with our own money baggage. True wealth is something you embody, not just get.
    Call to Action: What's your biggest hidden money belief? Have you seen it play out in how you lead? Share below, let's get real!

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    Stop Lying to Yourself About Commitment

    Stop Lying to Yourself About Commitment

    What Does It Mean to Be Truly Committed?
    On the most recent episode of The Self Aware Leader podcast, I dove deep into the concept of commitment. We often throw that word around – I'm committed to fitness, committed to this project, committed to my personal growth. But what does true, maximum commitment really look like and feel like?
    To dissect this, I like to rephrase the question:
    "What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve a goal or uphold a value?"
    That hits a little harder, doesn't it? Because true commitment isn't just about the good times, the easy choices. It's about what you'll keep doing, who you'll keep being, even when it's inconvenient, difficult, and frankly...uncomfortable.
    Commitment in Action
    Let's look at some examples:
    Relationships: Truly committed partners don't walk away at the first sign of conflict. They stay and work through the challenges – not because it's easy, but because the value of the relationship outweighs the temporary discomfort.
    Health: Being committed to your health isn't about a crash diet; it's about making sustainable lifestyle changes. We're talking early mornings for workouts even when you're tired, and saying 'no' to temptations that derail your goals.
    Career: Maximum commitment here means going the extra mile. Putting in the late nights to perfect a project, taking on extra responsibilities to learn – the things that aren't necessarily expected but are essential for growth.
    Commitment Isn't Easy (But It's Worth It)
    True commitment will stretch your comfort zone. There will be times when you want to give up, walk away, or cut corners. That's when you ask yourself that all-important question again: is what you want on the other side of this challenge worth the sacrifice you're making now?
    It's important to be honest with yourself. If the answer is no, that's okay! Maybe now isn't the time, or perhaps you need to re-evaluate whether your goal is truly aligned with your values. But if that answer is a resounding "YES"... then it's time to dig in and make true commitment a part of your everyday life.
    How do you cultivate maximum commitment? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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    Feeling Lost as a Leader? Finding Strength When Life Gets Chaotic.

    Feeling Lost as a Leader? Finding Strength When Life Gets Chaotic.

    Finding Leadership Strength in the Face of My Own Storms
    The weight of the world feels heavy on my shoulders lately. Deadlines pile up, personal challenges mount, and it seems like another chaotic day follows each chaotic night. In moments like these, I crave inspiration—a reminder of how to navigate the chaos and lead myself (and others) with purpose.
    Recently, while pondering leadership principles, I found myself revisiting the final days of Jesus Christ. I know it sounds like a heavy topic, but as I dove into it and considered John Maxwell's analysis of leadership, I realized there's incredible strength to glean from Jesus' actions under the most unimaginable pressure.
    His story hit me in a whole new way. Here's what struck me the most:
    The Power of Peace in Chaos: Jesus, facing what he knew was ahead, exuded peace. That resonates with me right now. I'm learning that holding a sense of calm in my own life's storms lets me make clearer decisions – and it sets a crucial example for those I lead. Clarity When The Path is Foggy: Even knowing what was coming, Jesus' vision and communication became sharper than ever. For me, as a leader, it's easy to get stuck in the muck of the current problems. This is a reminder that communicating my vision, especially when times are tough, is non-negotiable. Love and Belief that Doesn't Waver: His love for and belief in his followers never shook, even facing betrayal. Sometimes, self-doubt creeps in, making me question my leadership, and my ability to support others. Seeing Jesus' actions is a powerful reminder that showing genuine love and belief in my team is one of the strongest things I can do. Eyes on the Future, Feet in the Present: Jesus's future focus was intense. He painted a clear picture of what lay ahead. Life can throw plenty of hurdles, but keeping a sense of long-term direction, for myself and those I lead, helps us push through. Look, I'm the first to admit putting these lessons into practice is far from easy. Being a truly self-aware leader means I know I'll get it wrong sometimes. Impatience or fear might get the best of me. But that's why I keep coming back to examples like this. Leadership, especially when things get tough, is about constantly returning to your principles and finding strength to put them into practice.
    Have any of you ever turned to unconventional sources for wisdom in difficult times? Let's talk about it in the comments!

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    WARNING: This Muscle-Building Program Will Make You a LEADER (But Are You Ready?)

    WARNING: This Muscle-Building Program Will Make You a LEADER (But Are You Ready?)

    The latest episode featuring Ben Corliss, a renowned Men's Fitness Expert and the visionary behind Lifts with Wolves, serves as a testament to the podcast's commitment to exploring all facets of leadership and personal growth. Ben's approach to fitness transcends the physical, delving into the profound impact that strength training can have on mental and emotional well-being.
    The Journey Towards Holistic Leadership At the core of this episode is the idea that leadership is not a one-dimensional attribute confined to the boardroom; rather, it's a multi-faceted quality that encompasses every aspect of our lives, including our physical health and emotional resilience. Ben Corliss, through his innovative fitness programs, illustrates how becoming physically strong and confident can serve as a foundation for developing the other qualities essential for effective leadership.
    Strength Training: More Than Just Physical Fitness One of the most compelling takeaways from the conversation with Ben is the concept that strength training is not solely about achieving an aesthetically pleasing physique. It's about embarking on a journey that challenges one's limits, cultivates discipline, and builds confidence—qualities that are invaluable for any leader.
    Ben's programs, accessible through his website bencorliss.fitbudd.com, and his social media presence on Instagram @lifts.with.wolves, offer more than just workout routines. They provide a holistic approach to fitness that addresses the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of well-being. This comprehensive perspective on health and fitness is what sets Ben apart as a fitness expert and makes his insights incredibly relevant for anyone looking to enhance their leadership capabilities.
    Mental and Emotional Well-being: The Unsung Heroes of Leadership Another significant aspect of the episode is the discussion on how lifting weights can serve as a powerful tool for mental and emotional health. The discipline of regularly challenging oneself in the gym can translate into increased mental resilience and emotional stability—key components of a self-aware leader. This discussion underscores the podcast's broader message: leadership is an ever-evolving journey of self-improvement that requires attention to all aspects of one's life.
    Empowering Leaders of Tomorrow The Self-Aware Leader Podcast, through episodes like the one with Ben Corliss, provides listeners with actionable advice and thought-provoking discussions designed to unlock their full potential. It encourages us to look beyond traditional notions of leadership and to embrace a more holistic approach that includes physical well-being as a critical component of effective leadership.
    Conclusion In summary, the episode with Ben Corliss on the Self-Aware Leader Podcast serves as a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of physical strength, mental resilience, and emotional stability in the development of effective leadership. It's a call to action for all aspiring leaders to embrace a more comprehensive approach to personal development, one that acknowledges the transformative power of integrating physical fitness into the leadership journey. Tune in to this life-changing podcast and take the first step towards becoming the exceptional leader you were destined to be.

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    STOP Demonizing Your Team! The SECRET to Seeing Their TRUE Potential

    STOP Demonizing Your Team! The SECRET to Seeing Their TRUE Potential

    The Dichotomy of Leadership: Embracing Complexity for Authentic Impact
    As leaders, we are frequently taught to be decisive and project certainty. But the world, and the people we lead, are rarely black and white. Truly impactful leadership demands embracing the contradictory, the complex, and finding power in the uncomfortable "grey spaces." Teal Swan's thought-provoking exploration of dichotomy offers a powerful lens to re-examine how we lead, and how we see ourselves.
    The Discomfort of "And"
    Our brains crave simplicity. We want easy answers, neat narratives. Witnessing good and bad traits coexisting in a person – whether it's someone we manage, a public figure, or even ourselves – creates a cognitive dissonance most of us struggle to tolerate. This leads to:
    Demonizing or Glorifying: Biased narratives and all-or-nothing thinking warp our understanding of those we lead, undermining balanced judgment.
    Splitting: We compartmentalize, seeing team members as "all good" or "all bad" (and ourselves too!). This fuels inconsistent reactions and erodes trust.
    Lost Opportunities: When we can't tolerate nuance, we may miss out on the growth potential held within challenges and flaws.
    Expanding Your Leadership Capacity: Becoming the Container
    Teal Swan coins the term "And Consciousness" – the ability to hold opposing truths simultaneously. For a leader, this is transformative:
    Beyond Judgment: By holding both good AND bad aspects of a person or situation, we lessen knee-jerk reactions and make more informed choices.
    Seeing the Whole: This broader perspective helps us see potential blind spots in individuals and ourselves, fostering better long-term strategies.
    Nurturing Growth: Understanding complexity allows space for people (including ourselves) to evolve, without feeling defined by past mistakes.
    How to Become a Leader Who Holds Dichotomy:
    Question Your Assumptions: When you find yourself categorizing someone (or yourself) as "always" or "never," pause. Seek out information that challenges your current view.
    Explore the Root of 'Extremes': If you're stuck seeing someone as perfect or monstrous, ask yourself: how does this belief serve me? Am I avoiding something uncomfortable?
    Check Your Nervous System: All-or-nothing thinking spikes when we're stressed. Practice calming techniques to access a more objective mindset.
    Embrace the 'In-Between': Leadership isn't just about having all the answers. Model comfort with "I'm not sure yet," and invite your team to explore the nuance alongside you.
    The Challenge of Authentic Leadership
    It's important to note: This isn't about condoning harmful behavior or ignoring red flags. But it IS about becoming a leader who understands that people are messy, teams have rough patches, and even your own best intentions sometimes have unforeseen consequences.
    Holding dichotomy means embracing the uncomfortable truth that great strengths can co-exist with deep flaws... even within ourselves. That's where transformative leadership begins.
    Further Exploration:
    Teal Swan's video "And Consciousness" offers more depth on this concept. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27Tl8KIj6Xg]
    Blog Post https://tealswan.com/resources/articles/dichotomy/

    Share your thoughts! How do you approach holding seemingly contradictory aspects of your team members, yourself, or leadership situations?

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4.7 out of 5
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26 Ratings

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