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The Seniorologie Podcast hosted by Leslie Kerrigan is a podcast dedicated to the study of high school senior portrait photography. Whether you have been a senior photographer for a while or are just starting out in the senior photography genre, this podcast will help you build a successful senior portrait business. Join me to learn all there is to know about senior portrait photography.

The Seniorologie Podcast The Seniorologie Podcast

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The Seniorologie Podcast hosted by Leslie Kerrigan is a podcast dedicated to the study of high school senior portrait photography. Whether you have been a senior photographer for a while or are just starting out in the senior photography genre, this podcast will help you build a successful senior portrait business. Join me to learn all there is to know about senior portrait photography.

    5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

    5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

    Today, we’ll discuss essential strategies to drive traffic to your website. Whether you’re new to photography or striving to boost your online presence, these tips are your ticket to attracting more clients and boosting your business.

    Before we get started with tips on how to drive traffic to your website, you first want to know how much traffic your website is getting! Are you getting lots of traffic?  Are those visitors converting?  How do you know? 

    Knowing your website analytics is an important piece of information! Google Analytics and Google Search Console are both great options for finding out this information.

    Now let’s get to the tips for driving traffic to your website! In this post, we’re diving into a topic that’s essential for every modern senior photographer — 5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website.

    5 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Photography Website

    Tip #1: Master SEO Optimization

    One of the best ways to get more eyes on your website? Make friends with search engines. It’s not as daunting as it sounds.

    Start by figuring out what words and phrases people are typing into Google when they’re looking for a photographer like you. Then, sprinkle those magic words into your website’s content. Page titles, image descriptions, the copy on that page, and more. Think of it as giving Google a little nudge to say, “Hey, check out my awesome website!”

    Getting your website found in a search starts with naming each page with keywords. Each page is ranked separately by Google, not your website as a whole, so make sure you have names for each page of your site as well as each blog post on your site that are searchable terms.

    Tip #2: Craft Compelling Content

    Another key strategy for driving traffic to your website is consistently creating compelling and valuable content that not only your potential clients will want to see but also Google will like so you can show up in searches.

    A lot of times, and I’m guilty of this too, is we create our websites and move on to something else, hoping our website is doing the job for us to market our services. But in order to continually get ranked by Google which drives search traffic to your site, you have to consistently create content. You gotta dish out the good stuff. That means regular updates with blog posts, client testimonials, and updated images from recent senior sessions.

    If you don’t continually update content then there is no real incentive for anyone to return to your site but if you create compelling content that gives your audience information they are looking for…you guessed it…it keeps them coming back for more.

    And spice it up with videos and infographics? That’s like adding extra flavor – it’s bound to get people talking and sharing!

    Tip #3: Harness the Power of Social Media

    Here we go again …talking about social media but It’s not just for posting your content – it’s a powerhouse for driving traffic to your website.

    Pick the platforms where your audience hangs out, then start sharing your awesome content. Throw inconsistent posts, engage with followers by replying to comments, and further conversation by sliding into those DMs. It’s all about building a community and making people feel like they’re part of something awesome. They will start to follow you on social media, then go to that link in bio to learn more and if you have it set up, you will direct them right to your website!!

    Pro tip: every time you update your website, change up the design, add a new testimonial, blog, or more…SHARE IT ON SOCIAL!! If you don’t tell people a reason to go check out your website, then they won’t! Be your own traffic director, pointing people in the right direction aka your website!!!

    Create screen records of you visiting specific pages on your website,

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    5 Tactics that WORK to get Seniors on Your Email List

    5 Tactics that WORK to get Seniors on Your Email List

    In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence and effective marketing strategies are essential for growing your photography business. That’s why I’m excited to share with you five proven tactics that will not only help you expand your email list but also elevate your brand and attract more high school seniors to your services. In this post, we’re diving into a topic that’s crucial for photographers looking to thrive in a competitive market… 


    5 Tactics that WORK to get Seniors on Your Email List

    Tip #1: Offer Irresistible Freebies

    One of the best ways to entice seniors and/or parents of seniors to join your email list is by offering them something of value in return. We want their emails for future marketing efforts, follow-up, and client communication.

    An attractive freebie serves as a compelling incentive for seniors and parents to join your email list which in turn gives you a chance to market your services and get booked. In a competitive market, offering an irresistible freebie sets you apart from competitors who may not provide such incentives. It distinguishes you as someone who goes above and beyond to cater to their client’s needs.

    But what kind of freebies are most appealing to high school seniors?

    The best thing you can do is brainstorm ideas for freebies and ask yourself three questions about your ideas…

    1. Does it solve a problem for my clients?

    2. Does it answer a question my potential client may have?

    3. Is it extremely valuable to my ideal client?  Will they benefit from having this/using this?

    If your freebie idea is a yes to all three questions, then that is a great freebie for your audience.

    Be sure to cater the freebie to your specific ideal client. Use the freebie to help provide information that will answer a question, bust through a misconception, or help them overcome a pain point.

    Some ideas for freebies are:

    a free style guide to help the seniors feel confident in their session

    Session planning guide

    Session packing checklist

    a posing tips guide so they can feel at ease during their shoot (which leads to great photos!), 

    or even a limited-time discount on their senior sessionBy providing something they find valuable, you’re not only incentivizing them to sign up but also showcasing your expertise and generosity.

    Through sharing your expertise and showing up consistently in their inbox with valuable content, you are staying front of mind for the subscribers on your email list.  That way when they are ready to book a senior session, who will they think of first?  YOU!!

    Sharing valuable information also enhances the perceived value of your services so that parents and seniors are more likely to share their positive experiences with friends and family, leading to word-of-mouth referrals. This organic marketing can significantly expand your client base and reputation.

    Tip #2: Host an Exclusive Giveaway

    Another idea to grow your email list is to host a giveaway. Make sure the prize aligns with your target audience’s interests. Then, promote it on social media, and consider collaborating with local businesses to expand its reach. Clear instructions and transparent rules are essential for maintaining credibility and trust with participants.


    Tip #3: Create Compelling Opt-In Forms (make it easy to say “yes!” to your email list)

    The design and placement of your opt-in forms can significantly impact your email sign-up rate. Make sure your forms are visually appealing, easy to find, and clearly communicate the benefits of subscribing. Use photos, your brand colors, brand fonts and speak directly to your ideal client in the copy.

    Consider using an email platform that has beautiful templates for pop-up forms, slide-ins,

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    5 Tips To Use The Power of TikTok to Catapult Your Photography Business

    5 Tips To Use The Power of TikTok to Catapult Your Photography Business

    Today, I’m sharing 5 tips for using the power of TikTok to promote and grow your high school senior photography business! For some of you, diving into the world of TikTok might sound intimidating. And for others, you might already be there and want to take your TikTok content to the next level!


    Whether you don’t even have an account created yet, or you just wrapped up completing the latest TikTok challenge, today’s episode will help you make the most out of this dynamic platform. So, let’s jump in!


    5 Tips to Catapult Your Senior Photography Business Using The Power of TikTok


    Tip #1: Showcase Your Portfolio Creatively on TikTok

    TikTok is a visual playground, and it’s the perfect place to give potential clients a glimpse into your photography world. Use TikTok to create and post short and visually captivating videos that showcase the best of your senior photo sessions. 


    Don’t be shy – use the opportunity to highlight your unique photography style, editing skills, and the overall atmosphere you capture in your senior portraits. This not only establishes your brand but also serves as a virtual portfolio that can leave a lasting impression on your audience.


    Tip #2: Behind-the-Scenes Content

    Behind-the-scenes content does a great job of removing any mystery behind your business. It allows the viewers to feel more connected to you, too. When potential clients see behind-the-scenes content from you, they can feel like they know you better and trust you as a senior photographer.


    As a result, they will be more likely to book you over other photographers that they might not feel as connected to. So don’t be afraid to showcase the magic behind your lens! Use TikTok to share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your photo shoots, your style, your processes, your shooting locations, etc. 


    You can also take your audience on a journey. From setting up your equipment to interacting with clients and capturing those candid, in-between moments during the sessions, they will love seeing behind the curtain. Adding a personal touch by letting your personality shine through in these videos can help build a deeper connection with your audience as well.


    Tip #3: Engage with Trends and Challenges on TikTok

    Now I know this one might sound a little intimidating, but hear me out! It’s true – keeping up with TikTok trends and challenges can be a game-changer for your business. Start with at least one TikTok trend or challenge that aligns with your business and your style, and see where it takes you! You might just enjoy participating in these trends and challenges more than you think.


    So, my challenge to you is to find creative ways to incorporate these trends into your content. Participate in popular challenges or use trending sounds to increase the visibility of your videos. This can attract a wider audience. Most importantly, remember that you are participating to promote your business. Riding the wave of trends can give your content that extra boost and keep your audience engaged along the way. When you have a wider, more engaged audience, more potential clients are likely to stumble upon your page, see all of your great content, and book you as their photographer.


    Tip #4: Educational Content on TikTok

    Another idea for TikTok content is to position yourself as an expert in senior photography by sharing valuable tips and tricks with your audience. It’s true: TikTok is more than just dances, trends, and challenges! Viewers do like to come to TikTok to learn a thing or two, so showcasing your knowledge could be a big win.


    For high school seniors specifically, create videos offering advice on choosing outfits, posing ideas, or tips for capturing natural and authentic expressions.

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    What’s Trendy, What’s Not, and How to Impress Your Gen Z Clients

    What’s Trendy, What’s Not, and How to Impress Your Gen Z Clients

    Today I am sharing a real candid conversation with two of my Leslie Kerrigan Photography model team members, Mallory and Hannah Grace. We’re chatting about social media, what’s cool and what’s cringe, and all the things high school seniors think about when it comes to photography. 

    This conversation includes what’s trendy and how to impress your Gen Z clients so that you can really understand the teens  that we are marketing to and it’s a great example of what you as a photographer should be asking and talking to your seniors and model team members about. 

    What’s Trendy, What’s Not, and How to Impress Your Gen Z Clients


    What social media platforms do teens use most? 

    Usually, they use Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram—those are the main three. Snapchat is how they talk to their friends. That’s not somewhere they want to see businesses or adults in general. With Instagram and TikTok, it is more accepted that you are going to be marketed to. You expect to see influencers and more paid sponsorships there. You can shop from Instagram too. 

    Mallory and Hannah Grace personally post more on Instagram. They use stories for reposting other people’s. They also keep their LKP stories on the Story Highlights and add to that. Teens in general don’t post as often on their feed, so what qualifies as a good enough post to make it on your feed? When you’re going somewhere and you want people to know that you’re there because you’re excited about where you’re going and what you’re doing. Your feed isn’t as casual as the other person in your story.

    A feed photo has to be worthy of the feed. Your feed is for when you’re really dressed up. In other words, it’s not a casual thing. It’s more like “I really, really like this photo.” The background and your outfit matter.

    What Gen Z Likes To See On Instagram When Being Marketed To

    Teens like when you post more about your life, which gives an insight to who you are as a person. They don’t want to see things like “I took this photo, book me,”…they want to see behind the scenes and the places you go. So it’s not just about your photography business the whole time. Instead of always directly marketing your business, they want you to share a little bit more about who you are because you feel like if you know more about the person that makes you connect to them better on Instagram.

    Gen Z’s Strategy For Sharing Their Senior Photos on Instagram

    Both Hannah Grace and Mallory had their senior photos taken back in September – at the beginning of their senior year. So do they share them all at once? Or save them throughout the year?

    “I’ve posted a Senior Sunday just so that I could post more of my senior pictures and to show that I got into USC,” said Mallory.

    Hannah Grace said, “I first posted all of my favorite pictures. Then I posted the ones with my friends. Then I feel like we took so many on our shoot that I still have a few that I can still share throughout the year.

    When you get into college, you want to save some of those photos to announce that. And then also maybe closer to graduation and a Senior Sunday. So you kind of, you kind of break them up.”

    What Are Seniors Looking For When You Choose A Photographer?

    If they know a certain photographer, either through an older sibling or a friend who used that photographer, they’ll go with them. So word of mouth and referrals are huge. They’d never just blankly hire a senior photographer because of a social media post. They’d look into it and ask around if any of their friends have used them.

    Using A Model Team To Promote Your Senior Photography Business 

    Girls at school will ask about the senior photos that they post or about their experience being on the model team—including the younger girls who are going into their senior year.

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    3 Updates To Make on Your Senior Photography Website

    3 Updates To Make on Your Senior Photography Website

    Today I’m sharing 3 updates to make on your senior photography website to convert potential clients into clients. It’s no secret that there are several photographers to choose from these days. In a sea of photographers, it’s important to differentiate yourself and your business! A great way to do this is to keep your photography website up-to-date, relevant, and stocked with helpful information.

    Whether you have a fully built-out website, you’re just getting started with your online presence, or you’re somewhere in between, I’m here to help you take your website to the next level. So, let’s jump in!

    3 Updates To Make on Your Senior Photography Website

    Tip #1: Fresh and Relevant Senior Portfolios

    First, we have the importance of keeping your senior portfolios displayed on your website fresh. This might be the most important part of your website! Your photography portfolio is your visual resume, and it should showcase your talent. Use the photos to highlight various styles, locations, and themes to appeal to a broad audience. Regularly updating this section is crucial to keep potential clients engaged with your evolving skills. 

    Next, consider creating a blog on your website to feature behind-the-scenes stories. You could specifically feature photoshoots and highlights from recent sessions. Show potential clients what it looks like to work with you. This not only adds a personal touch to your website but also keeps your audience excited about your work. Remember, having an updated and dynamic portfolio on your website speaks volumes about you, your skills, and your business!

    Tip #2: Personalized Senior Experience Information

    It’s important to keep your portfolio up to date, and it’s equally as important to have information about the personalized senior experience that you offer on your website as well. Letting potential clients know you offer a personalized experience can set you apart. However, they won’t know unless you tell them about it! So, dedicate a section on your website that outlines the journey you provide for high school seniors. 

    Then, be sure that you are communicating your process. Clear communication about your process can set you apart, especially with parents. Share details on location options, wardrobe guidance, and any unique services you offer. Upfront information can help potential clients envision the experience and understand the value you bring to a photo session. The more they can see themselves in the process, the more likely they are to book you!

    Tip #3: Client Testimonials and Success Stories

    Next, build trust and credibility on your website by including client testimonials and success stories. If you don’t have any client testimonials to feature, ask for them! Reach out to past clients and invite them to provide a testimonial. When clients have a great experience with you, they will be excited to tell others about their positive experiences.

    Then, add these testimonials to your website! You can feature testimonials in one specific section of your website or sprinkle them throughout. Whether it’s quotes, photos, or even video testimonials, including authentic stories can create a powerful narrative. Hearing about positive experiences from others can build confidence in potential clients and reassure them that they’re making the right choice.

    3 Updates To Make on Your Senior Photography Website

    There you have it – 3 updates to make on your senior photography website! Remember, featuring fresh and relevant photos, providing clear communication about the personalized experience, and including client testimonials and success stories are all things that you can do to take your website to the next level. 

    Take time to regularly update your website to reflect your growth and evolving style. Always ensure that the information provided on your website is clear and correct.

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    5 Things You Can Do in the Slow Season To Get Ready for the Busy Season

    5 Things You Can Do in the Slow Season To Get Ready for the Busy Season

    Today, I’m sharing 5 things you can do in the slow season to get ready for the busy season. When it comes to high school senior photography, there isn’t a whole lot of downtime! However, every now and then you might experience yourself in a slower season. And when you do, how do you typically approach it? Do you have a checklist ready to go of things you’ve been itching to do? Do you feel a little paralyzed with not knowing how to use the time best? Or do you land somewhere in between?

    No matter how you’ve approached slow seasons in the past, these 5 things you can do in the slow season will help you prepare for productive slow seasons in the future to grow further and strengthen your photography business. So, let’s jump in!

    5 Things You Can Do in the Slow Season To Get Ready for the Busy Season

    Tip #1: Elevate Your Online Presence

    The first thing you can do when you have some downtime is to work on elevating your photography business’s online presence. Consider starting with an audit of your current website. Analyze the user experience, page load times, and mobile responsiveness. 

    In today’s digital age, an intuitive and visually appealing website is your virtual storefront, and it’s a very important first impression for potential clients. It’s true – color schemes, font choices, and navigation flow of your website can have a bigger impact than you might think. Offering your clients and potential clients a seamless website experience not only attracts visitors but also keeps them engaged.

    High school seniors and their families are not only looking for a photographer; they are searching for someone who can capture their unique personalities and stories. Use your online presence to tell your story that resonates with your target audience.

    Tip #2: Strengthen Your Client Relationships

    Slower seasons are a great time to focus on strengthening your client relationships. You can begin by revisiting your past client interactions. Consider sending personalized emails expressing gratitude for their business. You could also share memories from their sessions and highlight the unique aspects that made those moments special. 

    Using the power of personalized gestures such as handwritten notes or small surprise gifts can go a long way in creating a memorable experience for your clients, even after the fact. For active clients, you can work on how you will interact with them, give them an excellent experience, and leave a lasting impression. You can seek to understand their preferences, hobbies, and personalities so that you can tailor their photography experience to their individual taste.

    Getting to know your clients through genuine interactions will make your clients feel comfortable and valued. Once their session is complete and their photos are delivered, you’ll want to focus on maintaining a long-term connection. Implement a strategic client follow-up plan. A follow-up plan can include touch points such as anniversary messages or birthday greetings. These types of interactions can keep your name top of mind when they or their friends are in need of senior photos.

    Tip 3: Expand Your Skill Set

    A slow season is also a good time to look into expanding your skill set. You might already have an idea of exactly where you want to start! Maybe, you’ve been eyeing a particular photography course or you’re set on learning a new tool or method to help you grow in your skills. If you already have something in mind, a slow season is an excellent time to go for it! 

    However, if you don’t know exactly where to start, you could also start with a self-assessment of your current skill set by identifying areas where you feel less confident or wish to explore further. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a beginner, continuous learning keeps your work dynamic and your business competitive.

    Tip 4: Optimize Your Workflow

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
34 Ratings

34 Ratings

JadenGiorgianni ,

To the point and I love it!

I love this podcast! Each episode is full of great information and I love that Leslie gets right to the point.

Jbnissen ,

Practical, helpful, genuine

Leslie is an open book when it comes to running a photography business for high school seniors. She gives tons of practical information, and has helped me on more than one occasion. I love her speaking style. She’s so genuine! Many of the tips would be helpful to Photographers in other genres.

g_michel ,

Thank you!

Thank you, Leslie, for being so generous with your knowledge, and for always inspiring us to level up and be better! I appreciate you so much! 🥰

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