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The Seven Streams Method is an innovative way to go through the Bible in a year using Seven Streams that correspond with the days of the week. Narration by Serena Travis. Commentary by Drake Travis.

The Seven Streams Method Serena Travis

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The Seven Streams Method is an innovative way to go through the Bible in a year using Seven Streams that correspond with the days of the week. Narration by Serena Travis. Commentary by Drake Travis.

    November 30

    November 30

    Zechariah 9:1-11:3 We are in the Exile Stream reading from The Message. 7streamsmethod.com | @serenatravis | Donate Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis Lord, today's reading led us on such a wild tour of where the human heart ends up being taken when it has so many priorities .... ahead of you. Give us hearts that are filled with faith; faith that seeks you first.  Amen.
    The marvelous, mystifying, and exciting verbiage of Zechariah continues as he jumps ahead 200 years to when Greece trounces through the entire Eastern Mediterranean (Israel included). Zechariah jumps further ahead to Christ entering Jerusalem.  Some of what Zechariah says today is illustrative of Israel's becoming a nation; 'could even be talking about the Millennium when "all" Jews are there and it's a mini-paradise for centuries. 'All" Jews? I'm not even going to try to comment as to what 'all' might mean.  Hey, it's Zechariah!  He's all over the map and all over the centuries and all over history as usual! So here we go diving into more visions from the Exile Stream
    09 -  Greece came through (200 years after Zech. wrote this) and in the order that the cities are listed in the first half of the chapter, that is the order in which Greece galloped through and took command of these cities. Intriguingly enough however, they spared Jerusalem, .  Verses 8-9 tell of this preservation and also describes what we call "Palm Sunday" - about 450 years before it happened! And this person who rides into Jerusalem on a donkey will one day bring peace to the world - peace that has never been known - someday. And without skipping a beat Zechariah jumps to the Messianic Kingdom era when there is complete victory at the end of the age.
    10 - The time will come when the Hebrews, who have been scattered will return to Israel.  So many things that have been a frustration for them will be matters of days-gone-by: poor leadership, shame, looming enemies, gloom, lack, tribes scattered. weakness, fear, instability, aimlessness.  All that is gone now as God is among them in favor of them. 11 - Lebanon and the partnership with Lebanon, especially the First Temple Period, was such a time of mutual blessing. That is all long gone. Lebanon is going to see fire soon. The derelict shepherds are equally doomed.  Their complete waste of their calling and position had caused the Jews to slouch into wretched sinfulness and suffering and the scattering of the Hebrew people.  Yes, some of them were returned from Exile now, but the situation that led to Exile was abysmally unnecessary. They could have obeyed in those days, but the shepherds of God's People did not lead them. And you caught the reference to Judas, right? The thirty pieces of silver in vv. 12,13 that is quoted in Matthew 26 & 27...  Though these people were in a recovery period of rejecting God's leadership, sadly, it wasn't the end of that problem. The Sanhedrin and Pharisees in Judas' day (during Jesus!) didn't want to listen to God either - nor His Son. Their favor is therefore going to be lost as is their unity as a nation. This is thought to be the days that Rome will come and empty Jerusalem, burn it, destroy the Temple and scatter the Jews 70 A.D.  It would be 1,878 years before they would be able to regroup again.  This is the grave results that poor leadership leads to.  This is where the sorry shepherds had led the people of God.

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    November 29

    November 29

    Download Ezekiel 36-38 We are in the Prophetic Stream reading from The Message. 7streamsmethod.com | @serenatravis | Donate Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis
    Lord, You raise up the fallen, you rebuild the broken, you renew the ruined and we praise you for what you are.  May we be agents of yours that do your work.  Amen. 36 - Going back a week in our Prophetic Stream reading, news of the fall of Jerusalem (to those already in Babylon) has hit the Jewish people hard. Their derelict shepherds are to blame. The neighbors of Judah are yet worse and will get treatment that is worse yet. So between chapters 35 & 36 there is a great "BUT". The news has been bad - but - [in 36]  the land is going to be reinhabited. The Babylonian siege had flattened cities, scorched the whole place and killed or removed most all living things. God had this to happen and it was for a good reason. But! The desolation will end. There will be life in Israel again. Their sinful ways will be abandoned, and God is going to bring back the Israelites. Israel will be bustling with life, well irrigated, lush and green [Eden-like], and productive. God is doing this. There's no talk of anyone deserving anything. God is doing this for the glory of God.
    37 - This vision of dry bones coming together, being reassembles and covered to be full bodies that then breathe and come to life and march forward to form an army is a legendary vision that is told to young and old for over 25 centuries now. It is the basis of a folk song that VBS and men's quartets sing as well. It is told in a time when Judaism appeared destined for the compost heap. But as we know with God, all is not lost because when there is God, all is never lost. God has plans to resurrect the hope of Israel and return all of them [branched together] to their land; the land that Joshua conquered, that David expanded, and Solomon adorned. In that day God would be wholly worshipped and idolatry would be forgotten. The glory days, like when King David reigned, will return. The literal/figurative/future/end times/symbolism/reality discussions that are related to this chapter cannot be summed up in a month of Sundays. There are End Times allusions entailed here, Second Coming references, Millennium descriptions and there have been endless PhD dissertations written about all of this. Let's just be encouraged and excited that our God is a Resurrection God.
    38 -  This [and 39] are distinctively prophetic chapters. Some insightful ministers claim with complete confidence that 38/39 are the "next thing set to happen" along the pathway of biblical prophecy.  It is about the vast array of peoples gathering who are resolutely against Israel, the Jews, God's people and want them decimated.  And so they assemble and rally together and march west and south to remove Israel from the earth and from history.  Rosh/Meshech/ & Tubal are repeated names. Rosh in Hebrew means "head" or "beginning". M & T are names of Japheth's sons mentioned in Genesis 10 & I Chron. 1.  Gog are sworn enemies of Israel. And "Magog" means "the place of Gog".  So the people of Gog and the others of their land will be united in their thirst to exercise their rage against the Jews. Apparently they will reach the border, even enter the land of Israel when God unleashes pure horror on these enemies of the Jews. He will bring a greatest of earthquakes.  Troops who've come to fight Israel will turn on each other. There will be torturous hail come down, judgment and pestilence.  This vast army will realize that they are fighting God and His people. They will then know who The LORD is!  But God has more vengeance to pour out on this frothing army - and He will - next week. Remember that the impressions that trigger the writing of chapters 33-35, and what will happen in 38 and 39 are thousands of years apart.

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    November 28

    November 28

    Proverbs 30-31 We are in the Wisdom Stream reading from The Message. 7streamsmethod.com | @serenatravis | Donate Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis Lord, your wonders are all around us. Your wisdom runs the earth and sky.  We praise you for your mighty works and love for us. Amen. Agur is likely a contemporary of Solomon. There is no reference to who exactly he was except that his father is Jakeh. His material is intriguing for it's keen observation of life, earth, and God's ways. So much so that it fits in with the rest of the literature found in Proverbs.  So it is included.
    30 - Agur has no notion of being some sage himself.  In an admirable statement, he knows and states that God is the source of wisdom. Did you catch that question? --> "What is His Name or His Son's Name?". We read this and we know, but Lemuel is asking this magnificent question around 950 B.C.!  His opening wishes are basically, 'don't lie to me, don't tempt me, don't let me forget God. Here's Agur's advice: don't trash talk people - it's not your role. Bless your parents - beyond that, shush up. Be sober about your own virtue - or lack thereof. Be aware that there are mean people out there! There are also "gimme/gimme" types. Agur spells out five lists that are observations about life that we best know, and try to ingest, understand, and abide by. Don't try to fix these issues - just be aware of them. These lists are like terrain when blazing a trail. Just work with it v.s. work against it.
    31 - This is the words of Lemuel. Some scholars posit that Lemuel was a nickname or term of endearment that Solomon received from his mother. Whatever the case may be, it is timeless advice about how society ought value its females v.s. "put them in a pumpkin shell [or hut] where you can keep them very well."  Keep in mind that the regions of the world where the women are valued v.s. used and abused as if to be sub-human commodities, it is these places on earth where people enjoy a better society, better facilities, better amenities, provision, civic pleasantries, domestic tranquility. There is also greater wealth, greater function, happier children, healthier and more humane men who govern with virtue, wisdom, and compassion.                    This woman has untold value, she elicits trust, is deeply and eternally good. She understands fabric, shipping, the culinary world. Her help is cared for, she knows real estate, agriculture, and is obviously attentive; knowing the seasons.  Her management skills frees her husband to master his craft... and she's not done: she designs and markets clothing too.  She speaks wisdom, is kind, and raises children who emulate her.  Her reverence for God is evident. Her abilities inspire her town. Her life is the stuff of legend.

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    November 27

    November 27

    Download Ezra 9 - Nehemiah 4 We are in the Nation Stream reading from The Message. 7streamsmethod.com | @serenatravis | Donate Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis
    Dear Lord, What a marvel it is to see what can be done when we see that you are in what we do and that we are in your will; perfectly.  Thank you Lord for calling all of us to something greater and promising to be with us. Amen.
    Ezra 9 - The issue had arisen that there were men of Israel who had married foreign women. These wives of theirs were nonbelievers.  The children they were raising were drifters among the covenant.  God is not a drifter! He does not want us to be drifters.  We have a call, an assignment, we have God Almighty pulling for us, the Holy Spirit is our constant aid, strength and comfort, we've a world to share this Good News with and if anyone thinks we can be mixing our agendas at this point is gravely mistaken. My husband was heading to speak at a church years ago and he got a call enroute that changed his plans instantly. It was another pastor who heard my husband was going to speak at this certain "church" and the pastor (a friend of his) was nearly yelling on the line, "don't go speak there - the pastor's wife does voodoo and is into witchcraft!" How long do you think it took my husband to do a U-turn? This garbage situation was not O.K. The pastor, who claimed to be evangelical, married a lady who did voodoo on the side "just to spiritually cover more bases" and make some money moonlighting. This is a mixed marriage and it is a mess!  This rabid foolish disobedience should not be.
    10 - So the issue is encountered, the drama ensues, Ezra is confessed to by a leader of the Jews. He then makes his official statement and the matter of solving this grand error is commenced upon. Any man who had a foreign wife had three days to come forward or forfeit his possessions. The investigation is thorough and complete in a matter of weeks. The long list of offenders is stated and told and they were to put away their foreign women plus the children they had with them.  Not easy stuff here, but God meant business when He ordered that they be a holy people.  He could not proceed with them if they would not purify their situation.
    Nehemiah 1 - Nehemiah, though in Persia, is very concerned that the wall of Jerusalem is in ruins, the gates burned, and the city wall is still crumbled with the city open and vulnerable. It had been almost 95 years since the exiles came back and the wall is still not rebuilt! Imagine almost a century of sloughing off on this matter.  The returned Israelites had been looking at a broken wall so long, they paid it no mind anymore. Nehemiah, however, is distraught to learn of this neglect and goes straight to fervent prayer over the matter. Nehemiah is a stalwart man of prayer. This is his first of six times in this book that he has a prayer session that gets serious attention.
    2 - Nehemiah's heart for Jerusalem is impossible to conceal from the King of Persia, whom he waits upon. It isn't long before they discuss it and Nehemiah is sent back to Jerusalem with documents, guards, and horsemen. It is 444 B.C. at this time. [Ezra had returned 14 years prior, and it had been 34 years since Esther was made queen.]  Nehemiah peruses the city and inspects the wall. Meanwhile an Ammonite leader and his sidekick become abundantly nervous as they sense action about to begin.
    3 - The men began their great work of repairing and rebuilding the gates all around this roughly 35 acre area called Jerusalem. One after another, all along the wall, the work went on. We see them consecrating their work and then seeing it to completion. It is not a ManPower Program nor a "demonstration of human muster", it is inspiration. It is Nehemiah's prayer being heard and God pressing upon hearts to get going on the things of God. There are a lot of names and projects mentioned in this chapter. "Search"  -Map of the wall and gates that Nehemiah reb

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    November 26

    November 26

    Deuteronomy 16-20 We are in the World Stream reading from The Message. 7streamsmethod.com | @serenatravis | Donate Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis "Lord God, we do all these things to remember you. We know you never forget about us. Help us to be more faithful in remembering you; to acknowledge you in all our ways. Amen." Remember Jesus telling the Disciples at the Last Supper to "do this as often as you do this and to remember Him"? You remember that, right? That is all God is getting at in the reading today - to remember what He told us to remember.
    16 - Remember the Passover and all the tenants of it. And observe the Passover.  Celebrate it where I say. Start and stop when I say. Remember to rest from everything on the Sabbath, the festivals surrounding the harvest. We're going to always do this to keep you from worshipping the harvest. You will remember me; your God who brings you the harvest. All men appear before God three times a year. You shall bring offerings, be organized, judge fairly, and do right.
    17 - Offerings are to be the best you have to bring to God. All idolaters must be executed. The nation must not tolerate idolaters or idolatry. Justice must be handled with all prudence and the lessons learned must be taken seriously by all. One day you will all be crying out for a king. I wish you wouldn't but you are going to. When you do, do as I command. He must be of your own. He must not be motivated by power, women, money. And he must be a biblical student.
    18 - Take care of the Levites. They must be fed and provided for without fail. It is good when they have plenty. Honor them wherever they are or wherever they are from.  All the pagan practices of all the other people you encounter must be avoided permanently.  Their transgressions and witchcraft will never be legal for you to do.     The prophets I raise up among you, listen to them. And there will be a specific one centuries from now -   l i s t e n  to Him!
    19 - Again, the "cities of refuge" concept is stated. Accidents happen. And Israel must not be a place of raging revenge and such madness. Those who commit manslaughter and were not intentional need a place to go and live sheltered in peace. As the nation grows, so must the cities of refuge. Other contingencies and bylaws are also stated in 19 so that schemers don't come to rule the country. Justice must rule Israel, not criminals, not even passively or deviously.
    20 - Rules for War: Never be afraid. God is right there for you ensuring victory. Anyone distracted with a new house or a new vineyard or a new wife may leave. Cowards - please leave!  Towns that make peace with you, they become your servants. Towns that God tells you to decimate, consult no one and do as you're told. But don't get crazy and cut down orchards though, duh!

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    November 25

    November 25

    I John 1-4 We are in the Church Stream reading from the New American Standard Bible. 7streamsmethod.com | @serenatravis | Donate Commentary by Dr. Drake Travis Dear Lord Jesus:  We are so blessed to be your children, to be so dearly loved and to be able to love one another and  to be free to love the lost and unlovely. Thank you Lord. Amen. In the Christ stream, we are reading John's account of our Savior; Jesus. In the Church Stream, we are reading also from John the Apostle. In his Gospel, he sounds like an endeared historian. In his letters he John sounds like a heart warming elder or favorite uncle who just wants to know that you are well, getting along in a fine manner and that your soul is healthy. In Revelation, he is the impassioned narrator giving a responsible account of a war-zone and a world-class theater production simultaneously.  John is quite old come these writings -it is about 90 A.D.- and he is simply doing his dutiful best to make sure that we all seek to understand Jesus too...like he knows Jesus. 1 - He gets right to it that Jesus is God's Son (stated 21 times in this book), God is our Father (stated 12 times). God sent Him to us and all this is real. I saw Him, I touched Him, He loves us, it's all the joy that you need to know. And God IS the realm of light and truth; reality, confession, forgiveness, and rich fellowship.
    2 - John wants all of us to not fall short of what God has for us by remaining in sin. Come to God now and know that Christ Jesus pleads our case for forgiveness.  There's forgiveness provided we confess, the Commandments are followed, God's Word is kept, and we love one another. John lays down the dividing line: we either love the world OR do the will of God. Those who preach that we are to do something instead of follow Christ alone are anti-Christ. [There were many trolling the Empire and teaching Jesus was to be mixed in with the religions of the day.] Shun all these people! And know that only those who abide in Christ shall live eternally.
    3 - John describes the wonder of simply knowing that we are God's children; in simply looking to Christ therein is purification. And John also delineates the difference here between the sins of error and weakness (prior chapter) and the habitual, deliberately deceptive, willful sins here in ch. 3. This includes teachers of heresy.  These are the marks of one occupied by evil: refusal to live in God's righteousness, and love 'your brother'. Signs we have God's love are: sacrifice for each other, love with deeds, we please God, our requests are heard for we believe in Jesus.
    4 - Do not be gullible but test the spirits; make sure they confess Jesus, so you don't follow strange creeds. Our great test in life is loving God, loving others, testifying to Jesus - this is what perfects us. Living by love eliminates fear in our lives.  

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4.9 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

farmer kel2006 ,

Great Bible reading system

This is a unique way to read the Word. I love everything about it! Two of my daughters are enjoying it as well. Love love love.

Jim - enjoying the 7 Streams ,

Wonderful way to start the day

This is a tremendous podcast. Serena's friendly voice helps the scripture come alive. I listen in the morning before getting out of bed and its a great way to start the day. I really appreciate the benefit of reading from a single book compared to smaller segments of three or four books for maintaing context. Would highly recommend.

SchoolmarmWithCharm.com ,

Bible Reading for Busy People

The reader for this podcast has a soothing voice and great expression that make listening to the Bible enjoyable and productive. She reads at a pace that accommodates reading along or just listening. I like the focus of the 7 stream method and find it easy to navigate through older recordings to go straight through a section when I want to. Each recording ends with a brief prayer and a review of the events in the reading. If you struggle to find time to read your Bible, subscribe to this podcast and listen on the go. You'll enjoy it!

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