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The Startup Junkies podcast is hosted by Jeff Amerine and his team at Startup Junkie Consulting. We’ll cover topics ranging from getting started, planning, growing your business, proving your concept, leadership, marketing, exit strategies and so much more. We’ll interview business owners, entrepreneurs, experts and people we think will bring value to our audience. Subscribe and together we will move your business to the next level.

The Startup Junkies Podcast Jeff Amerine

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The Startup Junkies podcast is hosted by Jeff Amerine and his team at Startup Junkie Consulting. We’ll cover topics ranging from getting started, planning, growing your business, proving your concept, leadership, marketing, exit strategies and so much more. We’ll interview business owners, entrepreneurs, experts and people we think will bring value to our audience. Subscribe and together we will move your business to the next level.

    373: Tiny Home of the Future with Daizhan Ennals

    373: Tiny Home of the Future with Daizhan Ennals

    On this episode of Startup Junkies, hosts Daniel Koonce, Claudia Scott, and Harrison Kitson sit down with Daizhan Ennals, the CEO and founder of Renewed Robotics, a manufacturer leveraging robotics and technology to help people become more resource independent. Born in Cambridge, Maryland, Daizhan dedicated five years of service to the United States Marine Corps. where he developed expertise as a mechanic, inspiring him to delve into the rigorous world of mechanical engineering. Throughout the conversation, Daizhan shares his entrepreneurial journey, explains Renewed Robotics Self-Assembling Municipality (S.A.M.) device, and lays out his plan to help end homelessness and home insecurity.
    Show Notes
    (0:47) Introducing Daizhan
    (1:48) About Renewed Robotics
    (3:14) Developing the Self-Assembling Municipality (S.A.M.)
    (4:30) The Intent behind Renewed Robotics Tiny Home
    (5:30) How the S.A.M. Device Works
    (7:29) The Research behind the S.A.M. Device
    (10:04) Daizhan’s Entrepreneurial Journey
    (12:54) Renewed Robotics’ Project Timelines
    (15:42) Renewed Robotics’ Ideal Customer
    (18:31) The Future of Renewed Robotics’ Manufacturing
    (19:36) About the S.A.M. Referral Program
    (23:27) The Challenges of Business Ownership
    (25:42) Achieving Sustainable Drinking Water
    (29:02) Daizhan’s Motivation behind Helping Others
    (32:20) Advice to Younger Self
    Daniel Koonce
    Claudia Scott
    Harrison Kitson
    Daizhan Ennals
    Renewed Robotics
    “[The S.A.M.] will be a self-assembling and self-sustaining tiny home that can not only dig its own foundation, but unfold on its own and have solar panels on the outside to power the onboard battery bank, HVAC lights, water filtration system, and everything else. It will ideally be used for people who don’t have access to luxury, first-world amenities, so it can bring everyone up to speed with one device.” - Daizhan Ennals, (2:10)
    “These technologies that are going into the S.A.M. are being developed and promoted independently. There’s just no one gluing them together. And that’s what Renewed Robotics is doing, we’re more of a technology integrator, not necessarily a technology inventor.” - Daizhan Ennals, (8:03)
    “One of the most difficult parts of founding such a capital intensive product is getting a lot of people to actually understand the full scope of what you’re doing and then having faith that you can execute on that.” - Daizhan Ennals, (10:19)
    “The referral program is to incentivize those who have already placed a pre-order. Right now, a lot of people who are interested in the device have been advocating for free, telling people about the device, but it would be even better if we could reward those people who are spreading the word about the S.A.M.” - Daizhan Ennals, (19:37)
    “Currently, my number one need is actually being met, and that is, there’s a collaborative space being built in Bentonville where you can have an idea go from concept to reality.” - Daizhan Ennals, (22:00)
    “I think one of the bigger things that people don’t really talk about when it comes to sustainability, that maybe we should approach going into the future, not only is electricity, but access to clean and healthy drinking water.” - Daizhan Ennals, (25:56)
    “The aspiration of everybody being united for one force and solving our problems by focusing on something bigger has always been a driving factor…I would like to focus on making something that no matter how you look at it makes sense that it’s there for good.” - Daizhan Ennals, (30:10)

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    372: Swimmer Safety: The Joys of Swimming with Bonnie Adams

    372: Swimmer Safety: The Joys of Swimming with Bonnie Adams

    On this episode of Startup Junkies, hosts Caleb Talley, Victoria Dickerson, and Daniel Koonce, sit down with Bonnie Adams, founder and CEO of The Joys of Swimming, an organization providing water safety education that saves lives and develops lifelong swimmers. Throughout the conversation, Bonnie shares an inside look at her two companies: The Joys of Swimming and SWIM OZ, and delves into her entrepreneurial journey and the importance of water safety amongst swimmers with all different backgrounds, from elementary school kids to Olympic-level swimmers. 
    Show Notes
    (0:45) Introducing Bonnie Adams
    (12:20) Water Education in Schools
    (22:04) The Impact of Northwest Arkansas’s Entrepreneurial Community
    (29:27) Participating in Northwest Arkansas’s Entrepreneurial Culture
    (34:35) The Joys of Swimming’s Origin Story
    (38:27) Advice to Younger Self
    (41:50) Closing Question
    Caleb Talley
    Victoria Dickerson
    Daniel Koonce
    Bonnie Adams
    The Joys of Swimming

    “I’m all about building community. And so it’s been really neat to have that, be able to grow that aspect of it, and circle it back to The Joys of Swimming.” - Bonnie Adams, (8:39)
    “There’s so much benefit from swimming. Yes, it’s a sport. Yes, it’s athletic. Those are wonderful pieces of it. But the pieces that you learned packing your swim bag, going to a swim meet, preparing your nutrition, all those things are really just amazing. And then you add on the fact that it can save your life is huge.” - Bonnie Adams, (10:19)
    “I feel like you can do just about anything in [Northwest Arkansas] and there is support somewhere, and it may not be you’re the one that’s going to support me, but you’re going to put me into contact with who is… but it’s really incredible what a tight knit space this is.” - Bonnie Adams, (28:10)
    “There’s so much to go around, whether it’s events or networking or ideas, we’re in a blessed place. I’m sure everybody else here calls it the same, but [Northwest Arkansas] is a bubble. We are in a very special place and it’s amazing that we get to live here and do life here and learn from each other.” - Bonnie Adams, (31:44)

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    6: Startup Junkies en Español con Laura y Sandra Carrasco

    6: Startup Junkies en Español con Laura y Sandra Carrasco

    En este sexto episodio de Startup Junkie en Español, nos sumergimos en el mundo culinario con las hermanas Laura y Sandra Carrasco, las mentes maestras detrás de Bites & Bowls, un restaurante que está conquistando el paladar del noroeste de Arkansas con sus exquisitos waffles. Descubre cómo estas emprendedoras convirtieron su pasión por la comida en un exitoso negocio, desafiando los obstáculos y encontrando inspiración en cada plato que sirven. 
    Acompáñanos en esta deliciosa conversación, donde Laura y Sandra comparten sus experiencias, consejos y sabiduría para aquellos que sueñan con emprender en la industria gastronómica. Prepárate para abrir tu apetito y tu mente mientras nos sumergimos en un viaje lleno de sabor y emprendimiento. ¡No te lo pierdas!
    Show Notes
    (00:08) Bienvenido
    (00:30) Presentación de Invitados
    (00:59) De la Idea a la Realidad
    (02:18) El Nacimiento de Un Menú
    (03:07) De Dónde Eres
    (03:45) Lo Que Ha Cambiado en El Noroeste de Arkansas
    (06:03) Limitaciones Que Llevaron a Un Menú
    (08:30) Necesidad Y Falta de Recursos
    (09:00) Herramientas a Tu Disposición
    (11:03) Menús de Temporada
    (12:56) Obstáculos a Superar
    (14:31) Errores Tempranos
    (16:55) Un Acto de Equilibrio
    (18:52) Conociendo a Su Cliente
    (20:39) Listo Para la Expansión
    (23:09) Proporcionando Ayuda
    (25:33) Asesoramiento Emprendedor
    (27:55) Técnicas de Venta
    (36:55) Consejos Del Pasado
    (38:50) Que Sigue
    Claudia Scott
    Ana Ortiz
    Laura Carrasco
    Sandra Carrasco
    Bites & Bowls
    “La idea siempre había estado ahí y empezamos a planear.” - Laura y Sandra Carrasco (01:14)
    “(El Menú) Es cómo nosotros una fusión… un poquito de aquí, un poquito de allá.” - Laura y Sandra Carrasco (01:59)
    “Laura es el 100% en el menú yo nada más lo pruebo y si me gusta le digo.” - Laura y Sandra Carrasco (02:51)
    “En muchos aspectos es igual, trabajando todo el tiempo… Diferente, es que somos más.” - Laura y Sandra Carrasco (04:10)
    “Antes de tener el negocio no es que éramos muy involucradas en la comunidad entonces es al comenzar el negocio que empezamos a explorar más, a conocer más gente.” - Laura y Sandra Carrasco (04:25)
    “El menú nace porque al momento de nosotros comenzar no teníamos todo el fondo para comenzar con una cocina completa, entonces para ser posible ofrecer un desayuno que fuera completo y a la vez tradicional hasta cierto punto la conversación con la ciudad era así ¿cómo que equipo de cocina puedo utilizar?” - Laura y Sandra Carrasco (06:09)
    “Fácil no es y nos ha tomado bastante tiempo perfeccionarlo.” - Laura y Sandra Carrasco (07:57)
    “Es la necesidad y la falta de recursos.” - Laura y Sandra Carrasco (08:45)
    “Mas que nada es adaptación y como mexicanos o latinos en general siento que así somos... Como que le encontramos solución a cualquier problema.” - Laura y Sandra Carrasco (09:06)
    “Cualquier obstáculo lo puedes superar con perseverancia.” - Laura y Sandra Carrasco (13:14)
    “La mayoría de los errores los vas a cometer en los primero dos años.” - Laura y Sandra Carrasco (14:33)
    “Los errores los tienes que cometer para aprender.” - Laura y Sandra Carrasco (15:05)
    “Tenemos que acomodarnos a nuestras necesidades.” - Laura y Sandra Carrasco (17:09)
    “Para restaurantes creo que la mayoría de las ganancias vienen de la cena porque es cuando la gente sale más.” - Laura y Sandra Carrasco (19:06)
    “Comenzar un negocio es mucho trabajo, invertir para una renta no funciona para todos y usualmente cuando alguien me viene con una idea nunca decimos no… Siempre decimos vamos a intentarlo.” - Laura y Sandra Carrasco (23:56)
    “Muchas veces es bueno decir que no, pero, cuando tienes una ilusión de empezar algo y que alguien venga y ni siquiera te quiera contar su historia y te diga no, no puedo, no tengo tiempo…. Si tienes el conocimiento ¿porque no compartirlo?” - Laura y

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    371: Interviewing Students - Student Expo Winner

    371: Interviewing Students - Student Expo Winner

    On this episode of Startup Junkies, hosts Harrison Kitson, Claudia Mercado, and Annie Xu sit down with Jenna Kempkes, a senior biomedical engineering major at the University of Arkansas and the winner of Startup Junkie’s student expo during last November’s Global Entrepreneurship Week. As a patient care technician at UAMS and a student intern at the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Jenna is passionate about applying her biomedical engineering skills and knowledge to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare. Jenna has received the Gilman Scholarship, was awarded first place at the NWA Biodesign Sprint Program, has been included in published research in the GeroScience journal, co-founded and led the Pre-Med Hogs student organization, and completed several study abroad programs in Germany and Kenya. She is also an active member of the Army ROTC, the Honors College Executive Board, and various pre-health and medical humanities clubs. Throughout the episode, Jenna shares about the provisional patent on her Pavlik harness for hip dysplasia, her experience with Startup Junkie’s Student Expo, and her outlook on being a young entrepreneur.
    Show Notes
    (0:46) Introducing Jenna Kempkes
    (2:50) About Jenna’s Harness
    (4:30) The Inspiration behind Jenna’s Journey
    (5:49) Jenna’s Research Process
    (10:11) Next Steps for Jenna
    (11:43) Jenna’s Experience with the Office of Entrepreneurship
    (13:41) How Jenna Stays Driven
    (17:36) The Impact of COVID
    (18:52) Jenna’s Experience at Startup Junkie’s Student Expo
    (22:48) Advice to Younger Self
    Harrison Kitson
    Claudia Mercado
    Annie Xu
    Jenna Kempkes
    University of Arkansas
    “I’ve only known this, I call it an organized chaos lifestyle, but it’s something I’ve realized I really love and is really important to me…and I keep finding more opportunities, and I’m really big on why say no? What’s the worst that will happen if you try?” - Jenna Kempkes, (14:34)
    “I hear the word entrepreneurship and I [think] I’m too young. I can’t do that. I still feel that way sometimes because it’s this scary world and you hear these people and everything they’ve given up for it…I didn’t realize that it could be something I explored safely at the University and that I didn't have to have some big idea…And now I’ve realized you don’t have to start a business to be an entrepreneur.” - Jenna Kempkes, (20:11)
    “Encourage an open mind. Having an open mind about everything around you is life changing...and so that closed mindset could have stopped me from a lot of things, but I’d want to encourage myself to take those opportunities. There’s nothing wrong with failing. A lot of people want to be perfect, they’re high achieving. It’s scary to fail, but it’s okay to fail. And I feel like I’ve learned more through my failures than I have through my successes.” - Jenna Kempkes, (23:12)

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    370: Clearing the Air: Entrepreneurship on the Spectrum

    370: Clearing the Air: Entrepreneurship on the Spectrum

    On this episode of Startup Junkies, hosts Victoria Dickerson, Jeff Amerine, and Grace Gill talk to Peter Mann, founder and CEO of Oransi. Oransi is a leading manufacturer of HEPA air purifiers and a motor technology company with a sustainable mission based in Radford, VA. Peter’s passion for clean air began with his son who struggled with asthma. Conducting extensive research, he learned the significant impact of poor air quality on one’s health. Peter aimed to create an affordable and accessible solution for others, thus, Oransi was born in 2009. Peter shares his passion for neurodiversity advocacy, and discusses how being on the autistic spectrum has impacted his career as an entrepreneur and the lack of awareness about neurodiversity in the workforce. He details how entrepreneurship may be a viable option for those on the spectrum rather than corporate jobs. Throughout the episode, Peter discusses his passion for marketing, clean air advocacy, and autism advocacy. 
    Show Notes
    (0:49) Introducing Peter Mann and Oransi
    (3:41) Maintaining a Competitive Edge
    (6:50) Strategies for Marketing Clean Air Energy
    (8:33) Making the Jump from Corporate to Entrepreneurship
    (12:48) Entrepreneurship on the Spectrum
    (24:29) Advice to Younger Self
    (25:16) Closing Thoughts 
    Victoria Dickerson
    Jeff Amerine
    Grace Gill
    Peter Mann
    “There’s been a lot of work recently in terms of raising awareness and education about the importance of indoor air. And there’s a guy at Harvard who leads their healthy building program who says your facility or building manager has a bigger impact on your health than your doctor does.” - Peter Mann, (7:13)
    “We’re really kind of, shockingly in some ways, in the early days of understanding the impacts of poor indoor air quality and what we’re doing is really just trying to raise awareness for [the danger of that] as well as provide solutions that are affordable and accessible.” - Peter Mann,  (8:14)
    “For me, I think how I got to where I am is largely in part due to [being autistic] and that drive for autonomy. I don’t know anyone who’s autistic that worked their way up through a large organization to the top, but I know several folks that are autistic that started their own business…if your interest is work or producing new things or bringing products to market or working on problems, and that’s where you get your energy, I think that’s definitely an advantage.” - Peter Mann, (14:28)
    “You’re going to work most of your life. You could have a fifty year career and you don’t have to crush it in year one…and everything always takes longer so you have to have patience and be able to stick with it.” - Peter Mann, (24:38)

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    369: Factors that Play into Entrepreneurial Success with Chris Heivly

    369: Factors that Play into Entrepreneurial Success with Chris Heivly

    On this episode of Startup Junkies, hosts Caleb Talley, Jeff Amerine, and Victoria Dickerson are joined by Chris Heivly, co-founder of MapQuest and managing director of Build the Fort. Based out of Durham, North Carolina, Chris is the author of Build the Fort: The Startup Community Builder’s Field Guide, a book which simplifies entrepreneurship and outlines five basic elements that are common to both startups and startup communities. Chris is passionate about sharing his expertise in helping other entrepreneurs find success, and as a frequent blogger and public speaker, Chris advocates the importance for communities to develop viable entrepreneurial ecosystems. Throughout the episode, Chris discusses the value in networking and mentorship as an entrepreneur, the mechanics of building a startup ecosystem, and the different types of business systems.
    Show Notes
    (0:54) Introducing Chris Heivly
    (5:03) The Trajectory of MapQuest
    (10:21) Chris’ Startup and Investing Journey
    (13:17) The Importance of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
    (18:41) The Process of Building an Ecosystem vs. A Venture
    (22:02) The Impact of Mentorship
    (29:16) Advice to Younger Self
    (30:57) Closing Question
    Caleb Talley
    Jeff Amerine
    Victoria Dickerson
    Chris Heivly
    Build the Fort
    Build the Fort: The Startup Community Builder’s Field Guide
    The Startup Factory
    “Every entrepreneur knows, and if anybody’s been doing it for more than a couple of years, and if you’ve ever had any real success, you know that your success is based on the backs of the people that helped you. And it’s just the nature of this thing that you get help. And I think the best entrepreneurs seek help and are more self aware and more vulnerable to put themselves out there.” - Chris Heivly, (10:40)
    “The very nature of being in an entrepreneurial community is one of disruption, is one of discovery, is a process of knowns and unknowns, with the best intent and with the best motivation.” - Chris Heivly, (17:03)
    “The basis for our view is around systems theory, and in systems theory there’s either three or four types of systems. But along this continuum from simple to chaotic are two systems, complicated and complex. And although they’re synonymous in the dictionary, in systems theory, they couldn’t be more opposite.” Chris Heivly, (19:30) 
    “People think networking is a transaction. It’s not, it’s a connection. And I found the value in connecting with people and asking them two questions. Asking them what they’re stuck on and asking if there’s any way I could help them. And in doing that, I helped other people, and then other people helped me.” - Chris, Heivly, (23:48)
    “To close the gap between success and failure you have to use your network, and your network is your community.” - Chris Heivly, (24:57)

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5.0 out of 5
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39 Ratings

Gay&Sweaty ,

5 Stars All the Way!

A must-subscribe podcast for entrepreneurs! This show is an invaluable resource covering all aspects of business growth through insightful interviews with expert entrepreneurs. I’m so grateful I’ve found this show! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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I am a small business founder/owner and this podcast not only inspires, but it also educates with real life stories and tactics from founders across all industries. Hands down one of the best podcasts if you are a startup founder, employee or have ever thought about starting your own business.

The Hip Guy ,

Great Startup Podcast

I'm CEO of a medical device startup. I have listened to every episode and always gather nuggets of encouragement and learning from each interview, even those completely unrelated to healthcare. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone considering starting a business.

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