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Tajh Boyd brings you his analysis on Clemson, college football and a variety of guests.

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Tajh Boyd brings you his analysis on Clemson, college football and a variety of guests.

    It Is Deeper Than The Game with Tory Dandy

    It Is Deeper Than The Game with Tory Dandy

    Good News, Its draft week! The 2020 NFL Draft where dreams come to life, family’s fortunes get changed forever and you get a first-hand look at your newest crop of fantasy draft picks. I’m bringing you an agent but not just any agent. I’m bringing you Tory Dandy, agent for the stars and mentor/big brother to the games brightest young talent. The NFL can be the biggest gift you’ve ever received or a blow to the ego like you’ve never felt. How does one respond to adversity and who’s there to lend you a helping hand? In this podcast we discuss doing the little things the best way you can and how to be there for your guys when they need you. After all he is an agent for some of the best wide receivers in the land, how does one manage to make time for Deebo Samuel, Mike Williams, Alshon Jeffery, Sammy Watkins, Aj Brown, Hollywood Brown, Ceedee Lamb, Cesar Ruiz, Bryan Edwards, the list goes on. Find out what fuels Tory and what advice he got along the way in this podcast. To keep up with Tory follow him Instagram @tdandy1

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    Control What You Can Control with AJ Vaynerchuk

    Control What You Can Control with AJ Vaynerchuk

    Joining me in this episode of the podcast is AJ Vaynerchuk Co Founder of Vayner Sports and founder of Vayner Media. AJ is a lot of things he’s a serial entrepreneur, big time investor, and a visionary. In this podcast we’ll tackle some hot topics and you’ll get an inside look into why he has had the success he’s had and what drives him to be better every single day. AJ has jumped head first into the sports world and after this episode you’ll know that this is just the beginning. With multiple players being represented by Vayner Sports in the 2020 draft class we’ll hear Aj talk about his approach and the dialogue he has with his clients for the journey that lies ahead.
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    2 Seasons

    2 Seasons

    I was recently asked about the importance of spring and summer workouts for players at Clemson. The importance of developing leadership and building rapport with guys that you'll be battling with week in and week out. These times of bonding are vital but they are also different, each season comes with new challenges and new questions that need to be addressed. This podcast gives you a slight look into why they are important for a teams success going forward.

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    The Summit with Jordan Palmer

    The Summit with Jordan Palmer

    Jordan Palmer is one of the most heralded quarterback trainers in the country. A 7 year NFL vet himself he has seen a lot and done a ton for a position that is constantly under scrutiny and consistently drawing praise. There is a lot happening in the quarterback space in the collegiate and pro ranks and i'm thrilled to have him weigh in on what it takes to be in that top spot.

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    No Triumph without Trial

    No Triumph without Trial

    Every single day you have to sharpen your tools, every single day you have to prepare because you never know when you need to be ready to fight for it all and slay that dragon standing between you and what you want.

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    More Alike than Different

    More Alike than Different

    This brief podcast stems from a question that I asked my friends on Linkedin "What is something your parents told you as child that resonates with you today?" This was a really active discussion and it was awesome to see complete strangers share so many similar answers. Exercises like these always show me how much we all have in common. We are more alike than we are different. You can get in to schedule a time to jump on the podcast or ask specific questions that you want an answer to below.



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58 Ratings

5h1pp3r ,


I continue to be amazed at the wisdom from young men like Taj.

kblack7809 ,

Little bit of everything

From sports to self improvement, The Tajh Boyd Podcast has it. Awesome show! Love listening in when I can at work or home.

Boobe Dog Studios ,

Podcast 2

That was an awesome interview with Daniel Rodriguez! What an amazing story to hear.

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