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Coming to you from our nation’s capital, this is The Tank: your voice in Washington, D.C., and around the country. Broadcasting from the America First Policy Institute’s headquarters, this is the premier think-tank podcast where we discuss the challenges facing our nation, talk policy — and advance America First solutions. Welcome to The Tank!"

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Coming to you from our nation’s capital, this is The Tank: your voice in Washington, D.C., and around the country. Broadcasting from the America First Policy Institute’s headquarters, this is the premier think-tank podcast where we discuss the challenges facing our nation, talk policy — and advance America First solutions. Welcome to The Tank!"

    Reigniting the American Dream with America First Policies

    Reigniting the American Dream with America First Policies

    In this episode, Hogan Gidley and Chad Wolf discuss the crisis along the Southern border, specifically the murder of a nursing student by an illegal alien. They highlight the consequences of open border policies and the need for accountability. The conversation then transitions to the topic of election integrity and the importance of transparency in the voting process. Later, Dr. Ben Carson joins the podcast to share his personal journey from humble beginnings to becoming a renowned neurosurgeon and serving as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the Trump administration. Dr. Ben Carson discusses the importance of personal responsibility and education, the greatness of America and the threats it faces, his service in the Trump administration, the American Cornerstone Institute and patriotic education, and impactful moments from his time in the administration.
    The crisis along the Southern border, including the murder of a nursing student by an illegal alien, highlights the consequences of open border policies. There is a need for accountability and transparency in addressing the border crisis and ensuring election integrity. Policy solutions, such as securing the border and enacting election integrity laws, are necessary to address these issues. Dr. Ben Carson's personal journey exemplifies the American dream and the opportunities available in the United States. Personal responsibility and education are key to success and breaking the cycle of poverty. America is a great nation, but it is facing threats to its core principles and values.
    Dr. Carson served in the Trump administration to address issues of poverty and dependency. The American Cornerstone Institute focuses on promoting the principles that made America great. Dr. Carson shares an impactful story about the challenges faced in implementing Envision Centers. Chapters
    00:00 Introduction and Border Crisis
    03:11 Public Outrage and Political Response
    07:27 Media Coverage and Accountability
    11:45 Policy Solutions and Legislative Actions
    23:01 Introduction of Dr. Ben Carson
    24:00 Dr. Carson's Background and the American Dream
    26:22 The Power of Personal Responsibility and Education
    31:29 The Greatness of America and the Threats It Faces
    36:07 Dr. Carson's Service in the Trump Administration
    45:13 American Cornerstone Institute and Patriotic Education
    49:27 Impactful Moments in the Trump Administration

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    Protecting Our Tomorrow: Insights into National Security

    Protecting Our Tomorrow: Insights into National Security

    Join Chad Wolf and Hogan Gidley as they discuss the impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas, Biden's immigration policy, changing messaging on the border, DHS funding and border security, the impact of the border crisis on crime rates, the cultural shift in immigration, funding for Ukraine and Israel, national security and America First, addressing immigration issues, and the importance of transparency in national security.
    A fascinating interview with Morgan Ortagus discusses the impact of the US's Iran policy on its relationships with Russia and China. It highlights how the US's failure to enforce sanctions has allowed Iran to become richer and supply advanced weaponry to various groups. The conversation also raises concerns about Iran's nuclear capability and its potential to provide sophisticated weaponry to Russia and China. The chapter concludes by emphasizing the nightmare scenario of terrorist groups obtaining advanced weaponry and the administration's inaction in addressing this threat.
    The impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas highlights the accountability and responsibility of cabinet secretaries in addressing security challenges. Biden's immigration policy, particularly the lack of a plan for dealing with the influx of migrants, has contributed to the border crisis. The changing messaging from the Biden administration on the border crisis reflects the need to distance themselves from the issue. The funding deficit for ICE and the release of detainees highlight the consequences of bad policy and the need for effective budget planning. The cultural shift in immigration, with a focus on identity and tribalism, undermines the idea of assimilation and the pride in becoming an American. Negotiating with allies and partners should prioritize equitable alliances and partnerships that benefit both parties. Transparency in national security is crucial for building trust with the American people and effectively addressing threats. The US's Iran policy has undermined its relationships with Russia and China. Iran has become richer and supplied advanced weaponry to various groups due to the US's failure to enforce sanctions. There are concerns about Iran's nuclear capability and its potential to provide sophisticated weaponry to Russia and China. The administration's inaction in addressing the threat of terrorist groups obtaining advanced weaponry is a significant concern.  
    00:00 Introduction
    01:18 Impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas
    03:40 Biden's Immigration Policy
    05:37 Changing Messaging on the Border
    08:29 DHS Funding and Border Security
    10:27 Mayorkas' Role and Accountability
    12:14 Impact of Border Crisis on Crime Rates
    13:34 Cultural Shift in Immigration
    15:00 Funding for Ukraine and Israel
    17:27 National Security and America First
    20:20 Addressing Immigration Issues
    22:59 Interview with Morgan Ortagus
    23:55 Border Security as a National Security Issue
    24:52 Root Causes of Migration
    26:18 Cartels and National Security
    27:40 U.S. Assistance and Loans
    29:30 Negotiating with Allies and Partners
    36:19 Aid Packages to Ukraine and Israel
    40:59 Transparency in National Security
    46:54 Declassification of National Security Threats
    49:31 Undermining Russia and China Policy
    50:22 Iran's Nuclear Capability
    51:21 Iran's Support for Russia and China
    52:20 Nightmare Post 9/11 Scenario

    • 54 min
    Pervasive DEI and Antisemitism in Higher Education

    Pervasive DEI and Antisemitism in Higher Education

    In this episode, Hogan Gidley and Chad Wolf discuss the Middle East attacks and the border crisis. Dr. Jonathan Pidluzy and a panel of experts join them to delve into the issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) on college campuses, the challenges of men competing in women's sports, and the rise of anti-Semitism. The conversation explores the alarming historical ignorance among college students, the influence of foreign money on higher education, and the efforts to reshape the conversation around Israel and Palestine. It highlights the refusal of university presidents to condemn anti-Semitism and the power of the DEI left on campuses. The discussion also touches on the impact of these issues on college campuses and the hope found in smaller private universities. The episode concludes with discussing potential solutions, including defunding DEI and promoting better leadership.
    The Biden administration's immigration policy has led to a border crisis, with record numbers of illegal apprehensions and a lack of enforcement of immigration laws.
    DEI programs on college campuses promote race separation, indoctrination, and a viewpoint orthodoxy that stifles free speech and critical thinking.

    Allowing men to compete in women's sports undermines the integrity of the sport and compromises the safety and security of women's spaces.

    Anti-Semitism is on the rise on college campuses, fueled by DEI ideologies that view Jews as oppressors and Palestinians as victims. College students often lack historical knowledge and are influenced by ideological faculty.

    Foreign money, particularly from the Middle East, funds radical departments in elite institutions to shape the conversation on Israel and Palestine.

    University presidents often refuse to condemn anti-Semitism due to the influence of the DEI left.

    Foreign students and scholarship programs aim to reshape the conversation on campus.

    Smaller private universities may provide hope for preserving values and viewpoint diversity.

    Solutions include defunding DEI, enforcing prohibitions against anti-Semitism, and promoting better leadership.

    00:00 Introduction and Discussion on Middle East Attacks
    06:44 The Border Crisis and Texas' Response
    19:34 Challenges with the Biden Administration's Immigration Policy
    24:45 Introduction to DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) on College Campuses
    32:15 Experiences with DEI on College Campuses
    36:32 Issues with Men Competing in Women's Sports
    47:00 Anti-Semitism on College Campuses
    50:16 Alarming Historical Ignorance and Ideological Faculty
    51:10 Foreign Influence in Higher Education
    52:05 Foreign Students and Reshaping the Conversation
    52:35 University Presidents' Response to Anti-Semitism
    53:31 Awareness of Foreign Influence on Campus
    54:54 University Presidents' Personal Stake in Protecting Jewish Students
    55:19 Impact on College Campuses
    56:17 University Presidents' Response to Attacks on Israel
    57:15 Lack of Comfort and Cancelation of Pro-Israel Events
    58:13 Hope in Smaller Private Universities
    59:38 Preparing High School Students for College
    01:00:36 Solving the Issue: Defunding DEI and Better Leadership

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    Two-Tiered Justice System and Weaponization of Government

    Two-Tiered Justice System and Weaponization of Government

    AFPI Instagram was deleted?! Is Big Tech censorship ramping up? And the increasingly disastrous southern border triggers some very confusing border crossing math. It's Biden Bordernomics, folks. Join Chad Wolf and Hogan Gidley as they discuss all of these things and more, and then a fascinating interview on the weaponization of government with the former Acting Attorney General, Matt Whitaker.
    The main themes covered include the two-tiered justice system, the impact of weaponization on legal institutions, and the need for reforms to address these issues. Whitaker emphasizes the importance of leadership and accountability in restoring trust in the government and ensuring equal protection under the law. In this conversation, we discuss various government, leadership, and free speech topics. We touch on the importance of promoting the right leaders in the FBI, the challenges to due process and the republic, and the impact of technology on free speech. The conversation highlights the need for leaders who prioritize public service and understand the importance of local impact. It also raises concerns about the erosion of due process and the potential suppression of free speech by corporations and governments.
    Takeaways The weaponization of government and the politicization of the justice system are significant concerns that undermine the principles of equal protection under the law and the rule of law. The two-tiered justice system, where individuals are treated differently based on their political affiliations or beliefs, erodes trust in the legal system and undermines the principles of fairness and impartiality. Reforms are needed to address the weaponization of government, including changes in leadership, accountability, and a focus on executing solutions to pressing issues such as illegal immigration and the opioid crisis. Structural issues within institutions like the FBI and DOJ should be examined to ensure that cases are handled objectively and without political bias. Promoting leaders in the FBI who prioritize public service and have a deep understanding of local impact is crucial. Challenges to due process, such as arbitrary rulings and lack of proper procedures, can undermine the foundations of the republic. The dominance of technology and social media platforms has raised concerns about censorship and the suppression of free speech. Creating a marketplace of ideas where the best ideas rise to the top is essential for a healthy democracy.
    Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Social Media Suspension
    01:18 The Weaponization of Government
    10:20 Accountability and the Southern Border
    21:05 The Two-Tiered Justice System
    36:15 The Impact of Weaponization on Legal Institutions
    43:45 Reforms to Address the Weaponization of Government
    48:54 Structural Issues at the FBI and DOJ
    50:17 Promoting the Right Leaders in the FBI
    52:08 Challenges to Due Process and the Republic
    56:25 The Impact of Technology on Free Speech

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    The Intersection of Faith and Culture

    The Intersection of Faith and Culture

    In this episode, Chad Wolf and Adam Schindler sit down with Pastor Jensen Franklin to discuss a range of topics, including the Christmas season, anti-Semitism on college campuses, the left's fear of people of faith, the Biblical Foundations Project at AFPI, attacks on people of faith by the federal government, concerns of Pastor's congregation, inflation, and mental health, parents' rights and school choice, and the significance of the holiday season and the birth of Jesus.
    The Christmas season is a time to reflect on the birth of Jesus and the hope and peace that he brings. Anti-Semitism on college campuses is a growing concern, with Jewish students facing discrimination and threats of violence. The left is often afraid of people of faith because their biblical worldview challenges the values and agenda of the left. The Biblical Foundations Project at AFPI aims to connect the policy agenda with biblical principles and values. The federal government has been weaponized against people of faith, targeting religious institutions and individuals. Parents' rights and school choice are essential issues that must be addressed to ensure the well-being and education of children. Inflation and mental health are significant concerns affecting American families. The holiday season is a time to focus on love, reconciliation, and restoring families and communities.
    00:00 Introduction and Christmas Season
    02:23 Anti-Semitism on College Campuses
    09:25 The Left's Fear of People of Faith
    12:07 Biblical Foundations Project
    17:19 Attacks on People of Faith by the Federal Government
    21:21 Biblical Foundations Initiative at AFPI
    27:30 Attacks on Speaker of the House for His Christian Faith
    31:41 Weaponization of the Federal Government
    36:49 Concerns of Pastor's Congregation
    42:47 Inflation and Mental Health
    45:59 Parents' Rights and School Choice
    48:21 Holiday Season and the Birth of Jesus

    • 51 min
    Special Episode: Tank Talks!

    Special Episode: Tank Talks!

    Join Chad Wolf and Hogan Gidley as they discuss a broad range of issues with some of the top America First national leaders: former Congressman Doug Collins, Dr. Heidi Overton, Pastor Paula White-Cain, Secretary Robert Wilkie, and Steve Yates.
    The Tank podcast, hosted by AFPI, aims to address the challenges facing the nation and discuss policy solutions. The conversation covers various topics, including the state of institutions, the importance of education, the crisis of public trust in medicine, protecting religious liberty, the co-opting of religious institutions, the weakening of the military ethos, the weakness of US foreign policy, and the fentanyl crisis. The podcast seeks to reach a new and different audience and provide a platform for important discussions.
    Takeaways The left has co-opted many institutions, including the media, education, and healthcare, for their benefit and to push their agenda. The education system plays a crucial role in shaping the minds of future generations, and it is important to prioritize teaching over indoctrination. There is a crisis of public trust in medicine and public health, with a need for reform and a focus on evidence-based science. Protecting religious liberty is essential, as religious institutions have been under attack and face challenges in practicing their faith freely. The military is facing a crisis, with a weakening of the military ethos and a lack of strong leadership in foreign policy. The fentanyl crisis is a significant threat to the American family, and urgent action is needed to address the demand and supply of this deadly drug.
    Chapters 00:00 Introduction to The Tank Podcast
    02:14 Discussing the State of Institutions
    03:05 Importance of Education
    04:13 The Role of Teachers in Education
    05:41 Challenges in the Education System
    06:31 Addressing Concerns about School Indoctrination
    08:30 Protecting Religious Liberty
    10:12 Crisis of Public Trust in Medicine
    11:20 Creating Conservative Academic Journals
    14:07 Protecting Freedom of Worship
    15:07 The Co-opting of Religious Institutions
    16:53 The Fight for Religious Liberty
    22:17 The Crisis in the Military
    23:46 The Weakening of the Military Ethos
    25:39 The Weakness of US Foreign Policy
    28:29 The Importance of Leadership
    29:25 The Fentanyl Crisis and the Attack on the American Family

    • 41 min

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