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People of faith telling the stories that matter from their lives

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People of faith telling the stories that matter from their lives

    24. When God is silent but not absent - with Nigel Langford

    24. When God is silent but not absent - with Nigel Langford

    Have you ever had one of those periods in your life where you’ve felt that God is completely distant and silent? You might have had times when you’ve felt so close to God you could reach out and touch Him, He’s right there, but now you find He is far away. 
    If you have also felt very close to Him, the distance and the silence can seem all the more perplexing. It can also make you feel like you are the only person in the world to have felt this way.
    Well I have good news for you, you’re not the first person to feel this, and indeed it’s a natural part of our walk with God. Neither are you on your own. When you feel that God is distant you are in fact part of a great tradition that stretches back through church history to the great men and women of the faith, and back further to New Testament times, times of adversity and sacrifice and back further still to the old testament, to the prophets and leaders of God’s chosen people.
    What we learn, as my guest today will testify, is that often God is silent but not absent. That we can’t hear Him or even sense Him does not mean that He is gone. Rather He is present in the wrestling and the conflict
    So my guest today is Nigel Langford, a former church pastor and currently Director of Domestic Mission in the UK for the Bible Society. Nigel shares with us his own experiences of wrestling with God’s silence, of partnering with God as He works in the world, and on learning the deep and profound meaning of what it is to be adopted by God as His child. I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation, here it is.

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    23. "There must be a way!" with Dave Silber

    23. "There must be a way!" with Dave Silber

     You know obedience to God offers us a tough but exciting path to take. Sometimes it involves giving things up, sometimes it involves taking on something new.
    My guest today is a man who was good at the hard subjects at school: maths, physics, that kind of thing; he’s a clever guy and he could, perhaps, have worked his way through to becoming an astronaut.
    But God had other ideas, and the calling for my guest was not to mathematics, engineering, and the stars but rather to creativity and to music, and to the glory of God.
    My guest today is Dave Silber, the man who founded the Nexus Institute of Creative Arts an organisation that teaches and forms Christian musicians and technicians for service in the Kingdom of God. Dave is also the Chief Operating Officer for the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer, whose leader Richard Gamble was featured in episode 18.
    The Eternal Wall of answered prayer is a physical monument to answered prayer, from the past and present day, and it will located near Coventry in England. The Eternal Wall project would appreciate your support, especially if you are listening to this podcast between 13th September and October 22nd 2021 when there will be a crowdfunding campaign. You can find out more at www.eternalwall.org.uk
    But this is Dave’s story, a man who through faith and perseverance likes to say and live by one of his favourite phrases: “There must be a way”.

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    22. Too wild for the church too tame for the world? With Susan Isaacs

    22. Too wild for the church too tame for the world? With Susan Isaacs

    In this episode we are going to explore what it is to contend with God, something it turns out there was quite a lot of in scirpture!. My guest today knows a thing or two about this subject, she is the writer, screenwriter and actor Susan Isaacs, author of the very topical book “Angry Conversations with God”.
     In this episode Susan speaks to us from the wisdom of her experiences of wrestling with God, being honest with Him, confronting Him and finally submitting to Him.

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    21. Trusting the God who loves you - with Amanda Gray

    21. Trusting the God who loves you - with Amanda Gray

    I’ve been reminded a few times recently of two deep truths of the faith, and how they are connected. The first of these is the deepest truth of all, that God loves us, each of us, you and me, whoever we are, whatever our circumstances.  
    The second truth, which as I say connects to this, is that God, our saviour, our friend, our Lord, longs for us to trust him, with our lives and our hearts.
    These two truths, of God’s love and His trustworthiness, play a significant role in this episode, where my guest, Amanda Gray tells us about the occasions when God has asked both her and her family to trust Him, and trust Him, and trust Him again.

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    20. Finding your purpose sets you free - with Ruth Yimika Afolabi

    20. Finding your purpose sets you free - with Ruth Yimika Afolabi

    Episode 20 of the Testimony Podcast is a conversation with the entrepreneur and thought leader Ruth Yimika Afolabi. Ruth is the lead of Magnify, a business and a movement that offers the opportunity to explore the Christian faith in an unpressurised, engaging and creative way.
    Ruth’s own journey is marked by an experience of family grief, and personal challenges that caused her to wrestle with her faith, explore her doubts and ultimately come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that changed her life.

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    The fellowship of suffering with Jim Barnard

    The fellowship of suffering with Jim Barnard

    Episode 19 of the Testimony podcast is a conversation with author and coach Jim Barnard. 
    When Jim and his wife Alisha met and started dating, there was no real indication that things would go the way they did. In September 2006, they stood in front of their friends, family, and God and made a covenant together for life. The vows promised to love, comfort, and support each other through good and bad, joy and pain, and most importantly... sickness and health.
    Three months later, Alisha's health took a dramatic turn for the worse and she was ultimately diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Countless surgeries, tests, treatments, and therapies failed to solve the rapid downfall she continues to experience.
    In this episode we talk about the journey of faith that Jim has been on, a journey in which expectation has not lived up to reality, a journey that has involved disappointment, anger, pain, and sorrow. 
    Now after nearly 15 years of marriage Jim has found a place where he can testify to God’s grace. Reflecting on Jesus’ own experience on Earth he says:
    "Jesus suffering changed the world, that changed everything. It's a privilege to have my arms held up by others, and to hold up the arms of others."
    This is Jim's story.

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