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JewishBoston.com’s The Vibe of the Tribe podcast explores Jewish arts and culture, history, Israel, tradition and so much more. Hosted by Boston Jews Miriam and Dan, with special guests.

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JewishBoston.com’s The Vibe of the Tribe podcast explores Jewish arts and culture, history, Israel, tradition and so much more. Hosted by Boston Jews Miriam and Dan, with special guests.

    Activist Mimi Lemay on Supporting Trans & Nonbinary Youth

    Activist Mimi Lemay on Supporting Trans & Nonbinary Youth

    From the time she wrote her 2015 essay that went viral, “A Letter to My Son Jacob on His 5th Birthday,” Mimi Lemay became more than the mother of a young trans boy—she became an activist, fighting for his rights and thousands of others facing misunderstanding at best and outright harassment and discrimination at worst.

    Her son Jacob, born “Em” (a pseudonym), knew before he was 3 that his birth gender didn’t match who he was. Through his transformation to his true self, he took a journey that was a reflection of Lemay’s—a woman raised in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community within a rigid framework of rules and roles defined by her gender.

    In this moving episode, we talk to Lemay about her beautifully written memoir, “What We Will Become: A Mother, a Son, and a Journey of Transformation,” how trans visibility has changed since 2015 and how the fight for the rights of trans and nonbinary people has been central in her life. From the joy of seeing Jacob’s “gender euphoria” upon finally living as his true self to the pain of seeing discrimination of trans people leveraged for political gain across the country, Lemay talks about what she has learned in the past six years and what we can all do to help ensure every person is cherished.


    Find a local PFLAG chapter: https://pflag.org

    Track anti-transgender legislation: https://freedomforallamericans.org/legislative-tracker/anti-transgender-legislation

    Learn about gender fluidity in the Jewish tradition: https://www.keshetonline.org/resources/gender-fluidity-in-the-jewish-tradition

    Produced by Miriam Anzovin and edited by Jesse Ulrich, with music by Ryan J. Sullivan.

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    Growing Community With Beantown Jewish Gardens

    Growing Community With Beantown Jewish Gardens

    Did you know that much of Judaism’s calendar cycle, rituals and practices grew from ancient Israel’s agricultural rhythms? As Jews in New England, we can sometimes feel disconnected from those seasonal patterns (lookin’ at you, Tu BiShvat in January!). Luckily, Leora Mallach, co-founder and executive director of Beantown Jewish Gardens, is here to give us all the dirt on Judaism’s ecological backstory.

    Beantown Jewish Gardens builds Jewish community through experiential education rooted in Jewish text, tradition and culture, breathing new life into Jewish practices by connecting Jews to the agricultural and food traditions of our people. Mallach joins Miriam and special guest co-host Jesse Ulrich of Pod4Good to discuss the work of this unique organization. Learn how Beantown Jewish Gardens launched its Jewish Volunteer Gardening Brigade during the pandemic, how Shabbat and sacred rest underpins Jewish environmentalism, the importance of sustainable farming and food justice, and how you can get involved right here in the Greater Boston Jewish community.

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    Jake Cohen: The Future of Jewish Food

    Jake Cohen: The Future of Jewish Food

    Jake Cohen loves food. We love food. And we love Jake Cohen. Hailed as “the creative, youthful future of Jewish food” by icon Joan Nathan, Cohen is known for, among many other things, his zesty Instagram presence and blending his Ashkenazi food heritage with his husband’s Persian Iraqi Jewish traditions.

    The nice Jewish boy, culinary creative genius and New York Times bestselling author behind the new “Jew-ish: A Cookbook: Reinvented Recipes from a Modern Mensch” joins us to discuss the power of intergenerational cooking, discovering and reuniting the Jewish diaspora through food and how he and his husband are creating their own authentic Jewish experience.

    Feeling hungry? Get an exclusive recipe for Cohen’s everything bagel galette at https://www.jewishboston.com/read/everything-bagel-galette.

    Learn more about Cohen at https://www.wakeandjake.com.

    Produced by Miriam Anzovin and edited by Jesse Ulrich, with music by Ryan J. Sullivan.

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    Dismantling the Intermarriage Narrative

    Dismantling the Intermarriage Narrative

    It has taken the Jewish communal world a long time to reckon with intermarriage. And the evolution of attitude—from gloom and doom to gradual, partial acceptance—has been decades in the making and is ongoing.

    For generations, the health of the Jewish population in America was measured largely by one statistic—the percentage of Jews intermarrying. And it’s a number that has steadily increased since 1970. Yet one historian noted, “Statistical data inform us of structure, not content.” The “interfaith panic” led to a history of stigmatization and marginalization for interfaith couples based on fear of Jews disappearing, their offspring lost to intermarriage and spouses’ faiths and traditions.

    Many people in interfaith relationships have stories to tell, including The Vibe of the Tribe co-host Dan, who has been in such a relationship for more than half his life and which, in recent years, has resulted in two Jewish children. From off-hand comments from other Jews at work or home to declarations from rabbis about how they would “never officiate” an interfaith marriage ceremony to relatives who have threatened to “never speak to” or “disown” children or grandchildren who intermarry, the bias is as real as it is hurtful. There are several problems with this mindset, in addition to the obvious. Interfaith Jews aren’t lost, but anecdotally speaking, they don’t respond well to being stigmatized.

    Dr. Keren McGinity, the first interfaith specialist at the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, is here to change the long-held perceptions of intermarriage as a “threat” to Judaism. She is an educator-activist specializing in Jewish intermarriage and gender roles, teaches at Brandeis University and is the author of “Still Jewish: A History of Women and Intermarriage in America” and “Marrying Out: Jewish Men, Intermarriage, and Fatherhood.” Her website, https://loveandtradition.org, is dedicated to opening hearts and broadening minds about intermarriage to build a fully inclusive Jewish community.

    In this episode, Dr. McGinity provides the historical and gender context of the intermarriage panic, offers tips on how to be an ally, discusses implications in Jewish law and completely flips the script on everything we’ve been led to believe about what “doing Jewish” really means.

    Produced by Miriam Anzovin and edited by Jesse Ulrich, with music by Ryan J. Sullivan.

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    “Shtisel” Season 3 Epic Binge Recap!

    “Shtisel” Season 3 Epic Binge Recap!

    If you have yet to pick your jaw up from the floor after watching “Shtisel” Season 3, you’re not alone. Join a completely verklempt Miriam and Dan for a spoiler-filled recap with special guest Dr. Shayna Weiss, associate director of the Shusterman Center for Israel Studies at Brandeis University, and an expert in Israeli culture and entertainment (and definitive “Shtisel” authority!).

    We deconstruct the entire season, from the shocking premiere plot twist a la “The Sixth Sense” to the emotional finale, examining the magical realism, romance, Yiddish, longing, loss, multiple Shiras, familial mishegas and the “fourth wall”-breaking in between. Don’t just “lie there like a dolphin!” Mix up a mocktail of soda with a little bit of Shabbat grape juice and tune in to this episode of The Vibe of the Tribe to learn everything about “Shtisel” Season 3.

    Want to learn more about “Shtisel” from Dr. Weiss? Read “Shtisel’s Ghosts: The Politics of Yiddish in Israeli Popular Culture” (https://ingeveb.org/blog/shtisel-s-ghosts-the-politics-of-yiddish-in-israeli-popular-culture) and listen to “Jewish History Matters: Ultra-Orthodox Jews on Israeli TV with Shayna Weiss” (https://www.jewishhistory.fm/ultra-orthodox-jews-on-israeli-tv-with-shayna-weiss).

    Further reading mentioned in the podcast:

    “Conceiving Agency: Reproductive Authority among Haredi Women” by Michal S. Raucher: https://iupress.org/9780253050021/conceiving-agency

    “Holocaust Memory in Ultraorthodox Society in Israel” by Michal Shaul: https://iupress.org/9780253050816/holocaust-memory-in-ultraorthodox-society-in-israel

    Missed our recap of Seasons 1 and 2? Catch up here: https://www.jewishboston.com/read/the-vibe-of-the-tribe-podcast-episode-76-frum-here-to-eternity-watching-shtisel

    Produced by Miriam Anzovin and edited by Jesse Ulrich, with music by Ryan J. Sullivan.

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    “The Vigil” Cast & Director on Redefining Jewish Horror

    “The Vigil” Cast & Director on Redefining Jewish Horror

    The list of great Jewish-themed horror films is woefully short. But there’s a new front-runner in this niche category—a legit horror film that is religiously accurate, sprinkled with Yiddish and leave-the-lights-on-don’t-watch-alone scary.

    Meet “The Vigil.” Steeped in ancient Jewish lore and demonology, writer and director Keith Thomas’s debut feature film tells the story of a young man named Yakov (Dave Davis of “The Walking Dead” and “Logan”) who is persuaded to watch over the body of a deceased member of his former Orthodox community. As his night unfolds, Yakov finds himself trapped with a malevolent entity.

    Thomas, Davis and co-star and associate producer Malky Goldman (“Unorthodox”) join an extremely hyped Miriam and Dan to discuss cinematic inspiration, the deeply authentic representation of ultra-Orthodox life and characters, how trauma and pain are reflected in the film and how “The Vigil” is charting new, very scary territory in Jewish cinema.

    Please note: This episode contains adult language.

    Find out how to watch “The Vigil” here: https://www.thevigil.movie/watch-at-home

    Edited by Jesse Ulrich, with music by Ryan J. Sullivan.

    Special thanks to IFC Films and Tamar Simon from Mean Streets Management.

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4.8 out of 5
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30 Ratings

chabad fan ,


Great discussion about interfaith marriages. I found it to be very interesting.

Starr zena ,

Great whether you’re in Boston or not

I recently moved to Boston to start grad school, and the moment I found out I would be relocating I googled Jewish life in Boston. I started listening to Vibe of the Tribe months before I moved here and found it relevant and interesting even while living out of state. The topics are diverse and the hosts are charismatic. 5 stars!

Harry the Goniff ,

I love this podcast.


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