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Sharing powerful stories of victory and giving you the skills needed to be victorious in your own life.

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Sharing powerful stories of victory and giving you the skills needed to be victorious in your own life.

    Oh Baby! We Back!

    Oh Baby! We Back!

    We are back after a life hiatus:On this episode I sat down with Dr. Elisabeth Baquet and talked about her path in medicine/healthcare as Ob-Gyn, Black Maternal Health, & Postpartum Mood Disorders and more
    Episode Notes
    How we know each other & Dr. Elizabeth Baquet’s DO Personal & profession background
    St. Augustine (“St. Aug”) High school – New Orleans
    Full  COVID Series Links:

    Episode 1: Dr. Sabrina Bent, MD; Episode 2: Leslie Saucier Arceneaux,MPH; Episode 3: Dr. Edward J. Trapido, ScD, FACE; Episode 4: Dr. Nicole Creppel;Episode 5: Dr Maurice Sholas, MD,PhD

    What is an Ob-Gyn and what attracted her to that specialty
    Favorite & least favorite part of the job

    Black Maternity Health article
    Postpartum Mood Disorder: What New Moms Need to Know

    • 50 min
    Episode 29: Authentigrate

    Episode 29: Authentigrate

    On this episode I sat down with Alicia Partee M.A. , LMFT and we discussed her new book a bit about we each can Authentigrate through the changes & transitions in life.
    Welcome to the podcast
    Brief intro: who is Alicia Partee & How we know each other
    Main Interview
    A bit about Alicia’s background
    Authentigrate - tells us about the book
    How you balance it all: writer, ministry, wife, yourself etc; Tips for others
    Upcoming events/ where to buy the book
    REGISTER: Authentigrate Master Class & Book Launch - June 25th
    Alicia's Book: Authentigrate on Amazon
    Alicia’s Social media & website etc.-
    Authentigrate on Instagram
    Email Alicia Partee
    Alicia on Facebook

    Music: https://www.purple-planet.com/

    • 21 min
    Episode 28 Food Science & Society

    Episode 28 Food Science & Society

    On this episode I sat down with Zaneta Blackmon a Food Scientist. She talks about how she got into the world of food science. We then proceeded to talk about any & everything. Hope you enjoy it!!

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Episode 27: New Orleans Renaissance

    Episode 27: New Orleans Renaissance

    During this Special Holiday episode I was on New Orleans WBOK talking COVID-19, Vaccinations & being on the verge of New Orleans Renaissance as we close out 2021.
    Intro/Outro Music: https://www.purple-planet.com/
    Other music by provided by WBOK

    • 48 min
    Episode 26: Engineer Your Holiday

    Episode 26: Engineer Your Holiday

    On this episode I sat down with Kia Benion and we talk about holiday treats and her upcoming Warm Winter Simple Syrup (limited release) that drops Saturday November 27th 
    Thanksgiving episode Outline
    Welcome back Kia!!
    Who is Kia Benion?
    Episode 24: Helluva Pastry Engineer
    How was your Thanksgiving – Staying safe
    COVID-19 Mini-Series: Part 1
    COVID-19 Mini-Series: Part 2
    COVID-19 Mini-Series: Part 3
    COVID-19 Mini-Series: Part 4
    COVID-19 Mini-Series: Part 5
    Holiday Recipe ideas (pastries & Cocktails)
    Spice Forward
    Apple, cinnamon, fall fruit cobblers

    Warm and autumn
    Play into the spices

    Still Spice
    Cinnamon, cloves, mint (peppermint bark)

    Southern comfort flavors
    Red velvet, pound cake, and southern bread pudding
    The Great Migration
    Honey Wine
    Red Fish Grill (get the White Chocolate Bread Pudding)

    Cocktail – Christmas
    Bourbon forward drinks
    Cloves all spice, star anise, red wine, nutmeg
    Warm tingly communal feeling
    Large Batch
    Champagne Punch
    Winter Sangria

    New Simple Syrup – drops Saturday November 27, 2021
    Warm Winter Simple Syrup (limited release)
    Honey, cinnamon, all spice & vanilla
    Shipping or local pickup (Atlanta/Chicago)

    Final Notes – Upcoming Activities from Kia Benion
    GT Alum Food & Beverage Feature – Coming in December

    Music: https://www.purple-planet.com/

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    Episode 25: Pushing, Fighting & Expecting

    Episode 25: Pushing, Fighting & Expecting

    Pushing, Fighting & Expecting
    On this episode we checked back in with Tramaine Lewis of Charlee's Cure Foundation. She shares the numerous medical challenges her & Charlee have been facing since we last spoke. She also shares advise and words and encouragement for others. 
    Outline for this episode:
    Welcome Back to the podcast Tramaine!!
                    Previous episodes with Tramaine: Episode 7 & 14
                                    Episode 7 – Caring for the Caretaker
                                    Episode 14: Check in with Charlee’s Angel Tramaine
    How is Charlee?
    What’s the latest with Tramaine?
    Latest on Charlee’s Cure Foundation. Outro – upcoming events that Charlee wants to plug
    Song referenced Surrounded - Upperroom
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charleescure/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charleescurefoundation
    Charlee’s Hashtag: #charleestrong
    Music: https://www.purple-planet.com/

    • 46 min

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