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Sharing powerful stories of victory and giving you the skills needed to be victorious in your own life.

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Sharing powerful stories of victory and giving you the skills needed to be victorious in your own life.

    Episode 25: Pushing, Fighting & Expecting

    Episode 25: Pushing, Fighting & Expecting

    Pushing, Fighting & Expecting

    On this episode we checked back in with Tramaine Lewis of Charlee's Cure Foundation. She shares the numerous medical challenges her & Charlee have been facing since we last spoke. She also shares advise and words and encouragement for others. 

    Outline for this episode:

    Welcome Back to the podcast Tramaine!!

                    Previous episodes with Tramaine: Episode 7 & 14

                                    Episode 7 – Caring for the Caretaker

                                    Episode 14: Check in with Charlee’s Angel Tramaine

    How is Charlee?

    What’s the latest with Tramaine?

    Latest on Charlee’s Cure Foundation. Outro – upcoming events that Charlee wants to plug

    Song referenced Surrounded - Upperroom

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charleescure/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charleescurefoundation

    Charlee’s Hashtag: #charleestrong


    Music: https://www.purple-planet.com/

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    Episode 24: Helluva Pastry Engineer

    Episode 24: Helluva Pastry Engineer

    On this episode I sat down with Kia Benion who uses her brand The Pastry Engineer to teach kids about STEM


    Outline for Interview


    Welcome to the podcast 

    Quick how we know each other – Spoiler: Kia is Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech and a hell of an Pastry Engineer

    Main Interview topics:

    How you started with the Pastry Engineer & Cocktail Engineer

                    Referenced: Episode 13 – A Sweet Conversation with Kaitlin Guerin

    Tips for those looking to get into culinary and/or  STEM 

    Hygroscopic – tending to absorb moisture from the air

    How have you managed through out the pandemic – Personally & professionally

    Professionally: Pivoting to corporate team building

    Personally: Being realistic but still trying to maintain things that were important to Kia; staying connected to friends 



    Follow Kia/ The Pastry Engineer on Instagram




    Music: https://www.purple-planet.com/

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    Episode 23 - Sit, Listen & Live Your Truth

    Episode 23 - Sit, Listen & Live Your Truth

    On this episode I sat down with my friend Reginald Darby to talk about his time on "The Hill", our days back at Howard as well as a host of other topics 


    Outline for interview

    Intro - Welcome to the podcast

    A little about Reggie 

    How we know each other


    Main Interview

    More about Reggie's life & career

    - how Reggie navigated into and out of working on The Hill

    - tips for others who may be interested: challenges Reggie faced along the way & how he overcame them


    Other topics discussed

    - What Reggie did during the lockdown

    Rosewood strategies – more info coming soon

    Jack’d – dating app Queer People of color


    - Pride month and what it's like for him as a black gay man


    Pop culture/currently in politics topics 

    - thoughts/ comments Britney spears conservatorship case 



    How can people reach out & stay tuned

    @thereginalddarby – Instagram

    @PoliticoNoire - Twitter


    Music: https://www.purple-planet.com/ 

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    Episode 22: Presiding Over Your Life

    Episode 22: Presiding Over Your Life

    On this episode I sat down with Judge Shelyna Brownto talk about how she became a judge and a ton of other important topics


    Outline for interview



    -Welcome to the podcast

    Intro Judge Brown - a little about yourself

    - how we know each other


    Main interview

    A little about yourself 

    How you became a judge 

    Tips for others
    Dream bigger – listen to God’s calling for you

    Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean you can’t be it – Don’t limit yourself by what is around you.

    Don’t be afraid to be different!

    Do what you have to do now so you can do what you want to do later

    Get ready for the things you want to do – learn what you will need


    Hot topics 

    Thoughts on cases in recent history involving police shootings (especially of unarmed black persons)?; Does it hit a bit different being a part of the justice system and a black woman?

    What do you see as the role of judges and the justice system in tackling injustices like this

    What is role for judges to tackle unconscious bias (Shelyna's work in this area)



    Other Topics

    Sheylna’s forthcoming book – Preside

    The idea of stewarding/presiding over your own life
    Matthew 25:14-30 (NIV Version)

    How people can reach you & stay tuned to keep and eye out for the book 


    Shelyna on LinkedIn

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    Episode 21 - Comments from Corey

    Episode 21 - Comments from Corey

    On this episode I sat down with my college friend Corey Daniels to talk how he got into the world of information security and a host of hot topics


    Show notes

    Intro - Welcome to the Podcast

    How we know each other

    Main interview

    A bit about Corey’s Background

    how you got into information security
    Pathways program – interested in government


    Being open

    What its like being and independent contractor

    Independent vs Government employees


    Tips for others

    US Small Business Administration – programs for minority owned businesses

    Other hot topics

    Quarantine chronicles how have you been managing during the pandemic
    The Daily Corey

    DC vibes: The energy changes of the various presidential administrations Bush to Biden
    Episode with Lee Koonce

    Thoughts on how Kamala is doing so far;

    Queen Elizabeth & The Royals - thought on the Harry Meghan interview; death of Prince Philip

    How privileged are you quiz

    Outro – Ways to follow Corey

    The Daily Corey - Instagram

    The Daily Corey - Facebook

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    Episode 20 - Embrace the Grind

    Episode 20 - Embrace the Grind

    On this episode I sat down the Rod Gilmore of ESPN. We chatted about how he got into the competitive world of sports broadcasting and how he is living his life with cancer (Multiple Myeloma).

    Outline of Interview:

    Intro – Welcome to the Podcast

    A brief about how we know each other

    Main Interview

    A bit about Rod’s personal & Professional BackgroundHow you got into BroadcastingThe Play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fZCCAqoSwY

    History of UC Berkeley & Stanford Rivalry

    Why Jason Witten Is Leaving the ‘Monday Night Football’ Booth and Returning to Dallas

    Tips for others interesting in broadcastingEmbrace the Grind – know that it is not easy

    Look at colleges with strong journalism programsOpportunity to get that experience through school

    Search for internships

    Make yourself available when broadcasting is going on in your areaWhatever the job is - do it great – people notice!!

    If possible get some practice and if you can get your own reel

    Be persistent – don’t get discouraged easily

    A bit about how Rod’s living with CancerHow can others help other strugglingFight Like Hell – Not Today Cancer!!!Creating a game plan to manage a tough blood cancer

    Immunotherapy to Treat Cancer


    No man's land: men, illness, and the NHS  


    Any upcoming broadcasts/games you’ll be covering or social media folks can follow

    Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

    Rod Gilmore on Twitter

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